Surprisingly enough, animated gifs haven’t actually fallen by the wayside with the advent of digital video. On the contrary, they’ve exploded in popularity  across websites like Reddit, where they’re mostly used as comic relief.

And jump scares- people love using them for jump scares. 🙂

Anyone who’s come across enough of these images has probably glimpsed at least one which they feel would make a perfect profile picture or desktop background. Others might want to scan through the frames of a particular image to find out if there’s a scare at any point – all the better to avoid a loss of sleep.

Unfortunately, nabbing the image at the precise moment of ‘perfection’ was often more of a chore than it was worth: often, it was easier to simply go elsewhere to see if someone had already managed it.

The other day, I came across an online tool which turned out to be just the ticket for both camps. It’s called Gif Explode.

All you have to do is enter the URL of an animated .gif (or upload one from your computer), and it’ll do the rest, crunching out a frame-by-frame of the animation. It’s a pretty niche tool, true; likely as not most people probably don’t have much use for something like this. Still, it’s a nifty way to pass a few minutes or so, or nab a few cool pictures out of an animation.

You can find the website here. Enjoy!