A complaint I’ve had for a good long time concerning any web site where you post anything be it status updates, photos or the like is that there is no way to go to a specific part of the site, hit a button and download a copy of everything in your account for archive purposes.

Fortunately, Google has stepped up to the plate and truly does have a 1-click download-everything way to backup a bunch of your stuff. Not everything, but it’s better than nothing.

The super-easy backup Google offers is called Google Takeout.

When you go to that link, you’ll be prompted to login with your Google account (unless you’re already logged in). After that, you see this:


Hit the "Create Archive" button and you download a ZIP of all the stuff listed.

This is easy and it works. Big thumbs-up all around for this one.

And oh, how awesome this would be if this included GDocs, Gmail and YouTube.. one can dream.. 🙂