Have you ever came across an audio file that you needed to split for some reason or another? Many programs that allow you to edit audio files make splitting a file a long and arduous process, but a free program called mp3splt wraps things up quick and easy. In this guide, we’re going to show you step-by-step how to split mp3 files with the program.

Downloading mp3splt


The first step is actually downloading the program. It’s available for many different operating systems, including Linux and its various distributions. Those interested can download the software for free at SourceForge (link here).

Once downloaded, just follow the installation wizard and you should be good to go!

Splitting Your First Audio File


The next step is to open the program. Once open, you’ll need a .mp3 file to split. To do this, head into File > Open single file.



From there, select a .mp3 file you want to split, and open it.


Once open, just press the “Play” button so you can begin viewing the track.


Next, you will need to add your desired split points so that mp3splt can split the segments of the track. To do this, move your cursor to where you want the first split to start. Select “+Add.” Next, move your cursor to where you want the split point to end and click “+Add” again.


Finally, you’ll want to select the “Split” button. Once clicked, mp3splt will split your track and turn it into an .mp3 file on your desktop. Congratulations, you’ve successfully split your first .mp3 file with mp3splt!

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And that’s how you split a file mp3splt. It makes things quick and easy. However, it’s not always convenient when you’re working on a project in Audacity, but have to come over to mp3splt to split your audio files. While it’s certainly a good option for splitting files, the best solution is to look up your software’s documentation. For instance, Audacity has their own very detailed step-by-step guide on splitting audio files into different tracks.

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