Nvidia’s GeForce line of graphics cards have become the go-to recommendations for gaming and other high-end usage. Anyone who games, streams, and does so with 4K video needs some horsepower to do it and Nvidia’s stuff can usually be counted on to at least handle 1080p gaming with relative ease. MyDrivers has posted some information on the 1070 Ti, and a translation offers up some more information in English – albeit imperfect English. The page showcases a spec sheet including 2,432 stream processors – less than the 2,560 featured on the GTX 1080, but more than the 1,920 on the 1070.

The clockspeeds are also impressive, with a base speed of 1,670 MHz and a boosted speed of 1,683 and a memory clock speed of 2,000 MHz. Comparing it to the 1080’s 1,607 base and 1,733 boosted it is certainly comparable. Its closest cousin is the 1070, which has a ,1506 base clock speed and can be boosted to 1,683 – so the Ti’s base speed is on-par with the boosted speed of the 1070 and a bit less than the 1080. The page lists a November release, but nothing is finalized. This is pretty exciting stuff since it gives users a nice in-between, and if the price is right, should be a great mid to high-level graphics card for those wanting to either get into PC gaming or take their current rig to the next level.

With the 1070 graphics cards running about $450, one would hope that the release of the 1070 Ti would drop the price of that down as the newer version gains traction. The 1080 cards are higher-end, with about $550-$600 being the going rate for them. Having an in-between card is interesting, since it does seem to be catering to a niche that may not yet exist – but it could wind up being successful. Having a card between the $400 and $600 range is smart and offers up more variety for someone who is either building a rig for themselves or a friend to ensure that they have quality components to work with. The more kinds of cards you have on the market means that you’ll have more competition – and that opens the door to getting some solid deals if you’re cagey.

Newegg usually has some kind of percentage off promo going on regularly, and since they accept Paypal, it makes them an easy option to recommend for buying online. Otherwise, you do have sites like ebay if you want to go that route – but you do need to be incredibly careful. Amazon itself does sell graphics cards – but you want to try and stick with those that are shipped and sold by Amazon. Going with a third party that is either listed as Fulfilled by Amazon or sells via its own Amazon Marketplace is just as risky with ebay – and has less buyer’s protection if things go awry. The 1070 card is a great value for the money, and the Ti looks to continue that trend while offering up more overall horsepower over the long haul. Hopefully, the leaked specs wind up being final and we see even more options available for gaming rigs.