Social media sharing, chat visibilityLet’s say you’ve got something you really want to share with the world of social networking…except for Steve. You can’t stand that guy. But for some reason, you haven’t got around to removing him, and you just know he’ll comment on a post if you make it. Or maybe you want to make an update or post about a specific friend, and you don’t want them to know what you said.

Perhaps you’re just worried about offending someone, so you want to hide the offensive material from anyone who might find it offensive.

Either way, it’s possible to modify your privacy settings in such a way that certain friends won’t be able to see certain posts or even see you online. Here’s how.

Creating Friend “Lists” 

On the left side of your main page, you should see a “Lists” link. Click on it, and click “More…” You’ll be taken to a page that shows every list you’ve currently got linked to your profile. You can add people to the lists you have, or create an entirely new list in which friends can be grouped.

Limiting Availability In Chat

Got a bunch of friends you’d rather not speak to in Facebook Chat? The solution is simple – limit your availability.

Click the small gear in the bottom right hand corner of your chat window, and click “limit availability.” You’ll see all the friend lists that currently have people in them.  You can either choose to make yourselves available to only the lists that you check, or invisible only to the lists that you check.

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Limiting Post Visibility

This one’s pretty easy. Whenever you’re making a post to Facebook, there’s a box right next to the “post” button. Click on it, and click “See all lists.” Whatever lists you check off will see your post, whatever lists you don’t check won’t.

Image Credits: Ezine