image For those not familiar with the product, Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a software product that allows you to speak to your computer (via microphone obviously) and transcribe everything you say into a document.

Some people say this product is absolutely perfect while others say it could be better. A lot better.

Well, version 10 might be the version you were waiting for. According to a review I read on the product (which is where the image comes from in this post), this version does not require the very annoying "training" of the software to recognize your voice (a longstanding complaint) and it boasts 98% accuracy to boot.

This version also allows the ability to have it act as an app launcher of sorts. For example, if you literally tell your computer to do something by voice, it does it. How much it does is indeterminate.

It should be noted you need a computer with some fairly decent specs as it is resource intensive.

For the "Standard" edition, this product retails for $99. Considering what it does, that’s not bad.