How to Clean Up Windows

Windows has a dirty habit of leaving traces of crap all over your hard drive. In order to keep Windows operating in peak shape, it is necessary to periodically go in and remove temporary files, browser cache, outdated registry entries, etc. My favorite way of doing this is by using CCleaner. CCleaner is free and works quite well, allowing you to:

  • Clean cache, history, cookies and other crap from Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera
  • Cleans out temp files, the recycle bin, log files, document history, etc from Windows
  • Cleans out temp files left behind by third-party applications
  • Scans and cleans your registry of unused or old entries (and I\’ve never had it screw up on me)

Download this application and run it to clean out Windows.


  1. Is this different from using the internet options under Tools and deleting history,ect… there?

  2. Quite a bit, actually; that only deletes Internet Explorer temp files, and even then only the ones IE doesn’t think it needs anymore. CCleaner (and CleanUp! as well) clean out temporary system files (recently used [anything], hotfix related stuff, memory dumps, chkdsk fragments) and even system preferences, if you so choose. It also gets rid of temporary internet files for alternative browsers such as Opera and Firefox.

  3. it looks to me like CCleaner only cleans out the CURRENT users’ profile that’s logged into the computer. It works VERY well, I just would like to see it clean up things in others profiles on the same system.

  4. i Use CCleaner and it works really good! i suport the info on this article

  5. Patrick Harkins says:

    @ jeff: Cleanup! cleans all users, though it seems to skip Recycle Bin of other users. Never used CCleaner, so can’t comment….plus Cleanup! has that great flushing toilet sound! 🙂

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