Minecraft’s a pretty awesome game to play, but what makes it truly awesome- what makes the game truly enjoyable- is the online play. There’s something uniquely satisfying about logging in and seeing an entire city stretching out before you, with the knowledge that you helped build it. There’s something undeniably enjoyable about collaborating with a large group of players to create something that none of you could build on your own. And there’s something downright awesome about wandering around a world, knowing there’s a good chance you’ll come across someone else’s creations.

So basically…online play’s pretty awesome…but only if you’ve got a good group of friends to group up with. Failing that, you can try to track down a server to play on. Here’s a few I’ve come across in the past that proved especially entertaining, in no particular order.

Medieval Lords

Format: Survival/Faction PVP/RP

Website: http://mcmedievallords.com

Server Address: play.mcmedievallords.com

This server here’s the one that I most often frequent. It utilizes the towny plugin (like the majority of survival servers I’ve come across) and includes a number of unique zones, world events, and quests. The economy’s pretty reasonably, the staff is friendly and helpful, and most of the members are pretty fun to be around. Give it a try if you’re looking for a decent, faction-based Minecraft server. Granted, it’s still fairly small compared to some of the others on the list, but that doesn’t diminish the quality. If you decide to start playing, you’ll have to be online for thirty minutes before getting access to the majority of commands.


Format: MMORPG

Website: http://herocraftonline.com/main/

Server Address: mc.herocraftonline.com

Believe it or not, Minecraft actually works pretty well as an MMORPG.  One of the top Minecraft MMO servers of all time, HeroCraft’s administrators actually code most of their own plugins. With a wide array of unique mobs, a robust class system, and a reliable suite of mods to manage towns and factions, if you’re looking for a completely unique experience in Minecraft, you could do a lot worse. Note that you’ll need to go through an application process in order to start playing- that’d be the one stumbling point of the server.


Format: Township/Economy

Website: http://www.ecocitycraft.com/

Server Address: mc.ecocitycraft.com

EcoCityCraft is a Minecraft server designed with the hardcore economist in mind. It’s all about starting with nothing, and forging ahead until you’ve got everything. With one of the most balanced economies in the Minecraft community, this one’s a great choice for people who want to feel like they’re part of a living, breathing world. Of course, if you’re just in it to build, this might not be the server for you.

Pride PVP

Format: PVP

Website: http://pridemc.com/

Server Address: pridepvp.kicks-ass.org

With a bunch of custom pvp plugins, a great reputation and an awesome community of dedicated players, this is the server to go to if you’re looking to get your fight on. Features factions as well as an in-game economy. This one’s not for the faint of heart- the server isn’t protected against griefing or raids.

Legendary Craft

Format: Varies

Website: http://legendarycraft.com/portal

Server Address: Varies

Legendary Craft isn’t so much a single server as it is a collection of servers all run by the same folks. Survival, PVP, Hunger Games, Creative, and Roleplaying are all on the books here, and you can join any of the five different servers depending on what catches your fancy on a particular day. Pretty sweet, right?