If you have ever tried a Linux distribution without actually installing it, you probably downloaded a Live CD and booted your computer from it to give the OS a whirl. While this method is a great way to see if the respective OS is something you like, it does have limitations in that it is typically slow and many times you cannot save any of your changes from session to session. As a better alternative, give a Linux OS a try using a ready to go virtual image which you can download freely from VirtualBoxImages.com.

The images you download are full VDI images ready to use with VirtualBox. The benefits of using a one of these VM’s over Live CD’s include:

  • Speed
  • Convenience – you can run the VM from within your current OS (no need to reboot)
  • Ability to save file from one session to the next
  • Save the CD/USB drive – no need to create a bootable disk

As you can probably guess, the VDI files are typically going to be rather large but this is a small price to pay for the benefits using a VM brings.