Do You Use Beta Releases As Your Primary Browser?

You may have seen the news circling around the tech world that Firefox 4 Beta 1 is now available for download. While I certainly understand and appreciate the need for a beta process, it got me thinking… do a lot of people use beta releases of browsers as their primary browser?

As a general rule of thumb I always opt for the stable release of any product as I don’t want to have to deal with the ‘unknown’ that beta products can introduce. The only exception would be if the beta release offers compelling features I need or want. That said, using a beta browser seems like it would only introduce problems, especially with an add-on heavy browser like Firefox. Keeping on the latest stable build seems like the way to go.

So what do you think? Do you use beta releases as your primary browser?


  1. Hmm, yeah. I use the Chrome Developer build as my primary browser. However, I bet a lot of people use the stable one.

    The reason, as you mentioned, is that Chrome Dev often gets new features in advance. So I like to check them out.

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