Bethesda’s 2017 E3 presentation started off strong. The adorable Bethesdaland motif fit the company’s quirky sense of humor nicely, and focusing on the kids being proud of their parents for crafting some of the best games on the market served as a strong reminder that every single developer and design is a person with a family to help support.

Bethesda celebrated some unsung heroes to start, and then began their presentation off with a bang by showing off two VR games – the previously-announced but unseen Fallout 4 VR and the surprising Doom VFR. The former takes the biggest open-world game of 2015 and transforms it into a VR experience – complete with real-life depth for the in-game objects.

There wasn’t much in-game footage shown of either Fallout 4 or Doom, but it does appear like they will be released on the HTC Vive based on the headset shown before the video reel. Fallout 4’s immersive nature is perfect for virtual reality, and the entire experience should benefit quite a bit from it. Doom VFR on the other hand fits in nicely by offering up the first-ever AAA-level first person shooter in virtual reality, and its frantic pace will be harder on players – but also more rewarding with the benefit of a VR world to work with.

The sizzle reels for each game did exactly what they were supposed to do and got you excited – but did leave some questions. Will the games be sold separately or will the VR be a free update for existing users? With Doom, the use of VFR seems to indicate that it will be a second release for the game while the Fallout 4 VR name is a bit more vague. Given the costs associated with making large-scale projects like these VR, a second release is more likely – but a discount for existing owners would be a nice reward for long-time fans as well.