Google Answers

A Google site (outside of their search engine) with lots of excellent information for relevant questions is Google Answers ( On Google Answers, you can ask and get answers to all questions from “what is the name of the song in this commercial?” to “what kind of engine do they put in this tank?”.

What makes Google Answers different from a normal message board is you have to *gasp* pay for the answers. You post your question, a due date and how much you are willing to pay, then a screened group of expert web searchers report back to you with what they find. Of course the more money you offer, the more likely you are to get your question answered quickly and thoroughly.

You can browse the already asked questions for free, in fact some will be results in normal Google searches, so it is worth taking a look. Next time a you have a question you absolutely want answered, you know where to go. Just remember to leave a tip!

Update: Google Answers no longer accepts new questions, but you can still browse or search the existing.

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