image For users of Windows Live Hotmail you may have noticed that for some (but not all) forwarded e-mails and newsletters that contain images show these images as nothing but little gray boxes.

In particular, this gray box:

This is a relatively new issue that seems to have sprouted up with Hotmail. There is no issue otherwise with it.

Is this a setting you can turn off?


Why can’t I just click "Show content?"

In this specific issue the yellow bar at the top which prompts you to click "Show content" isn’t there so you’re forced to deal with it.

Is there a workaround?

Not in the web-based version. However you can alternatively use the Windows Live Mail client to access your Hotmail and it will show all inline images for forwarded e-mails and newsletters (when you tell it to by allowing it to show content).

Why does this happen in the first place?

Unknown, but were I to hazard a guess it would be that Hotmail’s safety filters are working a little too well. 🙂