Gmail Upgraded For… Internet Explorer 6?

imageThere are times when you just have to ask the question "WHY?!", and this is one of those times.

Google has performed a Gmail upgrade for those still using Microsoft Internet Exploder Explorer 6. Yes, you read that correctly. Version 6. Not 7.

Evidently there’s still a fair amount of internet users getting by with version 6 of the IE browser. If you happen to be one of those people, you must be an adventure seeker. One who likes to live on the wild side. One who looks at all the dangers of using that browser, spits in the direction of the internet and says.. "Bring it on.."

To give you an idea of how old IE6 is, it was released on August 27, 2001. IE7 is also old (released October 18, 2006). Regardless of that, if you’re still using IE6 by choice.. you seriously need to upgrade.

I would imagine most of the IE6 users are in corporate environments run by idiots who positively refuse to upgrade the browsers on the end user machines to version 7. Why? Nobody knows. I blame corporate stupidity.


  1. Jason Faulkner says:

    Windows 2000 users have no choice if they want to use IE. IE7 cannot be installed on Windows 2000.
    I would venture to say there are still a considerable amount of Windows 2000 installs active.

  2. Perhaps the title should be renamed to something more appropriate, like: Gmail Downgraded For… Internet Explorer 6?

    OT – I used to work @ a travel agency back in Sydney in 2006/07 that was running a 1997 version copy of Lotus on all systems/offices throughout the company – easily talking over 100 stores here with around 4 to 5 computers per office.
    Some people/companies like to stick to what they know best – even if it isn’t ‘best’.

  3. I was taking a computer class(college level) at my work they have fairly new Dell’s with dual core processors and nice LCD screens and such. What are they running for software? Office 2003 with Internet Explorer 6. Go figure. My boss’s PC is an older Dell running Windows 2000 Pro. This isn’t a small company either.

  4. There are still some applications that require IE6, for example some versions of SAP:

  5. I work at an engineering firm in Chicago. They are still using IE 6. IE 7 is in a testing environment now. The problem is money. We simply do not have the time, or money to upgrade all the software that has IE 6 integrated. We just have too many programs rightnow that realy on IE 6. It is unfortunate, but if you cant upgrade everything you have live with older software.

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