Apple has provided its Macs with its own unzipping tool called “Archive” It works great for the most basic of purposes, but it doesn’t work all the time, and it certainly doesn’t work with many older formats. Luckily, there’s a better option out there. Called The Unarchiver, this tool can unpack almost any zipped file out there.

Follow along for details.

How The Unarchiver Works

Mac’s built-in Archive Utility is a neat tool, but it’s not without its pitfalls. It can handle your common unzipping, but it doesn’t support nearly as may formats as The Unarchiver. What’s neat about The Unarchiver is that it integrated directly into Finder. And because The Unarchiver supports in unimaginable amount of types, you’ll be able to unzip/uncompress almost anything.


What you might particularly find neat about The Unarchiver is that it can work with file names written in a foreign character set. In other words, if someone compresses a file on a non-English operating system (e.g. a German or French version), you’ll be able to unzip that file with The Unarchiver, whereas the default Archive Utility tool cannot do that.

Now, The Unarchiver can be a neat tool, but there’s also not much more to it than that. At its core, it’s a unzipping tool that can handle a lot of older, obscure formats and, of course, the aforementioned foreign character set formats.

It’s worth noting that you actually cannot compress files with The Unarchiver; it really is purely an unzipping tool.

You can download The Unarchiver here or get it from the iTunes product page.