Find Your Mouse Cursor

I’ve done this so many times, I can’t remember. I walk back to the PC do to something really quick, and I cannot find my mouse cursor. I move it all over the screen, but I simply can’t catch it with my eyes. Well, there is a way around this I discovered, and sorry, this is for XP users. Go to the Control Panel and go to the Mouse options. Click on the Pointer Options tab. Uncheck the “Hide pointer while typing” option, and just for good measure, check the “Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key” option. The first option will ensure that pointer doesn’t disappear when you are typing. The second option is a neat little gimmick that will help you pinpoint your pointer just by pressing the CTRL key. When you do so, an animated bulleye will focus in on the pointer. Very helpful, and no, it won’t interefere with any other applications of the CTRL key.

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