video_camera Not everyone is a writer, but everyone can record video and do it easily. One of the easier types of videos to record is instructional. You know how to do something (building a PC perhaps?), know how to record video, do some basic editing and put together a presentation. Where the snag comes in is with the DVD-making process; this is something that’s never been easy and still isn’t even with the Windows 7 DVD Maker app.

The alternative is to simply post your video online instead, and everyone knows how to do this. If you’ve ever uploaded a video anywhere on the internet, you already know the process (as in take your video file, upload, add in text description, done).

At this point you’d like to simply upload your video and have people rent it out to make a few bucks – but how?

You have two options here. One involves a lot of red tape, and the other a lot less.

YouTube Rentals

To be able to do this is not easy. You have to have a YouTube channel, but that’s the only easy part. You then have to post videos, over and over, gain a following and many subscribers, then after that apply to be a partner user. If (and that’s a big if) you’re approved, then you can rent videos through the YouTube system.

Amazon Video On Demand

This is the much-easier option. You can post your instructional video directly to Amazon, and have the option of listing it as pay-per-download or as a rental. The services allows it to stream just about anywhere (even on TiVo boxes), and the prerequisites are much less compared to YouTube.

Using either option above, you can completely skip the DVD-making process and just use what you already know how to work with. Everyone knows how to make videos, and if you can create an instructional video of at least 20 minutes in length, posting to Amazon is simple and easy. It’s most likely true you already have an Amazon account anyway, so you probably don’t even need to sign up for anything to give it a go.