With the frustrations caused by Windows Vista, many are looking ahead at what Windows 7 will bring. And according to Bill Gates, it may just be what the doctor ordered.

With Vista, emphasis was on security. And, yes, compared to Windows XP, Vista is indeed a more secure operating system. But, that left us with a LOT of bloat. Vista is slower than Windows XP and is a beast in system memory. If you downgrade any PC from Vista to XP, you almost feel like you’re using a brand new computer again. I know. I’ve done it.

In a press release issued by Gates in Tokyo, Japan, Gates makes some comments on Windows 7.

We’re hard at work, I would say, on the next version, which we call Windows 7. I’m very excited about the work being done there. The ability to be lower power, take less memory, be more efficient, and have lots more connections up to the mobile phone, so those scenarios connect up well to make it a great platform for the best gaming that can be done, to connect up to the thing being done out on the Internet, so that, for example, if you have two personal computers, that your files automatically are synchronized between them, and so you don’t have a lot of work to move that data back and forth.

Obviously we’d all love it if people had more PCs per average, and so making that simple is important. Also the effort to upgrade, I think that’s an area we got a lot of feedback in Vista, that we need to invest in that, and we’re going to make that very, very simple for people. So Vista is doing well, and we’re hard at work putting even more investment now in the version that comes after that.

So, he is speaking right to my heart. This also comes after Gates all but admitted Vista sucked at the last CES show in Las Vegas.

I’m hoping Windows 7 is better, for the sake of the brand. I’m a Mac guy now (and Vista played a large role in my conversion). However, Windows is still king and will be for the foreseeable future. I really do want it to do well.