Judging from the overwhelming positive response from Windows 7 users (including myself), I guess it’s no surprise that Gartner is telling clients to skip Vista entirely and just go straight to 7.

What’s more is that it will happen relatively quickly as Microsoft appears to be on target for a late 2009 launch – and that’s ahead of schedule as it was speculated to appear in 2010.

As many people know, what happens in enterprise is what happens to consumers soon afterward. And when Big Corporate says "Don’t bother with Vista", well.. you know the result.

Dell has said that the price of Windows 7 could possibly be a roadblock, but in the same conversation is also noting that 7 is beating the ever-loving crap out of Vista every which way but loose. One thing is clear: There is legitimate demand for 7 both for consumer and enterprise. But the price point will be a very important factor.

Vista was obviously not an XP killer. But 7 is geared up to be. It will kill off Vista for good, and after a short period of time, XP with it.

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