How-To: Set Up E-Mail Accounts in Windows Live Mail

The new Windows Live Mail Client (essentially a rebadged Outlook Express with a new skin and some additional features) is a nice mail client considering it’s free. It has POP3, IMAP, and support and is ready-to-run. You can get it at If Thunderbird isn’t your thing or if you’d rather use a client for Hotmail or mail, Windows Live Mail client is definitely worth a look.


  1. Joey Cabrera says:

    Hey Rich,
    I just watched your video on how to set up Imap (Gmail) into Outlook express. One of the things I really like about that is the tags or pseudo folders as you called it. Its very easy for me to move messages from my Hotmail account to those folders and use gmail as a storage place. I have recently installed Windows Live Mail thanks to your video, and set everything exactly as you did. However those folders are not there. The only ones are the default folders from Gmail. Do you know of any way to download these folders or set them into the gmail account in Windows Live Mail?

  2. In IMAP you “subscribe” to folders in order to see them. When you set up a new account in Outlook Express or Thunderbird they automatically appear. If they do not for whatever reason, remove the account from OE and try again. By default, all the tags-as-folders show up when placing an IMAP enabled Gmail account into OE for the first time.

  3. Hey thanks dude, recently put Vista on my Acer Laptop and forgot how to setup Live Mail.

    Billy Potts.

  4. Hey Rich,

    Thanks for the Win-Live Video, nice refresher course.
    real quickly was wondering if i can forward my company email from my LIVE account to my IPHONE??

    thanks a lot


  5. I am trying to set up my windos live mail to synce with my work email I dont know anything about computers and I dont know what my pop3 server or the ohther server is can someone help?

  6. I am trying to set up a sympatico account is it compatible with Windows Live mail becuasee you only set up gmail and live. if so how do i do it

  7. How do i find out my incoming and outgoing servers if i want to set up my o2 email with my windows live mail?

  8. This video didn’t help me. I have a live acct and after I put in my information it asked me for all kinds of server information etc…..wasn’t able to set any email up with this program…

  9. Thanks so much! I couldn’t figure it out AT all. The one thing I still can’t do, is I can’t get my yahoo account hooked up write. Any help? If you know how answer me on my yahoo answers page;_ylt=AqB6xojUKoSzhX.62rJao0jsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090227234815AAHhi5W


  10. Paula Curtis says:

    Very good video, now have my email set up on windows live, thanks.

  11. nice video. but i am unable to configure my live account. there is no option for auto configuration. i downloaded mail client from but i think it is installing older version (Layout also completely different).

    When I open, About Windows Live Mail it is showing Version 6.9.6000.16386).

    So please help me to get latest version of Live mail client. and also how to configure live mail manually.

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