It’s not exactly easy to keep oneself fit nowadays, is it? When we wired our whole world to the Internet, when we ensured everybody and his uncle was connected to a computer, we seem to have neglected a very pressing concern with the whole setup- a sedentary lifestyle such that many of us have nowadays is sodding terrible for both our bodies and minds. Without exercise, any number of health problems can develop, and failure to properly exercise and care for one’s body can – and this is something I can most definitely attest to – completely derail one’s mind, making one sluggish, easily distracted, and generally just inefficient at everything they do.

But how can one keep themselves in shape in today’s digital environment?

There’s an app for that. Actually…there are several.

Lose It!

If you’re looking to lose weight, Lose It! can help. Originally designed for the iPhone, the application’s now available on the web for anyone who’s got an interest in fitness. Essentially, it works by first asking you what your weight loss goal is, and then giving you a ‘daily calories allowance.’ You’re then asked to keep track of and input all the food you eat, and the application makes note of how many calories that food contained. You can also add exercise to the application, and it’ll let you know how many calories you burned off through it.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

This one’s pretty much the same idea as Lose It!, except that it’s available for both Android and iOS. Featuring a database of over 1.1 million different types of food, it distinguishes itself from Lose It! by featuring a bar code scanner that you can use while shopping (letting you know how many calories a particular type of food contains) and even allows you to save entire meals to the application so that you can pull them up later. Like Lose It!, it incorporates friend lists, allowing you to compete with friends to see who can be the most in shape.  It’s also got around three hundred fifty different strength and cardio exercises, to boot.


It’s bloody difficult to make healthy, nutritional choices nowadays. With so many different (terrible) choices at grocery stores all claiming to be great for your health, what’s an informed consumer to do? Hemi Weingarten, when confronted with the overwhelming catalogue of food chocise, decided to put his tech skills to good use, and developed Fooducate. Use it to scan a barcode while you’re shopping, and it’ll tell you everything there is to know about the food- caloric intake, relevant nutritional information, and any pertinent information that the manufacturer may have neglected to mention.

Oh, it also grades the food based on how nutritious it is. And the best part is? It’s entirely free. Nice.


Here’s one of the biggest and best fitness applications on the market today. Runkeeper helps you keep track of your walk, run, or bike ride, and lets you know how far you went, how long you took, and what route you used. You can monitor your progress in your workout routines, share your details with the community, and connect to other fitness nuts (or just let your friends and family know you’re taking steps to be less of a fat slob). Oh, it also plays music for you while you work out. Plus, it can interact with a wide array of other fitness applications.

It’s a pretty bloody good deal for the price you pay – nothing.

Chroma Doze

Sorry folks, this one’s Android only. Chroma Doze is one of many applications designed to help insomniacs get a good night sleep. It does this by generating “white or colored noise” based on a spectrum you select via the touchscreen. It evidently uses something known as the Fourier analysis to determine the spectrums, which are said to be scientifically designed to be relaxing.

It’s a pretty cool, unique idea, and did quite a bit to distinguish itself from the other sleep apps I saw- most of which just created environmental ambiance or relaxing music.

Anyway, there’s the list. Any applications you feel I’m missing?


Image Credits: [Hourglass Fitness]