Ever wanted to take a big, long screenshot of an entire site… but you can’t get the entire image because you have to scroll? Ever tried to use a photo editor to “merge” these slices together in order to get the big screenshot? Ugh.

Here is a screenshot I took recently (click to enlarge):


How was I able to capture a screenshot so long and capture the entire length of the page?

By using FireShot.

I’ve used a lot of screen capture utilities over the years, and FireShot is definitely one of the better choices.

When you want to get “the big screenshot” the easy way, FireShot does the job in fine style, however… there are some limitations you should be aware of.

Grabbing a super-long screenshot sometimes doesn’t work

The screenshot above is fairly long, but there are of course ones you could take that would be much longer. While FireShot is really good, it’s not miracle software by any means, and for super-long stuff, it may not work.

Sometimes things are missed in super-long screenshots

If there are little graphics or buttons missing from some long screenshots you take, that’s totally normal.

Taking a long screenshot is very resource-intensive

The bigger the screenshot, the more computer resource will be needed to do it. If you have an older computer with not too much memory in it, yeah your browser could crash on attempt to capture a long screenshot.

Tip: Save as JPG and not PNG

While PNG looks “exactly as you see it” while JPG doesn’t due to image artifacts, JPG is a whole lot smaller than PNG as far as file size is concerned and is much easier for FireShot to process.

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JPG is also a lot easier to send in email because of its smaller file size.

How to save?


Install FireShot, right-click on any page you want to capture a screenshot of, choose Fireshot > Capture Entire page and … > Save, then save as JPG.