Dr. Tom Pabst, IT Pioneer

If you’ve been surfing the internet for any amount of time,
looking for computer information, you’re sure to have stumbled upon www.tomshardware.com,
run by a man that goes by the name, Tom Pabst.  You may know his
site from the in-depth technical summaries of processors, RAM, Hard
Drives, or all of the above.  He’s the man that first published
how to change the PCB of an Athlon Processor to overclock it, and
change the core voltage.  he’s also the first man to publish the schematics
of a “Gold Fingers” overclocking device.  For many
people, including me, he is the man that popularized overclocking for
the masses.

Believe it or not, His website is not
his major life’s work.  As his title implies, he is a
doctor.  Not because he has a PhD in computer hardware or
anything like that, but because he is soon to be a General
Practitioner, the type of “Family Doctor” we go to see every
once in a while when we get sick. Dr. Tom is, in all meanings
of the term, a Renaissance Man.  If he can do for the medical
world what he has done for the computing industry, he will get more
than a role on “ER”, he will get a character named after
him. 🙂 (http://www2.tomshardware.com/site/personal.html
Dr. Tom’s site was where I did a lot of learning that first night I
sat down at my aging 386 and decided to take control of my dinosaur. 
Yet, Dr. Tom even effects the richest of web geeks.  Anand, owner
of www.anandtech.com even looks
up to him, and quotes most of the technical quotes in his reviews from
Tom’s Hardware site.

For the behalf of all Computer ITs
and geeks, I’d like to thank you, Dr. Tom Pabst.  We are all
indebted to your contributions to this industry.

Why everything happens the way it


Greenbacks, Dead Presidents, Whatever
you call them, they are still the same thing.  That thing is what
makes the world turn, men die, women cry, and dogs beg.  Money
makes it all happen.  That’s why Motherboard makers are scared to
make quality Athlon motherboards.  Intel’s got the cash, but
AMD’s got the stash.  They’ve also got me behind them, but I
doubt I really account for much.  If we were to trace the reasons
of money making things happen, we would go through greed, up and
around emotion, strait though instinct, and get right to the heart of
things.  SEX.
(Do I have your attention now?) 
Instinct drives most mammals to be greedy for everything.  Food
to survive, mates to reproduce, and water to drink.  When money,
which is a trade good for all things, besides love and true happiness,
things get much more complicated.  People will kill for it,
directly or indirectly.  That is exactly what Motherboard makers
are doing to AMD.  By not producing quality Athlon motherboards,
they are killing AMD, and in favor, giving Intel a little
“something something.”

And for a second there, I almost
thought murder was a crime…

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