Most people are surprised that you can post videos via email to YouTube. It’s true.

Login to your YouTube account, use the drop-down button at top right and click Settings:


…and on the Overview section (which should be the first thing you see), there is a "Mobile uploads" email address:


The mobile email address is randomly assigned by YouTube. You’ll note that there is a "Want a different address? Click here", which will assign another random address if you don’t like the one you’re given. No, this does not affect your Google/YouTube login whatsoever; it only affects the mobile upload email address and nothing else.

You can use any email account to send any video you want to that mobile address, and it will post to your YouTube channel. And yes, I mean any email address – even from one not associated with your Google/YouTube account at all. Send from your phone, send from your backup email account, mix and match, etc.

The way it works is like this:

1. Compose a new email addressed to that special YouTube mobile address you were assigned.

2. Attach the video file you want to post in your email.

Note: Remember that your email provider whether using it through a client or webmail does have a size limit for file attachments, so you can’t just go off and and attach a 100MB file in your email. The general rule of thumb is that most mail providers these days do allow up to a 20MB attachment. Typically, a 5-minute video rendered as 640×360 (wide) or 640×480 (standard) at 768k quality or less should easily be under 20MB most of the time.

3. The subject of your email will be the video title that shows up on YouTube.

4. The body of the message will be the video description.

If you forget to add a subject line, YouTube will use the file name as the video title. If you forget to type in something in the body of the email you send, your video will simply have a blank description.

How will you know when the video is live?

The YouTube system will send an email to whatever address you sent the video from and notify you once the video is live, and provide you with a link.

What’s the best part about using the mobile upload email address?

Two things.

First, it means you can post videos to YouTube without actually having to login to the site at all.

Second, it is the only way I know of to allow multiple people (as in people you trust) to post videos to your YouTube channel without having to give over your Google/YouTube account credentials at all.