How-To: Resize Photos Easily For E-Mail

image Whenever you take a photo with a digital camera the resulting JPEG file is obviously quite large both in dimensions and file size.

Many people like to send photos as file attachments in e-mail. While it’s true most e-mail services will auto-resize photos for you (like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail), the rest do not.

The Online Image Resizer at is the easiest solution I found for a quick resizing of any GIF or JPEG image to attach to e-mail afterwards. All you have to do is browse for the image file, select the size you want, crop it using your mouse (it’s very easy) and then re-download the file to attach.

A web site like this is especially helpful if you’re with your digital camera at someone else’s computer and need to send out a quick photo e-mail. On your PC you have the image editing tools you like but not when using another computer.

Other ways of sending photos:

When I send photos to people I usually don’t send as a file attachment but rather just a link. This is due to the fact that many e-mail providers have over-zealous spam filters that flag any e-mail with an image in it.

Photo services that require a sign-up:

Each of these will allow you to send plain text URL links to any photo you have uploaded to your account.

And yes I know I linked the infamous MySpace, however they do make photo-sharing relatively simple.

Photo services that require no sign-up:

Can’t be bothered to sign up for yet another account? No problem. Just use one of the freebie no-reg-required sites above. I’ve been using ImageShack for a while now and it works great.

To note: These freebie no-reg sites are really handy to know when you need a quick-fix style way of sending images to someone else fast – not only for e-mail but for instant messaging conversations as well.


  1. Your link to does not take you to the right website. It takes you to some random advertiser’s website.

    The correct link is

  2. Jerome Lee says:

    I tried the resizer, but I don’t understand. I want to see all of the picture at the smaller size, not a portion of the picture smaller. Am I asking too much or mabey I don’t understand the whole process.

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