Many Facebook apps are granted additional access to your data, with some even being allowed to post on your behalf. Taking that quiz or filling out your family tree may have seemed like a fun idea at the time – but before you know it, that app is spamming updates to all your contacts or sending you unwanted emails. What many people don’t know is that the permission you grant to these apps doesn’t have to be permanent.

Getting rid of those annoying Facebook apps is easier than you might think.

Log in to your Facebook account, and press “Account” in the upper right hand corner. Select “Application Settings” and you’ll be brought to a list of recently used apps.


Click the drop-menu on the right to see other options, giving you access to all the apps you currently have installed. Scroll down and select “Authorized”. This will let you see any app you currently have installed. You’ll notice that some apps aren’t able to be deleted. This is for good reason, as these are the “default” Facebook apps you actually want your contacts to see – such as Links and Photos.

Pick out an app you want to delete and press the “X”. A menu will pop up confirming your removal request, and once you select “Remove” you’ll never see this app again! Notice also that you can leave a rating for the app you want to delete. If this has been really annoying or spammy, here’s your chance to let other people know to steer clear – give it one star.


Keep deleting until you’ve gotten rid of any offending Facebook apps. Now your update stream will be full of the really important stuff – like the last thing you said on Twitter.

If any of your friends are persistent spammers, think about forwarding this article on to them – maybe they just don’t know any better.

Jillian McCoy is best friends with the internet. Visit her website or find her on Twitter.