Windows 10 has a number of different power options, but one of the options missing from the default power options in the Start menu is hibernation. Between sleep and hibernation options, hibernate can been seen as the most optimal power option, especially with advances in technology with solid-state drives. You can read about the difference between sleep and hibernate here.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to enable Hibernate as a default power setting in Windows 10.

Enabling Hibernation Mode


To enable hibernation mode, we’ll want to start by going into Control Panel. You can access this by clicking on the Start menu search bar and searching for “Control Panel.”


From there, head into “Power Options.”


Next, select “Choose what the power buttons do.”


Finally, we’ll want to select the “Change settings that are currently unavailable” link.


This opens a “Shutdown Settings” menu. We’ll just want to check the box that says “Hibernate.” Once you check it and save your changes, it’ll show up in the default power menu.


And that’s all there is to it! You should see the Hibernate button appear in the power option menu, as pictured above. If you got stuck, be sure to leave a comment below or join us over in the PCMech Forums!

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