Google+ is Google’s not so loved social network. Lucky for Google, the Google+ network has kinda got it made in the shade as far as gaining users goes. Here’s why:

Owned by Google

This is the main reason, Google+ is owned by Google. Millions of users visit Google everyday, so it can get users easily and fast. People go to the site, read up on the new service, and decide to give it a go. Simple as that, Google doesn’t have to promote anywhere, but their own homepage. Sounds like a good gig to me.

Too Implemented

Not only is Google+ owned by Google, it is implemented in many Google products and sites. This includes YouTube’s homepage. Many find this annoying, but this is how I ended up signing on to the new service. It was advertised a lot on the YouTube home page and I just hit the button to sign on. They also put +1 buttons in search results now, making the buttons look like they are everywhere and like everyone uses them.

Making it Seem Like an Upgrade

Google tells you that you are “upgrading” your account when you sign on for Google+. Really, you are just signing on to another service but they like to tell you that your upgrading. This helps make it tempting to hit the upgrade button and get started. People think it will make their Google account better, and sign on.

These are a few of the main ways Google can easily draw attention and users to it’s Google+ network. Sometimes, Google’s intense power bothers me. I believe this qualifies as one of these times. What about you?

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Ryan A: I am a new blogger looking to get out there on the internet. I have been blogging under the username “ryebread761” and making YouTube videos for two years now.