ioswp Blogging described simply is long form writing, and while writing short form (as in texting) is easy on a smartphone, long form isn’t exactly a simple matter. It’s not that the smartphone isn’t capable of blogging, but you do have to use the right tools to get the job done.

Your options:

WordPress for iOS


The WordPress platform (which powers PCMech by the way) is one of the top if not the top blogging engine that exists currently. The WP team released new version 2.8 yesterday, so it’s definitely being actively developed. New features include built-in stats, Quick Photo and Localization.

For those of you wondering if there is a WordPress for Android, yes there is.



This platform has had huge, and I mean huge increase in usage over the past 12 months. Tumblr has always been very mobile-friendly, and also makes it ridiculously easy to cross-post to Twitter and Facebook. The best part about Tumblr is what you don’t have to worry about. Whatever you post to a Tumblr blog is automatically ‘understood’ by the site and formats it correctly. Very easy, very cool.

Facebook Notes App


Notes is a standard application that is bundled with every Facebook account. It makes for somewhat easy long form writing via a smartphone, but is not my recommended choice unless you prefer back-to-basics blogging, as in feature-limited. Both WordPress and Tumblr make it much easier to embed/share things in posts compared to Facebook Notes, but if basic blogging is all you need, Notes will do.

If the idea of using Notes via your personal Facebook profile turns you off, that’s not a problem. Just create a public page and use that instead, as it will also have the ability to use Notes.