LMGTFY is this. It is the answer given to someone who, foolishly, has posted a question to a forum without searching Google for the answer first. In the future, this may be replaced with Bing, but for now it’s Google.

People get really irritated when given LMGTFY as the "answer". But it is correct because people know the answer is there and it only takes seconds to do it.

3 tips to avoid being LMGFTY’d:

1. Use Google.


2. Don’t do a generic search then simply give up.

Let’s say you have a problem with the wireless card on your laptop. We’ll assume it’s made by HP.

If you search Google for "HP", obviously your solution won’t show up.

If you search "HP wireless", that won’t work either.

If you search for "HP wireless problem [insert model of laptop here]", now you’re getting it.

3. Post a link to a Google search you tried in your thread.

This does in fact prove you searched first and could not find the answer that way.

"But I didn’t know I was supposed to search Google first…"

If you have the wherewithal to..

a) Find a forum
b) Be able to sign up for the forum
c) Have enough basic knowledge to post a thread with a question

..you can’t get away with saying "I didn’t know.."  Why? Because the whole sign-up/validate/post process is far more difficult than going to Google and searching which takes seconds. Everybody knows this.

In addition, Google is the #1 search engine on the internet. It’s in the dictionary for crying out loud. You can’t get any more obvious than that.

Be a good internet user and know how to search first before asking questions. It will save you from being pegged as an idiot.