External hard drives are great. As an iMac user (yeah yeah, whatever 😉 )… I make use of external hard drives for backup purposes and redundancy.

The thing is, they take up space. And then there’s a wire on your desk.

If you’re trying to get rid of desktop clutter, then a good option is to put some of your computer add-ons (like external hard drives) somewhere OTHER than you desk surface.

There are at least a couple different ways to go…

#1 – Buy A Small Table

I have an L-shaped desk in my office and it sits at a typical desk height. So, I went and picked up a short table that can easily fit beneath the desk. In my case, I went and picked up this table from Wal-Mart.

I put the thing under the desk and now it acts as an under-desk surface to put external drives, USB headphones…. basically any computer clutter that doesn’t need to sit atop the desk.

#2 – Velcrow

Using industrial strength velcrow, you can fasten drives to the bottom surface of the desk. Over at Apartment Therapy, this idea is spelled out:

For the drives that I want to keep portable yet want to keep off of my desk, I use industrial-strength Velcro to affix them to the bottom of my desk. Then I run the USB cable to a USB hub that’s also secured to the underside of the desk, keeping things nice and neat. It’s the best of both worlds, and the velcro is more than strong enough to hold up the drive.

Pretty handy idea. Something like this velcrow (save 21%) would work pretty well.