If you run your own web site and run Perl, PHP scripts or the like, there will be instances where you have to edit some files from time to time.

The long way to do it is to download the file you need to edit, modify it, then upload it back.

The short way is to edit the file "live" on the server directly. Using Notepad++ this is easy to do with it’s built-in FTP feature.

First, enable FTP folders by clicking the small yellow folder icon at top:


You will see a right and bottom pane appear, similar to this:


In the FTP Folder window at right, click the settings icon (the gray one that looks like a gear).

You’ll get a window like this:


Click New (bottom left button) to start a new profile.

Enter Profile as the friendly name you want to remember this FTP server by, such as "My FTP Server".

Enter Address as the FTP server you want to connect to, followed by your username and password.

If using Windows XP, you don’t have to set anything else up.

If using Vista or 7, you do have to set the Use profile cache directory to a local writable folder (such as My Documents for your local Windows account). If you don’t do this, you will not be able to edit any files "live".

When done, click OK.

To the left of the settings icon you clicked is a blue plug-looking icon:


Clicking this will bring up your server list. It will show the entry you just created. Click your entry and you will establish an FTP session with your server.

From there you can double-click any file you want (as long as it’s text based) to edit, seen below.


After double-clicking a file it will open in the editor as a tab (each successive file you open will create more tabs). Make your edits, then save the file with the save button or CTRL+S, and it will be saved direct-to-server.