Getting Rid Of The Language Bar (Windows XP)

Admittedly this information is old, however I had to reinstall XP on a laptop recently and after updating it with SP3 and whatever other patch/fix I needed to install, the Language Bar appeared in the taskbar.

It’s a safe assumption to say the vast majority of Windows users have absolutely no use for this – myself included. So here’s how to get rid of it.

Go to the Control Panel.

Click the Regional and Language Options icon.

Click the Languages tab. You see this:


Click the Details button.

You see this:


Click the Language Bar button at the bottom.

You see this:


Uncheck Show the Language bar on the desktop.

And that’s it.


  1. Im pretty sure last time I did this I simply right clicked on the language bar and told it to go away for same effect with a lot less clicks.

  2. Great info, been dealing with this language bar forever.

  3. Jonah Bron says:

    Thanks! This has been torturing me for ever.

  4. Groboski FDR says:

    Microsoft may be out to please the world (or own it) but a simple tweak like customizing (or eliminating) the language bar won't be in any installation package put out by uSoft. Thanks PCMech for the tweak.

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