Good Technology? Bad Technology?

A typical Instant Messenger conversation:
ScreenNameA: how r u doin
ScreenNameB: im good. u?
ScreenNameA: good. u wanna study @ library at 4?
ScreenNameB: sounds good. c u there.

I admit – I feel very fortunate to have grown up alongside the rapid innovations of technology in the past few decades. In a way, when we grow up with technology, we are one with technology – simply, most cannot live without it. While there is a lot to rave about, I wanted to share a different perspective of technology – one that considers its shortcomings.

I’ve been spending the past few days down at the U.S. Virgin Islands teaching underprivileged children. A first impression of Virgin Islands colors a picture of the ocean, the beach, and the sun. Technology is probably the last thing in anyone’s mind, and yet, some expect and require internet access wherever they go. On my way down, I grabbed a copy of the Miami Herald. The front page pictured a big cellular phone eerily resembling the Motorola RAZR, showing the text “Hello, we r thru 🙂 ”. The article itself commented on the increasing use of electronic communication in place of once-formal conversations. More and more people are exchanging informal email messages in place of formal letters. As the writer of the article, Nicole White, points out, there is a growing trend of electronic etiquette problems with the advent of cellular phone technology and email messages. Quite simply, the presence of these simple means of communication seem to take presence over the more formal eye to eye meetings that were common sense not too long ago.

Step back and look at what technology has brought us both in the good sense and in the bad sense. Technology has undeniably made this world a much smaller place and in some ways, made many actions much easier. The advantages are important to keep in mind. However, the disadvantages weren’t as clear to me. For this portion, I had an opportunity to converse with my former instructor, who sees technology from a different standpoint.

Instructor’s Take
“The overall is positive”, he said, “But I want to clarify that there is a difference between most people call technology (the computer) and overall technology.” I thought about it and when you think technology, around eight out of ten of us think of some sort of computer. That is simply the most prevalent type of technology – we use it day in and day out. The good sides, as he would put it, are fuel-efficient transportation, robot wielding, and surgical technologies. Even computer technology is good in the sense of instant communication. With the arrival of computer technology, however, we don’t have to move a single step to do most tasks. When he said “we overuse technology to our own detriment”, I considered it. And to an extent, I agreed with that. Obviously, sitting in front of a computer for five hours as opposed to going out and playing around in the yard is unhealthy.

Lack of independent thought. Loss of leisure reading. Wide-spread health problems. These are some of the problems associated with the presence of technology. “Take a moment and unplug so you can compare lifestyles” he urged. “It is overwhelming for people to be over-wired”.

Is technology there for our good or are they there to ultimately work against us? Are we abusing technology, like the Miami Herald article mentions? Technology is there, but how we take advantage of it determines whether or not it works for us. We’ll all be witnesses of how that plays out.


  1. i agree that our generation is to in touch with technology but i also think its good for our advacmetns in tecnology but you must also think what would you do if you had no tech if something happened to it our world would be throw into choas just like the invetion of guns was good for protectoin but people use them for death and destrution look at our society the atomic bomb what would you do if we had ww3 they would drop them and we would die our gov doesn’t have the needed saftery things for that If you think of it the end of humans is going to be by technology

    • Josh, I have to throw this out there. I agree that technology is amazing when it is not abused. However, you are an example of degenerating intelligence caused by technology – specifically on-line chatting and e-mail. I’m not trying to bash you; I just have to point this out. Your grammar, spelling and overall written English is HORRIBLE!!! You misspelled simple words, didn’t use a single capital letter OR period, and ….. the list goes on too much. You broke just about every single grammatical law there is. This was caused by the ease of texting. Well, actually it was your laziness to spell correctly while texting… Please, for everybody’s sake, open an English book, read it…TWICE. Again, I’m sorry if I offended you. Well, no I’m not; you needed to hear it.

      • Oh, don’t be so pretentious Paul. Yes, Josh had errors and that comes from the ease of textual communication. However, don’t assume Josh is “an example of degenerating intelligence.” How naive! Just because he doesn’t proofread replies to vague internet articles does not mean he is unintelligent or incapable of employing correct English for academic or professional work. Technology has negatively affected our society in many ways, but I think people overreact regarding its affect on grammar. Get off Josh’s back and get your nose out of the air.

      • Ditto! Josh made lots of mistakes.

  2. Paul the thing about txt talking and so on is on the internet as long as they know what you mean it doesnt matter is u have grammatical errors just lay off and get a life. im not assuming anything but what if josh took that comment the wrong way and commited suicide how would u feel? thats wat i thought u would feel…..HORRIBLE!!!!!!

  3. Although you guys are trying to point put different sides to this battle, i couldn’t help but to laugh at the whole argument. These comments are supposed to be about technology, but Paul started changing it about grammar and misspelled words. Then Rosa stuck up for Josh and Zack came in with his own point. And lol….i don’t really know about but whatever Nevertheless, you guys cheered me up today with these comments and replies……..WELL DONE:)

  4. Flick and Izzy says:

    Hey this is sooo funny, I can agree with a lot of this it’s actually a bit scary but can we get back on topic? Technology isn’t that bad but it is a pain in the ass! Honestly how many times have you gotten on the computer and had something pop-up and ask you to sign up with this site? Or you simply try to research something and get an information overload? and how are you supposed to find what’s true and what’s not? At least when you have to go to a library there is a challenge and not as much information to confuse you! But seriously, what would we do with out computers and mobile phones, even if they are a constant headache? And you can thank my friend for my wonderful grammar and spelling, claps for Izzy! ;-P

  5. well i wonder how it would be if in the future we actually talked in internet slang it would be like “funny joke here”, “lol” that would just be really saddddddd it wouldn’t even be funny.

  6. Blake Seison says:

    You’re all wrong. Chuck Norris.

  7. hahaha zack who the hell would commit suicide over someone else making fun of their improper grammar spelling. you virgins can cut the crap and go back to playing Halo in your parents basement hahaha people these days

  8. …sorry i ment 40 year old virgins

  9. Good Technology? Bad Technology? i think this issues is the same with outher. the problem that we have from the technology is cause we self. for exampel when we use anythings about technology, we don’t now wht the impact will we have. so think by our self, and improve we self from we problem.

  10. I think that technology can improve our life but sometime it is so dangerous when people use it in wrong way.

  11. It’s hilarious that the argument about technology being harmful is supported by someone who obviously uses their technology a little too much by checking this website and replying more than once.
    I applaud you, haha.

  12. ***How technology and overpopulation took away the meaning of life***

    The early morning sun shone down on Oakwood Forest. It looked like it would be a beautiful spring day. Rabbit hopped out of bed and stretched his legs. He grabbed a carrot for breakfast and bounded off to the Oakwood Shoe Shop for work.

    Rabbit’s job was to make shoes for all of the animals in Oakwood Forest. He loved his job and felt a real sense of purpose, keeping everyone’s feet safe and sound!

    Over the years, some of the animals in Oakwood Forest had children. Some of them had lots of children! These children grew into young adults and were eager to start working. Rabbit was very excited about the whole thing. He hired many new animals in the Oakwood Shoe Shop. The first animal he hired was Toad. He taught Toad how to make shoes and the two of them worked side-by-side. Later on, he hired more animals. He hired Ant. He hired Bear. And he hired several squirrels.

    Shipping technology advanced, so the Oakwood Shoe Shop merged with the Sherwood Shoe Store. The Sherwood employees (which included Gopher, Groundhog, and several chipmunks) relocated to Oakwood Forest in order to make it easier for Rabbit to watch over everyone and used the improved technology to ship shoes to customers in both the Oakwood and Sherwood regions at a reasonable cost.

    Rabbit was a smart guy. Instead of teaching each animal how to make shoes and having them all work slowly side-by-side, he taught each one a specialized task. Here is what the office looked like:

    Rabbit: Chief executive officer.
    Toad: Marketing specialist.
    Ant: Human resources.
    Bear: Competition analyst.
    1st squirrel: Shoe sole design engineer.
    2nd squirrel: Shoe sole materials specialist.
    3rd squirrel: Shoe sole pricing specialist.
    4th squirrel: Shoe sole supply chain consultant.
    Gopher: Tool shed organization specialist.
    Groundhog: Chief financial officer.
    1st chipmunk: Shoestring design engineer.
    2nd chipmunk: Shoestring materials specialist.
    3rd chipmunk: Shoestring pricing specialist.
    4th chipmunk: Shoestring supply chain consultant.

    Thanks to increases in technology and the size of the workforce, Oakwood Shoe Store had become a super-efficient beacon of corporate productivity!

    But it came at a cost. Back when Rabbit and Toad were the only ones working at the Oakwood Shoe Store, each one felt like he made a real difference, keeping the animals of Oakwood Forest’s feet safe and sound. The 3rd chipmunk knew that he was helping the cute little footsies of Oakwood Forest and Sherwood Forest in some way, but his job as Shoestring pricing specialist was so distant from the end product that he had trouble feeling like his life had any sense of meaning.

    Moral: join a church.

  13. Techology is not good, because it will make us lazy.

  14. Augustburnsred7 says:

    technology is soo bad.. haha not dude you guys are on the fucking computer using the technology so way to be a hypocrite

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