The holidays are approaching fast, and it can be difficult to decide just what to get someone on your wishlist. Tech-savvy friends are notoriously tough to shop for, and while gift cards are an easy way to remedy the problem and get them something – they are impersonal and some do take offense to them. Shopping for computers, smart home devices, and parts is tough – but just about every major retailer has some solid deals going on now. This means that you can get some deals now and have everything arrive in time for the holidays. Newegg has some decent deals going on now, with the caveat being that many things are locked behind a promo code.

You can get a 6TB 7200 RPM HDD for $159.99, whilehose in need of a lower-cost drive can get a Western Digital 2TB 5400 RPM drive for $64.99, and an 8TB WD drive with a 7200 RPM speed can be yours for $289.99. Spending $284.99 gets you an ASUS ROG Radeon RX 580 graphics card. You can also get a Champions Pack for Quake Champions buying this, which is a solid deal even if the game itself has been offered up for less in recent Humble Monthly bundles. A variety of  motherboards are on sale as well, with an Intel HDMI SATA motherboard being available for $57.99, while you can get one better-optimized for gaming for $137.99.

Those looking to make a gaming rig can also do so with a GTX 1080 video card for $499.99, which also gets you a free code for Destiny 2. Cases can be yours as well, with one mid-tower case going for $46.99, while a glass-tempered case is $79,99 and one with ABS plastic built-in is $109.99. These are all on the larger side, unfortunately, but anyone looking to add a slew of video-related devices to it will have room to do so. Anyone looking to get into design or art should definitely look into a 19.5 inch tablet monitor with a pen for $399 – it’s normally $500 so this is a pretty substantial savings.  Anyone wanting a compact, VR-ready computer can get an SUS with an i5 processor and a GTX 1060 graphics card alongside a mouse and keyboard for $599.99 – a $200 savings. No promo codes are required on this one either, so if you forget a step in checkout, you aren’t out of luck.

Processors also have a myriad of discounts there, with the Ryzen series being especially popular. A Ryzen 1700X with 8 cores and a 3.4 GHz clock speed is yours for $359.99, while a lower-end 8 core Ryzen 7 1700 is $299.99. Over the long run, you’ll definitely be better off with the $359.99 unit, as that gets you an extra 0.4 GHz clock speed to work with. On the intel side of things an i7 with a 3.6 GHz clock speed can be had for $304.99, while those with some major money to spend can get a cutting-edge i9-7900X 10 core processor for $969.99. On the lower end, you can get an i5 7400 with a 3.0 GHz clock speed for $189.99, which should be fine for many gaming needs now – but isn’t going to be an ideal solution for VR either now or in the future. Spending a bit more gets you an i7-7740 Kaby Lake X quad core processor with a 4.3 GHz clock speed for $329.99 – a $20 savings and a fine long-term solution for someone trying to make a gaming rig.

Outside of PC-related things, folks may want some smart home functionality – and devices like the Google Home and Amazon Alexa are going to be huge this year. Last year’s holiday season saw them wind up being in short supply right before the holidays – so this is the kind of reasonably low-priced item that you’ll want to grab now while they’re readily available. The Google Home itself is $79.99 at Best Buy, and that takes about $50 off the regular price for it. If you want to go with the less-powerful Google Home Mini, you can get either the white or black variants for $29.99 – which isn’t a bad deal. However, in the long run, you’re far better off going with the full-sized Google Home. The Mini lacks the touch controls and doesn’t have quite the same level of volume or microphone sensitivity and charges with micro-USB instead of a DC plug – so charging it takes longer.

The Google Home naturally uses Google for its search results, while the competing Amazon Alexa uses Bing. The basic Amazon Echo can be yours for $79.99 as well – a $20 savings over the usual in both grey and black. The revamped Echo Plus also includes a Phillips Hue bulb – so if you want to start a connected home setup with a single purchase, this is a good way to do it. That version comes in white and black, with no grey variant, but a stylish silver option is available. The smaller Echo Dot is $29.99, while the Echo Show is still $229.99 – so it would appear you’ll have to play the waiting game to save money on that one. Those trying to get a connected voice assistant speaker for a bit less money can go with the company’s own Insignia version as well.

A small version can be yours with a smart plug included for $59.98 in both grey and black, while a slightly larger version is $69.99. Compared to the Alexa and Home products, this one is a bit more convenient with its display working as an alarm clock too. A much larger version is $89.99 and works far better as a speaker, and offers up 5 hours of playback with multi-room playback as well. In terms of overall value, those just wanting to get a smart speaker with a wi-fi smart plug should just get the standard version with a smart plug for $59.98. It’s the best overall value since the normal pricing is $125 – so you’re getting over half-off of everything.

Regardless of your budget, there should be something you can either get yourself or someone else for a reasonable price. As expected, PC-related purchases are going to cost you the most money – but may be the most useful over the long run given how much a well-crafted PC can do to improve your life. This new era of voice-automated assistants allows you to get more done in less time as well, provided you have a real need for voice automation. Even if you don’t have one on the surface, getting these devices can improve life a bit by making things like placing orders easier. You can also use them to learn about the world in a faster and more efficient way than just checking the news online or on your phone.