albumart One feature of many media players is the ability to display album art. Those who create their own music and other audio files sometimes wonder how this is done.

The answer is to use MP3Info. This freeware utility will add another tab called MP3-Info in the Properties section of any MP3 file.

After installing MP3Info, right-click any MP3 and select Properties.

Click the MP3-Info tab and you will see this:


The first tab you will land on is Standard. Fill in the necessary information then click on the Misc tab.


Fill in your necessary information here, then click on the Images tab.


The only checkbox you need to be concerned with is Cover (front). You can add in the other images if you like but the front cover is the only one that matters. When you check the box you will be prompted to add in an image file. I suggest using a JPG or JPEG as these work well. They can be any size but it’s suggested to have it at least be 320×240 and not more than 800×600 (any larger and this will add a lot of "chunk" to the file size).

And that’s it. Once you have the image applied you can open up the MP3 (such as in Windows Media Player) and your image will show up as album art.