HP Pavilion DV6000 Notebook Review

notebook.jpgHewlett Packard is one of the most prominent manufacturers of notebook computers today, and any trip to Best Buy will make that abundantly clear. Well, as of this writing, one of the notebook PCs they have on sale right now at Best Buy is the HP Pavilion DV6000. I picked one up a couple months ago for $800. I was in Best Buy a couple weeks ago and it was on sale for $749. So, this is certainly an affordable notebook PC. So, how does it perform in everyday use? Let’s check it out.

First, The Specs

In my eyes, the DV6000 is proof that PCs are affordable as hell today. These specs compare quite favorably to my desktop, all in a sub $800 notebook.

  • AMD Turion 64, dual core processor
  • 2 GB DDR2 memory
  • 15.4″ WXGA High-Definition HP BrightView Widescreen Display (1280 x 800)
  • 256MB NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) Go 7200
  • 160GB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive
  • LightScribe SuperMulti 8X DVD+/-RW with Double Layer Support
  • 1.3 Megapixel Webcam with mic built into screen
  • Altec Lansing speakers built in
  • 3 USB ports, ExpressCard/54 Slot, Video Out, Integrated Consumer IR, 1 RJ-11, 1 RJ-45
  • Windows Vista Home Premium

Now, when you look at this unit on HP’s website, you will see there are different spec configurations for this model. The above happens to be what I have in the unit I am typing this review on.

Use in the Real World

Now, I am not and never have been a big benchmark guy. If you are into computer reviews that load you up with benchmark specs, go to another site. What I am interested in is real world use. I bought this notebook to get work done, not win any contests. So, how does it perform in that regard?


One of the things that sold me on this laptop was the screen. The screen is gorgeous. It is wonderfully bright and clear, and provides a respectable 1280×800 resolution in a widescreen format. Yes, there certainly are notebooks with higher resolution. It really comes down to preference. While other units may give you higher resolution, some may find it hard to read on small screens. For me, I thought 1280×800 was a good resolution to use for a 15.4″ screen. My only complaint with the screen is that the glare is really bad when trying to use the unit outside. It gets so bad that it’s more like looking in a mirror than into a computer screen. Inside, however, the screen is beautiful.

The fact that this unit uses AMD rather than Intel means that it generates more heat. Intel processors just seem to run cooler in notebook computers. All benchmarks aside (because I don’t care), the performance of this notebook is quite good. It actually opens many apps much faster than my desktop PC, which is using an Intel Pentium Core Duo. So, I have no complaints about speed, however, yes, it does generate some heat.

The built-in Altec Lansing speakers will certainly not compare to the larger speakers you would plug in externally, but they do generate a nice sound for the size. For multimedia use, the speakers will get the job done.

The DV6000 comes with a thin, little remote control for use in controlling HP’s multimedia player. HP is using a proprietary multimedia player for playing DVDs called QuickPlay. It ties in with the remote control as well as the QuickPlay buttons on top of the notebook. The player is decent, but many times I found myself simply wanting to use Windows Media Player rather than the QuickPlay popping up full screen. Also, the fact that it is tied into the QuickPlay buttons can be a little annoying at times. Several times I have rested my fingers on the top of the notebook and accidently pressed the DVD button and launched Quickplay. No matter what I’m doing, that interrupts the workflow badly.


For digital photography, I find the built-in card reader really convenient. Since my Canon camera uses SD cards, I can just pull the card out and plug it directly into the notebook to pull images onto the computer. This means I don’t have to track down the USB cable that came with the camera. Nice and easy.

But, It Uses Vista

Like almost every PC on the market today, this unit comes with Windows Vista. Now, on my desktop, I can rattle off a bunch of annoyances with Windows Vista. Many of us that follow technology all the time have many complaints about Vista, and I still stand by the fact that Vista was NOT ready for market upon it’s release. But, judging by the DV6000, Vista does seem to run better on completely proprietary machines. I do have occasional annoyances with Vista on the DV6000.. For example, sometimes it will lose it’s screen resolution settings when coming out of sleep mode. This is an issue with Vista and will be fixed. Other than that, though, Vista runs significantly better on this notebook machine than it does on my desktop. No complaints, really.

Like all pre-built computers, it comes with some pre-installed software. It comes with a 60-day trial installation of Office 2007. Since I don’t care to fork out several hundred dollars just for a ribbon interface, I opted to install OpenOffice, which gets me 95% there for free. The DV6000 comes with some other pre-installed crap, much of it I ended up removing from the computer.

Note to HP

I am pretty happy with the DV6000, but I need to mention a few annoyances for the benefit of HP. When I was at Gnomedex recently, HP was there and we had a lengthy discussion about notebook design. HP does indeed listen to feedback, so here is mine on the DV6000.

  • The QuickPlay buttons at the top are too easy to hit by accident, as I mentioned above. Some obvious way to control or disable those buttons would be nice.
  • We need some kind of anti-glare surface to the screen. It’s practically unusable in sunlight. I realize that the surface it does have plays a role in the crystal clear colors I see indoors, but something has to be done to make this thing more usable in sunlight.
  • AMD is good for economics, but it generates a lot more heat.


The HP Pavilion DV6000 is a really nice, solid notebook computer and you really can’t go wrong with this unit. The price tag makes it very affordable. The unit sports a nice, sleek design and good all-around performance. It also offers a solid balance of features which really makes this entertainment notebook usable as a desktop replacement. In fact, I enjoy it so much I find myself spending more time working on the DV6000 now than I do my main desktop computer.

So, despite a few annoyances, you really can’t go wrong with the DV6000 if you are looking for a solid, balanced work notebook without spending too much money.

Update 11/21/2007

While I have not had the wireless problems many have been complaining about in the comments, I have had another problem – the battery (maybe). The battery seems to not accept a charge anymore, and Windows says “plugged in, not charging” when I hover over the battery icon in the taskbar. So, HP is currently sending me a new battery and we’ll see if that fixes it. I guess this is the kind of thing you deal with when you buy cheap notebook computers.

Update Feb. 8, 2010

Comments for this article have now been closed. This was done because people were using as a means of getting HP support. This article is not an official HP support channel for problems that may occur with the DV6000 product. If you would like to contact HP for support, please visit HP Customer Care at support.hp.com, thank you.


  1. If you like the DV6000 try out the DV9000. I got one at Bestbuy several months ago. On sale. It is a refurb but has performed flawlessly since I bought it. It has a 17″ wide screen (which also has the glossy screen which does present glare problems. Even inside with bright lights on) and 200gig of HDD space. I too really like this laptop. And, I have discovered I even like the Media Center XP O/S that is loaded on it. Being an IT geek, I usually go with XP Pro (Vista Ultimate on my gaming box at home). The HP came pre-loaded with XP Media Center edition. I have come to like it a lot. As I have been able to add all kinds of apps and widgets to make it look pretty much like Vista. But, I think I’ll wait awhile before I load Vista onto it. That is because this laptop is performing so nicely, I hesitate to mess it up by loading Vista onto it.

    • interesting posts. I recently purchased a dv6780 special edition to replace a dell whose hard drive crashed (bummer no back up). I alreadlly love it, from the performance to the design (it is a perfect size). The SE comes with 3 gigs RAM and 250 gig HD space. I was encouraged to get get 3 gigs Ram in order to sufficiently run vista. Its a bad ass machine so far, but we will see what problems arise in he future (hopefully none). I paid 1200 with tax and recommend this notebook to anyone. The specs are pretty awesome for a manufacturer built system.

    • I also have the DV 9000 with VISTA on it. I have had no problems with Vista.
      Only one problem so far the hinge on the right side of the screen got hair line crack. I guess the case I have is not padded enough. the crack then progressed to the point where the wires were exposed and the frame started coming off. Fortunately I had the warranty for screen damage and it was fixed at no cost.
      This is the best laptop I have owned and I have owned a lot of them. The windows media is a awesome! record TV, play TV I am a teacher and I show stuff to my students right from the laptop since the screen is so big!

    • I bought my dv6000 and before the 30 day warranty that Radioshack gave me was up I had to replace the darn thing. About a month later it crashed, so after trying this and that with Tech support they finally sent me a box and said it was my hard drive. They replaced the hard drive and I received my computer in about 5 days………then the ac plug in went bad and the thing wouldn’t charge, and it will not nor has it ever buned a CD………another lengthy discussion with Tech support and finnally a box came…..took 2 weeks to get it back…….then it still would not charge, Tech support ask that this time I please send the AC adapter…….2 weeks later they call say we damaged the cord, to which I say you guys have had this stupid computer more than I have since I bought it, I don’t believe we damaged the cord….anyway I lost that battle, they wanted $265 for an AC adapter, I went to a local computer shop bought it for $44. And guess what…….the thing still will not burn a CD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never purchase another HP, nor would I recommend anyone else. DELL is the way to go!

      • Wow… sounds like my adventures with a Macbook… 1600$ investment I wont ever get back x.x

        • I have had nothing but sweet times since buying my dv6000 in August ’07. I could never switch to Mac, because I don’t want to lose all my software. I’m running Photoshop and the like, and replacing it would cost far too much. Plus, Mac skimps heinously on ports.

      • Don’t knock hp because you don’t know how to use it. I own a dv6337 and I haven’t had and issue that the windows auto updates haven’t addressed. For those that crashed, get a security suite other than stock. I know a lot of people that think the computer’s quality is bad when it crashes, but the computer can’t defend its self from viruses. And if something bothers you change the settings, don’t get mad if the computer doesn’t suit you right out the box.

        • Filipino in Saudi says:

          I was really careful with my Pavilion DV6353eu. I always check first the compatibility of every software that I install and I always see to it that it is automatically updated, either by Microsoft or HP. I don’t even bring my laptop outside that much. It’s always sitting on my desk in my house. And yet I still encountered this blank screen/1 long 2 short beeps problem that these models have become so infamous for. 5 months after I bought my unit, I already encountered this problem and the service center told me they replaced the motherboard. Well, 9 months after, just after the warranty expired, this problem occured again. I checked the HP’s extended service warranty list and my P/N (GJ05EA#ABV) was not included. I’ve also talked to their TS and what I got was of minimal assistance. I shelled out almost a $1000 for something that did not even last 15 months. What a rip-off!

        • Funny you say that, My dv6000 had run sweet for about a year, noticed it would get scorching hot at some times even just idling. Now the wireless card is out Im suspecting because of the frequent overheating, I have also had issues with the DVD burner ejecting itself at random, in an OS or not. I work as a CSR for a computer company currently, just amusing how were one of few that are an all american CSR team compared to most. Dell I wouldn’t recommend only because trying to get support CD’s is even a pain with a few rude rep’s, HP I have a hard time getting someone that can understand what Im saying let alone trying to decode what they are saying. Business is business I suppose, anyone else had issues with their built in wireless on there notebook?

          – Zyriik

        • I knock HP because they have sold me crap. point. First: wireless card. Second battery. Third motherboard. Bad luck? I dont know, seems pretty common for this model dv6000. But the most stupid thing is this: I bought twice from these people, I wasn’t happy with my first HP either, riddled with ” common ” problems as well. I beleived the salesman that this is now a thing of the past, well; never again a HP

      • You must have absolutely no experience with an Hp laptop…
        As someone else said, don’t trash it if you dont like the way it is out of the box. I have the special edition Hp Pavillion dv6000 (special edition is specified for gaming) and all i had to do was spend about two days removing some junk programs from it and then it ran fine from that day on. The cord on the ac adapter was probably damaged from streching and bending it too much, which is your own fault.
        HP > Dell

      • I bought the dv6000 from Costco.com. It worked really great for the first two months then it started to freeze constantly.
        Control alt delete did not work. The only way to get the computer
        on was to reboot it. I returned it back to Costco on the 90th day for a complete refund as Costco guarantees.
        Now I’m looking for another laptop. Don’t know what to get.

      • Hey I brought my laptop this weekend, the dv6000. and I must say that its much better than my acre3000 series. Its faster smarter, better looking, and the DVD burner is great. All I need now is to find a decent web site to download movies.

    • Hi, i just bought Dv6000 3gb ram 320 GB HDD just 800.00 with built in web cam fully entertainment center just to say this unit are well designed and window vista home i replaced Lenovo 3000 which has wireless radio drop too much….this unit is HP wifi wireless without needed of pc cards for internet connection..go wireless i love this pcs!! it great capacity at low pricess!!! Thanks to HP design

      I hope viewwer will be see what HP has to offer!!! but quite pricy!!

    • I recently bought a new HP DV6000 laptop. I own a online computer store, and to say the least I have owned one of every brand out there. I have found no major issues with the HP, especially for the price. I have 3gb of ram and Vista, and lightscribe. The wireless on the new model is just fine. I don’t like the built in energy saving feature thou. The model for 2008 has been greatly re-done, and a awesome machine for $849.00 I have external HDD plugged in all the time, and no gap in response time. The system runs about 58% resources with many applications going. For Less than $1k you can’t beat it. The design is pretty cool to. A multimedia powerhouse.

    • I purchased an HP6000 series computer 1 year and 2 weeks ago. This week, the computer crashed requiring a motherboard replacement. The motherboard itself has started to melt. Before this, I have had trouble with the audio going out, other crashes, etc. HP claims there is no problem with my particular model number. So far, I have spent over $500 on repairs to this computer, which is almost as much as I spent on the computer itself. An even bigger problems was that I almost lost all my data. I will never buy another HP. The computer and the service sucks!

      • I purchased an HP Pavilion dv6000 about a year and a half ago and I am amazed to see how people are commenting about the same problems I have had. Note, before I had this computer, I had an HP Pavilion ZV5000. The AC power port on that computer went and I had to have the mother board replaced. Back to the dv6000 though. The battery on this computer, which I have hardly used, no longer receives a charge. Furthermore, the port where the AC adapter plugs in, is now dysfunctional. I had this same problem with my last Hp Lap top. Now they want $325 to fix both this and the battery. Forget it! I have only had the computer for 1 1/2 years. I took the computer back from HP, plan on auctioning it off on Ebay to someone who would care to refurbish it or use the parts. But I WILL NEVER PURCHASE AN HP PRODUCT AGAIN! The HP name has lost its value to me. Those of you who have just purchased the Laptop, wait till you have had it for some time before commenting on it. I hope your experiences with HP are better than mine have been. Also, there was a class action suit against HP for selling laptops with overheating problems. Anyway, I am done with HP.

        • i’ve had my dv6000 for quite a while (21 months) and in terms of performance, it’s mostly a great laptop. the touch buttons are great and work with a number of programs, including windows media player and itunes. it’s quite fast, and despite being a compulsive multi-tasker, it doesn’t freeze all that frequently. The overheating thing is a massive problem – it drives me insane. All I can say is thank god for microsoft’s Autosave feature! The disk drive does have problems burning, I usually get about 85% burnt, then it starts to have errors, or stop burning completely. I’ve resorted to RW disks… more expensive, but it’s a lot easier. I love my laptop, but it does have a few glitches. But I’d rather leave constructive feedback than be negative. I’d recommend it as a home computer, the overheating would hinder a gamer or even a student like myself, and keeping it plugged in a lot ruins he battery. For now, I’m happy with it.

        • I know the battery is horrible on a dv6000!!!!!!!!!

        • WiFi, battery and now not starting. Most likely lost all data like on my first HP 4 yrs ago…
          I fell for them twice….. I cannot beleive that I am this stupid.

    • i just bought a dv6000. and i must say, so far it’s pretty good. all pcs freeze from time to time. thank microsoft for that. some of us are still lead to believe that the computer was designed to be faster. for the most part that is true. but they get confused too. lol. if too much is thrown at them, the drive has too much responsibility and freezes. but, in a lot of cases it’ll thaw itself out.

      the card reader on this thing is great. i was not sure if it had one. i poped in my sd card which had a few minutes of trout jumping for flies, and it came right to a program that let me put it inot a file to move to dvd.

      premium has done well for this laptop. also bear in mind the bigger processor helps to run vista more successfully.

      i love the screen so far. i don’t take my laptops out into the sun too often, but when i do i just position myself for minimal “mirror” effect. i too wish i had the web cam, but it’s an easy fix at 50 bucks or so for a decent one.

      the performance and speed is better than the dells i have had.the qualit of the resolution is more than what you would normally get for a pc of this caliper. think about how many new laptops still run the 1.86g processor.

      now…for the bashing!..it ain’t a mac.

      programs,viruses and all are written for windows. a good protection program and windows vista should be okay under a 2.0g processor.

      macs are the elite in my eyes. but until i can drop 3 grand hard caash, i’ll thoroughly enjoy this dv6000. for a clone, it’s great.

    • i purchased my hp dv6000 1yr n 3mos ago, it went out of warranty, and now there’s no display on the screen and it beep, shuts down n on again.. i called tech support and promised me to purchase extended warranty of $99+tax but didnt say its only for a PHONE SUPPORT (so beware)..still cannot fix it and they want to send it to them and promise to replace a new motherboard for FREE!..here’s what i’ve been afraid of, that they will say the other parts are not working – it came true. mouse keyboard and everything blah blah is not working!!! damn..they want me to pay $700+ for that stupid useless computer which i can buy a new computer for that price!! and the customer agents are HORRIBLE – they can’t uderstand me nor do i.. they really sucks and same with their products..i called them back and told them to send my notebook back to me with a new motherboard which they promise is free (eventhough it’s not fix)- so i can smash it and throw it on their stupid little brains..damn, DON’T BUY HP – THEIR PRODUCT SUCKS SAME WITH THEIR CUSTOMER AGENTS!!!

    • I’ve had my dv6000 for almost 2 yrs. now and I love it!! I have not had any problems at all! It does get hot but that is expected! It performs well and does everything I would like it to do. I am running XP. I will not buy any computer that is not an HP…I do find the Quickplay buttons to be touchy and have accidently started it on several occasions as well.

      • UCLAbruin c/o 2010 says:

        I’ve had my dv6000(AMD Windows XP w/o the webcam) since September 21, 2006 and it’s still running. My parents:) got it for me as a college gift when it first came out for $1100, yeah they got gyps-ed at circuit city.

        There are a few problem that I had with my laptop. One was that within a year, my wireless internet didn’t work. I researched the problem and found on their website that it was a motherboard problem, sent it in for two weeks, got it back and is continuing to work. They didn’t charge me since I was still under their one year warranty.

        Two, the battery life sucks! After a year, I timed that I was only getting less than one hour of battery life. WTH! Now, Two and almost a half years later, the battery is probably running for about 40 or less minutes.

        Three, o’boy does this bad boy get hot. Don’t dare to put this on your lap after an hour of use.

        Four, HP service sucks! Their workers are either from India or the Philippines and can care less about how much you spent on your laptop.

        Five, THE “I” on my QWERTY keyboard popped out! I can’t seem to pop it back in bc it is so complicated. You have to stick it in the left side then the right….O’god, trust me it won’t stick back in.

        Six, You’ll not be able to use it outdoor since the glare will obscure you from reading anything on the screen.

        Well that’s a few problems that I have with the dv6000.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love my laptop! The dv6000 feature and concepts are great! Especially the slot for my Canon Camera’s SD memory card, the windows XP that came along with it, and the look and feel of the laptop.

        It is just that HP needs to fix these problems that their customers are having across the board and make it more polish like the macbook or macbook pro.

        Sometimes I wished I got the macbook or macbook pro and that says a lot since I grew up with PCs and love using WINDOWS, especially XP. 🙂

        Hopefully my laptop doesn’t die on me! (crossing my fingers and wishing it last me until the end of my fourth year)

  2. telegramsam says:

    Got the same laptop myself recently at Circuit City for about the same price.

    I agree totally with the review. Dual core, 2GB of RAM for under $800.00? HP quality? Unbeatable, really.

    • you’re kidding right? i had to work on one tonight, and found that the dvXXXX series were having some major problems. there’s even a site called http://www.hpnotebookclassaction.com because they have a class action lawsuit against them over it. this laptop i’m working on beeps once real long, then beeps twice short. the display doesn’t work at this time either. i’ve read that people can send them in and get a new motherboard put in if they’re still covered under warranty.

      • The reason for the beeps is that is the code to say your video card has gone out. so yes you will need a new motherboard. I have owned my DV6000 for almost 2 years now. luckly i had it on a 3 year warranty through best buy. I have had the mother board replaced twice. I was then told by the best buy worker that he new that most of these computers were not removing the foil between the heat sink and video card, so the gell that acts as a conducter is not allowed to touch both. Its used for shipping the cards and is supposed to be removed before being attached to the motherboard. So seeing as it isnt removed… and the AMD creates extra heat anyways… your video card will have to be replaced at least once every 6-9 months. Some much sooner then that. Also every one of the laptops i have seen need you to press on the dvd tray (push it in toward the computer) while the disk starts to load or burn. Other wise the laser will not line up correctly and it will not start. Also when i first got this computer the battery only lasted 45 mins. now I can bearly go from downstairs outlet to upstairs outlet before it starts an automatic shutdown at 3% battery.
        This computer is full of problems and has made me fully apretiative of my warrenty. I would have spent the amount i baught the computer for so far just to make all the repairs it has had done. My latest episode. The operating system is getting wiped from the computer, it goes into a boot loop with only the bios available. I am still able to use the partition to reload the OS but… I am currently updating my computer as I type, for the second time. Oh, and best buy did a full scan and do not know why. ENJOY this GREAT computer…..

        ps the quickplay buttons have options in the hp quick launch buttons little rocket in your task bar

  3. David Risley says:

    Rick, I would definitely stay with XP for now. Like I said, Vista is running fine for me on this laptop, but XP is leaner and cleaner, and Vista adds hardly anything valuable to the mix. At least wait for SP1.

  4. I too have a problem as you decribed:
    “Also, the fact that it is tied into the QuickPlay buttons can be a little annoying at times. Several times I have rested my fingers on the top of the notebook and accidently pressed the DVD button and launched Quickplay. No matter what I’m doing, that interrupts the workflow badly.”

    Have you or anyone else found a way to turn these buttons off or possibly “hack” them to trigger some other action?
    I would like to keep th eMUTE button working as I have not hit that one by accident but frequently hit it on purpose…

    • I know that if you go into BIOS there is an option to disable the “meep” noise they make. I have not yet to do that because I would like to KNOW why my computer has suddenly slowed up…voila! I have hit the damned DVD button. Without the beep, I would probably be giving the three finger salute more often (Ctrl+Alt+Delete).
      I think the only way that you can disable these buttons is to uninstall the driver that goes with them (if you can find it, that is).

  5. Just bought it 4 weeks ago. Nice laptop,very fast. So easy to use. Going to upgrade the ram. Picked it up at Best Buy for $700 and a laptop bag was included in the price. It has locked up on me a time or two,but I was trying to do too much to fast. Its worth the money and the features are pretty awesome.

  6. the dv6000 is awesome. However, I cannot complain about the quick play buttons, in fact, I love them. Not even once did I accidentally touch any of them.

  7. bought dv6000 in may 2007….i like it a lot…kind of wish i would have bought the model with the camera so i could have a little extra to play with…but i like the quick play buttons …..it has froze up on me a few times but i was doing too much ….and i think it is a little heavier compared to like a dell….but i guess it’s worth it….:)

  8. Man the only complaint I have here is the fact that you all paid to much for yours. I paid 559 after mail in rebates from circuit city. never go to best buy, they are ripoffs! always check out circuit city first. Oh and my dv6000 is badass im running the intel processor and it does get a little warm but that laptop doesnt.

  9. Well I sort of have a dv6000 – if you call it that. It has been in the shop for the past three weeks. The graphics card blew out on it one day in August. Apparantly, there are so many of these with this problem, that the part is on backorder so no one can tell me when I will have it back. What is really sad is that HP replaced the laptop I had before this because the one before was a complete piece of crap. Anyway, I do not recommend buying one of these, unless you can get it really cheap and don’t need it longer than 10-12 months. The laptop was really awesome – but trust me dealing with their support sucks. If you speak English, you will have a hard time understanding tech support. Getting someone to help you is like pulling teeth. I work in a mid sized company and would never ever recommend HP because they are too unreliable — I say go with Dell because it is a better way to spend your money. Just stick with the business side – not the home.

  10. This laptop really generates a lot of heat. I’m literally worried about this laptop. I don’t know if this happens for all HP Pavilions. 🙁

  11. I( just bought the DV6000 3 days ago, I like it but my mouse is weird, like it DRAGS everything and anything, i tried to adjust the sensitivity settings but it totally didont help, so i just hook up the wireless mouse…but can anyone tell me why my battery lasts less than 2 hours before its on one bar? I dont get that? I charge it regularly and I keep it plugged in when Im writng papers…this is my 1st laptop and nonetheless, i like it!

    • I just got mine too. Its a nice laptop so far. I agree the battery power blows. I can charge it and then 10 minutes later its already at 80%. Other than that I love it

    • It generates a lot of heat and loses battery power quickly because it works with high quality, you can lower the speed of it to save battery power.

  12. i’ve had mine for 7 months. graphics card crapped out in it….tech support sucks ass, indians who cant understand you and you cant understand them. they said they would call the next day to get my address to send the box that i ship it out in (wouldnt tell me why they just couldnt get my address while i was talking to them) it took 3 days for a call back, which was a women who i couldnt understand and had to repeat everything i said 3 or 4 times…..anyways it’s now the 5th day and i havent revieved my shipping box yet…….I wish i would have bult my own or bought a dell

  13. I bought my dv6000 laptop 4 months ago and now the display is broken. Worst thing is, I don’t even bring my notebook outside, it just sits in my room most of the time. I really don’t know what happen. Most of my IT friends told me that I should have bought a Toshiba or a Dell because of its robust reliability. They said that there are really many hardware issues with HP laptops.

  14. I initially bought a Tosiba laptop at best buy, but it kept freezing and I traded it for the HP Pavillion dv6000. By comparison the HP dv6000 rarely freezes, but it has rebooted a few times for no obvious reason. It you look at consumer reports, their only major complaint about this HP is the battery life, which only lasts about 2 hours. As far as the mouse, I also had problems with mouse control and ended up adding an external USB mouse. My other complaint is the wireless card. I typically lose my wireless network 10 or more times a day. Has anyone else had this problem? I attribute this to the cheap broadcom wireless card that HP installs in this model. Since I get perfect wireless internet on my MacIntosh laptop which never disconnects, I have to blame this on the HP card. I am also concerned about the poor technical support that HP offers and the poor long term user reviews that I have read from other owners of this model.

  15. Got a DV6000 the other month. This unit is just great! My only qualm is about the video card, Mine came with an Intel Graphics 950GM Accel. Since the dude mentioned he got an Nvidia, i was wondering if there’s any way to upgrade my videocard like u wud on a desktop system?

  16. Just had to update on my DV6000 — Well it is now October — HP has had my laptop in for repair since 8-19-07!!!! I have a case manager who finally attempted to reach me yesterday, of course I missed the call by 10 minutes. I tried to call back, but I only get voice mail. The HP website still says that the anticipated ship date of my “repaired” laptop is 9/18/07. This is just really a sad state of affairs.

  17. I’ve had my dv6000 since February. The biggest gripe I have is with the wireless card; same problem as Al. HP customer service was very nice and diligent about follow up calls. The problem I have with them is the protocol they need to follow. I told them that I could bring my work laptop home (IBM T43) and leave it connected all weekend to the office via the wi-fi network without losing the connection yet the HP sitting next to it would lose the signal. Obviously the problem is their equipment and not my network. Stop asking me if to do a system restore, try using it in a different location (I do not, repeat do not, live in some sprawling mansion), or change settings, or make sure my cable modem is working. Just fix the bloody thing. Three phone calls and several hours later they had me actually yelling (not my style; they had upgraded customer service software that week and were told to ask customers for all information again – the whole personal 411 plus serial and product numbers). It wasn’t until I promised to mail the machine to the CEO with a detailed history that they said they would send me a box to return it. It just came back yesterday (I missed delivery) so I’ll try it out tonight. They fixed the stuck battery latch and upgraded the BIOS. My husband and I are still prepared to mail it to the CEO if the issue isn’t resolved.

  18. I’ve bought my laptop in the early september for 565 euro (inclusive transport). After i got it i immediatly changed the OS system (windows xp pro, the build in OEM version of XP ‘s are usually junk, old drivers and a lot of unneeded stuff, I would recommend this, since it fixes most problems that happen with new laptops).
    Anyhow, after doing all the updates, the laptop works like a charm. And still does, i still haven’t got any crashes, reboots or faults whatsoever.
    this is my first HP laptop and i’m surprised how fast it actually goes. It loads up programs faster then my workstation with a configuration twice as strong as the laptop.

    Yes it generates heat, but so do intels. My previous one was a intel centrino and i also felt the heat there. The heat actually only comes when you use heavy 3D applications (like games), so i’d rather say it’s a combination of the nvidia chip as well as the turion, because turion itself is meant to have a low heat temperature.

    The performance is perfect for multimedia,bussines,office,surfing,etc. It ain’t the strongest in gaming, but does its job :).
    For everyday performance, i’d give it a 4.5/5 :).

    anyway, i’m gonna test the quickplay function, didn’t pay attention to it yet (another new function i found on this great laptop)


    • HI Olaf..
      Actually i was going through your write ups regarding this particular modal which i am also having..I have de installed the OS and now that the Wifi drivers which are in HP site is found to be not compatible with this model.Pls could you suggest as to how to go ahead with installing drivers after taking out vista..
      Tony Boycott

  19. I have a HP dv6000 and I had read that the remote can be stored in the express card slot. I put the remote in the slot but I may have put it in backward and now I can’t get it out. Amy suggestions?

    • KamikazeChicken says:

      The remote fits in the slot on the right side of the notebook. The slot has the same icon above it as the remote does. You can just push it in and the spring mechanism will pop it out for you.

  20. I bought my dv6646us yesterday from curcuit city and the wireless broadcom adapter does not work. I have ruled out my routers as the problem ( I have installed both my us robotics and my old netgear router). My old laptop is OK on the wireless network, the new HP Pavilion dv6646us just does not connect.

    I was up last night with HP – on line Chat, they just asked me flash my bios, update my broadcom driver – but nothing helped. They then asked me to restore the laptop to the factory settings. I will do that today.

    Looks like there are problems with this laptop…….. I will take it back to Circuit City and return the PC. Hopefully they will not charge me the restocking fee.

    I am not happy with HP AT ALL.

  21. It seems like other folks are having problems with their network cards on the HP laptops. Based on the responses i have seen since I posted mine on Sept.30th. The broadcom card that is standard in these models costs about $15. Good network cards usually cost at least 4 times that much, so HP really went cheap on the network card. I ended up getting an external USB network card (Linksys WUSB300N Wireless N card; cost $99 at Best Buy) and my wireless connection now works great. This suggests that the problem was with the cheapo broadcom network card. If you are having problems with your network or other components of your computer, you can right click on the “my computer” icon and select “manage”. Under manage you can select a number of options that provide valuable information about your computer. Select “event viewer” and then “system” and you will find all of the error messages and information messages generated by your system. If you are having problems with your network card you should see information and error messages related to connecting to your network.

  22. Sancal25 –

    If you did put it in the slot on the right side near the front, then you just have to push on it again. It’s like one of those spring holders. If it’s a different slot then I have no idea. But I thought I put it in backwards my first time too and almost had a heart attack that I couldn’t get it out. I did everything short of a pair of pliars before I figured it out. Hope that helps.

    I once changed my quickplay button to pop Windows Media player up instead of the other crap but I’ve upgraded and have no idea how to do it anymore! Any help guys?

  23. You know what HP sucks. This laptop was my second Laptop. DV6000 series. I have the laptop for a little over a year. And it’s broke already. The Wireless went out. I believe it’s the wireless card. I does not even turn blue like it’s supposed to (to let you know that its on) Then just recently, my graphics/video card went out. This is the second laptop that I bought (both HP) and on both of them the graphics/video cards went out, right when the warranty was expired. I am highly i with HP.

  24. Brent – have you tried to call HP and renew your warranty? They should renew it, especially if your warranty just ran out. They renewed mine and it was three months out of warranty. It cost me something like $130 – but it was better than throwing it out.

    BTW – I am expecting my replacement laptop by the end of this week. HP is replacing it with a dv6500 because they stated that my laptop is unrepairable. It has been nearly two months, and I just can’t wait to put this behind me. Hopefully this next one will make it longer than a year.

  25. I Bought a DV6000 a couple of weeks ago and it completly crashed before i even got it fired up and ready to roll. Now im useing the one I exchanged the first lemon for and It has already went to system restore twice now. The wirless card is crap compaired to my old Toshiba which was 100 percent satisfactory. This laptop seems to be the ticket if it could ever work properly but unfortunatly i dont think that is possible. Ive called customer support and HP’s customer support is HORRIBLE. My advise to anyone would be to go with a toshiba especially if your planning on useing alot of wireless.

  26. Upset In Michigan says:

    This is the second HP notebook I’ve bought in 2 years and the 2nd notebook to break in two years. Within 6 months the wireless and sound went out, so I sent it to repairs. Took me 4 weeks to get it back. Still didn’t work. Sent it in a 2nd time, another 4 weeks. Worked fine for about another 4 months, then the video card, wireless card, and sound card died. A COMPLETE LEMON. Now the computer is out of warranty and HP refuses to fix it…

    HP is a complete rip off. I will never buy another HP product as long as I live..heed my warning..

  27. I’ve had my HP Pavillion dv1000 for 2 years (so no warranty) and the video/graphics card just went out on me. After talking with a service person at Comp USA I was told that there is no way to replace just the video card, that I would need to replace the whole motherboard. Is there any other way to fix this problem that would cost me less than buying a new motherboard and paying to have it installed?

  28. I bout a dv6000 two monts ao. P as orrible customer support and teir product quality sucks. As you can see, my , , , apostrope and backspace keys arent workin. My webcam asnt worked eiter and ive actually refunded a P laptop wit keyboard problems before tis one already.

  29. Hey every1! Ok well I bought my HP Pavillion around mid-December then my WiFi just stopped working after a few months (and then it was on & off until it stopped completely..I had to connect through the ethernet cable to get online) on August 17, 2007 (two days after I just started college)..AND I got my FULL REFUND back on October 30, 2007. 2 months LATER! Tech support indeed SUCKS. The place I bought it (Sam’s Club) would not let me exchange or return it because the warranty (which was only 6 months) ended two months earlier. So I try calling HP. Hmmmm…well my mom and I tried calling separately so that we could get some response back because when HP says they’ll call you in 24 hours..it doesn’t always work out that way. We called almost everyday..went through 2 different case managers, a box of tissues, and finally had our case escalated to an executive case manager. They sent us the box to return the laptop 2 weeks ago..n I just received the refund last week. Our initial case manager said we would only get 70% of the refund because I had the laptop for 8 months but after the crap they put us through..I got all my money back. Thank God. Now, in a few days I am heading to Apple to buy a MacBook. I have had enough of HP and Windows.

    The battery life was also not that good because it would decrease very fast after a couple of hrs and I’d have to get the charger right away. Another thing..those quickplay buttons are ANNOYING lol and those ticking noises when i turned up or down the volume (I never could figure out how to stop that!). I had a HUGE PROBLEM with it turning off randomly..first a blue screen would appear..then I had to do system recovery. and i had to do system recovery many times later because it would not even start up a couple of times. i lost everything. i really wish i did the recovery disks or saved my stuff on my flash drive..but i learned lol
    anyways, overall i was most annoyed with my laptop freezing, not turning on, and when my internet just disappeared. that is not cool. but it’s frustrating dealing with horrible tech support and case managers who don’t call u back. so beware of this computer. sorry this is really long but don’t go through what I had to..this was my first laptop n i gotta say it look real pretty at first..but it got real ugly in a few months.

  30. I’ve had the DV6000 since Novemeber 06 and have to say that it was great for the first few months. I DO travel with it A LOT and i had a HP Pavillion ZE4400 before and that was robust and great (though underpowered…).

    Im currently in the process of contact Comet for a refund/repair as something rattles inside, the center of the screen panel (the top(when closed)) is cracked and the battery connection is in someway broken – So i cant go mobile…

    I do look after my computer with EXTREME care and i feel that this computer is design poorly.

    I’m now wishing id waited for the next wage packet and bought a MacBook Pro.


  31. Hi guys

    I bought the laptop 2 months ago and just 2 weeks ago the wireless connection started dying out on me. At first resetting the router would do the trick but now it just does not work! the blue ligh is on, the computer seems to say the wireless card is working find .. however it is NOT!! tested all my routers with other computers and the wirelss connectino is just fine – but the hp refuses to let me go online. So yes – beware of the laptop – i plan to go back to best buy and try not even getting into the whole repair scenario – ill tell them take this piece of crap back and ill pay extra for a macintosh!

  32. Hey you can EASILY turn off the quick-play buttons using a startup utility. I used tune-up, to disable the keys, and almost all of the other HP start up programs, my DV6000 screams – it is now very fast. AMD processors 2gig ram.

  33. hey, does anyone know how to access the webcam??????? i’ve searched all over, and i can’t seem to find out how to work the webcam and mic……… help me out here

    • I had this same problem. When using a program that uses the webcam, it automaticly promts you to allow or deny either the cam or mic, annoying but it does work.

  34. I got the HP DV6000 C-City for alittle over 900. but I got rebates. So I end up only paying around 600. The quick play buttons I hve the same thing too. I use mine for photo,music,dvd. And it works great I had mine almost a year. The outside you can not do, we do motorcross racing and I could not even use it at the races could not see anything, plus the battery dies to fast it you do not use the power saver. So all in all I have had 3 laptops from Walmart took them back with in 7 days of the coputer dieing on me, got the HP DV6000 still running strong. I also have the desktop HP media center a1323w, that almost 2 years old and still working really well also.

  35. has anyone had any problems with the cd drive….mine started rattling about 2 months ago when i put a cd in…i tried to ignore it but it’s SOO loud and annoying….if i go 2 best buy …will they fix it for free??

    • Mine does the same thing.. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but I know it’s not supposed to do that. And it does get REALLY LOUD! I know. I guess you could go to a computer store, but make sure to talk to them before you give them your money. Same with HP. They do have really crappy service and if I had known that I would have so many problems with dv6000, I would have never purchased it. Sad, but true. Today,my computer just suddenly turned off and went blank and I can’t restart it. I tried quite a few things to restart it too, but no such luck. I just personally called HP and they would not let me talk to the tech service without giving them my money first. That’s when I said goodbye. And this is not the first time I’ve had a problem with them. I’ve had my computer for about a year and 1/2 now and just a few months ago, I had to send my computer into the store I bought it from because my wireless driver was messed up. But then that wasn’t the problem and they had to send my computer to HP to replace the motherboard… They had my computer for almost 2 months… All has been pretty good until now. Honestly, I’m not very happen about HP or their service.

  36. I bought HP dv6000 2 mounths ago,It is really bad because of many things like the battery life is only 2 hourse and it get hot after half an hour,really don’t spend your money on it, spend it on ASUS or DELL or any other mark but i think the SONY VAIO is the best.

  37. I was in the market for a new laptop in sep 07. I looked at many but I really like the HP designs and features. I initially bought a 17″. But took bakc for one reason or another… went through 3 of those. Then I got a 15″ with intell and it sucked. Then I got one wiht amd and fell in love with the speed and style. So I went through 4 laptops in 2 weeks before keeping the 5th. It’s a DV6458SE

    Fast… functional… but now after about two months… my wireless suddenly just drops connection and there is no way to get reconnected without a restart.

    Also, I about a week ago, it started making this low volume high pitch sound. Really annoying… Barely hear it, but just enought to drive you crazy. I have to have the TV up loud to not hear it.

    And it does lock up if you’re doing a lot on it.

    Support…. well… you can tell they’re underpaid or uneducated.

    I really hope this does not get worse… I don’t want more problems or have to buy another one…

    Be good for people to list what they have when they talk here.

    DV 6458 SE
    AMD 64 TL-60
    2 gig ram
    160gb drive
    broadcom wireless

  38. Bought the Pavillion dv6110ca November of ’06. Installed Vista in March ’07. Worked fine for 10 months but just in the last few days it has started freezing many times per day for no apparent reason. Extremely annoying. It can go a whole day with no freeze-ups and then it can freeze 3 times in 10 minutes. Difficult to pinpoint the cause.

  39. The only complaints that I have are about the battery life which is only about 2 hours, and its inability to play most video games. But for a college student like myself or any other person that wants a affordable functional laptop this is the one to get.

  40. Hey everybody,

    I’m also having problems with my CD DRIVE on this notebook- and my warranty JUST expired (figures). It won’t read any burned cd’s or data cds, it just rattles and struggles to play and read it – I reinstalled drivers and went through the HP support guys, but to no avail. Anybody know a good repair place ? 🙁

  41. STEVE LONG says:


  42. I bought the dv6000 for school it runs really great! the bad side of it, that i have to say is the fact that the webcam will work now and then, it will not connect to the networks printer. latest update has fixed the problem with the webcam a little bit, but still does it a less. Great for games, i have been playing COD4 on it no screen lag! haven’t tryed play COD4 online yet. But you have to keep the drivers up to date!

  43. hey..i bought the hp pavilion dv6000, the wireless was working,but i dunno what happend to it, it always gives me the orange color,even if i turn it on or off and its not catching any wireless network, does anyone know how to fix it????

  44. Aaron Collins says:

    I purchased my DV6000 sometime in July ’07. On Nov. 11th the screen developed a white line across the the top. I sent the computer in to HP with no problems. It shipped to them and back to me within 3 days. However, when I got the computer back it had a dead pixel right in the middle of the screen. After some hassle with HP and a tech guy that you couldn’t understand, HP is shipping me another box to send my computer back again…. We’ll see what happens.

  45. Actaully for who ever made this review, Vista was completely ready for when it was released and with HP they do have some problems with there computers in the form that when coming out of sleep mode they do lose some features. But like all things they can eaisly be changed. Vista works fine with all computer, better than XP ever did. also Vista has an enhanced performace in security which allows it block viruses preventing the problems that you may be experiencing. So really maybe its not Vista its either just your settings or your computer. SO please dont make a bad face for Vista, if used properly Vista will do what it was made to do.

  46. Wireless adapter stopped working for me, too. Sometimes with a restart it would work again, but never for long. I purchased mine back in august ’06, wireless stopped working in November ’06, display went out, etc., so I sent it back in and got it repaired. Things worked well for a little while but my wireless adapter stopped working a few months ago again, and just today when I opened my computer from standby I had to restart it a couple of times to get the display to show. I’m afraid to put it in standby again.

    I am thisclose to getting a Macbook Pro. This has gotten ridiculous, and HP’s commercials just piss me off the more.

  47. I am having the same wireless modem problems that others are having. I have done a system restore, a hard reboot, and have updated my Broadcom and BIOS files. So far nothing. HP is supposed to call me tomorrow with other solutions. If I fix it, I will post how I did it here.

  48. For me – the same problems with wireless as others. It just disappeared. It is a hardware failure for sure, as I cannot detect the wireless even in linux. It was working fine before.
    I solved this problem by buing an externel USB wifi adapter.
    Anyhow, I disassebled the case and took out the original Broadcom wifi adapter. There was RUST on its case. As if it was stored in a garden shed. I work with the laptop just indoors, and take a good care of it, so I cannot understand why the part is rusty.
    But I have other, much more serious problem with the laptop: when I start the notebook, keyboard does not work. Or it behaves like crazy – as if some button were stuck. But they are not. When the computer heats up, problem with keyboard is gone. Really strange.

  49. Exactly same wifi card problem running XP. Definite hardware failure, common fault by all accounts. Tried to reload drivers, e.t.c. Sound went at the same time. Unfortunately the 12month warranty expired 6 days ago for me, tech support wont touch-it.
    Quite simply the absolute worst experience of customer service I think anyone could have endured since time began.
    The next time I even “contemplate” purchasing another HP product I’ll pull my own teeth out with a pair of rusty old pliers using my feet to remind me of the excruciating pain I’ll no doubt have to suffer yet again with their call centres.

  50. It there is anyone considering buying an HP laptop 6000 or 9000 series I would strongly suggest you reconsider. There is a defect with the system board and wireless card and HP is not recognizing the need for a recall. For more info, check out a great story from ZDnet via David Berlind. It tells the whole story.

  51. Ugh..My wireless has stopped working for some reason and im in college and its really making me mad? what should i do about it .. I have a hpdv6000 !! AFter reading all of your problems i think something is wrong with this Laptop

  52. Nice model
    but generates much heat
    the screen is great .. but not on a sunny day outside 😛

  53. I’m a 15 yr. kid and I bought the HP Dv6000 for school. I traded in my gaming for an entertainment. I bought it off eBay and got a fairly good deal. Problems already:

    My main problem is my wireless card. After seeing the above comments, I raelize it is not the driver and it has to be the card. Does anybody have fairly good directions on how to take it apart and clean it out? Thanks.

    Send e-mail to: [email protected]

    the layout is very sleek and sporty. I like it so far besides the OS sucked, the wireless sucks, and I’ve spent more time working on it than anything..

  54. I have to say that on December 21, 2007 I became the proud owner of a HP Pavilion Notebook. Currently, I’m very upset with the lack of customer service, understanding, and quality of HP products. My problem began 2 weeks ago when I noticed my HP Pavilion DV6119US Notebook was no longer reading my Ethernet Port. I thought this problem was due to my Internet Service Provider (ISP). I called them to troubleshoot a few issues with the setup of my modem and their software on my computer. I spoke to 3 of their support technicians and was told everything was fine on their end. The last tech informed me the problem is with my network interface card (NIC) on my Notebook and to give HP’s Customer Service a call to get the NIC card replaced. And this is where my problem began.

    I called HP’s Total Care line to begin troubleshooting. First, I was told to unhook then rehook my wired internet access. This didn’t fix my problem. Another tech told me to redownload the NVIDIA driver for Notebook. This didn’t fix my problem. On November 18th, 2007, I asked if I could send my Notebook in for repairs when I was told that I’m out of warranty. I told the tech this isn’t true and faxed in a copy of my receipt which shows that I’m still under my 1 year warranty. On November 18th, 2007, I received a confirmation email from HP that my fax was received and my warranty information was updated. I called back to Tech support the next day. This time, I was told to do a system restore on my computer and if that didn’t fix my problem then I could return my Notebook. Well, I restored my entire Notebook and I’m still having a problem with my Ethernet Port. On November 22, 2007, I called into Tech Support again and I was informed that my warranty expired. I told the Tech that I faxed in my proof of purchase on the 18th and received confirmation that my warranty information was updated. He stated they received no such thing. I asked if I could forward this email to anyone at their department as proof and he simply stated no. He said to fax the information in again and it will be updated in 24 hours. I asked, well if I faxed it in 72 hours ago shouldn’t the information be updated now?

    I feel I am going around in circles with Tech Support and they are playing games. So far, I’ve faxed my proof of purchase to them 17 times and they have yet to receive or update my information! Then a tech tells me my warranty expired in September and another says it expired in October. This leads me to believe that Techs are trained to tell customers false information! There is no way that my 1 year warranty expired in either September or October when I purchased my Notebook in December. I was even told that my Serial and Product Numbers were invalid! I interpreted that to mean that my Notebook isn’t a genuine HP Pavilion Notebook. I’m only having a minor issue with my Notebook but the Techs are turning this into a major problem.

    All I want is for my Ethernet Port to be fixed which is what I’m entitled to as a HP customer. I read many bad reviews about HP products but I decided to keep an open mind and invest my money into your product. Well, now I’m one of those people who have bad experiences with an HP product and HP’s Customer Service. I am very dissatisfied and refuse to recommend HP to anyone looking to buy a Notebook. The saying is true, “You Get What You Pay For”!

    • Kat, see my comments bello (reply to Charles comments). Sent back your laptop as you will not get anywhere with HP’s customer service.


  55. Wireless Update Problem!

    After I updated both the BIOS and the drivers, my wirelsss card worked ONE TIME! After I rebooted the system, the same problem came back.

    I called HP and they sent a box to me to put my computer in and send back to them. Based on what I have read, if you have the wireless card problem, you will have to physically send it to them to have it repaired.

    By the way, I purchased another Pavilion Notebook about 4 years ago that I am typing on right now. It has preformed perfectly.

  56. Class Action Lawsuit?

    It looks like we might have a potential class action lawsuit against HP due to this faulty computer. If anyone out there is being charged for repairing the laptop card, it might be worth your while to contact a class action lawsuit attorney and see if they would like to take the case. At the least, HP should repair this issue free of charge.

    • I have an HP DV6000 laptop too. I had an extended warranty and accidental damage insurance for which I paid extra $250 to receive a 3-day turnaround repair time. 6 months after I bought the laptop, the DVD/CD drive did not work anymore. I sent it to repairs, but HP did nothing, even though they should have replaced it with a new unit. They said they couldn’t reproduce the issue. I got the laptop back in about 15 days, instead of 3-days as I paid for the extra repair service. I reproduced the error right after I powered on the laptop…

      Since last November I “fought” with retard HP’s support people. I went in a loop from tech support to case managers, until they refunded me the $250 for the extra warranty, a service that they failed to provide in 3-days, and at all. Then I asked them to accept the laptop as return and refund me for the entire amount that I paid for the laptop, as I bought the laptop with the associated extra warranty which made me pick their laptop. They admitted that they failed providing the service, apologized for the inconvenience and refused to refund me 100%, but only 55%. I refused their offer as it was unacceptable since it was their fault and took the case to my credit card company, who looked over my documentation and realized that HP scammed me with a fake service and a crappy laptop. I managed to take all my money back through my credit card company. It was just in time, as the laptop started to have more serious problems, such as the display flashing and showing wavy red colors.

      Don’t give up on your struggle with HP. They are ignorant and speculate the fact that when you call their Customer Service they have your money and you cannot negotiate anything but a bad repair service or a partial refund. Their customer service representatives are stupid and offensive, brainwashed to purposely not help you. If your try to escalate the issue, they take you to a more offensive case manager who is as stupid as the people he manages. They will refuse escalating or allowing you to talk with an executive from HP, such as one of those multimillionaires who don’t care listening to their customers after they take their money. I wrote a couple of times to the Board of HP, on the address posted on their website, telling them my case and the issue with their products and customer service. Of course, no one bothered to call back; I had no expectation that their executives would be better than the employees they hired, but I said it is worth letting them know that their customers are not really unintelligent as they might think.

  57. Here is the URL to a potential class action lawsuit regarding this computer:


  58. Mrbrownstone says:

    I just picked this computer up at best buy a couple of days ago. I paid $449 on black friday. I love this thing.

  59. I also have an HP DV6000 series laptop (6324, very similar to this article). Yes the battery life seems poor. However, the battery NOT CHARGING is a BIOS issue. I had placed a call to the HP support team and they authorized a return, too. But I found out by poking around the HP site that there is a known BIOS problem, for which you can download an update. It’s wierd, I know, but I installed the update and my battery now recharges without a hitch. Didn’t need to send the laptop back, which was nice. It would be nicer if the HP support team would know about these things. Be sure to go to the HP site every so often to get all the BIOS and other updates.

  60. I received an HP Pavilion dv6000 for christmas last year. It looks great. That is about the only thing great about it though. My hard drive crashed before it was even a year old. My brother and sister got the same computer. They both had to have their cd rom drives replaced. I was told that my hard drive would be here in 2 business days. I am now being told that it may be up to 2 weeks until it gets here. The people were rude and unreliable. I highly suggest staying away from buying an HP unless you would like a headache and a couple weeks away from your computer.

  61. Well, I just got a laptop like the one you mentioned, but with a intel processer…It works great, though I do get worried about how much it heats up. (do those cooling pads really help? is it worth getting one?) I also have been having slight problems with the wireless card, though only slight anoyances.
    About the quick play program…I hate it, esspecially since I have windows media center.
    dont even try getting to the web cam, HP doesnt have a program besides quick play to try it with…I would recomend getting “many cam”. (http://www.manycam.com/)

    so yea, its a good laptop so far. though some of these comments about the graphic card have me worried….(I’v only had mine for 5 months…knock on wood, right?)

  62. I have the Hp dv6000 and I was wondering if I can use a tablet pc pen with this laptop? if so how does it work?

  63. lou from LA says:

    To Jasmine/everyone:

    I have a DV 6119 that went to Memphis TN for REPAIRS…TWICE since I bought mine in October 2006.

    1)the first time it went for repairs was due to the battery, no sound etc (in JANUARY 2007)
    2) in June 2007..THE WI FI DISAPPEARED all of a sudden, so 100% like everyone here…there is a major problem with their WIFI SETTINGS/SOFTWARE/CARD.

    It took me a month to get it back!

    HP is sending me a new DV65OO with Vista but I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Vista, so I;m on hold for now.

    • So how did you get HP to send you a new notebook? I bought my DV6119us in October 2006, too and all I get is “you are out of warranty”. And my reply is always the same, “you have a substandard product that should not have these problems even within two years!”

  64. Uh – oh… I think I’m in the same dead wifi boat on my HP DV6000SE. My laptop is 9 months old and the wifi has always been slightly erratic – especially when coming out of hibernation and sleep. Now the card isn’t even recognized by Windows Device Manager and enabling wifi with the switch only yields the orange light of doom. Doing an “ipconfig /all” returns some oddities – certainly nothing looks like a working wireless adapter like on my Thinkpad T42 (for work).

    I bought this from Best Buy and ponied up for the 3 year service agreement. I’m bringing it in tomorrow and will let you know what unfolds.

    Anyone have any complaints about the speed of CD burning? I did that only once (through Vista) and it was dog slow.

  65. UPDATE!! So I got my hard drive today from the note above. I was excited to get my computer back. Well it turns out that HP sent me the completely wrong hard drive. It didn’t fit in the slot where the old one was, it wasn’t even made by the same company. I called to ask what happened. I was on the phone with technical support for an hour. Then I decided to call a case manager but they all left, so I talked to customer relations who basically said that someone will call me back within 24 hours. So now it will be 6 days since the hard drive crash before even getting a call about getting a new one. So I called tech support again. The new people that I spoke with wanted me to send in my whole laptop in order for them to see for themselves that it didn’t fit. So not only did they make me wait but apparentky I am also an idiot. They are pieces of work. Well anyway I told them that I didnt want to do that because it would take another 5-10 business days. I asked if I could just give them the product number of the hard drive that was in my computer, but no one there understood me. So now I have to wait until tomorrow for one of the case managers to call me. This company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced and their products are mediocore at best.

  66. I’m back again with a follow up. I decided to send my complaint that I listed above to the CEO of HP. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him but I received a personal reply and follow up on my complaint above. Everyone should send an email to the CEO by going to this link: http://www.hp.com/hpinfo/execteam/email/hurd/index.html?jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN

    Also, make sure to visit the link Charles provided to sign your name to the pending Class Action Lawsuit.

    I’m in the process of sending my Notebook to HP for repair. I’m going to write a note with all the major problems listed and hopefully, they fix this thing. No one should have to endure what we’re going through. At least do a recall on these computers. Swallow your pride and fix this problem. I’m warning everyone on every website possible not to buy an HP Notebook. Their customer service is horrible and sadly, their new lines of Notebooks are too!

  67. I bought the HP DV6000 on Black Friday for only $450 and 5 days later my wireless connection was malfunctioning. I was on the phone with the foreign tech support people for 3 hours last night and they had no way of fixing this common problem. I will definitely be making a trip back to the store to return this nuisance. That is poor business. No ones computer should malfunction, esp after just being purchased 5 days prior.

  68. I love my HP Pavillion dv6000. I purchased during Black Friday, paid under 550 after MIR – great deal. I have never owned anything so nice. I love the pretty neon blue colors on the easy buttons, don’t mind their beeps. My hands don’t reach that far to touch them accidentally so no worries there. I love the mouse pad, it’s large, favorite features there are the scroll bar right on the mouse pad and the lock button to keep from interfering in typing. Didn’t think I would but I LOVE vista.
    Sorry for everyone’s woes, I hope not to go thru that, I will keep my eyes open for these issues on my laptop. 1 issue I’ve noticed. While installing my MS Office 2003, the cd rom rattles loudly while disk is spinning. seems the door is loose. I need to hold it to try to muffle the rattling. Anyone know if this is a “Fix it now before it get’s worse” issue?

  69. (Update to post 67) The Geek Squad associate was not aware of any common wifi failure on the HP Pavilion line. He agreed that it looked like the wifi was toast (after trying to reload the driver). So… they sent my machine to the Best Buy service center in Louisville. Will keep you updated on further progress.

  70. I have had this same comp for 4 months and I have had no problems yet. I have noticed the heat but only if I use it on the couch or bed where it can’t breath out of the bottom or back left side well enough. It does take a little longer to find a wireless connection than I would like at times since I sign off and on quite a bit. I also paid extra for the Best Buy service plan so even if I break this thing I get a brand new one no ?’s asked for three years. I have used this service plan before on different things and they really don’t ask ?’s they just give you a brand new computer, plus it is good for one free battery also which could run $150+. All in all I love this thing and Vista runs and alwaysn has run fine for me on here. Games are a little choppy loading, but game play is fantastic for the games I play

  71. student!! says:

    hi,i’m a studnet and I have a project in one of my subjects we were suppose to choose an object and explain how it works.I choose a laptop and the model of the laptop is HP pavilion dv6000. We were required to show five(5) parts of the object and each part must describe how the object work. I ask help because I have no idea were to begin to. tnx!

  72. I got my computer back now for the second time after this https://www.pcmech.com/article/hp-pavilion-dv6000-notebook-review/#comment-3646

    The screen is fixed but some moron at HP service cracked the hard drive cover by tightening the screw too much… oi vey.

  73. Ron Jones says:

    Same here with HP DV6000. I can not be on the phone for another 4 hours I have MS and its difficult.

    I did finally get a shipping box to send it back to HP today BUT I am considering just “eating it”? What’s your opinion? I’ll never be able to trust it and I think I can get a few bucks for it on an online auction? Any comments, I just no longer trust HP.


  74. After getting the brush off from my local dealer yesterday I used this forum for clues! Thereafter I contacted HP Total Care Real-Time chat support for my HP Pavilion dv6245eu notebook (AMD). Excellent service!!

    Subsequent email to local agent:-

    “I called in yesterday with my HP Pavilion with a totally flat battery. You proposed sending it off to the agents in Johanesburg with a 10 day turn around and I declined bearing in mind the Xmas period. You may recall!

    I have, I believe, now sorted it out! I thought I should share it with you. ……

    The BIOS is now updated as of this morning and the battery is charging!!”


    The two way communcation with HP Total Care Real-Time chat support follows. It is long but I think useful to others as it gives the step by step instruction to sort out the prior non functional battery which is now 100% charged!!!

    Asher: Hello John.
    Asher: Welcome to HP Total Care for Pavilion Notebooks. My name is Asher. How may I assist you today?
    John Forbes: Hi Asher, I have a HP Pavilion dv6245eu whose battery is registering a zero charge despite being on for hours. I gather that a BIOS update may fix it. Is this correct?
    Asher: Sure, I will be glad to assist you in this regard
    Asher: What version of Windows (i.e., 98, XP or Vista) do you use?
    John Forbes: Vista Home Edition I have downloaded SP37157 which appears to be universal for the AMD machines with Vista Home Edition.
    Asher: No, its not like that.
    Asher: Could you please give me the Serial Number (e.g.: CNS34915MC) and Product Number (eg: DS542U) of the Notebook? You can find the Serial Number and Product Number of the Pavilion Notebook by locating on a sticker attached to the top or back of the Notebook.
    John Forbes: I am unsure of running it and a serious problem arises!
    John Forbes: I will fetch it!!
    Asher: Sure, take your time.
    John Forbes: sn ……………..
    John Forbes: pn ……………..
    Asher: Thank you for the information.
    Asher: John, to isolate the issue please follow the steps below:-
    Asher: 2. Remove the Battery.
    Asher: 4. Reconnect the AC adapter.
    John Forbes: Correction OS = Vista Home Premium
    Asher: 5. Turn on the Notebook power.
    Asher: Step 1:- 1. Disconnect the AC Adapter.
    2. Remove the Battery.
    3. Hold the Power button down for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
    4. Reconnect the AC adapter.
    5. Turn on the Notebook power.
    Asher: Step 2:- Uninstall and then reinstall the Power Management or Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) whichever is present in the system.

    To uninstall and reinstall Power Management in Windows Vista, follow these steps:

    01. Click Start, and enter device manager into the Start Search field.
    02. Click the plus (+) sign next to System Devices.
    03. Right-click the ACPI Fixed Features button and select Uninstall.
    04. Restart the system. On restarting the system, Windows will automatically detect and install Power Management on the computer.
    Asher: Step 3:- Bios update to do that please go to the link below:-
    Asher: ,
    Asher: ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp37001-37500/sp37157.exe
    Asher: Please copy the entire URL and paste it in a new window of Internet Explorer. Then open the link from there.
    Asher: Are the steps are clear?
    Asher: Are we connected?
    John Forbes: Hi Asher. They seem pretty clear. I will download
    Asher: Okay.
    Asher: I hope this information is helpful to you.
    Asher: Is there anything else I can do for you?
    John Forbes: I think I will follow you instructions in detail and see how it goes. It is now 01h00 in SA (middle of night or 11h00 GMT). When can I get back to you if there is a problem?
    John Forbes: 23h00 GMT rather
    Asher: You can get back to us at any time. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Asher: The session Id of this chat is …………… In the case this problem persist please use this session id as reference, when you login again to the “HP Total Chat Support” this will help us to serve you faster and better, Thanks
    John Forbes: Hi Asher. Very much appreciated. I assume you are in the USA. If so have a good day as I think you all say!!
    Asher: Thank you
    Asher: Thank you for contacting HP Total Care Real-Time chat support. If you need further assistance, please contact us again at: http://www.hp.com/support/chat. Chat support is available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
    Asher: Good Bye and Have a Nice time.
    John Forbes: Good night!
    Asher: Very good night.

  75. Hi there, Anybody knows what’s equipment can do in expansion port 3?

  76. My note is HP pavilion dv6000, with a expansion port and at this moment nobody knows what equipment can do in this expansion!

  77. My roomate just got one of these and we were having network problems… problem being it could see the network here but couldn’t connect. 1.5 hrs. after talking to Scott at HP tech support, we decided to reseat the wireless card and viola!

    Remember that. Reseat the wireless card. It’s easy to do and saved us a lot of stress. Now I must rest. The phone gets heavy after that long.


  78. Im a new owner of this computer and i was wondering if theres a way to when you shut the screen the computer can just go into hibernation mode instead of turning off? thanks to anyone who can help!

  79. Hi Sefus. Please elaborate on how you reset the wireless card. Perhaps a dumb question, but is it on the computer or the router?

  80. So are all these problems true with all DV6000s? because i have a DV6663cl that i bought from costco about a month ago…and i will return it if i have to while i still have time…i dont want to turn into any problems like the ones mentioned later on…

  81. I just bought a HP Pavillion dv6000. I am looking to remove a lot of this free crap software HP loads onto the PC. The problem is that when you go to the control panel to remove programs a lot of the programs are not available via that removal tool. So my question to the group, how are people cleaning this PC up. Are they going right into the directory structure and deleting folders?

    Thanks for the input,

  82. When I bought this notebook, the only option I had was to have Vista pre-installed, and XP was not an option. Vista does not support a Project Management program I need to load, so now I am trying to load XP on another partition and I can’t. Apparently there is no way to load XP on this machine now, even if I was to wipe out the partition that has Vista and try to install XP from scratch, I cannot. Other than that the machine works great, other than some slight overheating issues and the glare you will get if you go outside (it’s impossible to see the screen if you go outside). I bought this notebook from HP because I have had bad experiences with Dell, and good experiences with HP. But after getting this error and figuring out there is no way to load any operating system than Vista, needles to say my next computer purchasing experience will not be with HP.

  83. (Update to post 67 and 72) Yesterday I picked up my laptop from the Geeks at Best Buy. They had to replace the motherboard. Wifi works again with no noticeable difference in performance. I would like to know if it’s the same wifi chipset, but there’s not much information available from Windows. The repair process took longer than I expected (2 weeks) but it was hassle-free and didn’t cost a cent.

  84. I purchased this laptop as part of a package with a printer and camera. Within two weeks the wireless card stopped working. I traded it at the store for a different one and did the setup, turned it off and when I went to turn it back on it would not boot up – looks to be hard drive failure. I think I will see if they will get me a different model and most likely brand that is a bit more reliable. Looks like this one has a lot of problems and this one will be used for busiiness and i need it to be reliable.

  85. how does the volume work?? it worked when webcam was on..play dvd cant hear anything??

  86. Technical Guru says:

    As the manager of a repair center, I’ve seen a few dozen of the dv6000 and dv90000 series (the motherboard is basically the same). Of all of the machines I have seen, only one has not needed a new motherboard. The wireless problem is related to a bad control chip that will fail. If your wireless card isn’t being detected, the card is usually fine. We have successfully fixed the issue with a new motherboard and the original wireless card. Switching / re-seating the card does not work, the motherboard loses its ability to detect the device, or any device connected.
    The nVidia models also have a problem with the VRAM coming loose from the board and causing a POST beep (one long, two short). since the both the intel and nVidia video is integrated into the board, the motherboard again has to be replaced.

  87. Technical Guru,
    Wow – thanks for the insight. It’s nice getting a real answer on this issue.

    Out of curiosity… when a motherboard is replaced for something like a simple control chip how much of the other board components are salvaged? Are these components use for future repairs or sold as refurbs or… ?

  88. Hi, I got a dv6000 maybe a month ago, mostly for my mom to play around with.
    I almost never let her on my desktop, so we picked this one up because it was on sale.
    I almost never use the laptop, because I don’t really have a need for it, but once in a while I take it out or just play around on it.
    I noticed that there was a bunch of useless apps (as you said) and I wanted to get rid of them.
    I was wondering which ones you did away with, and which ones you kept?

  89. my DV6000 is great! Although the quic buttons near the speakers that glow blue are annoying. Don’t get the windows vista, even though is nice, but disorganize. stay with this laptop is awsome plus it works all day. i have it on all the time mire than 15 hours a day and it works really fast. the thing is that it uses too much heat

  90. sound card is not recognized; downloaded new one and updates (conexant high definition audio 4.15.50) damn thing still does not play songs loaded on hard drive. a red x comes up beside each song. does not play dvd sound either.

  91. I have a DV6119US and I think it just burnt up! It smells like an electrical fire and does not boot up at all. Th worst of all is that it just went out of warrant in October, it is a liitle over a year old. I was experiencing start up problems prior to this and I was told by Circuit City to remove the battery, plug in the AC adapter, replace the battery and it should start up – and it did work. I had to do that a lot! It also ran hot a lot!! I think it finally just burnt up inside. Has anyone eperienced this problem?

  92. hi i just bought my laptop and am currently having problems gettin the webcam to come up on the screen anyone else know how to do this/

  93. I got mine for Christmas and so far so good. It does have a very very very shoert battery tho. Only lasts about and hour and a half

  94. well having this laptop i have 2 compalints the webcam is bad.. it works sometimes other times it doesnnt? whats up with that… and another thing would have to be quickplay i mean its too big and ruins everything and doesnt display webcam and just like to add WINDOWS VISTA IS PROABABLY THE WORST VERSION OF WINDOWS EVERR!

    • Christine says:

      I had this problem too!!! It’s so annoying when you want to Skype with someone!Now the symbol for webcam doesn’t even show up for me!

  95. I also have a HP dv6000 This unit has a notched expansion card slot. I use this laptop in my semi truck it gets a lot of abuse but works good for what I need. The USB ports have gotten loose from the earthlink GPS LT-20 I use. I’am looking for a expansion card with 2 USB ports, as the say it would cost approx 200.00 to repair. I’d rather just get a card. Does anyone know where I can get this notched card with the 2 USB ports? Thanks

  96. Will never buy another HP laptop.

    0)wasted time with support morons who basically tried to get me to do things that I’d already done to fix wireless card except oh yah….restore it to factory fresh conditions that’s the first thing they want to do…..
    1)wireless card quit working sent in they had to replace mother board
    2)power button stopped working….how do you turn a laptop on then?
    3) speakers just quit working….

    good luck if you have one

  97. my laptop is 3 days old, bought it in france;

    the french version is just as odd as the american version cus its still the samelol,

    so far ive not been able to do any steady video conferencing with my friends and thats o so not fun for some one in europe trying to keep american friendships alive,

    and i cant get the windows movie maker to work properly, the camera just refuses to start.

    ive considered returning it but im a basic user and i just hope that when i get my camera installation cd from my samsung, i will finally b able to upload pictures.

    does any one kno how to get photoshop on here?

  98. Adnan Rahim says:

    I changed operating system of my hp pavilion dv6000..after change quickplay button is not working i mean its software not appear in my pc..i want to download its software.from which website??????

  99. I enjoy using this computer for everyday purposes. It works great. However, the graphics card is somewhat weak. But, I got this for a GREAT PRICE at Office Max, it was a bundle with a digital camera and a printer for only 800 bucks!!! It was a great deal, i’m happy!!

  100. I have had the battery problem with my dv6000 as well, what I did to solve the problem was a little unorthodox but really all I did was slam the battery in as fast as possible and it started charging again.

    I have had other problems too, the hard drive reading is never accurate, always going up or down 1-2GB, and something is always making the processor usage go up to 25% on the second core, yet to discover what that is. The other problem I had was that using windows DVD maker to burn a dvd will get me to about 95% completion and then I receive an error message. I look in computer and my dvd drive will no longer be recognized until I restart.

    All in all, if I didn’t have those two very annoying problems, I would be happier with this laptop. I bought the 3-year warranty at best buy and they claimed it’s the VISTA installation. I would rather load XP on this baby then use VISTA. Yet another problem caused by VISTA.

  101. love my dv6000! bought it at best buy on black friday (day after thanksgiving) for $399!!
    i agree with the heat comments and the battery life sucks!! it doesnt last long at all… i should probably get a new battery!

  102. Has anyone experienced the battery life getting progressively worse? I mean, I know it sucks, but mine is gradually getting worse. As of now, the battery dies within ten minutes of being unplugged with a full charge. Also, does anyone know how to fix a horribly stiff key?? This stiff ‘a’ button shit is getting to me.

  103. I got a dv6000 as a grad gift from my grandfather and it worked fine up until 2007 Christmas, which is when my wireless internet crapped out on me and now I can’t even get past the loading screen(the screen with Microsoft Corporation on it).

  104. Oh, I forgot one other thing. Half the time my disk drive doesn’t work properly anymore either. By not working properly, I mean it doesn’t always detect the disk when I put a disk in. Usually takes 6 or 7 attempts to get it to read the disk.

  105. I currently have an HP dv6000, my 2nd HP notebook. Unfortunately, I did not benefit from a sale and paid $1200 for this unit. I bought this one to replace an earlier HP notebook when that screen went black and repair was going to be in excess of $500.00 with a 2-month minimum wait time. Because I needed a laptop immediately, I bought the dv6000. That was Aug2006 and today I booted up only to receive a 3-beep warning tone, followed by… you guessed it. A black screen.

    I paid for a 3-year service plan so we’ll see whether it was money well-spent but I’m not optimistic based on the first notebook’s history.

    This is the last HP product I will buy. I can confirm the previous comments about lousy support from people for whom English is a second language. With the first notebook, I had a problem with the burner, and support advised that my unit was one that had been sold with an obsolete driver. They could send me the updated driver but it would cost me $80.00 plus the FedEx charges — for something they knew was a problem when they sold it to me!

    Depending on what happens with the dv6000, I may make a stop at CDW tomorrow.

    Thanks to each of you for sharing your comments. I’m so glad I found this site.

    • HP Pavilion Notebook Computer Display Problems

      On January 31, 2007, the Santa Clara Superior Court certified a consumer lawsuit to proceed as a class action against Hewlett-Packard Company. Plaintiff Degenshein was named the class representative, and is represented by Green Welling LLP of San Francisco, California, and Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff LLP of Sacramento, California.

      The class action complaint involves certain HP Pavilion models of notebook computers that contain defective inverters. An inverter is the component that regulates voltage to light the display screen. When an inverter fails, the screen becomes extremely dim or flickers, rendering the computer useless. A simple test which may indicate an inverter failure is if the laptop exhibits dim, dark or flickering display symptoms, but is able to operate normally when plugged into an external monitor. Typically, an inverter costs less than $20, but HP quoted consumers $650 to fix the problem, which Plaintiff Degenshein claims HP knew about before it sold the computers.

      When the defective inverter caused Plaintiff Degenshein’s display screen to malfunction during his warranty and shortly thereafter, Plaintiff Degenshein contacted HP for a repair. HP refused to admit the defect and demanded $650 to fix the problem. Plaintiff Degenshein says HP should permanently fix the problem at no cost or replace his entire computer with a defect-free equivalent or better model, and that HP should do so for every other consumer whose HP computer has similar backlight display problems. He also wants HP to return any money it has collected thus far to repair the defective computers. The Court’s January 31, 2007 class certification order is a significant step in that direction.

      “HP’s own policy is to fix known defects like this at no charge. It is really surprising that HP refused to fix Mr. Degenshein’s computer and collected money from other consumers to fix the known defect,” said Jenelle Welling of Green Welling LLP. “But, then again, this occurred during a time period where HP seems to have made other unfortunate decisions,” she said, apparently referencing the board room spying scandal and HP’s alleged espionage against rival Dell Inc. “It has been a hard fought battle, but we are pleased to finally move forward toward trial to get consumers the relief they deserve,” she said.

      Green Welling has been contacted by many consumers with similar complaints. If you have experienced this problem, a similar problem, or would like more information about the lawsuit, please contact us at (415) 477-6700 or by clicking here. http://www.classcounsel.com/contact.html

    • Linda Gonzalez says:


      I got the same problem with HP Pavilion dv6000. I bought 3 of them, and the 3 computers have problems. Of course they are out of warranty; they just died right when their warranties expired. Do you know which company could support to us from this fraud?

  106. okay, i had bought my hp pavillion laptop dv6000, model DV6208nr in feburary of 2006.The wireless card has failed and wont be detected, remains on the orange color. Also just recently a month ago the laptop all of the sudden appear not to be powering on. i can see the blue power light come on but only for a quick second. i had sent it into warranty but my laptop has sum physical damage to the lcd screen and casing but this failure is obviously due to defects. the service center did not repair the 2 problems, and just sent it back to me, is this the service im suppose to get, or are they trying to waste my warranty time? btw sending it back in 2-3 more days(waiting for box once again). HP service has some ppl who does the job and some very dont give a #$%^, cause they get paid by the hour.

  107. ooo. i actually purchased it in 07 of feb.

  108. Hi

    I just bought a HP Pavilion 6768 yesterday. Aesthetically, seems great. But am worried about the heat. It really heats up when sitting on my lap. Plus, the power cord seems to be heating up as well.

    Have folks had serious issues with this, and should this be a reason to return this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  109. I bought this laptop for $400 at OfficeMax about 4 months ago and so far is has been working good. I never booted to Microsoft’s operating system since I only run Linux, it performs very well in Ubuntu, specially with 2 GBs of memory. Only a 6 cell battery so nothing much to expect there.

  110. I am a compter engineer nad used to design FIRM ware and bios for laptops.

    OK, heres a new one.

    HARD DRIVE FAILURE. Three times in a row.
    Literally the hard drive has burned out and the BIOS will not recognize any devices. I think that they have a SATA emulation stack on top of an IDE driver. So the disk drive spinns alot. And well finally as it has spun it’s little heart out. Dies.

    The company too a month to send the last drive lets see if they get their act together. I suggest that some people start calling attorney generals and see how we can bring a class action law suit against HP. Somewhere in the Consumer Protection Act there must be a law against selling thousands of crappy products that do not work.

    These computer manufacturers need to be responsible to the consumer and start making better products not necessarily cheaper products.

    Say here here if you are willing to pay $150 to $200 more for a machine that is a guaranteed to work?

    HERE HERE!!!

    Good luck to all who are dealing with support still.

  111. I purhased my HP Pavillion DV6000 in June ’07. During the first month, my computer crashed over 100 times. HP customer support was not helpful in diagnosing the problem (spoke to them over five times during a two week period). It turned out that I had a driver problem which I had to diagnosis and fix on my own. I also no longer have a wireless connection (stays amber color and HP Wireless Assistant does not work). Battery lasts about 90 minutes. Stating the obvious, I do not recommend this computer. It s hard to believe that HP won a JD Powers award for high customer satisfaction a few years ago.

  112. I have a HP Pavillion 6110US. It has a “HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T10N” DVD drive. If I insert a CD-ROM burned on another computer it will not read it. Perfectly good data CD’s burned with Nero, that read fine in every other CD rom. Also what is with HP’s driver support. Nvidia drivers from May of 2006. I tried to install drivers direct from Nvidia and they would not load. HP sucks.

  113. Anwarulhaq says:

    hp pavalion dv6000 entertainment notebook is amazing with best affaordable price i bought it in 856 US$ from bestbuy.com. exteremly satisfay with its performance. its of centrino dou core 1.6ghz processor, 2 gb RAM 160 GB Harddisk but am surprised that its doesnot have builtin bluetooth…..


  114. MR. dosdourian says:

    hey ive had mine since black friday 2006
    and since then the harddrive has had 2 disk write errors( needed to be replaced twice) a crapped out graphics card. and every couple months it starts to reboot randomly 5 or 6 times a day until I send it in for repairs….i have had very bad expiriences with this brand…..and my warranty is officially up. the worst part is i ony use it for work( typing, graphs etc…) i could understand this problem f i was downloadinggig after gig of games and porn, but im not and this is unnacceptable proformance. also mine heats up and burns like 1000 suns, it has even melted some of the plastic on my desk. 18 thumbs down..crappiest piece of crap i have ever bought ( and hp recently replaced the entire laptop 4 months ago and its restarting again, and write error so i know its not because of age)

  115. Voltaire–

    the expansion port 3 is for a $250 docking station which includes a wireless keyboard and optical mouse.
    I bought 3 of the dv6000 series, they are actually dv6408nr refurbished models, i wondered why these were soo cheap, i got them at Frys Electronics on black friday for $580 ea, mine works great, i have a few problems using the multiple monitor feature, often when extending my desktop to my plasma tv when i move the mouse back to the laptop screen (or vice versa), i can no longer see the mouse pointer which im sure will be fixed in the vista service pack 1, one of the units that my courier uses sometimes has to be restarted when he trys to turn on the wifi.
    I think they are a great deal for the price although if i see a problem in any of the 3 units, i will not hesitate to sell them, i refuse to talk to tech support that cannot speak english correctly, I have never liked HP because of them hiring techs in India.
    But does anyone know if i can upgrade the wifi from g to n?

  116. ive had mine since the 25 and it works ok. it looks AMAZING and runs smoothly but there is evil lurking inside it…. First, this thing DOES NOT LIKE AERO!!! It has a habit of randomly freezing when aero is activated so you often have to use classic, although somehow it is not doing that to me and ive got aero running. The processor is very nice and the graphics are a HUGE improvement from intel integrated graphics but the one flaw is RAM. it seems to not have enough to fully function properly so i intend to purchase 2 2gb sticks and maximize this thing. Im using a dv6605us. Other than random bsod’s when aero is on and when playing certain games the screen messes up it runs very nicely.

  117. I have mine too. Although with a little bit different specs and a lot of problems.

    1 Mb RAM and a 32 operating System

    It has been a nightmare considering it is DUO and Centrino. It has slow performance. I guess it is because the Vista uses up too much RAM.

    No reason why I could not download Adobe Premier and edit movies, right?? wrong. I becomes really slow and crashes… even using Movie maker. I know for a fact that the Side Bar (feature of Vista) uses up a lot of memory.

    Nevertheless, seems that 1 GB more GB will solve my problem. I also heard about something called Ready Boost Flash drive that acts as an additional memory and will incresase usable memory.


    What difference being a centrino makes??

    Should I have bought a 64 bit processor Version instead?

    Hey pals please give me hand here!

  118. Reading this site I felt I should chime in on my experience w/ the DV6000.

    First of all, I am no FANBOY of any one make or model, but I have been a repeat buyer of HP notebooks since 2001 and am typing this on my 5th Pavilion since 2001. Last year I decided to try out a Macbook and after three exchanges (creaking hinge, bulging case, screen flickering), I got a refund and purchased an HP TX1000 Tablet PC.

    I decided to give Mac a shake but it appears that their build quality (and customer service) is really not up to snuff. I was never really impressed w/ the whole “Genius” thing either…in fact, when I bought the Macbook, I asked the guy if it was BIOS or EFI and he didn’t know (found out later on Google search). I think they’re more enamored with the look of their machines than what they can actually do w/ them, but anyway I digress…

    I went back and bought another HP b/c I’ve owned their machines for years and I kind of know what to expect. Dell has never really interested me b/c I think their notebooks are a little boxy looking…Lenovos are nice but hard to find in the configurations I look for…and Sonys are a tad overpriced.

    That said, I’ve just sort of stuck w/ them over the years b/c I’ve had good experiences w/ them. HP’s customer service, at the low-end has been 7.5/10 and at the high end 10/10 for me. Having dealt w/ them for going on 7 years now for anything from getting a hard drive replaced to a mouse pad dying, I’ve never had a problem getting service from them.

    On the whole this litle DV6500t has really been pretty good. I got it as a replacement for my TX1000 purchase last Sep. It’s the only real “lemon” HP I’ve ever owned…it got REALLY hot, battery life was abysmal, and the case was creaky. I sent it in to HP to get it fixed and they were going to have it for about a week….one week turned into two, and I got a phone call from their repair ppl asking me to confirm the heat issue as to how I am using it, where I am using it, is it on battery, etc.

    After another week, I got a call from a Case Manager who said they were going to release the repair that day (Monday) and offered me an accessory for the trouble–I turned it down at least until I got the machine. Friday came, and the notebook hadn’t come yet… 🙁 The following Monday, the Case Manager called and offered to replace the machine (apparently a part shortage). Got a replacement TX1000, this time FULLY LOADED (TL-66, 2GB RAM, Vista Ultimate x64) but it died two days later (bad RAM and/or Motherboard)…wouldn’t boot Windows, error message, beeps, etc. I called up the Case Manager, and he offered to replace it again, or with a different model. He recommended the DV6500t but said he would give me anything but the HDX ($2,500 machine).

    When I opened the box two weeks later from FedEx, it had 2GB RAM, Vista Ultimate x64, two batteries, HD DVD, TV Tuner, etc. Not a bad deal for being w/out your primary notebook for about two and a half months (that’s incl. ship times).

    Sadly, I read that HD DVD might be going the way of the Dodo, but I’ve hooked it up to our 42″ Samsung Plasma 1080i and it looks beautiful. Took me a while to get the audio working but we watched Bourne Ultimatum on the HD-DVD player last weekend and it looked wonderful.

    Going on a month now w/ my DV6500t, I have to say the build quality is pretty good and it’s been humming along nicely.

    PS: HP has implemented a repair extention for people w/ DV6000 notebooks that have wireless problems.

  119. Jeff Willaert says:

    Just a little comment on this laptop… It’s garbage.. The touch sensitive controls at the top barely work the keyboard is crap… But most of all the screen is terrible. Can’t see anything and nothing ever looks like what you remembered it… Photes, movies, games, etc. You have to have the screen angled way back toward the sky to get any kind of colour out of it… I am seriously thankfull i moved to mac…

  120. Tommyboy62 says:

    I have a dv6000z. Same wireless problem as everyone else. I was able to get it working again by a fluke. I was getting so frustrated installing and uninstalling drivers etc. Then one day I remember an old dell i had that had an issue with the processor becoming loose from the motherboard. the fix was too tighten up all the screws on the bottom and then everything was fine.

    so, with this thougt in mind i achecked all the screws on the bottom and all were tight. then out of desperation i pushed the bottom of the laptop somewhat near the middle firmly onto my knee. the laptop was powered on when i did this and walla windows found a new device. i could not believe it. i hav done this successfully twice since the original dicovery.

    take it with a grain of salt..but it worked for me! =)

  121. well i had bought this laptop about a year ago a little more and when vist came out i installed it. personally i love it and hve had no problem with it..all except for i think i i deleted the drives for my webcam..so i reinstalled it but i cant get the mic to work..do you know how i can fix this?? please it would be great

  122. RJ Sunvisor says:

    Question……my HP dv6000z is running Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Has anybody ever upgraded to Vista 64-bit…? Does it make any sense…?

  123. holy shit! the damn tech support hanged up on me !!! That is so freaking rude >..<. -100 for hp total care.

  124. hmm. HP= worst service i ever encountered. i recommend that ppl who planning to buy a laptop , DO NOT BY HP, or any dv6000 model. A- wireless defect B- mothaboard defects
    C- most horrible service. D- product is affordable but not usable.

  125. i bought my dv6000 in october of 06. i like it but a few mounts a go the speaker stopped working. can someone help me solve this problem? thanks

  126. Elizabeth L. says:

    Regarding the heat that this computer generates, I have to say that I bought the laptop about five months ago and it was working fine until last night that I was online and suddenly the computer burned. Literally burned, with the smoke and everything. Since it is still under warranty, I have to send it back to HP.

    It seems that the heat that the AMD generates could cause this. Be careful people.

  127. I bought the Pavillian DV6000 Special edition from Best Buy over 2007 x-mas…….3gb ddr2, 250gb hd, T5450 1.67ghz dou, 256mb dedicated video, price…999.00. So far it has worked with no problems. I will say that the battery held a perfect charge for a week or so then has dropped a tad since….I lost about 15 minutes per charge but has held to that. HP, if you are listening….just leave the games you put on it…ON IT!!! never will I buy coins to play a game.

  128. hi, ive a dv6188ea and bought it on dec 06… it has worked fine for like 10months… but then the problems started arising…the battery life started detoriating and it sucks big time now… the battery wouldnt even last for 20mins… and the CDdrive makes a rattling noise all of a sudden… and the laptop does tend to get heated up alot when i watch movies or play games…but ive used my laptop extensively… almost 12hours everyday… and its pretty ok till now…

  129. HP dv6000 notebooks are worthless and will eventually fail. DO NOT BUY ONE. My experience…

    After a few months the wireless card no longer functioned. HP support mailed me a new wireless card. Installed it, did not work. Sent laptop in to HP who replaced the motherboard. A few months later and just out of warranty, wireless card stopped working again. Not wanting the hassle, I bought a USB wireless adapter.

    A month later, the laptop won’t come on at all. After pressing the power button, I get a long beep followed by two short beeps and nothing more. Black screen, dead notebook.

    This is a well-documented issue. Do a google search on “HP dv6000 motherboard failure”. For some, HP will give a 24-month warranty and replace the motherboard. See http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/genericDocument?lc=en&cc=ca&dlc=en&docname=c01087277#c01087277_identify

    Read the forums before you consider buying this boat anchor. Wireless card and motherboard failures are rampant. There are stories of receiving someone else’s hard drive after repair, or scotch (Indian?) tape and sheet metal used for repair. (http://www.3lusive.com/dv6000.htm)

    Mine is out of warranty and not on the HP free repair list. I’m going to bite the bullet and buy another brand. Why give HP $200 for a new mobo when the issue has not been resolved?

    AVOID this laptop and from the stories I have read about their laughable “tech support”, I would avoid ALL HP computers.

  130. okay so I SERIOUSLY HATE HP! their customer service and tech support team is a peice of crap. when i called in to ask them for help on my computer, the guy told me i coul either send it in for about 4 weeks (Im a student by the way. how am i supposed to go to go to school without a computer?) I asked if there was any other options, and he said to JUST LIVE WITH IT. Ive only had my computer for about 5 months now, and this is the first time that any of my computers have needed servicing so early. its ridiculous.

  131. I can’t stand this laptop. The quickplay buttons work once per boot. It freezes when the disc is over and I have to reboot a couple of times to get it going again. The touchpad is way too sensitive and I almost have to hold my wrists in the air, if I am going fast. The screen, while clear in dim light, is practically a mirror. I thought this computer, with its outstanding specs would run cirles around the 4-1/2 year old Dell inspirion it replaced. Appareantly Windows Vista sucks up all the extra speed. This computer is just a small tad faster than the inspirion with a single core 1.4Ghz processor and 64MB of RAM. We are thinking about doubling the RAM in this so we can open a program without twiddling our thumbs for 20 seconds while we wait for MSWord to be open enough to accept typing. This computer has only met about 15% of our expectations. That 15 percent is its reliable connection to our wireless modem. The Dell could never stay connected well. I would NEVER buy this again. In fact, I usually use the old Dell because I can’t connect to my work email (Novell Groupwise) from the HP. I have not figured out why the page won’t even load.

  132. So after thoroughly reading all of your troubles I called up the HP help line. Same story as many of you a DV6000 special edition with a failed wireless card. I talked to them for about an hour, she quickly realized the problem and had a box shipped out to me on the 4th. I sent my laptop in on the 7 and I am hoping for the best. They are supposed to call me Monday or Tuesday with the situation. Hopefully they have their act together by now. So far good service. I’ll keep you guys updated.

  133. Well what can I say. I wish I read this first.
    HP Pavillion dv6258se purchased 3/07 great deal 1000.00.
    Okay my first laptop. Vista no problems, glare outside big problem but I deal screen is beautiful inside, the keys get hit all the time for quick play no biggie. However I was w/o my laptop when HP took it to replace my system board and heat pad!
    What is that all about? I dealt with it calmly as can be and always said this computer is hot couldn’t be normal. I run a cooling pad all the time now. Not great and inconvenient. Well my battery which is a double one is all screwy and I cant shut down my laptop now I get a blue screen when I do with double image text saying dumping something. I am not happy to read that it will probably over heat again as I am going to lose my warranty soon.
    The only thing to do is take more time out to do the loop of phone calls to ask what they are going to do about this known and common issue. Yeah right good luck huh?
    I will say that I had pretty good customer service and when they got my laptop it was done very quick and returned early.

  134. Well guess what?
    HP needs my laptop back after contacting them with my problems as the notebook still gets very hot! I have had it back less than a month and my orig problem was that the wifi died in January. Also looking into the link they will extend service on this one up to 2 years from orig date.

  135. okay there is an investigation about a class action lawsuit guys on this. I will post soon the link to register yourself with the lawyers.

  136. Well, I think I should have never drifted away from the Apple family. I had a Apple Titanium G4 a few years back that took a beating and still worked fine. Reading all these problems worries me with my new dv6000 purchase.

    I needed a Windows platform to check my web designs and originally went to Best Buy for a loaded Gateway laptop that sold out. This seemed like next best deal with 250gb SATA drive, Wi-Fi, 2gig RAM, web cam and mic built in, and the rest of the standard goods all for $699 at Best Buy.

    So far, I have had issues with waking from sleep mode in which screen redraw acted up forcing me to do hard reboots. Once didn’t know if it was going to boot again or not as it was really slow on booting.

    The battery life does seem really short. Think today (2 weeks after purchase) and I am seeing the battery issue where it says fully charged and plugged-in though its not. Hoping it will resolve itself on next reboot.

    I have had some issues with the wireless connection also in which it had trouble connecting one minute when it was fine in same home location earlier. Again… it seemed like it went away upon logging out and back in again.

    I have had a few minor issues with Vista acting flaky. So… I am with the other guy that wished he had saved for a Macbook Pro. I just wanted to save some needed cash since my main computer is a G5 desktop and now I am reminded that sometimes… we get what we pay for. I went with the cheaper PC laptop because of features vs. price and need for the OS… next time will just spend more on the Apple and install a Windows OS on it as well. Lesson learned.

  137. Oh by the way… I don’t know what the crying about heat issues stems from? Those that mentioned it ran hot… every own a laptop before? I have yet to see a laptop that didn’t get hot when it was pushed through its paces. My old Apple was no exception either. Between video cards and the processors… they are gonna generate heat. I must admit that this dv6000 has yet to get as hot as the old G4 laptop though so I still don’t understand the heat complaints.

  138. My HP worked ok 7 months, except the Wlan which could´nt find the net after few months. Then occasionally computer showed only black after starting. I booted and everything went ok few times, but today the hole piece of xxx crushed, giving only three beeps; the first one is long and then two shorts. Very nice, I have all my works in it.

  139. SOME ONE HELP ME!!!! I just recently bought this computer and for the life of me can’t figure out where the webcam is or where the programs are for it! I can see the obvious speakers on each side but where’s the webcam?!?!? is it built into the HP logo at the top? I really need to know, please if anyone reads this, please respond! thank you!

  140. jaganathnadar says:

    hi guys
    This jaganath
    The dv6000 laptop
    is good to use, the best of keyboard, a child can operate easy and in simple way of working. While compare with other Laptops
    Is in of the best in hard wear on Hp… too

    Best for new users…..

    i sagest the Above model for the other friends…



  141. okay i got my pavillion dv6000 laptop in august for school. it’s been great until recently, when my G, H, backspace, apostrophe, and sometimes right-arrow keys don’t work. they work sometimes, but mostly they dont… i currently have an auxiliary keyboard plugged in so that i don’t lose my mind. does anyone know how to fix this? or if there is any kind of solution to this problem? i noticed someone above had the same issue. any advice?

    • Stephanie, my son who is a college student who bought his dv6000 last summer has the same keyboard problem only with different keys. Have not found a solution.

      • Hi – I had the same probs last year. random keys stopped working. Tried everything and spent on the phone to nelpdesk. eventually i took it in and they first replaced the keyboard (which didn’t work) and then I can’t remember what they did the second time. but it now works well. The tech said it was a problem that he had come across “several” times. Just take it back.
        Good luck!

  142. First, I think it would be helpful for people to post what DV6000 they have. I have a DV6174. There are dozens of configurations for this model line, and dozens of different parts that go into them. I have had mine since Jan ’07 and have only had one issue with it… but thats because i corrupted the hard drive on my own. They sent me a replacement and i shipped them the dead drive. I did have a bit of a WiFi connection issue, till I updated the driver via the hp website. Again, having the specific designation of the laptop is key. I love it, and tri-boot Vista, XP, and Ubuntu 7.10 on it.

  143. Frustrated says:

    I own a hp pav dv6000, it is the first one I have ever purchased,and it is broken. I purchased it a year ago from Sam’s club and last week it stopped working! I experienced the heat problems and also the battery issue, which in fact I exchanged the original battery twice through sam’s. My laptop worked fine then overnight it quit. When I turned it on the blue lights came on but the screen did not. It tried to reboot it self and still would not display anything. After freaking out and asking my family if anyone did anything to it…I had someone look at it and turns out that my year old laptop has a burnt out motherboard! Told to contact the place I bought it from. Did that. Sam’s refused to exchange or deal with it because they cannot get anything back from HP-told me to contact HP. Did that. HP cannot do anything because the one year warranty expired! I learned through HP that my warranty expired 3 weeks prior to my actual purchase date and that sam’s should have offered me an extended warranty!!? Did not know this! When I was directed back to where I bought it from, sam’s, I was informed by the manager that the warranty from HP, like all warranties on any electronics, starts the day the retailer recvs. the product! So if they have a computer in stock for 3-6months, that warranty when you leave the store has already lost 3-6months off of it-does not go into effect the day you buy it. Called coporate. They said the manager had the power to decide what they want to do or how to handle it. So much for 100% satifaction garuantee. Now, since Sam’s nor HP can help, I am stuck looking for a systemboard for a one year old laptop.

  144. I bought HP Pavilion dv6000 last week 18/02/2008. So i had to upgrade it to Vista Business so i can use it at our network at my work…The upgrade went well only to loose my Webcam applications. So please it there is someone who can help me i will be so happy coz now i cant use my webcam..

    Mr Frank

  145. Dear folks, i have a HP Pavilion DV6000 with xp mce preinstalled. I wanted to install a new operating system, so i used partition magic to format and partitionite the disc. But when ik tried to install the new OS, i got the message that there is no drive to install the os on.
    In partition magic i can see and format ea the disc, but in the BIOS there is no drive. Maybe hp has marked the drive with some software,but now the drive is formatted and partitioned, so it seems the drive is not recognized anymore by my notebook . Does anybody know how to help me?
    There is no recovery cd with the notebook.
    Thanx ,

  146. Bought DV6000 10/06 and did not have any problems until last month.

    -External speakers went
    -Main power button went next week
    (have to use quick play to turn on)
    -video card seems to be going, the bottom 3rd of my screen can’t keep up and sometimes stays black or carries the colors of pixels above?!

    Supports says motherboard issue.


    Can’t wait to see how long this will take!

  147. I bought the DV6000. Thought it was a great comouter, then 2 months after i had it, it crashed. I was on the phone for over 2 hours with the tech support, which i could not understand for the life of me. They had me run some tests then said they needed to send me out a new hard drive. No big deal…i know these things happen. Now my computer seems to freeze or shut off for no reason. When it freezes, even control, alt, delete will not let me restart it. I have to manualy do it. Certain things were never restored with the new hard drive…just a horrible experience. Don’t get me wrong, i like this computer, i just wish it wasn’t such a headache.

  148. Hi Folks! That’s the second time I got an HP laptop and none of them presented any kind of main defects. I used to have a zv6015 with AMD processor that generated a lot more heat, indeed. Recently, I got the dv6629ca, with Intel processor, and I have to say that even running Vista on that it is a great machine. However, there are two things to complain about. The first is the QuickPlay thing for seeing the camera. A lighter interface would make more sense on that. The second, is the fact that it does not come with recovery disks and, when I tried to generate them with the advised software, I burned out 5 brand new dvd medias without succeeding. Besides that, it is a kind of wonderful. It connected with my Bluetooth phone like magic, wireless works perfectly and so does the overall network as well.

  149. hi.. i’m using this laptop past 7months. i am facing the problem with my webcam with yahoo messenger. my webcam works initially with messenger. when i log off and log in again in my messenger, webcam not working , message says:’Sorry, no Webcam was found on your system.’
    once i restart my PC, it will work.. does anyone have solution for this.

  150. Matt Pileggi says:

    Great computer for the money – for the first 10 months. I bought the dv6000 mainly because of it’s 2GB of RAM and the price. I’m a programmer, use it 7 days a week, and have been doing so for over a year now. It worked like a charm for quite some time, but eventually things began to give way. First problem I noticed is that pressure applied by my left palm while typing frequently causes the machine to think I pressed the left mouse button. This is very annoying when navigating dropdown menus or trying to select text – it often made a random selection for me or began selecting text and scrolling upward.

    Second thing that went was the ability to hibernate. I lived on hibernation as I would frequently work between an office and home. Out of the blue one day it refused to stay shutdown or in hibernation, and would always start itself back up. The worst part of this was that it would freeze soon after posting if attempting to recover from hibernation.

    My latest issue has been with the USB ports. They all of sudden stopped detecting my wireless usb mouse and certain usb readers (namely my microSD reader), while they continue to work fine for printers or stick drives. It’s grown quite frustrating.

    It doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect a computer to last more than a year, but I guess that’s not the case with a lot of makes. I guess it’s time to move onto the new Mac book pro, hopefully for more than the next 12 months

  151. I bought my son this laptop for COLLEGE. The video died for NO apparent reason. The tech guy (who we could barely understand) had us spin around 3 times and bark before he would send us a box for repair. And this (and other issues) are posted on the HP Web site as ‘known’ problems with this laptop. I have a business account with HP — depending on how this is handled, I may or may not recommend this business to to others. I do know that I have 3 more kids ready for college within 3 years….so we’ll see. So far I am so NOT impressed with HP.

  152. I pretty much liked my HP Pavilion dv6000 for several months.
    The screen is fantastic (if not used in sunlight), the sound quality is also really great. Apart from that harddisk, ram and overall speed are nothing to complain about.
    BUT the heat issue is more than annoying me recently. Actually it´s not the heat itself. I could easily deal with that. The real problem is that the fan is permanently blowing. And in a very, very (!) loud way. Currently I am sitting in a library. 5 people surround me using laptops. Only my Pavilion can be heard. It´s unbearably loud. That´s really embarrassing. When I switch to stand by mode the whole room suddenly becomes silent.
    Over the last few days I have found myself browsing the Dell website, thinking about buying a decent, quiet Dell laptop with a higher resolution.
    I am really close to doing this although it would be extremely ridiculous. A higher resolution would be the only advantage in perfomance.
    But I just can´t stand the sound intensity anymore. It´s a shame.

  153. michael says:

    I am a toshiba person but knowing a little bit about computers while i am here in iraq. I am currently working two issues if any of you know what is going on or how to fix them please let me know. one guy has a dv6000 that for some reason runs so slow you can litteraly do nothing on it. could this be the graphics card problem discribed earlier. also the other computer is a dv9000 came with vista but the guy downgraded to xp. now his quickplay buttons don’t work went to hp website and there instructions are a joke because none of the options they tell you to choose are there if anyone can help me on any of these issues please let me know thank you.

  154. I purchased the HP Pavillion dv2715nr at best buy on 2-4-08 and on 2-8-08 had to return it because the keybord stopped working. Took it back and they offered to exchange it for whatever I wanted. I asked point blank if this was a common problem and they said, “No. This is the first time we’ve seen this.” So, I exchanged for the exact same system. Well, last night, it happened again! Called best buy and since it’s been longer than 14 days (24 to be exact) they will not exchange or refund. They said they will have a tech look at it and try to fix it. I am not paying for something I cannot use! Anyone else having this problem? I’m currently researching lemon laws! HELP!!!

  155. Vista Rules! 🙂

  156. hi. i have HP pavilion dv6000, bought in august 2007 here in middle east at $1100. two weeks back, my speaker just stopped working but if i plug a headset in the audio jack, the sound works through the earphone, but only on the left channel. i sent it in for service at a local HP authorized repair shop and they diagnosed a faulty speaker and audio board. as they don’t have the parts available in the next 15 days, i took my laptop in to a second HP authorized service shop and the second tech guy found out a defective motherboard. it’s very funny to know two HP service centers diagnosed differently on the same laptop.

    has anyone here experienced speaker problem with their dv6000?

    • yeah i had the same problem yesterday, the speakers stopped working and only the headphone jack would output sound. a few hours later the speakers started working again and are working fine now. i really hope i don’t get anymore hassles like this

  157. I just got my laptop a couple days and it was perfect! Already though the sound has been crapping up. Ive literally had to pound the board in order for both sides to produce sound. My warranty is for a year but after reading these comments, I dont think it will last half that.

  158. paid 350. for mine at walmart on black friday and it works great!

  159. I’ve had my computer since June of last year. I got it as a graduation gift from my parents and it hasn’t given me problems until now. For some rason, I cannot turn on my computer, plugged in or not. I haven’t called HP support yet but will if no one else can solve this problem.

  160. if you want to turn off quick buttons, just go into bios settings and turn them off. f10 during post.

  161. When I try to burn cd info my disc drive vibrate loudly. what up with that? anybody

  162. I picked up this laptop about a two months ago. It is such an awesome laptop! I agree with the review, there are only a few problems, how hot it gets, and the screen, I have to use it in a semi-dim room. HPs are incredible computers and this one takes the cake. I got mine tax included for $800.00 at Best Buy.

  163. I have the DV6000 serios and this is the worse pc i`ve ever owned only because if an issue that hp failed to tell users about till they started calling in with erros and download issues such as I did. I have had my pc for almost 8months and dont do any weird downloads or even burn cds so I know the issues was not caused by me,but I started habing install inssues and download of drivers,USB ports all stopped working and critical hp and windows updates fail and would’nt take after having my system restored 4 x`s and calling in countless times to hp customer support I was notified that my pc notebook was probably having an issue with the video card which is on the motherbaord and burned out transistors. Ok if they knew this why did they not notify consumers who bought this product? I had to find out after calling several times and having issue after issue,but thats not even the worst part I have sent it in for repair to the hp sercice center and when it comes back the issue is’nt resolved. So if anybody else is having issues with this model or brand this might be why contact hp and/or file a complaint with the BBB.org

  164. Have a hp dv6000 I have tried on numerous occasions to install a canon MP610 printer to no avail. I have sought help from Canon who didn’t want to know what the problem was once they established that the printer actually did work on my desktop computer (which is NOT a HP).

    I am stuck and this is annoying me tried all types of installs disk, custom etc etc all I keep getting is that there was a problem installing the MP610 and it may not work properly. can anyone help or has anyone had the same problem and solved it? thankls for reading this.

  165. I have HP-Pavillion dv 6000 and trying to install XP?
    okay. I have this ****** Vista on my laptop and i hate it.

    I wanted to install XP so i bought the FULL XP CD.(Not upgrade!)

    anyways, when i run it in booting mode, it says that the harddrive cannot be found.

    Somebody said that it’s because my harddrive is SATA and that i have to go into CMOS and enable something.

    I went to CMOS(one that says press F10 to enter setup) and looked for it, but couldn’t find it.setup

  166. To LestaT,

    Once you got into the BIOS just disable the SATA native support or any information similar to that. XP is having problem with SATA hard disks. Boot to your XP CD and you will go through but before doing that you should initially download all the XP drivers from the HP website.Good luck and I hope it will help..

  167. hey got a Hp Pavillion laptop that turns on gives 3 beeps, one long two short and does not light up the screen after that .whats the problem

  168. I have the dv6000. My stats are better than your slightly, such as better graphics card (GeForce 8400)
    The stats: $1100 of my own money (after taxes with $180 off)
    HP Pavilion Laptop (dv6000)
    Intel Centrino Mobile Technology
    Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5450
    2 GB memory
    250GB harddrive
    DVDV super multi drive with LightScribe
    256 MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400M
    Wireless A/B/G/N
    built in webcam
    15.4 inch widescreen LCD
    Blue Tooth

    It has completely met all expectations. I can play Quake 4 on High quality with all the special effects turned on.
    I have not had ONE wireless problem because of the new wireless N. It IMPROVED my connection, I used to get low/good signal in my room and now it’s very good/excellent. My downloads are faster and I’ve yet to have to repair the connection. The quick play buttons are piss annoying. I keep hitting them or turning up the volume (or down) by mistake. Vista was a huge surprise to me because it didn’t totally suck. The security is annoying at first but the stupid pop ups CAN be turned off via the control panel. Other than that, Vista is stylish and works without problem on my new laptop. all the crap HP made me install turned out to all be shit trials and crap that made you buy the things so I just uninstalled them right away.
    The design of the laptop is simply beautiful and I love the screen. I’ve yet to test it outside but I’ve not had any glare problems.

    • Matt,

      My HP Pavilion dv6000 lost “Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007” edition recently. I think your the perfect one to help direct me on who I should ask about this. It was “installed on 2/22/2008 306mb” and now I have an Icon for a “60 Day Trial” on my desk top-(at least it’s for 60 days). Did this happen to you to?

      J-Land T

  169. I have bought hp dv6000 a few months back. Since the day i had bought it, it had some problems with its webcam. The problem is that the webcam doesnot work. My yahoo messenger gives the messenger that the webcam is not connected when i view the webcam on it. Now, to turn on the webcam i have to disable the webcam from the device manager and then again enable it. But this is always temporary. Can anyone suggest me the way to get rid of this problem. This problem of Webcam is annoying me a lot. Can anybody help me???

    • StudioARE says:

      HAD the same problem, but after innstalling an Acer-webcam-driver it actualy WORKS!
      My help:

      I would not recomend you to buy a HP any more.. I’ve got NOTHING but problems!!
      I just got it back from service (yesterday) and now I get BSOD all the time!

      Now I have an error with the nvlddmkm.sys -file..

      Hope it helps!

  170. matt —
    i have same comp as you except the special edition and I have 3 gigs RAM and upgraded Nvidia graphics card. na na

    • @Phil
      Lol, I’m happy with mine but that makes me jealous. It turns out there is horrible glare in the sun but no problems while inside.
      So far so good, no problems with anything other than the glare problem. Webcam is great and I’m really surprised at how little heat this laptop gives off. My old compaq burned my legs while this one is barley warm.

  171. hey guys. i’m reading all your reviews. my 6000 is awesome. i should call it DV8000. it’s worth the 800 dollars or whatever. i just got it a couple days ago and it was refurbished, so luckily hp got all your guy’s complaint’s and fixed up mine so that i can leave you all with this comment. yeah maybe in a few months or years it’ll break down. but uh, when you buy a car it eventually needs an oil change or a repair. hopefully you get the message of what i just said. goodluck and if i have any problems i’ll make sure to comment back here and ask you guys for help.



  172. How do I find what kind of microphone and speakers I need?
    Also how do I get a picture on a cd label?

    • Doreen, any PC speakers will do. I’m using the harman/ kardon white, multimedia speaker system. plug it in the front of the laptop and wham! SOUND!

      Picture on CD label – remember that you need to purchase the “Lightscribe cd’s” however that is all I know since I’ve never needed to do that. Did find this cool site though, maybe you can get help/ tips here: http://www.lightscribe.com/

  173. my daughter bought this one last summer for college. She loves it but always has problems with the disc drive not being recognized. She was able to call HP twice and fix it, but now it does not work. It opens and closes, but the machine does not know it is there. Any suggestions on what we should do?

    Thank you!

    • Rikkibakikki says:

      MARY there is an easy way to resolve this problem of the HP not detecting your DVD drive.

      First of all click on START then CONTROL PANEL. In the control panel go to classic view and then select device manager. CLICK ON THE + icon next to the dvd drive and there you will see the HL-DT-ST DVDRAM…etc. etc. drive. right click this drive and uninstall it.

      Next click on the Start Button and type in the searchbar “REGEDIT” – click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} then ON THE RIGHT SIDE delete upper filter (and lower filter if it is there).

      Restart your machine and now your DVD should be recognized and will install itself.

  174. i bought mine a year ago dv6000. the ac power chord broke for no reason so i’m waiting for my new one to come in the mail, and my battery only lasts for about 3 min so ill have to replace that too. other than that and how hot it makes my lap when i use it, i think it’s a great computer for people like me who basically use it for school and web browsing- good deal

  175. Tnx Larry
    I solve the problem

  176. I bought my Dv6000 about a month ago but after like a week, a dead pixel popped up. And you can say what you want but a dead pixel is annoying! Also the sound works on only the right side sometimes, which is really suckish becase i have OCD. Pounding the board actually makes it work on both sides. The laptops shut down on me twice already. So I plan on returning it tomorrow to radioshack and getting a full refund. After reading some of your comments, I’m scared of my future with it, haha. I’m ordering a Dell inspiron, soooo hp, suck on that.

  177. I have had my DV6000 since november 06 and I have experienced the typical problems asscociated with both my lap and PC. I have been troubleshooting computers since the days of DOS, and onto ’95. The biggest problem out side of hardwareb is naturally the operating system (95,98,2000,Xp,etc. The system is designed to pull file,bus,cache,RAM(virtual memory) and on to Processor. The heating factor of your computer is critical factor. This causes a great disadvantage,the registry (the start up phase along with your personal settings should be repaired at least once a week, rebooting is not enough! You should also defrag frquently, and check your task manager for unusual work in progress. I have worked on a lot of lap tops and in alot of cases the XP or new Vista is the hang nail, Drivers are very critical and should be refreshed or updated as needed. Serious problems should be dealt with troubleshooting and or restarting your system in save mode and then restore to a point before your problem began. device mgr in system is a good place to study and learn. Now hardware on the motherboard is another issue and my best advice is to treat your laptop like glass. The internals are very sensitve and shock and heat can damage parts. Panasonic.I think? has a lap top in a comercial that gets tossed around to indicate that it can handle just about anything, HP and others do not say this, what does that tell you? Just remember the Xp and Vista systems are not perfect and they can only await your command. Fact! I have never had not one problem with my HP dv60000-everything works for now,but like everything else it will seriuosly break down one day.Treat your equiptment right you paid alot of money for it. everything works even the wireless, and I have burned over700 DVD’s and down loaded tons of music and many times used all the features atleast once or twice just to keep them active,”drivers” remember.

    • Go to Start -> Click ALL PROGRAMS -> Find Windows Media Center -> Scroll up or down, find the icon that says: “Music Video Picture” -> wait for that software to open, -> Once in, look in the ‘Source’ column and in that list you should see Hp Webcam. Click on that option, and the webcam should start up. From there you can record and save the file for later play. I think, haven’t tried it, you can also use it with like Yahoo IM. Good Luck.


    • Rickster says:

      Bob T, Very Well said. I’ve been in the same field as you. Just like any electronic device, it needs care and respect.

      Great point about the comparison between the Panasonic tough books versus HPs. Nowhere have I seen or read anything about HP advertising the toughness of its laptops. Hence it definitely does say something. ->SENSITIVE PARTS INSIDE. BE CAREFUL.

      I picked up a DV6812NR last week from BB. I’ve been babying it since, but also still contemplating if I should keep it or not. But will see if I run into any problems in the next week or so.

      Good Post once again!

  178. I just got the Hp dv6000 but i have no idea how to use the webcam..Can Someone PLEASE help me out. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • The intergrated camera above the screen (CAM) is activated with the use of “Movie Maker program” Just follow the instructions, “import source” You’ll see what I mean, always try out your different features to get familiar with the different things your computer has to offer.

  179. Bob,

    Great post! Also folks, remember to keep all important pic’s, video, music, documents, favorites, desktop all in a quick get at place for quick back ups.

    My mother board went out, just all of a sudden, after 4 months ownership. I’m an IT person and I made that cardinal SIN! I didn’t back up; had to pay a shop to back it up for me. luckily HP did not need to do anything with my HD! It was in tact by the time I got it back.

    Back up your files often people!!! kindly, PZ

  180. Most computers when you turn them on you can enter the BIOS by pressing F8, or at the bottom of the screen you will be prompt to interupt to enter the BIOS, once in BIOS YOU MUST CHANGE THE BOOT SEQUENCE FROM HARD DRIVE TO CD-ROM, ESC. USING f10 TO SAVE THOSE CHANGES. RESTART YOUR COMPUTER WITH THE xp DISK AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.

  181. Problem with internal CD-ROM, first turn your computer off and wait ten minutes. Turn computer back on and seriously wait for the registry to load everything. Once you notice that the drive light is not flickering so much (rapidly) Then go to computer icon (short cut) click on it and when the window shows all your drives, one should indicate D drive , insert a cd or a dvd and wait to see that it recognizes. If after awhile no response, you must re-install the driver for it. You will have to enter device manager.

  182. The WebCam issue of not working well with different web sites, as indicated is common with HP webcam, even the manual will indicate this. Try the troubleshoot sequence or visit HP site for advice.

  183. Hi guys. Dont get me wrong love the pav dv 6258se I bought, just wished it was reliable. It does get hotter than a laptop should, hotter than can be imagined. The motherboard burns out and to those who dont know HP extended its warranty on this point an extra year. You just will spend half your time sending it back to be replaced. Its the ADM that causes this. I do use a chill pad I do take care of my computer very well its my life line. It just is really hard to deal with this problem. I need another laptop within a year of buying this 1,100.00 investment which is sad. i will hand this machine over to my 9yr old son to use occasionally, which is insane that a 9yr old will have such an expensive thing. LOL another story. But please if you are having the same issues look into the extended warranty. I would hate for someone to not get the help they deserve.

  184. well had many problems with the DV 6000 started with a faulty hard disk and took 3 months to fix that problem under the warranty .. and then the system board broke .. so i had to place it again in2 fixing and took about 2 months 2 fix
    i wonder if any of you guys can help me .. i have the copy of back up which comes in the hard disk but somehow i dont know how to recover this back up .. think i need hp recovery program so if anyone kind enough to send 2 me i would be grateful

    • for Dia’, well you already have the Recovery Manager installed in the notebook, no other program needed. try typing it on ‘Start Search’

      • Thanks cha for ur reply ..but no i have the data but need the program to do back up .. i would be grateful if u sent me hp recovery manager

      • thanks cha for reply i have the data not the program
        but i still need Hp recovery manager please .. so if anyone kind enough to send it

  185. All I used to have an application from Vista that allowed me to do screen grabs like SnagIt. However it is no longer available, anyone know what its name is and how to find it?



  187. Ok well i’ve had my dv6000 for awhile now and it was working fine, but recently the LCD screen has been flickering on and off when I move the lid up and down it comes back on but im scared the computer is about to crap out on me other then that I have no complaints with it… just hope mine lasts

    • dtechie says:

      Have the same problem – the screen flickers when I move it up / down – any idea on how to fix this problem ?

  188. @Joes
    It turns off when the lid goes down because it goes to sleep, then wakes up when you lift it so you can resume where you left off quickly.

  189. I have HP dv6000 with Window Vista I want remove it and reinstall window Xp it’s can possible pls. let me know if possible than any drive rquire to reinsatall


  190. I am on my second (first one died after a month) and last HP laptop. This thing and Vista are the worst combination of junk I have ever had for a computer. I should add that I also have an HP printer which is also junk. After I sledge hammer this HP into very small pieces and send this laptop back to the company, I will be buying a MAC.

  191. I recently bought this model from HP but I am having trouble connecting to a network.I keep getting a display message suggesting something is wrong with my DNS.I emptied the DNS cache but still no luck. can someone please help me? please anyone I would really appreciate it.

  192. D. Simmons says:

    I purchased an HP Pavillion dv2000 cto laptop in late May ’07 from HPShopping.com and had problems from receipt, causing me to call HP support 1-2 times/month….but they never resolved any problem. One of the most annoying was it had a very loud cd-dvd drive. Given it was an “entertainment” PC, I was unable to watch DVDs or listen to books on CD.

    In early Jan ’07 the PC would not boot up and a dos message said to contact the Manufacturer as the hard drive or cd-dvd drive had failed. I thought it was the cd-dvd drive, given the history of problems. I contacted HP and they sent me a replacement hard drive (160 gb), replacement cd-dvd and a recovery CD. As this was a custom ordered PC with factory installed software, that I was never given CDs to load, I was concerned when after running the recover CD my factory installed SW was missing/not working.

    Called HP and they felt the recovery CD should work. I asked them to have a technician test my theory that the recovery CD was not appropriate for a replacement hard drive. They laughed. I ended up escalating to Corp.

    Next Case Manager arranged to have my PC sent to HP for repair. PC came back with same problem, plus a few more. I called back and case manager promised to send me a replacement PC within 2.5 weeks. After no PC arrived I called the case manager daily for 10 business days, but he never called me back.

    Escalation back to Corporate (again) and next Case Manager arranges to send my PC to repair (2nd time) and promises it will be fixed this time. Well, it comes back and isn’t fixed. In addition I now have a 120 (vs 160) gb hard drive and I’m unable to open the cd-dvd drive!

    Call Case Manager and he says he’ll send me a replacement pc in 10 days. He knows I’ve been promised this before, but I patiently wait. No PC has arrived and I’ve called this case manager daily for 3 days.

    MY PC is still under warranty, but it has been four months that I’ve been unable to use it. As it is a Vista PC my data is not portable to PCs that I can borrow from friends or use at public libraries. HP doesn’t care I’m unable to use my PC.

    HP case managers make false promises. HP Case managers don’t return calls.

    I’ve spoken with 40+ agents and have had 8 different case managers, all promising to resolve my issues. I could share more facts on this painful saga, but hopefully this is enough to convince others to avoid buying ANY HP products. I’ll never buy another HP product again and I’ll make sure my story is shared with as many people as I can.

    HP ripped me off! I hope HP goes out of business.

  193. i have a hp pavilion dv6000 few days ago, no sound is coming, no audio device is installed coming in it, i hope you can help me

  194. I have this laptop, actually it’s what I’m using to read your post right now.
    I just wanted to mention, that in CMOS setup, I believe there is a way to disable the pain-in-the-@$$ blue buttons at the top. Or at least the squeaky little beep they make when you hit them.
    I’ve not had a battery problem with the laptop yet.
    They do come with Intel processors, I bought mine around the same time you did and mine came with an Intel Duo Core.
    Sometimes the wireless gets a little touchy and if you move the laptop more than an inch, say, it will drop the connection…but maybe that’s with all laptops.
    Overall, nice job on the review…I’m sure you just about covered everything.

  195. Simmons, I am sorry for your problems, I suggest that you take your lemon to independent computer shop.If like me they have a disk that will troublrshoot your entire system. It wpll check everything including your sound,dvd player,net connections,video card,etc. unfortunately it will cost but not what you paid for laptop. “remember heat,drivers,virtual mrmory,and the most important a corupt registry, bye for now, bob

  196. I also agree with you people who have had problems with the HP dv6000 laptops. AND technical customer support from HP. It’s alright for them, they may understand you, but its hard for you when you can hardly understand them? I’m actully shocked with how they got award winning customer support?. I’ve had a few problems with my laptop, that was bought for me for college, first the driver wasn’t reading my CDs, then it wouldn’t work at all. The whole data for it was missing. Then the webcam played up – soon that stopped working altogether as well. It went to get fixed at the shop we bought it from – which was qite a distance to drive too. We paid $1999.00 + $387.00 for all the extras for this laptop, certainly not cheap by any means! and it hasn’t performed for the price we payed for it! When it got fixed (really all they did was a system restore. I lost all my data, and could not back it up because the CD driver wouldn’t work to back anything up onto cd. I found it unfortunately very poor.) about a week after I got it back, I started to use the webcam again. I used it for a while one night contacting my friend on MSN, then that was it. The next day I went to use it again, it faulted ‘webcam must be either unplugged…’ or such and such the message popped up when I went to use it. I was terribly annoyed. I’ve also had other issues with the laptop like it’s battery – it only lasts for under an hour and it runs out, now less than half an hour, unless you’re doing completely nothing, it lasts longer. It also heats up after being on for a long while.
    My mom rang up the store again, had it viewed a second time, but after lots of added stress and inconvenience, with still no positive outcome, we requested a full refund as I was not happy with the laptop, and believed that the problems would just continue, for it was basically a faulty product. I only had it 7 months until it started playing up. We were flatly denied by the company who sold it to us, and I was blamed by the computer manager that it was my fault that I wasn’t using the machine properly. We rung up HP, and got an indian woman who we could hardly understand! She went to get my details and was explaining something to me, soon I got so fustrated I put down the phone and went to my room, slamed the door and stayed there I don’t know how long. Later on my mom rung them back, and the woman said she’ll send us an email to renew the driver. My mom then explained about the laptop and why we didn’t want to do that either, but she wouldn’t listen. Then she was like a parrot. She kept repeating things. She wouldn’t listen and just kept repeating the same thing over and over. We decided to abandon that avenue altogether, too stressful!! We got the email later, and went to upload the driver but unfortunately the instructions were too complicated, I didn’t end up loading it because I was worried I was going to stuff the laptop up more. We’re now going to take the company to court, and going to expose them for what they have done and ask for our refund. We’ve had other issues with the company other than the laptop, e.g. vacuum cleaner, printer, but I’ve never had to go through something this bad before! The support supposedly available by these companies representing HP and HP itself appear very poor, incoherent, and obviously unreliable, and I would probably suggest not to get a HP laptop if you’re thinking of it.. We’ll let you know what the outcome is afterwards. /:

  197. Now the light from the battery never stops blinking even if I unplugged from the AC adaptor and shutdown the laptop.

    Any suggestions?

  198. I am so sorry that so many people are upset over the problems associated with this model. Once again,I have worked on so many computers;Compac,IBM,Toshiba,e-machines,Sony,etc. My experience with repairs have been centered around the operating ssystem, Windows programs. The latest of course “Vista”. All of the computers I have worked on came to me with identical problems but yet manufactured by different companies. Mechanically speaking are slightly different but technoligy the same and I can agree that some are more vulnerable and can not handle the vigorous demands.
    The final and most preventive way of getting the most of your computer is to keep it cool,check your drivers,defrag,have enough virtual memory.

  199. The dv6000 offers features simualar to most computers, the wireless is not as efficient as the IBM, better then the Sony, howver they eventially prevail. The codec,the systems sound,video producer and any and all driver soft ware originated by HP (bios) can be obtained from HP support and if it does not take right away the just keep trying, example; it took me from 8:00pm to 3:00 am to get a sound driver to work on a XP home edition. A bad cd-rom and disk. Bob T

  200. HP is a total crap company and Best Buy must be taking customer service lessons from them. This is my 2nd HP laptop. The first one stopped working just after a year (so no warranty) because it would not hold a charge. Since it wasn’t an expensive computer, I figured that was the problem and got a more expensive HP DV6000 series computer from Best Buy. I assumed (wrongly) that Best Buy would sell quality products. Four times it has broken in just over a year. I purchased the warranty from Best Buy that has a no-lemon policy. Best Buy is refusing to honor their policy! Says it does not qualify. The motherboard has been replaced twice and the wireless card 3 times. What more do they need to convince them that this piece of crap machine is a lemon. I spent extra money for Best Buy’s service (and HP’s supposed quality machines) and have gotten only a broken computer. I am tired of having to backup my hard drive, bring it in for service, lose it for weeks on end, only to have them give me back a ticking time bomb. It will undoubtedly break again but since Best Buy only replaced the wireless card this time (not the mother board also, which is the real issue), they will probably again say it doesn’t qualify next time.

    It is sad that our country has come to this. The government and suits in offices allow companies to continually rip off people. As long as they make money, who cares about us little people right?

    Don’t buy HP and definately don’t buy anything from Best Buy!

    I think I may send this piece of crap to the CEO also. He can try using it for a while.

    • I get you! yes, do that and I will look for link to class action lawsuit. I am so fed up myself you can read my post later on!

  201. I bought this and the first movie I was watching, during the middle of it it started clitching the screen just started clitching and eventually it stopped and rebooted. Not the best computer I have purchased thats for sure.

  202. Eddie R says:

    Yes i have bought a simmilar or the same computer from walmart for arround 500 Bucks. It treats me well but i installed some software and tryed to make a dvd and a message came up and i followed the instructions and it told me to disable something .(in a little debug menu) and now my itunes wont work and i am one unhappy camper and i cant remember what it was that i disabled. (a codec maybe?) i am upset. D;

    • My friend, I also had a computer bought from Wal-Mart, and I was unhappy as well. The laptop on this site, however, I bought from Office Max for $1100.
      Our Wal-Mart computer is a Compaq Desktop. I had seen this computer work fine for other people when they got it from Circuit City.
      However, when I bought this computer, it went downhill in less than a year. All the fans went bad, the disk drive jumped open at random (even while playing games), and heres the kicker: the computer box print mentioned that the computer had a total of 512 MB of DDR memory. When we took it to BestBuy a year later, untampered with, it was found to have only 256.
      Like I said before, this computer worked fine for 3 different people, all of whom did NOT buy it from Wal-Mart.
      Never buy a Wal-Mart computer…they never seem to have problems unless they come from Wal-Mart. Most of the disk space is gone completely from Wal-Mart installing all of their own crappy preferred programs, much of which the owner will never use.

  203. I am only indicating that most Laptops have a short life, for what reason? I just repaired two IBM’s -the mother boards gave out, one the on board video and the other a hair line crack. Sometimes when the assembly is made the mother board is slightly damaged and will past quality control,it is after vigorous use that it begins to show problems. Hp should honor any maufacture defect and refurbish the laptop. Customer service should be very professional and personal. In the long run one’s reputation is worth alot, but if everyone is getting bad karma,well it’s on HP.

  204. Mondo, Sorry, but try upgrading your RAM-it could be acting up as they sometimes do. try closing any programs open that you are not using. The cip is constantly being used by registry and explore, necessary, but the ram is not working efficiently. Try a new chip and if that does not work clean your CD-rom or disk, it could be having problems reading. Just because its new does not mean excellent performance. People put these together and they by far are responsible.

  205. Bought my dv6000 almost a year ago and I’ve never had a single problem with it; aside from the overall quality of the mic, poor battery-life, and the piece-of-shit graphics card. No hardware problems or malfunctions of any kind. It does get warm, but after a year of use it has only been turned off for probably 24 total hours (I’ve only turned it off twice) and everything is still fine, reassuring me that the heat isn’t causing any internal issues.

  206. I received my dv6000 5 months ago and it’s working great for me.It’s only slowed down a bit at restart but considering I’ve downloaded countless things on my computer,it’s pretty good.=] The only problem I’ve had is the accidental QuickPlay button pressings at the top of the keyboard,though with time I’ve been able to decrease the problem.

  207. proudmommie says:

    I got a hp pavilion dv6000 and for some reason I can not use the question mark key. it either gives me a plus sign when using the fn key or a é or É when normally pushed. can you tell me what to do so that I can use the question mark and back slash key.

    thank you

  208. Proudmommie, if your key is malfunctioning, that is you are pressing the key on the right next to the shift key, ?-/ why are you using the fn? if you need to use the ? key and the key is not working, try going to system tools in program and select “characters” and copy the ? symbol and paste where ever you are working,ie word, myspace,etc. Sorry, I have no other explantion?

  209. I purchased a dv6000 (6317tx) yesterday.
    Crashed once already & now im scared & thinking of taking back for refund after reading these reviews & getting a toshiba.
    Im worried… very worried after reading so many bad reveiws.

  210. soul2soul says:

    I recently purchased “HP Pavilion DV 600”

    Everything is fine… but the driver for the Graphic card!!!

    I don’t like “VISTA”… and i removed it and put “Win XP” and now i’m stuck… where do i get the compatible driver for my Graphics!!!

    Help !!!

  211. The graphics card, SouoltoSoul,is intergrated like most laptops, HP Tech. support has download on there site. The driver for your computer is for the BIO’s (motherboard) you erased it when you formatted. As for Steve on crashing just when you got yuor computer, well some software that comes with a trial basis,usually thirty days, could have been corrupt and caused XP or Vista to protect it self. Remove all software that is not microsoft tm. The registry holds your startup software and failed somewhere. reboot!

    We own a business, we purchased 4 DV6000 Laptops over the course of 4 months. Each of them ended up having hardware problems and we are having to send back 2 of the 4.
    What is this, a 50% crap ratio on these things. They start off great, dont let the first few months fool you. They make you fall in love from first performance than after a few months, you too will be posting on here. I hate these laptops. Big waste of Money, Time, Priceless Information Loss from some weird type of crash of the HD. The WIFI stopped working on one, wouldnt even show up as a device. The overheating eventually caused other problems. HP Should be ashamed of themselves for selling such garbage. We speak from not just experience with 1 but with 4 units. all DV6000’s.. If you buy one of these, you have been warned..

  213. Jason in regards to your misfortune with HP’s 6000 series laptop, you refer your complaint to HP web site. I am defending all Mfg’s. of laptops in regards to stability, they just dont get it. Quality control is lacking and Microsoft is part to blame. The process system could be AMD or Intel. and they are to blame as well. The heat factor and drivers are common reasons. if you try a different mfg. dont be surprised?Corupt,bad, soft ware and badly installed hardware is bad quality control, 89% will be make it.Sorry….

  214. My HP Pavilion DV6000 won’t even power up! I am taking an online C++ programming course, all of my programs and data are on the laptop, and I can’t even turn on the computer! It was working fine last night. I shut it down normally. This morning I went to start it, power cord plugged in, and NOTHING-no blue light, nada. There is a blue light where I plugged the power cord in, but, that’s it. Does anyone have any thoughts? I am freaking out because I have 6 weeks left of this C++ class, and need the information on that laptop!! Thanks!

    • Holly, The power button at the top left of the HP laptop is deliberately flush with contour to avoid touching when working with “dvd” or any of the other Altec Lansing buttons. I have the same problem from time to time and its anoying. I simply hold the bottom down with a finger nail or pen, sometimes I have to wait awhile. It does not say anwhere that you have to shut your computer off, however, just make sure you keep it cool. Do not lay it on your bed,carpet or anywhere it can not get air underneath!!!

    • holly,

      Hope you have been able to resolve your issue and that the fix was as quick as Bob T suggests. Let me tell you what happened to me… After owning my dv6000 for only four months, same thing happened to me. My niece went to turn it on and it flashed and then black screen. After that, no matter what I tried, “BLACK SCREEN,” no sound, no lights … nothing.

      HP rep suggested in his Hindu accent, remove battery & hold power button for 40 seconds. No GO! 2nd take out RAM and re-seat. No GO! They sent me a box within two days… turns out the mother board fried. While on the phone, the rep offered me a replacement insurance for $260 ~ NO QUESTIONS ASKED full replacement for three years. I bought it!

      I received my lappy in under 5 business days and I now have the insurance that no matter what happens, I will have a replacement if needed. I think it’s worth the price even if I never have to replace it!

      Lesson learned: BACK UP your work! No matter what. You never know when it’s going to happen to you.

      Good Luck! ~PZ

  215. Update> That Brand New dv6317tx i purchased last week
    kept crashing. I had 4 Blue Screens of Death in five Days.
    HP told me to take it back to The Reseller to get it Replaced. When i did the New box the reseller gave me had been dropped heavily on One top Corner Quite Badly.
    I asked for another one in Undamaged condition
    & he said he did not have one so i had to take that one.
    I took pics of the damaged carton instore & emailed straight to HP on my way home from my k850i.
    When I got Home & opened it – OH MY GOD. It has Scratches on the inside of lid near Right Mic & Fingerprints all over the screen!!! I rang HP straight away & they say they will send a tech to my home within 48hrs to Authorize a Refund or Replace. This Is Appalling.
    What Quality Control!!!
    This is a Nightmare.
    The stress is getting Detrimental to My Health!
    Starting to Regret buying this HP & maybe should go back to Toshiba Satellite.

  216. Mr. Tom C, If you purchased a Laptop with Micosoft word already installed, it is usually a trial version and it will end (crash), leaving a icon on the desk top,if you purchase a discount copy somewhere remove the trial version first. If your copy is paid for on the HP, try restoring your computer to a earlier point. If this does not work and you dont mind paying on line then allow your laptop to go on line when it prompts you to do so.

  217. hey got my hp lappy today…could neone please tell me which all hp programs can be uninstalled to mak the sstem faster….i dont want to uninstall system programs accidentally

    thanks in adance

  218. The Computer or laptop is Fine as long as you get good one out of the box 😛
    Lets Kick off by saying i had isuess with my Laptop !Yes it did make me mad !!!!! But i lern keep my cool and lern
    to rember to use Google !!!!!Yes google …. Rember Google our friend and let not forget we always get help with good Old Google hehehe
    So let this be lession to all Google the Gold Mine here and Google here to stay lATE

  219. Attention: For those of you who bought a computer with trial software;Word 2007,Games,Noton products,etc. Sometimes these software products are not easy to uninstall and they actually slow your computer down at start up. if you do not want them on your computer then why carry them? I believe there is a own load designed to remove these items, it’s called “Decrapilater” Go to decrapilater.com” and read on it! Talk to you all later.

  220. ihtsham says:

    I got my HP pavilion DV6000 with vista as OS. One partition so huge and 2nd with Recovery. Now i want a complete new system with new XP as OS and new partitions.
    For doing this, when i go to install XP, XP setup gives an error, “No physical Hard Drive found”.

    I have gone through other threads of this site, I tried my BIOS to unable SATA options, but in my notebook, there is no info for hard disk.

    Can you help me please?

    • The problem with most or all laptops when changing the OS is when you are formatting the drive that carries the original OS “VISTA” in this case, to make room for the OS “XP” You will also be removing certain drivers required for the on board graphics,networking ports,etc. Installing a new OS requires booting from cd-rom and not from (hard drive) “C” in most cases.Go to BIOS and see if computer lists your hard drive?chsnge boot sequence to cd-rom, The error your receiving is an error in it self,try again,and again?

  221. I’ve got a HP DV6119US here with a dead internal wireless card (broadcom). The LED stays amber and I can’t get the computer to detect the card at all. Also, HP loads a TON of bloatware on these machines if you ever have to do a recovery. I recommend a clean install of Windows or if you do a recovery, uninstall all the bloatware and create a partition image of a clean install so you have that to go back to if something ever goes wrong. As for the wireless card, it appears that an external will have to do.

  222. Matthias says:

    Is it just me or do HP laptop batteries suck ass? Ive had two HP pavilions, this being the second one, and the batteries stop holding a charge after a few months. WTF

    Screen is great, speed is fine, quickplay is completely useless and slow, weight is TOO Heavy (I should have gotten a 15.4 in. instead of a widescreen)

    Is it time to move on to an Apple or what?

  223. Matthias says:

    Oh yeah, and did I mention the heat management of these HP laptops? Horrible!

  224. i love my dv6000. my piece of crap compaq that i had previously came nowhere near touching what this bad boy can do. I’m happy with my purchase

  225. Update. NOISY DVD DRIVE.

    It seems as if though buying a HP is like a lucky dip.
    Ive had two units in two weeks of Purchase.
    Waiting for Tech to Authorize Refund on damaged unit straight out of box. Indians told me 48hr tech would be at my house – more like 6 days!!!
    My 1st dv6731tx which was replaced due to daily blue screen of Death had a TSST Dvd Drive in & it was Very Noisy. I picked up the 2nd dv6731tx replacement unit from the reseller & this unit has a PIONEER DvD. which is much much Quieter. How do they explain this. i asked HP Indians about this & they gave complete lies & could not even tell the Truth.
    Anyone experiencing a Annoyingly Noisy DVD DRIVE is because HP put cheap nasty into YR UNIT!

    HP are one Nasty Company i have FOUND.
    Dont buy a HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Update.

    I Demanded a refund on my Replacement dv6731tx.
    HP tried to purposely run me over the 14 days.
    Lodged a Complaint with Dept. Fair Trading (Australia). Got a Refund Today. HP – NEVER EVER AGAIN!

    I went out & purchased a New Toshiba M300.
    Its Beautiful…. I Love it.




  227. The laptop makes now a 1 long beep and 2 short. I tried to open his case but it was to hard. I searched the net and found that those beep represetn video problem. If someone could tell me if the video card has a cooler or if you could show me with a picture in wich part of the laptop is the video card.
    It’s not un guarantee anymore so if someone could help I would gladly appreciate
    thank you

  228. If you want to try Linux, forget this laptop. this is the crapiest for Linux. it has broadcom wireless which does not support Linux. Meaning no way you can get ur Linux with wireless (unless you spend nights and weeks fixing this one). It also does not have PCMCIA slot as well .. pretty bad.

    • I’m running Ubuntu 8.10 on mine. Never tried it with the included Vista. The Wireless is working just fine except for the fact that it disconnects if I unplug the mains power and can’t reconnect without a hard reboot.

      Apart from the wireless issue, I can’t really find fault in in the machine in the last 3 months I have had it.

  229. I got to say my DV6119US have the same problem as most people in here have. Can’t turn on your notebook, well, you have to use your hand on this one, press the bottom and the top panel where the power switch is together in order to get power – the contact between the top and the bottom are not connected, and HP wanted $321.10 to fix it. There will be no sound too once you turn it on. That whole panel is screw up and HP know it too.

  230. Hahaha, so you love your HP DV 6000 Pavilion notebook? I did too. Until a year passed, and it started messing up. Let’s see… the screen and oh-so-pretty but easily smudged and scratched glossy cover got thumb prints and scratches that are almost impossible to remove, the battery got jammed, I started getting a greenish horizontal line on the left side of the screen, and finally – the LCD back light inverter went out, and now I have the joyous choice to either pay $300+ to replace it or $700+ to replace the entire LCD (this problem happened just after the warranty ended).

    Oh, and don’t go running to the robot-like incompetent illiterate HP chat online support technicians…they wont be of much help

  231. This is for those of you Who own HP dv6000 series and who are happy or very upset. In 1979 I bought a brand new Mercedes and cost me 24,000. this car spent a lot of time in the shop and then in 1984 I bought a new Mercedes benz and cost me 28,000. it also spent a lot of time in the shop. In 1991 I bought a 420 sel Mercedes it cost me 59,000. it also spent alot of time in the shop. The last Mercedes was 1997 S500 it cost 89,000.always in the shop. I own a dv6000 and its 2 yrs. old and has never been in the shop,paid $700.00??

  232. Lhendup says:

    I have bought a DV6244US HP laptop from Circuit City in Feb 2007 for $1000.
    The configurations of the laptop is:
    Intel core 2 duo T5200 1.6ghz
    1 GB RAM
    Intel 945 Motherboard/graphis
    Intel Wifi
    some cheap DVD writer with lightscribe
    Windows Vista Home Premium

    After three months from the purchase, the battery on my notebook won’t charge. It wasnt a problem with the battery, was a problem with the circuitry in the motherboard.
    I sent it to HP service center and got the motherboard replaced, but it took me 1 month.
    After getting back the notebook, those engineers obviously did something wrong because, the laptop would just go off without no reason.
    So I sent back the notebook to the Service center, and again they replaced the motherboard which took about another 3-4 weeks.
    Now after receiving the notebook, battery and unexpected shut down problems were solved, but there was another problem, some keys like “;, FN key, Windows Key” on the keyboard were not working. And also, the computer would not read the RECOVERY DISK I made. It says the computer is not supported though the recovery disk was made from the same notebook.
    I figured those problems were not much of a big deal and continued to use the notebook for a month, after which I figured not having all the keys on the keyboard was a big headache. So I sent the notebook to the service center and they again changed the Motherboard and the DVD Drive. And it took approx. 1 month.

    Now after using it for some four months, the DVD wont read most disks burned on other PCs, the battery doesn’t charge anymore. Looks like its back to square one, only this time my warranty is over.

    THough like all the rest, I didnt have a wifi problem with my wifi card, maybe its because mine’s intel.

    Anyways, my HP DV6244us notebook has spent a total of 3-4 month’s in HP’s hands. I got to use it for only about 6 months. Never did any notebook I owned prior to this gave me problems like these. I would certainly not recommend any HP notebook to anyone.
    They just plain suck!
    Forget the money lost, it’ll give you a migraine just trying to make it work.

    P.S – Now that my warranty is over, can anyone help me fix this battery charging problem. Could it be due to dust? Because, I got the battery charging one or two times after I have removed it from the notebook and without using the notebook for about 2 days. It charged to 100%. After a few days, the problem came back, and I could never get it to work till now.

    Can it be fixed without a motherboard replacement. Can the motherboard be repaired if I take it to a computer service center?

  233. Stephanie says:

    Ugh.. ok.. I bought the HP laptop May 15th. On June 2nd I had to bring it back to Best Buy because it wouldnt start up (kept saying system restore for like hours, then just a black screen.. eventually it wouldnt even turn on).. the guy at Best Buy told me that I must have purchased a lemon. They exchanged it and gave me a brand new HP that day. So this is my 2nd HP in a month. I now have to bring it back to Best Buy AGAIN because my internet doesnt seem to be working. I cannot connect to ANY network at all. What the hell.. this whole situation is just pissing me off. If you buy something, especially something that’s like $800, you expect it to work, right? I know Macs are a lot of money, and they are set up a little different than Windows.. but if you can afford to get a Mac, do it! I had better luck with my Dell laptop that was 3 years old than I do with this HP which is only a month old. This SHOULD NOT be the case. I’m pissed.

  234. Rivers K says:

    I’ve got the DV6125SE. Its about two years old, still rockin XP. i hate vista. had all sorts of hell

    AMD turion x2 1.8 ghz , gig of ram, 120 gigs of HDD, lightscribe, go 6150 gfx

    CD Rom drive won’t read most of the time

    earlier. i sent it in to HP due do mo’board problems. overheated, damaged the CPU, GPU, and some of the plastic. Hp fixed it free (support propz) got it back. had the wifi problem. flashed the bios. fixed that.
    now. the right speaker, and the damn power button wont work. i read somewhere that its due to the ribbon wire being in a crappy spot. now i have to use the quickplay button to boot the thing up. and cant just hit the power button to hibernate anymore. this computer has been a PIECE. but. the screen is awesome. its got a great keyboard for a laptop. and the camera is of pretty good quality. card reader kicks major ass. and the usb ports on both sides of the unit is great. anyone had just straight hell outta theirs?

    • I’ve had my DV6125se for about 4 years now, and have the exact opposite experience with it. Anything that’s broken on it was a result of my bashing on it. The HP Imprint finish is brilliant and has like no wear on it. Compared to other laptops of similar age that friends of mine have, mine is by FAR the newest looking. I get compliments on it all the time at school. As far as durability goes, mine has been hurled across a room by it’s ethernet port and suffered minimal damage. It’s been launched across the interior of a car during a rather abrupt 90-0mph stop, and kept on ticking. I’ve overclocked it’s 1.8Ghz processor to 2.4ghz and fried it. (HP never questioned why it was utterly F***ed when they were replacing $800 worth of internals…).I’ve had it apart more times than I can remember. I did have the ribbon cable problem, but that was my fault for not being gentle with it. If I had to gripe about it, and I do, I’d say it should have the capacity for more RAM. I’d have liked to see a 1920×1080 or 1680×1050 LCD but that’s a bit out of place in it’s market. Overall it’s been a tank and I totally love it.

  235. HEY JAY … I seem to be having the same probelm with my dv6000 … is it motherboard or graphics card? as far as your other issue, I had that problem too … go to this link for a fix. If I can do it, anyone can. http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=226910

  236. I have a 1 year-old HP dv6245us. I used to have no problems with it, but then I found out about all these issues and updated the BIOs outta the internet.. and now i am stuck with the microphone and webcam.. wtf..

    And yes, it warms up easily… Does anyone have problemas with the mic and webcam?

    thanks in advance, regards..

  237. Just bought the HP Pavillion d6000. My previous HP ze1230 worked great for 5 years so I felt an obligatin to stay with HP. 2nd day my screen began dimming and finally realized my battery was almost dead although plugged in. It’s the ac plug on the laptop that is my problem. Blue light goes on and off and causes the battery discharging. I wonder if this is causing anyone else a battery issue. I’ll bet charging and uncharging like it is doing will shorten the life quickly.

    My old HP was plugged in and out at last twice a day for 5 years with no issue. My new one lasted 2 days. wonder what my odds are? Customer service was good but she had no clue. I knew she couldn’t help but thoughtI’d try out th service with all the complaints. Never had to call them in 5 years.

  238. I have the HP Pavilion dv6000 and I have no idea how to use the WEB CAM…help?

    • I have just been battling with the same question Elise. Thanks for raising the issue.

    • you can get into the quick cam for the quick play – go to start go to programs to quick play and you will see
      hp webcam option. You can play around with it there.

      have fun!

  239. Thanks for the advice. I had to go to the QuickPlay Manager and set up a Password then back to QuickPLay to select the camera option. No working fine

  240. hi! I am having problems with my intenal microphone in my hp pavilion dv6835nr. When I am using skype, the person I am talking to can’t hear me clearly. I plugged an external microphone but it did’nt work too. I also try to disable the internal microphone and plug the external but didn’t work. Anyone pls help me. Thank you very much.

  241. I keep getting a message “spooler subsystem” failure. It started when I tried loading a PDF writer.

    System has slowed down and Word takes a lot of time to load pictures and images
    I have loaded the sertvice pack and reinstalled Office 2003.

    No joy
    Any ideas please

  242. Hi Ijust want to know that is thre fire wire option in the hp pavilion dv 6000.Thanks

  243. HP is CRAAAAAAP. Dont Buy HP.

  244. Wow, and I thought I was the only one having problems with the Pavilion 6000. Let me just say that when it works, it works like a dream…pages load fast, etc. But, when it malfunctions, it really screws up. This is my very first laptop, and unfortunatly I had problems after 2 weeks. It all started with the webcam, noticed the screen was dark, and got even darker till I couldn’t see an image of myself…I then knew this was a bad sign. Took my laptop at Best Buy to fix the webcam, got it back and it still didn’t work. Then, I started getting the dreaded blue screen warning…yes, I had a harddrive issue that needed to be fixed pronto! Took it back a second time, and now I had these new problems:

    Webcam corruption
    Explorerer stopped working
    Earphone adapter no longer working
    Wireless not working, can’t access the internet
    USB not working properly

    Took it back a third time, and it works much better, but Webcam and earphone still doesn’t work, and occasionally get “such and such” stopped working. And yes, it overheats and the battery only last less than 2 hours. However, using a cooling pad seems to help the overheating, so I recommend buying one. I also kept getting disconnection problems over the internet after every 30 minutes, so I decided to replace my Motorola Gateway Wireless N with a Linksys Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit router, and I no longer have internet problems…best purchase I made so far.

    Next purchase I make when updating my laptop will be an Apple. Cheers! 🙂

  245. HP_DV6000_PoorBuild says:

    I picked up an HP DV6800 (DV6000 series) last week from Best Buy. However, after taking my girlfriend’s identical DV6300 (which she bought exactly 9 months ago) to Futureshop for a dead wireless card (it was actually a motherboard problem but HP nor Futureshop failed to tell us- I found out through a insider IT friend of mine) and for another issue with it randomly shutting down on its own…AND literally reading thousands of posts about the DV6000’s very dismal and poor hardware track record from users on many different sites. I have decided to return my unit altogether and not worry about it breaking down in the next few months.

    If I’m spending my hard earned money on a product, I expect it to work flawlessly (2-3 years atleast!). My good ol’ IBM T21 laptop lasted me 6 years without a hiccup! In comparison the HP DV6000-DV9000’s 6month to 1 year track record is absolutely appalling!

    Five years ago HP was a respected company with a strong track record for solid and stable products (my trusty HP 932C printer is still working rock solid since the day I purchased it five years ago).

    However, recently I was shocked to read about the failure rate on their laptops! Shame on HP for such poor quality control and even letting these units off the factory floors.

    I will never purchase another HP product again.

  246. Rob Moore says:

    I bought an HP Pavillion dv6000 for my 14 year old teenager and would like to know if there is a way I can take a monitor feed out of her computer (via line or RF) when she is at home and (occasionally) monitor what she is doing or who she is talking to remotely on my computer (MacBook Pro)?? in my office. I run a business from my home office and we have Airport Extreme wireless internet through the house. Thanks for your help from a concerned father of a teenager daughter.

    • i have one and i have no idea if that is possible or not BUT i do know that if u go on the internet on her computer, click on the star [favorites button] in the top left hand corner, and click on “history” you can check on what sites she has been on recently hope that helps

  247. *************** DONT BUY HP CHEAP GARBAGE ***************


  248. ############################HP notebooks Are Troublesome Cheaply Made Junk.

  249. I have been so busy repairing 3 separate IBM Lap tops, theses lap tops had different problems, but they were all operator fault.These lap tops; IBM,Toshiba,Dell,etc. all have one thing in common, XP or vista, serious issues with commands, drivers,registry coruption,viruses-worms-spyware and process problems,esp.AMD heat factors,

    Please get your computers to stay cool and reboot after task manager is used to close a stubborn program. Why did Microsoft install a recovery program? Because the average operator does not know enough to trouble shoot and repair.Sell your HP and try a different brand, maybe you will have better luck.Multi tasking a computer that cost under 1200.is askig for trouble. All the keys for commands are very fragile! Remember to delete and then defrag. Remember that a desk top PC is sitting still and hardly ever moved and your living room TV I dare you to move it around alot and see how long that will last. Hint, return a lemon right away, regardless of who makes it.


    Just to let people know that HP will extend your warranty free for one more year (even if it has already run out) if your wireless has since broken. HP recognises there is a problem and will do a repair free(SEE LINK)-


    This link does’nt mention a free repair in the UK, but when I rang them up they told me I was eligible

  251. mY HP dv6000 is awsome for a person that loves to just type and listen to music, its five steps up from my old Gateway notebook and the quality in the screen is more than i can ask for,i really got a great deal most people would say it was a steel. not to metion ive had NO problems i read about here after having it for quite a few months now. I guess you can say i just know how to treat my stuff.

  252. Tyler Anderson says:

    Guys please listen. Don’t buy HP. Don’t even think about it. I have a dv6000 and have had mostly vista related issues until lately. I just got my notebook back for the wireless issue (it actually came back with two buttons they broke) and have used it 4 hours and it now will not load vista and i have the blue screen of death. (either vista or the popular battery issue) It has just been a huge hassle. Buy an mac. I know people say it all the time but its true. I bought a macbook pro and it is truly a world of difference. It is well worth the extra money. If you have an issue you take it to the store or call apple. There is no forwarding your phone call to some foreign country or deciding wether to call hp or Microsoft about the issue. My mac pulls up files faster it can multi task 10 times better. Please as a person who has had both, my vote is for mac

    • My grphics card lasted 18 months. Of course HP will only help if I give them more money. Am now trying to get an address for somebody in the company who would like a $1000 paper weight. So long HP.

  253. Jaime D. says:

    I bought my dv600 spring 2007. One year later, complete hard drive failure. Knowing of the motherboard issues, I had them replace the motherboard while they had it, but told them I would purchase my own new hard drive – they wanted $450! Anyway, now that I have it back, we’ve replaced the hard drive and used the recovery discs – but have no sound from speakers or headphones. Although, we can hear the little beaps from the quick launch buttons. Anyone had this problem? Any ideas??? Does anyone know whether the sound device is built into the motherboard?? This is the only thing left in the trouble shooting guide that I haven’t tried – don’t wnat to mess with the BIOS if not necessary.

  254. I bought the dv60000 a couple of days ago. I can’t say I am extremely pleased with it. The ultra-reflective screen means that I am currently searching for a good screen protector. I’m going off to university in a few months and don’t think I will be able to manage with such short battery life (just over one hour!). The laptop makes a lot of noise.

    On the positive side of things, I got 3GB Ram, a 320GB hard drive and 2.4 GHZ for a reasonable price. Maybe I’ll get accustomed to this. But for now, I certainly would not recommend HP to anyone. (Try a Toshiba, maybe.)

  255. Ed Dotson says:

    I have a HP Pavllion dv6325us running Vista Ultimate, and I’m experiencing problems when I google and look at sites with lots of pictures (like searching for furniture, etc.) and then come back to my desktop, it won’t display the desktop correctly…. stuff that should be at bottom is at top…. etc.
    Is anyone else experiencing this?

  256. hey, im pretty computer savvy and all, but i cant figure out how to use the webcam to save my life. if you knw plz email me.


  257. Well. The web cam issue has always been a problem, I have an external and it came with software(drivers etc,I suggest to click programs and then click on HP webcam, or go to “Movie maker” the option is also there. The sound problem is usually A driver, check your system (hard ware) look for sound and and re-install your driver? Or g0 to control panel and click on sound and the take it ftom there. Hard drives are noisy at times when they are going out, new ones because the are over 120 gbz.Listen restore to a date when your computer was running great?

  258. Steve J (Sydney) says:

    HP Now blame Nvidia for all the Problems……….
    Ha. What a Joke!
    Blaming nvidia is a Real Dog Act.

    ******* DONT BUY HP JUNK!!! *********

    • I happen to work at a extended warranty department for compusa ans radio shack, and the dv6000 is the one that almost everyone has problems with, bad lcd, wireless card, battery , ac adapter , motherboard, hard drive failure, you name it, there is even a recall on them

  259. ive placed my remote into the express card slot and for some reason when i press the card slot the card wouldn’t come out.. anyone eles having the same problem? any answers?

  260. Ehh. All you who talk as if HP is really THAT bad as in terms of hardware, you’ve gotta been kidding me. I was ripped off for my at Walmart for $1000 at Walmart so laugh if you must. Yes I know the Tech. Support sucks. That’s what they really need to fix.
    Now my problem?
    I’ve had my dv6000 since February 22nd, 2006… and I’m pestered because recently, my battery adapter has completely torn inside and out… and I went to the website to find it. Couldn’t find it. And this is serious because I can’t go into my first year of High School without it… I’d die if I had to use the 2002 Compaq I’m currently using.
    Can someone help me find the dv6000 adapter link or something? I need it before the school season (and my personal gaming/chat/web needs)? :3
    Please and Thank Yous! ;D

  261. HP dv6000 is the worst laptop ever made! I bought it a year ago and it already had 2 breakdowns…the graphic card was the problem both times. I know at least 6 people who had the same problem with this model and I advise you not to buy it.

  262. I bought a hp pavilion notebook dv6324us and it is under recall (motherboard issue) So let me start by saying i have had the notebook for about a year now and it just started to malfunction(completely turn off) while on battery power alone at random times.
    I have insurance on the notebook and had sent it to them twice and they sent it back to me unfixed because they just found out about the recall a week ago from what they told me so they could not detect the problem The insurance company told me that they would give me a refurbished replacement notebook or a 400 dollar gift card so i got pissed. I herd about the recall and called hp before anything and now they plan to replace the motherboard. But with all the trouble ive had with the computer and all I PERSONALLY FEEL AS IF THEY SHOULD REPLACE THE LAPTOP WITH A BRAND NEW ONE PS IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE REPLY THANKS

  263. by the way i spent over 1500 on that laptop which sometimes gets me overly streesed

  264. I have a HP Pavilion dv6000 Notebook as well. My HP Pavilion dv6000 Entertainment Notebook PC is great, but unfortunately it has many problems, but not too bad. I’ve been having my laptop for almost two years and it was worked amazing, that is, if you love a laptop that makes everything look real!

    Things I hate about this HP laptop:

    1. ) It generates/creates too much heat. (when the computer is in use for about an hour it starts to warm up or heat up, which makes the TouchPad/mouse very warm for your fingers/hands, plus it can start to make your working area more warm than usual.)

    2. ) Cannot be used outside when sun is out because it’ll make a very bad glare in the screen that works like a mirror. (You can see your self better in the screen than the desktop items or programs, which I find very annoying!)

    3. ) The QuickPlay buttons above the speakers can be easily press and cause the laptop to turn on when is off. Also, when the computer is on, it creates a very loudly noise when each button is press to open a media program.

    4. ) The webcam does NOT work without some type of sunlight! (if there’s not light in your room, the webcam will be dark, but if there’s very bright light, it’ll be all white, it must have some type of sunlight, not electric light!)

    5. ) It is not very portable! Because of its size it is kind of heavy and cannot just simply fit anywhere!

    6. ) DO NOT BUY this computer with windows vista it’ll have many bugs that will make many programs not work properly!

    7.) The battery does not like more than an hour!!!!!!!! must have it plug in all the time!!!

    8.) does not have much memory!

    Things I LOVE about this laptop!

    1.) It is SUPER FAST! It turns on and off in a flash, and programs can be open easily without causing the computer to freeze!

    2.) The screen makes every video look so real! The graphics are really great! And everything is high quality, not just videos! This computer is the new TV!!!

    3.) Awesome speakers! If you like to listen to music this computer is for you because the speakes can be loud and not loud just perfect! (but if you like listening to music with the lid close than that will cause the music to sound like an echo 🙁

    4.) Great outside design!

    5.) Burns CD’s like a charm!

    6.) Detects wireless connects quicky!

    7.) its windows vista capable, so know need waste more money to buy one with windows vista! just Upgrade it yourself!

    8.) 3D is the way to go with this laptop!

    Hate it or love it, but i love it though i hate what i mentioned!

  265. I bought a Hp dv 6000 in xmas it has the built in webcam which dose not work on msn an poorly on yahoo msger. Also I did a service update for my vista and now the built in speaker makes an popping sound when i look at webpages even when sound is muted. Is there a way i can fix that? and yes the AMD causes alot of heat i use one of those plug in fantrays for under the computer and it cools the bottom off good mine has 4 fans on it… Any ideas about the speaker problem?

  266. Hi,

    I just bought dv6933 model from Costco and after reading all your reviews about dv 6000 series, I am so scared of this laptop. Have any one has bought this laptop and have had any issues with this dv6933 series. Please share your comments which will help me to determine whether to hold on to this laptop or return it in the store.


    • Steve J (Sydney) says:

      RETURN IT!


      They have had more recalls this year!
      My bet is that you will have issues at some stage!
      Its not worth the unreliability,
      Hp laptops have o many issues.
      Honestly i understand how you feel.
      you will never feel confident in it!
      get a reliable machine & you will love it.

      • Steve J (Sydney) says:

        i meant soooooooooooooooooo many problems.

        Hp are not releasing all the Models affected as it would kill there business & are just trying to keep it as quiet as possible.

        The point being all HP Laptops are cheaply made
        and all have problems at present!!!
        (New Toshiba Satellite Series or Macbooks are very

        • Steve J (Sydney) says:

          HP Products are strategically aimed at the Business world as most companies have insurance or can afford to replace hp’s products or have some type of HP Coverage (More $$$$).
          HP Products are not for the Individual who
          wants , needs & Deserves Reliability.
          HP No.1 customer is the Corporate Industry.
          Keep Away

    • I keep it in side do not put it on the couch the fan under the bottom cannot cool it properly…also make sure to get the extended warranty when the warranty is up sale it. make sure to have a good virus sofeware and do the updates every week

  267. okay, first off you guys are completely dumb and always saying shit about the hp pavilion dv6000 series notebook.


    unless you are frankly the type person who finds a way to make it screw up and complain… go figure. I haven’t had problems since the day i bought mine. It is all on how well you keep your computer and how well you keep your system updated. Most of you jackoff’s are such shit stained son of a bitches… you just complain about the computer this and the computer that..

    if your computer seems screwed up….. why don’t you try the system restore feature? i hear most of your guys complaining about buying cd’s… you don’t need to buy restoration cd’s when you have the utility built into the system…..

    and DON’T ever say buy a toshiba… i had one… their battery life sucks. and their technical support sucks as well. and when you buy extended warranty, they WILL cut it off one year early. and jip you off 150 dollars.

    so anyway.

    nothing wrong with the hp… maybe something is wrong with the hp owner..

    just my $0.02 cents.

    • Steve J (Sydney) says:

      U R AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!




      • Steve J (Sydney) says:


    • Steve J (Sydney) says:



      • oh really?

        how come my computer didn’t fail for the past 1 and a half years now? How come my battery can keep it’s 2 and a half or better battery life? if it had the so called recalls……. why hasn’t mine showed anything?

        the only thing i recieved was a windows popup saying a certain program is causing my computer to act unusual.. but IF most people actually do the updates like it says to do when that shows up. problem solved…..

        and this computer aint cheap rubbish….. look, it has 2 gb of ram….. and i just bought a dell with 4 gb… and yet the del already crashed and it runs much slower than this hp i got……
        i’ll go hp anyday……

        and as far as your computer, i am sorry you got a bad computer….. maybe you should be sure it wasn’t RE manufactered.

        • maybe you were one in a million but do not call us names without knowing us or who we are. What right do you have? I know my Pc and use it as anyone else wourl yes I do updates and the Fing HP updates are what messed up my bloody ass PC. HP is unreliable in terms of customer service and trusting their damned updates. GO APPLE is what I say. That will be my next buy. No more crap, no more crashes, no more retarded glitches and hitches and fails and not responding bullshit.
          I spent $1200 on my dv6000, and it ain’t worth $300.
          Stop bashing people. No need to insult good folks here struggling for days, weeks and hours away from doing real work and other things than finding solutions to HP unreliable crap. I have beeter stuff to do than find a solution that HP does not have for their own freakin machines. When tech support is dumber than dumb that reflects badly on this company.
          Good for you if you have a wonderful diamond in the rough. Really. Because when we all bought this HP, we all thought we were getting quality. Bullshit. They intentionally put out machines that are defective and then make fraudulent cash by getting victims coming in for repairs. What a company you are defending!

    • Dave – not to be confrontational – but you are clearly not completely informed – HP has a gaggle of anger users whose laptop computers have become non-functional usually just after the 1 year experiration date – leaving many with a paper weight at an average price of about $1100 – some as high as $2200 and the problem is world wide with complaints from many different countries – so far HP’s response – well pathetic. To date at least 3 class action lawsuits are being planned (now in their fact finding phase). While HP claims the GPU (Nvidia – more class action suits there) is the problem – they have accepted those units which have AMD configurations for an extended warranty program but reports coming back from those repaired – average repair life – 90 days. I have pasted the site where you can follow this if thats your thing but I can assure you it has been HEAVILY censored by HP – what is there to read is 100’s less than what have been posted.

    • A little harshly put, but you’ve definitely got a point there. I reformat my system every 6 months. This may seem excessive to most people, and it probably is. I think the reason why my 4 year old mid-range laptop is blowing away $2000 gaming systems from the same time period is because of the maintenance. The expensive high-end systems are maintained by friends of mine who have no computer skills, other than opening IE 6 and watching porn, playing WOW, and using MS word. Agreed about the toshiba remark. I think for the money, the DV6 blows away everything in it’s class. At least that’s my experience with it.

  268. Steve J (Sydney) says:


    • Steve J (Sydney) says:

      set google alerts for HP DV6000!

      Read daily the issues that arise.. DAILY.
      Its amazing. HP should be made to refund all those people who have spent hard earned dollars on there cheap garbage; who has issues. its criminal & HP should be
      fined heavily.
      ReManufactured. what sort of decent company sells remanufactured goods packaged as Brand New????
      Um…. HP!
      There we go folks that should be enough right there to turn u off buying a HP.

    • hahaha. no.. -____-

      your just a dumb ass… yeah i am paid sure buddy.. in fact. i’ll post a video on youtube and make a whole confessions on how much i don’t give a shit what you say…. i know my computer is good, has been and will be..

      your just mad because your computer is messed up..

      • Steve J (Sydney) says:

        My computer aint messed up at all Tosser!
        New Satellite M300 with 3gb ram…. is Reliable.
        Not 1 Problem with it. Its an Awesome Laptop!
        I returned 2x DV 6731tx Recently because they crap & got a refund! How dumb am I u??? U Porkchop!
        You go on you tube but i wouldnt waste my time with
        Tuckwits like you & anybody who would needs a life!
        Your a True Wombat!

        • yeah whatever……..

          you got a laptop your happy with so do i.

          anyways.. nice meeting you.


          why don’t you settle it like a real man, and not get all angry over a stupid forum……. people have their likes and dislikes..

          but that is dependent on a person. but oh well..

          life is life i guess……..

        • Steve J (Sydney) says:




        • Steve J (Sydney) says:

          YOU started it!
          Oh you are one of them (Old Woman)

          You called us all Jackoff’s.
          see ya Old Mother Hubbard sitting behind his computer screen. Here in Australia we settle it in the back yard!
          Go Round up yr Geese, fool!

    • well it comes down to the model, a close relative has a laptop that is the same series but different model as mine and they look identical.(with different specs of coarse), i have the dv6324us and it has given me more problems than you could imagine. my relative has a dv6205us and it has never had a problem now being two years. I figure that hp has about 70% of there laptops that are worthless due to defective recalls and 30% that are considered decent, efficient laptops. the way they build most laptops is to last about a year and then breakdown in order for easy going customers to repurchase there brandname notebooks. because most customers do not know much about hp they get low balled by the company………..:(

  269. i started it and your feeding into it.



    • Steve J (Sydney) says:

      yeah sorry i shouldnt feed in to it!

      you cant help it if your mentally ill.

      sorry mate.

    • Steve J (Sydney) says:

      yeah sorry i shouldnt feed in to it!

      you cant help it that your mentally ill.

      sorry mate.

      • god, no hard feelings man.

        it is just like your wife calling you to bed and your like NO!! SOMEONE IS WRONG ON THE INTERNET..

        • Steve J (Sydney) says:

          Na yr wrong again u drugged up Fairy!

          U need to see a Psychiatrist or u could just jump off a bridge.
          u remind me of a Garbage Collector on Prozac who is defending His crap Hp Laptop
          That he found in a bin & it still works!

  270. I have been reading all the negatives regarding the HP dv 6000 series. My conclusion is not by far scientific but from experience. I noticed that most of all those of you with “Vista OP” are having the problems;You absolutely need more than 2.gigz and more RAM if you have Vista, Drivers are not (software)are not working well with this operating system. Everyone talks about compatable issues, The processor seems to be over working and certainly heats up and “Fouls” Strangely a “virtual memory loss” not able to handle multi tasking. Xp on the other hand does not require a fast processor, A laptop with under 800 mhz w/512 ram does real well (no over heating problrms “Intel” chip” ?

  271. ya srry u are wrong bobt I own this laptop and run vista perfectly for over a year with 2 gigs of ram. I use intel as well a 1.73 dual core also perfect. Drivers also work. It also handles PLENTY of multitasking for such a slow processor (my laptop is not slow).

    I have owned my dv6000 for more than 1 year without almost no problems.

    • Steve J (Sydney Aus) says:

      Sorry YOU ARE Wrong!

      Why is there a Huge List of Recalls for Hp Computers.
      Including Mostly dv6000 series?????????

      Hp have had plenty of time to solve this and get it right. But they are not to worried about getting it right it seems. Greed & Cheap Mass Production.

    • Good for you John. Apparently you are the “exception” not the rule. The rest of us have been molested…. to put it mildly!

  272. I don’t know about the dv6000 series, but my dv2313cl died tonight. Same symptoms as described in other forums, too much heat, video dies. Apparently there is a 4 page list of notebooks on the HP site that they will fix for free, but who wants that hassle, will it truly be fixed? Or just happen in another 6-12 months?

    Thankfully I have this reliable Asus EeePC to use.

    Those HPs, maybe more so the AMD ones generate way too much heat. I should have returned it when I got in the argument with HP tech. about Vista being crap. He told me to return it then.

    Wife says Costco will give us a refund, not going to deal with 30 day wait as some have dealt with. Guess we will see how that 2 yr. Costco warranty really works for us. Printed out all the complaints for ammunition, including the HP site itself.

    Has HP ever heard of testing their products?

  273. i got the hp pavillion and i learned how to use the webcam but its too small a screen and i cant get the other parts of the screen what should i do????????????

  274. I purchased my HP Pavillion dv6000 around October of 2007 and about a month ago my battery has completely stopped charging so I’ve been running it off of my power cord.

    How has the new battery HP sent you held up?

    Do the batteries just not last long or were there a problem with them?

    • Steve J (Sydney Aus) says:

      The Batteries are Terrible & do not last long.
      Most dv6000 users have to rely on The power adaptor to use laptops.
      Good Batteries for Calculator maybe, not a laptop.

    • I purchased a DV6000 and so far have had the mainboard replaced and 1 stick of faulty Ram…If it keeps playing up we will see if the damn thing can float..

  275. i have an hp dv6000 laptop and the screen will not come on. of course i’ve had it about 14 months so warranty is out. is tere anything i can try to get the screen working before i sell it for parts.

  276. Hi, just got my HP DV6000 today and would like to know what to do to have it durable and very efficient for my use. Thanks.

  277. Just got this from a chat session with HP support. If you have the blank screen, 1 long beep, two short beeps issue, try this: unplug the power, take out the battery, hold down the power button for about 30-60 seconds, plug the power back in and restart. This apparently releases built up static charge. I was skeptical, but it restored a dead screen pavillion dv6000 brought to me for repair. However, HP does acknowledge a problem with this model and have a special extension on the warranty to cover this type of failure. Even if your 1 year warranty has expired, you should check it out with them to see if you’re covered-they will replace the mother board, if necessary, at no charge. Shipping is also free.

    • Thank you SB
      your little tricky about the static charge worked for me
      I was advised by HP technical support online to bring the notebook for repair… now it’s OK…
      Many thanks again!!!

  278. I have had my Dv6000 for a year and a half. Needless to say for the past 9 months I have had major battery issues. My battery only lasts 19 minutes from a full charge, i sent it in and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Also I sent it in with XP they returned it with Vista full of adware and bloatware. Rrrr. I sent it in again and this time they replaced the Battery and mother board. Now I am not very tech savvy but you would think it would be fixed by now. I just got it back and my battery life has improved but a full charge only gives me about an hour. Shouldnt a brand new battery running vista last for the 2 hours and 35 minutes that I read about in all of the reviews for the HP Pavilion dv6000 ? Any suggestions? Help!

  279. I bought a used 1 year old DV6000 which is now actually considered a DV6408nr model because it was recalled and had the motherboard and thermal pad replaced.

    The original owner sold it to me after she reimaged the hard drive.

    I spent countless hours istalling about 65 windows updates, and after I would install the HP updates, “HP update” itself would not work!

    I took me nearly a full week with support to figure out that instead of using HP update links that were preinstalled on the system, I needed to use the fresh “new” links that support provided me during our online trouble shooting session, which they also emailed to me.

    I reset the system as they instructed, reinstalled windows vista, then first did all the windows updates, then used the direct links HP provided for updating the HP software.

    My system now operates quick and smooth, with no critical update notices or errors.

    The only issue I have now is that the bottom emmitts ALOT of heat. This is because it uses AMD rather than Intel which operates cooler. In addition, the cooling fan installed on these models do not spin fast enough to keep it cool. About the only thing you can do is avoid blocking air from the bottom of the laptop. Try keeping the lower left corner clear from your leg, couch, carpet, comforter, desk,etc.. The more air you allow to get to that area, the cooler it will stay.
    Unless HP installs a faster cooling fan or develops a way for AMD to run cooler like Intel, you’re gonna feel the heat!

    Do what you can to keep the bottom lower left corner cool, and you will definately add extra life to your motherboard, thermal pad, and the entire HP.

    For what it’s worth..


  280. I’ve had the HP Pavillion dv6000 for about a month now. I love it. I was looking for a docking station when I found this review. Its a great machine and the price makes it a FANTASTIC value.

    Great work HP, please keep it up.

  281. I love the initiative behind the HP DV6000 series laptops. It had everything you would need in a laptop.

    However, mine went dead one month after the warranty expired.

    Apparently it is a known issue with HP and they are offering a “HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement” program to help those people out whose warranty expired. Yeah I know someone posted on this already.

    My post is for those who, (for whatever reason), cannot access the service enhancement program.

    If you need to change your motherboard then you don’t need to pay your local technician tons of cash to get it done. You can do it yourself. I just changed my motherboard myself and updated the BIOS to hopefully stem this problem from happening again.

    The problem was that the BIOS only turned the fan on at an extremely high temperature. At lower temperatures the fan went off and the build up of this excess heat over time damaged certain components. You might see some people complain about the WLAN cards or external VGA ports not working. These are symptoms of the same problem. Eventually the motherboard gets damaged to the extent where it can no longer function.

    Here is what you need to do if you plan on changing your motherboard yourself:

    * Locate and download the Maintenance and Service Guide for your model. Search for it on HP’s website. It is simple to find.

    1. Look for the spare part replacement of your motherboard on the Internet. When you open the memory module compartment and remove the RAM, you should see a sticker on the motherboard saying that you should replace it with HP Spare XXXXXX-XXX. Alternatively you can find the spare part number in your service guide. (My service guide did not give me an accurate spare part number though)

    2. Search on the Internet for a merchant selling HP spare parts. I bought my motherboard from Getpartsonline.com. There are others like pchub.com or laptoprepairparts.com or lapzone.com. (best buy a new and not used or refurbished MB; just my opinion).

    3. Once you have purchased your new MB, you can follow the instructions in the service guide on how to remove and replace the motherboard.

    4. Be sure to transfer all of the necessary cables to the new MB. Also, if they used thermal paste on your CPU heatsink you might need to remove the old paste and apply a new layer.

    5. Reverse the procedures outlined in the service guide to reassemble your laptop.

    That should be all and your laptop should be functional again. However, be sure to go to the drivers download page for your laptop and download the F.40 BIOS updates. Follow the instructions carefully and precisely to install the BIOS update. This would update the fan control algorithm to safeguard against this problem reoccurring.

    I post this assuming that you know beyond doubt that your MB needs replacing. Be sure and try some basic troubleshooting procedures first before you just go and replace your motherboard.

    1. You might want to check if your battery is not working. Remove the battery and plug the laptop directly into a power outlet. If it boots, then it is a battery problem. If not,

    2. Remove the RAM modules and test them one by one. If you still are unable to determine the problem, then,

    3. Remove the hard drive, WLAN card, and DVD Drive. With the RAM installed try booting the system again (you might be saying well if the HDD is out then how can the darn thing boot! I am not troubleshooting HDD problems, I’m troubleshooting system booting up problems. A lot has to happen before the system checks for a HDD). If it boots then one of these devices was the culprit. If nothing happens, then

    4. Unplug the LCD screen cable (refer to your service guide). Connect another monitor to the external display port. If it boots then your laptop’s LCD might have a short, if not then,

    5. Check to see if the CPU is slack. Again refer to your service guide on how to remove the CPU.

    6. If the CPU looks fine and doesn’t have a funny burnt smell then the problem lies with your MB. CHANGE IT.

    Some people might think that because the fan doesn’t spin at startup that a faulty CPU fan might be the culprit. These laptops without the latest BIOS update don’t spin up the fan until the laptop gets extremely hot. Don’t bet on seeing the fan spinning when you just turn on the laptop. It might turn on for a few seconds then turn off as a POST procedure but thats it.

    Hope this helps someone out there. I went through tons and tons of forums and none of them helped.



  282. I had my dv6000 for a year and a half. I have already brought my unit to the service center 5 months after I bought it because of this no display problem (along with 1 long and 2 short beeps). They said they replaced the motherboard. After nine months, I faced the same problem again. The service center is now asking me for about $500 for a motherboard replacement. Didn’t they just did that already? I felt I was being ripped-off. I searched if my unit was included in the HP limited service warranty and I found it to be nowhere. What a rip-off. I stop trusting HP products for now. They should just recall all defective dv6000 units that is out there and save their faces (not to mention their business) from more embarassment because of this.

    • I agree….. HP should be held accountable for this poorly made product. I purchased my HP DV6119 in 2006 and have had nothing but problems since. The wireless network wouldn’t work and I tried everything— lost data doing a destructive recovery. Only to find out from digging deep that this notebook had an extended service warranty for this problem. HP didn’t even notify folks! And they will not replace your motherboard unless you are having the problem. I am willing to bet all the notebooks will eventually have this problem, but HP will wait until you are SOL (no longer covered under the “service enhancement warranty”) and do nothing. I have a BBB complaint because now my hard drive has crashed, the AC adapter has broken twice, the battery is dead, and it does overheat constantly. I know it is two years old, but $1000 is a lot to some of us to spend on crap.

  283. sorry, I forgot to put the specs of my unit:

    Pavilion dv6353eu
    AMD Turion X2 1.6 G
    nVidia Go 7200
    1 gb ram
    Vista HP

    • Tony,

      You can get a new brand Toshiba with 3GB of RAM for US$500.

      I don’t know much about Toshiba but it doesn’t make sense spending US$500 to have your same old HP repaired.

      As for why it failed a second time. MAYBE they forgot to update the BIOS to F.40? Of course it could be another problem as well. If you are up to it try some more troubleshooting.

      For everyone who got their MB replaced, please check to see the BIOS version. If it is older than F.3D it would be wise to update it to F.40.

      Sorry dude. At least you might still have your data. Remove the hard drive (you will need to remove it from its “shell” as well) and get one of those SATA to USB adapters. You should be able to use it as an external drive to another PC and have access to your data.

      • I had 2 faulty HP DV6731tx in 2 weeks 3 months ago,
        I got a Refund And Purchased a New Toshiba Satellite
        M300/300 added 1gb of ram (making it 3gb of ram).
        I love it!!!
        Not 1 Problem!!!


        It is a Really Good Laptop!!!

        Everybody i know with a HP Machine has Problems.
        How do HP Get Away It?

      • My unit has the F.3D BIOS version in it. I check the HP website for the F.40 BIOS version but couldn’t find it. Actually, I can still somewhat operate my unit. But the problem is still there. What I will do is, remove everything pertaining to power and press the power button to discharge any static electricity. After numerous tries, my unit will boot up like there was no problem at all. I decided that I will not have my unit repaired, for the meantime, until HP finally solve these recurring problems.

  284. Hello All,

    Just wanted to share my experience with HP DV6324US. Actually, my issues are over with the laptop and its working fine now (hopefully for a longer time from now on).

    Here’s my story, my network adapter failed within 2-3 months of my purchase and I was using an external adapter. Last week, my laptop wouldn’t even start and keeps turning off as soon I power it up. I did not even see the HP welcome screen. That’s when I came across this thread and realized there is a Service Enhancement program.

    Please note that if you have power related problems or wireless adapter issues within 2 years after you bought the laptop, you are ELIGIBLE for a FREE problem fix/replacement with this Enhancement Program (even if your warranty has expired). Call 1-866-671-7362 for customer service, this is not the usual HP number and the folks who serve us here are FANTASTIC. Mention them about the SERVICE ENHANCEMENT program.

    I shipped my laptop on a Monday and got it back Thursday, that’s how fast the customer service was. Hope my experience helps the ones here. All the best!!

  285. I bought HP pavilion DV6000 a year ago. Now I have a bad wireless and hot battery. My next lap top will not a HP one.

  286. my pavillions keyboard is no loner workin properly some letters as you can tell by my sent3ence no loner work and te delete key doesnt eiter…tis is ridiuclous anybody know ow to elp? its pissin me off so muc. ive cleaned out te keys ive reinstalled te drivers notin….dammit elppppp please!

    • Hey Julie

      I’ve had two HP laptops that had the same problem. Random keys stopped working and some keys get stuck (namely g, h, F4, backspace, and others)… I had to send it in to the poor service of HP Repair Centre where they took 4 weeks to fix and ship it back.

      It seems like it’s the only solution. Just remember not to buy HP next time. They have problems with keyboards, the built-in webcams, the wireless receiver … can’t all be a coincidence. HP hardware quality is just really poor.

      • One more thing, my battery life is less than one hour. I’ve only had the laptop for 6 months. People reading, don’t buy HP if you want a quality product.

    • Try connecting an external keyboard and see if it helps.

      • Tried that, and it worked fine. HP builds some cheap keyboards for their laptops… unacceptable quality control.

  287. A FEW annoyances? When did not being able to charge the laptop because it keeps getting drained, not being able to use the wireless card because it fails, and not being able to start up correctly become annoyances? They’re full blown problems and it’s junk. HP is the worst and their customer service SUCKS. Even when we first received our HP Pavillion dv6000, it was still VERY VERY slow, compared to the new Dell XPS we got. But I guess, this is just a way for HP to get money temporarily, eh? Sending our laptops back and forth, getting charged money… buying new parts, extending warranties… Good job, HP. I’ll be looking forward to the day you go out of business because your laptops SUCK.

  288. Well i’ve had a problem on my driver (it couldn’t read a dvd or a cd and when it did it was shaky and the sounds had cuts) since the very first week.. then i went back to best buy and they gave me another brand new pc but after about 1 year and a half the problem began again.. i totally agree about the abnormal heat..

  289. I have the dv6324us. Got it May 2007 with the Windows Vista. I had to reboot at least 3 times before it would actually work (which mean using up at least 30 minutes of my time). If I left it on but put down the monitor, and try to use it again even after just 30 minutes, I would have to boot it up again (x3). After about two weeks of frustrating time-wasting, I asked my husband to install Linux and XP on it (dual-boot) and it worked “perfectly”. I thought it was perfect compared to the earlier frustrations, until I read more problems connected to this laptop. This year, it died roughly about 3 mos after warranty expired (1-yr), as in, the blue lights are up, I could hear a short hum, some short beeps when I touch the blue lights, but monitor is black. Tried external monitor, same thing. Tried to reboot, same thing. So in the past week I had been searching for possible solutions (I’d hate to replace it with a new laptop when it has not reached two years!), and saw the many problems associated with it. In retrospect now, I see other problems that I have had in using this laptop: on and off detection of wireless, battery heating up too soon so my laptop would shut off suddenly (especially when watching DVD on it), and lately, battery just would not recharge enough, that I had to have it plugged in all the time when I used it.
    In searching for solution, I came across the service enhancement program of HP and saw my product listed there eligible for repair. I called and said the problem about the monitor failure (which was included in the symptoms expected in this series), but failed to mention all the other problems I have had in the past when I was still able to use it. I was told to send in only the notebook minus the adapter and battery. So I called them again (1-866-671-7362) to add these issues and they edited their documentation so that now I will send battery and power adapter as well (and that I should receive them back too along the with notebook; if not, then I can ask them to send to me those two items).
    I also mentioned my concern about repeated failures despite repairs — how long will I be eligible for free repairs [should be up to May 2009 as per their webpage on the service enhancement program or up to 90 days after (the last) free repair] , how many times can I send my notebook for repairs [up to 3 times, then if it fails again, my case will be escalated to a case manager and I will be eligible for replacement]. I was offered to purchase for $149.00 an extension of my warranty (from date of purchase) to cover an additional year from date of purchase of warranty (not of product) which sounded silly to me because my 24-month limited warranty (per their program) will cover me until May 2009. If I purchase the extension now, the coverage will start counting from today so it will last until Sept 29, 2009. The difference then would be an additional coverage of 4 months from May 2009 (orig 24-month warranty expires). No way I would pay $149 for that short extension!!! I might just buy a new non-HP laptop next.
    I’ll keep my fingers crossed on this!

  290. I have had the dv6810us for about 6 months and and it is awesome. 10 times better than my dell, which froze constantly then Crashed. I did need to get a new power cord after mine broke, other than that I have no complaints, exept for the location & sensitivity of the Quickplay buttons. The battery life is ok.

  291. i have a hp pavillion dv6000, i switched it on last night and suddenly the sound has stopped working, i havent spilt anything, so no danger of that.

    but i can change the mute button to orange and blue easily, just no “click” sound anymore. the sound doesnt work on anything

    i tried restarting, taking battery out and pulling the wire out, but nothing has changed, volume is fine on the settings too.

    please help, thanks x

  292. karthikeyan says:

    The problem is not with the laptop. When the battery is plugged in and not charging it means the battery is below 10 or 20 %. 20 in my case. That is a windows default setting. It happened to me. I had the fix from my dad. And it works just fine. But the batter life is very very poor. Does not last as long as the thinkpads though. But its stays for about 1 hour with uneconomical usage and wifi on.

    • thankyou for your imput:)
      but ive realised ive blown the speakers, so i now have sound through my old stereo speakers, gonna cost quite a bit to fix im guessing aha!


  293. Steve Thorne says:

    Wish I had found this site before buying one… Piece of crap. Worked for about a month after I bought it. Sent it back for service. Worked for about another month, now it’s junk again.

    If you need an exercise in patience and self control; buy one and place a hammer next to it!

  294. Jeremy, you must be affiliated with the HP staff in some way if you can actually be on HP’s side!

    Are you saying all the complaints on here are from people who do not know how to use or maintain a computer? It sounds like you are. Infact, my DV6000 was recalled by HP. sent to the factory for a replacement of the motherboard AND thermal pad, gee I wonder why! Ever hear of OVERHEAT? Obviously this is a technical issue with the DV series. There are many issues ranging between the battery itself, to internal parts and components. These series were simply not configured properly.

    Consider yourself lucky if you bought a later model that’s been corrected. But give it time, you’re likely to find out that you’ve changed your opinion on HP.

    After getting mine back from HP, it would still get hot after 20 minutes, and 2 days later I get a message the battery is bad and should be replaced. Why? ..it was only 6 months old!!

    Luckily, I was able to find an HP lover on Craigslist and got most of my money back!

    More good news! ..I bought a Toshiba Satellite A215-S5837 that has the same 160gb HD, and the same memory, same screen size, ..IT IS GREAT !!! It does not overheat, luke warm after a movie and nowhere near the heat the HP threw at me!

    It boots up and logs off 4 times faster than the HP. It downloads a lot faster, the keynboard is nicer, the pciture IS SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN AN HP!! I swear, Toshiba knows how to make a great pciture with excellent color. When watching a movie, it’s hard to believe you’re watching on a laptop! And finally, the speakers sound so much better on the Toshiba Satellite!

    Just thougt I’d share my experience with a product I can fully trust and rely on after my lousy experience dealing with all the frustration of my HP dv6000np ! It’s a breath of fresh air!

  295. Hello everyone, I have not been on for quite sometime just too busy working on everyone’s computer.The issues with HP Laps is common with all manufactures;Sony,Toshiba,Dell,etc. Once they all solve the heating problem and quality control at Mfg.site and not let some of these lemons out to the retail. Registry Problems,Drivers,Lack of Vitual memory and not enough power to run on board hardware are the key issues with the laps. Sometimes we get one that is near perfect and of course someone will brag. If you have one of these take extra care,meaning, dont treat it like a pipe wrench. Dust,water,pounding and just miss use will shorten it’s life.

  296. I have bought two HP systems. My last is the Pavilion dv6000. I must say that I am very upset with HP. My first HP system crashed few days after warranty expired. The motherboard died on me. Giving the benefit of the doubt, I bought a second HP system a year ago. Six months after I got it my video card died. HP changed the motherboard. A month later the battery died. two months later the DVDrom died. A week ago my wireless died on me. I have owned Toshiba and Dell before. Both computers I gave to my wife and my son. their old computers are still running solid and my new HP pavilion dv6000 dies only about a year of buying it. In conclusion – I will never ever buy HP again!

  297. I have not figured out why my laptop(Pavilion DV6000) is doing what it is, but I am getting really annoyed with it. It is constantly turning off on its on for no reason. Sometimes it may be overheating, but sometimes it is not nearly hot enough to have overheated. The fans are VERY loud. Only one seems like its working. After it turns off I have to wait several minutes before I am able to turn it on again. If you are thinking about buying this laptop I am telling you (as many others will say the same) DO NOT BUY IT! A simple google search of “HP Pavilion DV6000 turns off” should be proof enough that this laptop is terrible.

  298. carabulea says:

    my wireless on dv6000 is dead. i buy the notebook from Italy and i am from Romania, i call on hp and they sad i got to sent the notebook back in Italy. any one solve the problem with wireless card with out send notebook on them? i am very disappointed of hp :(. i’l never purchase any product from them again. please scuse my english

  299. I recently upgraded a year-old dv6000 series notebook from 32-bit Vista to 64-bit XP. Now that it has an OS that can address it all, 4 GB of RAM were installed. ($43 for 4 GB from Newegg) In this configuration it’s a great machine.

    • Marc, I am so impressed that I need to know the cost for 64bit XP and where did you get 4gb Ram? Bob T.

  300. I bought my HP dv6000 two years ago at Costco. I had WiFi problems with it about two weeks in but since I never used WiFi I didn’t worry that much (plus I didn’t understand how WiFi worked so I thought when the wireless didn’t turn on it meant there wasn’t a signal to find). I bought it in Nov. 06 and by Dec. 07 the video chip went out. Thankfully Costco automatically has a two year warranty so the motherboard replacement was free (which also fixed the WiFi problem). That lasted eight months and the chip went out again. Lucky again for me that Costco has the two year warranty so the replacement is free again. I’m going to set aside $75 dollars a month so when the thing goes out again, I will have the money to buy a Dell. No more HP notebooks for me thank you.

  301. Amber Savant says:

    I own a dv6000 had a lot of problems with Vista so I had to actually degrade it to 2000. The touch keys switch on the laptop when im cleaning the keyboard no matter how careful I am. The “F” key is was stuck for 10 days but somehow started working again. Luckily I didnt have to go to the service centre as I hear the service is poor. And last but not the least it takes about 3-4 minutes to shut down ( there is no virus).
    Otherwise the machine is good, good processor speed and beautiful screen.

    • cisco Guevara says:

      The swivel hinged popped out because two screws came loose . And my warranty just finished. Anyone know how to take of the front pannel were the power button is located.

  302. I have had my HP dv6000 for two years. The port for AC has been tempermental for a year. I have to position it just so – so that the battery will charge. Battery only lasts for about an hour and the screen is always darker than on full AC.
    My latest complaint is now that I have a webcam and windows messenger live – the PC locks up and I have to do a ‘dirty shutdown’ to restart. I have defraged the harddrive and cleared all photos to a jump drive. Anyone else notice this issue with Messenger Live??
    I have a DELL desktop and will not purchace another DELL and now HP is failing me as well – not many options left in the marketplace!!!

    • NJG, I maybe wrong but the issue with “Windows Messenger” is common, the program on the NET has been freezing even with e-mail activity, I have notified MSN about this. This never happened before on the earlier version of Hotmail. I maybe wrong but I never freeze up anywhere else on the web. See what happens, Bob T

  303. DV6000 is a cheap machine. I had my motherboard twice. have faced all the problems that people have mentioned above:
    6x Wireless issues.
    1x Overheating.
    1x Battery overheating.

    Currently on HP support call…listening to the great message “Great products……………..more reason that ever to choose HP”.

    These guys have some serious sense of humor. I’m frustrated by the current product and they are trying to tell me the HP is sooooooooooo great.

    HP……..recall dv6000

  304. Where do I began? I have a hp pavilion dv6000. I got in August 2007. So just a little over a year I had to take it to best buy twice for motherboard problems. So here I am will the same fucking problems with the wireless switch. This is going to be my third time sending it in. Should i mention that I tried to back my files onto a DVD and do a recovery, well my files are ALL gone. Somehow my E drive crashed completely. WORST computer I HAVE EVER HAD. It is even worst than Dell, and I thought Dell was pretty bad. I dont know if I should take it to Best Buy and wait 2 weeks or sell it on Ebay. Hopefully I can have money to buy myself a nice Apple computer. It is 2008, technology should be at its best and i feel that it is NOT!! its at its worst. FUCK HP!!!!

  305. yeah, my hp 6000 stopped working also, before it stopped working, the wireless stopped, then the battery started having problems, then now it’s completely dead even though it’s plugged in. anyone have any suggestions for me? plez email me, thank you!

  306. I got an HP Pavilion DV6000,which had win Vista on it,
    now that i removed it and loaded win XP most of the Drivers are missing. i cant even go on the Internet. What should i do

    • Try re-installing Vista again. Once it is running, download every single driver that is WinXP compatible. After that, re-install XP and install the drivers that you have downloaded. It should now run as it should be.

  307. I got a dv6000 special edition. It has a very cool design with orange coloring, which i love. It performs great too.

  308. Bronson in Flagstaff says:

    I own a HP Pavilion dv6000. I bought this computer from Sam’s club for a fair price. I feel done with computers. I will never own a Hp again nor will I say anything good about the company wiht the products they build or their tech support. A few months of ownership my card reader went out. No problem. Just pack it ship it and all will be fine. We’ll I did and 3 weeks later I recieved my computer back in the same state I sent it in. The card reader was not fixed. I went to target to buy an external card reader. I shouldnt have to. Next my dvd burner, lightscribe just stop’d working. I spent two hours with support via text. Still did not get it fixed. I called I spend 1 hr and 25 min talking to support in India that I could not understand very well to be told to fix my computer it would cost my 39.99$. My warrenty was up two weeks ago. Hp cant fold for all I care. I will not own another…..

  309. Please follow this link – re: pavilion laptops of this genre
    Before you buy one !!!

  310. i have a hp dv6000. it keeps overheating and last night while using it i saw a small cloud of smoke come out of the side panel(the corner with the hp logo on).I did use it for the whole day. (11:00 to 00:00) but it does say entertainment pc and the most demanding things i did the whole day was surf the internet, be on webcam, talk on msn, listen to music and use facebook at the same time?! can any1 help?

  311. Hello everyone, Your Hp with duo core Intel has made the difference for a lot of you folks. It sure helps with the multi-tasking. The Vista with SP 3 is making it’s way into 2009 and I hope that your all defragging and keeping your software up to date. Keep your computers cool,cool,cool.The Hp dv 6000 series is still selling at Best Buy and the geek squad is still fixing laptops. Treat your equiptment right and you wont have to visit them.”Fina” thinks her computer is cool I hope she keeps it cool. PC Media thank you for this site.

  312. mark greene says:

    wat type of pc games can d dv6000 support, i have one nd wish 2 know which ones i can buy, examples wud be helpful! cheers 🙂

  313. Mark,Games maybe downloaded from HP site that are ideal for your system. If you prefer retail,just check out requirements on the box or ask the retailer if your not sure. Ability depends on CPU,RAM,Graphics card. Check your manual for spec’s about your computer,but if your laptop is current you should be able to enjoy a wide range of games,but limitations due exist.Have fun, Bob T

  314. I bought a hp pavillion laptop just over a year now. The biggest mistake i have ever made. I the space of a year it had to be sent in to hp repair 4 times and three of them were the same thing. My screen wont turn on and it just beeps 3 times. Ater sending it in to hp 3 time and breaking again ater a month or 2. It just broke again and i cant be bothered sending it in for repair again as the hp repair service is crap they cant even speak english, they keep you on the phone for an hour. Im just going to cut my losses at this stage but will never buy hp again as i know many people with the same problem. I would advise any one reading this to stay well clear o hp

  315. Annoyed User says:

    So I’ve had my dv6000 Special Edition for almost a year now, and I’ve been putting up with one of the most annoying problems this whole time, but I’m finding it harder to tune out now. My laptop’s CD drive tends to make a lot of humming noises, quite often. It also pops out the CD drive so often that I don’t even think about it anymore, my hand just automatically closes it. The problems cease if I leave the CD drive open, but this poses the problem of potential breakage. Also, when a CD is in the drive, when the laptop makes the weird humming noises, it at that time thinks the CD has just been put in, and thus… activates any autoplay function of the CD. That’s why I keep CDs out as often as possible. In addition, even if the CD is currently being utilized (a game, for example), the computer will still pop the CD out every so often, which sometimes disrupts neccessary functions.

    Does anyone else have this problem, or am I the only one?

    • Annoyed User,the malfunction is not worth fixing,all I can say is to disable the CD player. The best thing you can do is buy an external USB type DVD R/W. They are very cheap at this time and they usually outlast internal laptop players. I own several externals which I use for both my Desktop and Laptop.If your the guy who also down loads ton’s of music and stores gig’s of pic’s then you should also invest in a external Hard drive,worth at least 80 gig’s on up. If your Laptop crashes you would have saved all your music and pictures.The CD malfunction could be caused by various commands, restore your computer to an earlier period before this all started. Goog luck, BOB T

  316. i bought my dv6000 used on craigslist for 400 and evrything worked fine till one day my wireless went out..so i called hp and talked to a tech guy who had me try a couple of things.then he told me the warrenty had expired but they will extend me for free and the next day they had a box fed ex’d to me i sent it in and they replaced the motherboard FREE and i had it back before the week was out..it has 1 gig of memory but i want to add more can anyone tell me if its ddr2 and what is the limit? thanx

  317. I’m about to trade my iBook for this laptop but i wonder if it has wifi?

  318. Bought a dv6000 model a while back that came with 512 RAM and Vista Basic. Huge problems with Vista, but couldn’t believe HP would put out such a problematic system. Tried to install Fedora, but for some reason the boot cycle was unreliable. Tried Ubuntu’s 64-bit release and everything worked beautifully. Never had a hiccup and Ubuntu 64 ran in 64-bit mode and utilized both processors, unlike my Vista install which was running 1 chip at 32-bits, which while not the slowest thing ever can’t compare to 2×64.

    Upgraded to 2gb RAM and things flew right along. All the play buttons, remote, wireless card, etc. worked flawlessly with no extra attention (Ubuntu’s installers and updaters are perfectly sufficient for this system). My dv6000 came with no camera, so can’t comment on that. The nVidia card worked with the driver Ubuntu pointed me to for OpenGL apps and this system was sufficient to play most Windows games through the updater supported standard Wine install without any issues – I was surprised and impressed with that.

    Wireless was never a problem. Works in all modes perfectly with the recommended driver the Ubuntu updater pointed me to. Did have the battery problem. After about 6 months the battery took a dump and never worked again correctly, which was a major irritation.

    The fine sands in Iraq worked a number over on this laptop (not surprising) and within 6 months I found myself pulling everything (I mean everything) apart to clean it out so it would work again. Things were fine for another two months and then the desert finally killed it dead. Nearly everything is salvageable that you would care to keep – RAM, DVD, wireless card, HD – so I’m buying another dv6000 and keeping spare parts around in case the sand eats this one alive too.

    My 2c.

  319. ok sooooo, basically, if the wireless stops working, and you’re over the 1 year warranty… the best bet is to try and by a new wireless card or buy one of those linksysthumb drive wireless thingies?

  320. I bought a dv6000 for Christmas 06. It worked great. The other day, I turn it on, and get a black screen. I’ve taken out the battery, unplugged it, turned it back on, nothing. I’ve attached a separate monitor and get nothing. I would think this laptop would last longer than 2 years. Any ideas on what is wrong?

  321. I bought an HP DV6000 for Christmas 2006 and am very sorry I did. Just before the year warranty expired, the wireless stopped working. I sent it back to HP and they replaced the motherboard and wireless card (is the wireless card integrated into the motherboard?). I had it back for about 4 months before it went out again. This time, HP wiped their hands of it saying that the repair was only warrantied for 90 days. They wanted something like $400 to fix it…forget it. I’ve also had the same problems with the battery not holding a charge. It seriously only lasts about 90 seconds without being plugged in. Worthless as a portable computer. I’m looking to replace it and I will NOT be purchasing an HP product ever again.

  322. When would you guys admit that the HP Pavilion dv6000 is big trouble. We’ve had the motherboard replaced twice within a year of eachother, the LAN was “erased” and had to get it back from someone unaffilated with HP.

    I’ve wanted to get rid of this thing for so long and switch over to one of two different brands of laptops. One parent wants to also, but the other parent doesn’t want to because I recently purchased something that is more expensive than what I am used to and the payments are stretched out to pay over an extended period of time.

    I mean, come on, one monthly payment will not put me in the “poor house” and even if I added a new laptop to the monthly installment payment thing, I can do it.

    Basically, I am asking any former HP Pavillion dv6000 users, when did you guys give up on this laptop and went to a different brand?

    This model is a terrible laptop. Keys get stuck and we have to pop them out to clean out anything that may prevent them from working, but that is no big deal.

    When did you guys give up on this model?

  323. Sounds so hilarious when i read this. 🙂 I also bought such a laptop dv6000 from Wall-mart this summer. It have got 3 GB of RAM, Go 7150M card and 120 GB of HDD. I bought it because it was on a promotion for 650$ (the price was tagged as GREAT, “you save more than 100$ on it”). But after a week or so it have been greatly reduced. Now you can buy it even for 450$. And at the same time there were slightly better laptops for this price in other shops. So I feel Im very dissappointed. And to top of that after a month of using it, there had appeared a black dot(dead pixel) on the screen. 🙁 Althought I dont have any problems with my internet(god helps me ;)), I have pretty bad feeling about the button of the Wifi. It look very shaky. The conclusion is that Wall-mart and HP sucks hard and I ll never ever buy a laptop from them. I ll try to sell it out.

  324. WOW….. 3 and a half years now since i purchased this computer at Circuit City, and my computer still running strong… in fact better than my toshiba at everything…

    some people can’t seem to take care of computers much?

    • Dave – I think you misunderstand what is being said – what we have here is a large number of units that are DEFECTIVE !!! and the buyers are being stonewalled by HP and in some cases just raped – charging varying prices for repair –
      How do you take care of a failed MB or GPU … and HP has taken little or no action for those effected – I agree with you in this sense after 2 – 2 1/2 yrs. the damn thing thing should be going strong and with driver updates and such the only maintenance needed that’s what these buyers are saying yet they are getting on average only 11 months of use
      and then – dead –
      Some have paid 1200 to 2200 $ and HP has offered them essentially nothing AND now that those repairs that were allowed – are beigining to re-appear on the thread – failed again. It is at my best count about a 1000 post thread 100’s of which have been deleted by HP monitors – especially those referring to sites where a class action law suit is being assembled.
      Now, these units are still in circulation and this is Christmas time – good time to buy an HP Laptop for someone – unknowningly getting one of these units – next year the Christmas budget will include a NEW laptop because this one died …
      I am glad you are not experiencing this – but if you were I’d be on your band wagon in a heartbeat !! It is to coin a phrase – BS with a smile… Hp style. And it sucks –

      • I haven’t had this experience. I’m also not the average user. To be honest I had lots of shit replaced under warranty. I had the battery replaced, the lower plastic case thing replaced, motherboard (overclocking 1 week before warranty was up = bad idea) replaced. If HP is in fact being a giant douche, and I suspect this is the case, I totally agree that they deserve to get screwed. I’m just saying I’ve ripped them off at least 3 times more than they’ve ripped me off.

      • well, i’m sorry. 🙁

        i hope things go well for you. didn’t mean to say it to be an ass. lol.

        it just surprises me

        • Dave – thank for reply – please don’t mistake the passion in my post for a criticism of your post –
          I am sure from your perspective this discussion doesn’t seem plausible … and that unfortunately is THE problem – most of us have had good service from HP – and therefore felt confident in investing in their product line …
          Most of these probelms stem from units offered just after Vista release – which we realize now having had Vista mug the hell out of our system resources -were way undergunned… the next generation offered a minimum 2G of memory larger HD’s and and faster CPU’s … for the SAME shelf price as the previous models … the Vista debacle of course is well documented … and one or more HP forum is burgeoning with inquiries on how to dump Vista and reload XP …
          I agree with you completely – 3 1/2 years or more is not an unrealistic service expectation for well engineered machine … with proper care on the users side … unfortunately buyers in this time period were screwed out the door – not enough resources causing more work – more work … more heat … more heat – failure –
          While this situation does include other manufacturers they are handling it much more sensibly than HP according to what I am reading …
          Hp’s handling of the circumstance borders on a mugging and for most of us way out of character for HP … the continued insult to our intelligence has now generated a very angry group of people … as you can see from posts above …
          I really enjoy the quality of posts found on the PC Mechanic site … Dave R an the PCM team and their posters “ROCK” ….
          Thanks again … Merry Christmas

    • I don’t think that the reason my HP Pavilion has problems is because I was not careful with it. I have been very careful with every electronic gadget that I have. Besides I know my electronics and computers. I’ve had the problem after only 5 months of usage and one month after the warranty expired, I’m facing the same problem all over again. Good for you that your unit is still running. But for us who are unlucky enough for this to happen, most of us decided that this is the last time HP is going to rip us of our hard-earned money.

  325. Darthelmet says:

    This computer is total crap. After 14 months the a bios update caused it not boot up. I send it to HP and they “fix” the BIOS problem in their farmed Indian tech support factory. Next, the wireless starts acting up and then the a day later it freezes 5 minutes after booting into Windows. Today, on the phone with an HP tech to do a System Restore and it died completely! Now send it into HP to get a replacement. Hmm, almost 3 months later I’ll be waiting to surf the internet regularly. What a joke and waste of time! I said screw it and got a Dell instead. The replacement hardware is the same junk that will fail several months or even days down the road. I don’t want the hassle and I swear to never buy another HP product ever again whether it be a printer or a desktop. This simply ludicrous!

  326. I don’t knw wat these guys are talking abt.. i bought my hp pavillion dv6000 abt a year back and da only prob i got with it was dat my writer started giving errors after a few months.. but nothing to worry.. jst a word with da agent and they replaced my ROM… nd nothing has been da worry after dat.. and yeah i was pretty much worried abt this thing heating up but i have been running downloads on this for more than one week at a run without shutting it down once and nothing has ever happened and no it was not in a AC room for that matter… soo far the only irritating problems i received have been through the OS and nt the laptop… this is a great machine with a sleek design and good performance at a affordable price for me 😀

  327. Please watch this to really get an idea what is happening to the unit when it malfunctions. This is my own unit.


    And you know what, if I leave it like that for like 30 minutes and tried turning it on again, it will boot up (or not).

    Hope an HP Case Manager watch this.

  328. Does anyone know if hp pavillion dv6000 is bluetooth capable

    • I have one and it says it has it but if your lookinb for the bluetooth that can connect with another computer mine has never worked..

    • Jeremy Mouton says:

      I don’t believe so. I guess it depends on which one it is. I have the Pavillion dv6000 1.8 Ghz, 1 Gb RAM and no webcam, it does not have bluetooth capability.

  329. i bought mine about a year ago, and before the year was up everything was messing up on it. First the web cam says its not there and not even connected. Second the wireless internet quit working along with the wireless switch. So i was forced to use the ethernet cord which now doesnt work.. I am always having problems with it.

  330. My biggest complaint (wondering if anyone else experiences this): the screen is difficult to lift open. The hinges are not smooth; opening the screen requires using one of your hands to hold down the body of the laptop. Otherwise, the entire laptop lifts up as you try to lift the screen. Anyone else experience this? It’s a relatively minor complaint; I’ve been very happy for the most part.

  331. oliver mgbra says:

    i bought an hp dv6000 a year ago; it was great!!! Good looking, fast,… and just months after the warranty expired, i got some wireless trouble; Today, i feel like one of the most unhappy human beign on plante earth; my laptot freeses randomnly; suddenly, all prgrams stop working and i have to reboot. i’m studying Maths & statistics (ottawa univ), and this is my last year; I can’t go thru my project cause of this problem; and yet i took more care of my dv6000 than myself; it’s almost christmas, and i am planning to get a new laptot for i must complete my work;
    an hp? Never! even in my worst nightmares… i shall give away my hp and get a dell or sony hoping to complete my work;
    Isn’t that strange that in 2008 (and soon 2009) we are still complaining about those kind of computer problems?

  332. Jeremy Mouton says:

    I bought a dv6000 a year and 1/2 ago, but with a 1.8 Ghz, and 1G RAM. A year later it broke, had to spend it to HP for repairs. Then, I had to downgrade from Vista to XP a while ago because it was running way too slow. And a week after that the screen broke, and best buy says it would cost me $400 to get it fixed. So I just plug it in to my external monitor and it works fine… except it’s a desktop now.
    Bottom line: HP’s Notebooks SUCK! I will NEVER buy HP again. Waste of my time and my hard earned money.

  333. This is a great review. However, I would not use Windows Vista, because it only eats more system resources. If I have too much money, I will buy me a mac.

  334. My experience with the HP dv6000 and the HP Tech Support have been awful. It’s not worth your time or money.

    When I first brought it there were problems. The wireless internet would not work! I called Best Buy, where I brought it and I was told to call, HP. I called HP and they told me that it was a Windows Vista issue. I called Windows and they said it was an HP issue. No one got the problem fixed, I had to buy an external USB drive to get the wireless connected.

    After 8 months of using it the power cord would not work in the computer, therefore, I was not able to turn on my computer.

    I had to have it sent out and it took two weeks to get it back.

    A year later after that (now) the computer cord is once again not working, rendering the laptop useless!

    My mom and my brother both have Dells and they have never, ever had any problems like the ones I’m having. And their computers are older than mines.

    Bottom line: Don’t buy it.

  335. I have this Dv6000 series from past two years and had many small problems with it, but now there is a major problem going on with the screen, the 1/4 of the screen reamin blank when I boot the computer.
    Any help on this?

  336. Please see post above – this probelem is affecting 1000laptops’s of

  337. Please see post above – this probelem is affecting 1000laptops’s of

  338. Please see post above – this probelem is affecting 1000laptops’s of

  339. When I bought this notebook HP Pavilion DV6000, the only option I had was to have Vista pre-installed, and XP was not an option. Vista does not support a Project Management program I need to load, so now I am trying to load XP on another partition and I can’t or erase Vista and load only Win XP but i cant see the hard drive ,
    Plz,Plz ,Plz can i load win XP on my notebook ???

  340. I have a dv6000 that I purchased at Furtureshop in 2007, and I have had so much problems after the warranty expired! My brother suggested this was a ploy not only for Hp but other companies to get a few bucks for repairing the unit. And I believe it!
    I have had zero customer service so far. Issue is that I recently updated my Hp from total care. One of the updates was the network adapters. I installed the update and guess what????
    My PC now crashes all the time for the last 3 weeks!!! THE BLUE SCREEN of death. HP will not respond to the forms i filled out. I must find another way.
    The first time this happened one week before my warranty expires, the tech support guy misinformed me and told me to at startup of pc hit the f11 or f12 the fatal key that will wipe your PC clean!!!! He never said this to me!!!!! I could have lost one year of my life and work on this thing and this guy is tech support???
    I do not trust HP as they do not train their tech support people properly.

    If anyone at all, has this problem and has found a solution to making the PC as it was with network adapters prior to their latest update please share! I tried reverting to old adapters and it did not work.

  341. tobi anderson says:

    the HP DV series are a whole load of crap. im yet to meet anyone who has had a DV6000+ for over a yr and hasnt had “dead screens”, HD drive failures, and battery failures. this is clearly a manufacturing fault not a user one. they are total shite. yes the screen is lovely and the laptop itself is neat. infact i bought the SE (special edition one) which came in a lovely white casing, and the keyboard is very slick.

    yet performance wise it goes bust after 12months, oh and very neatly AFTER the warranty expires. i will never buy HP again even if given it for free ill sell it. ive had a dusty old acer laptop for 5yrs with little problems apart from my own software usage. and HP customer support is nonsense too. my next laptop will be an acer, toshiba or sony.

    • I have had the DV6000 for OVER A YEAR and I have yet to have any problems!!!!!!!! I have always bought Dell or HP and none of my encounters were bad (aside new batterys and AC chargers). You people need to know how to use laptops because most laptop and desktop issues arise from a trojan, worm, or virus that the owner has carelessly gotten. Clean up your internet files, disk defragment, and do constant updates on everything you can. There are very few exceptions where the manufacture is directly responsible for the systems issues. Computers dont crash on their own people, wake up!

  342. What is the difference between a Desk top PC and a Laptop running the same “OS” ? The Pc has in most cases more than one enormous cooling fan. The mother board is bigger and the hard drive (IDE)and RAM are much bigger than what you find in a Laptop. The hardware in a laptop is jammed into such a tight space with hardly any room to breath. The pc is not pickrd up and placed around the house and nor is it exposed to cold or hot weather (outside conditions) The display monitor is stable and hardly if at all ever moved. The lap top design is still in it’s prototype phase. The laptop is very vulnerable to bad conditions and and mis handling. The hardware,motherboard are inferior for cost effect and mass produced for profit! “think”

  343. someone seems to be very angry at someone’s comments. If your laptop has given you nothing but negative experience’s than buying another laptop is the way to go. What a frustration to go thru when all you ever wanted was something that worked as well as your desk top. Laptops are funny and I mean all mnufactures, competetive pricing comes from internal parts made in China,not that China does bad work? The cost of a computer relies on screen size,duo core,memory,fast bus,cache,cpu speed,graphics,etc. but still put together by china? Makes you wonder,oh, I forgot,unreliable VISTA.

  344. David McKinlay says:

    I have a HP dv6000, it’s 6 months old, very lightly used and the screens gone. I called HP today and they say the screen must have been damaged, my fault, of course and the repair will be around 600 dollars. This computer has been treated with kid gloves since purchased, so their claim that it’s my fault is totally nonsense. Another peace of crap produced by another company that will not listen to or back the consumer.
    I will certainly not purchase anything that has any ties to HP.

    • David, I’m sorry to hear HP denied your claim. Frustrating to say the least. I repair laptops. If you are interested please contact me though my website. I understand your frustration. Having said that I’d like to see if I can help you get the laptop working again for a reasonable cost.

      Regards, Mike

      • James Blanchard says:

        See, this is interesting as I have always had great experiences with their replacement service. I have replaced probably 75% of my last laptop since I got it(mostly due to overuse\heat issues) totaling about 3 different cases and each one went very smoothly and kept downtime to a minimum. It may have something to do with the problems all being heat related, I would imagine.

  345. Hey, I have a dv6000 it was a good laptop for a year or two, but it dramaticly got slower and the battery wont charge. I only plugged it in when nessecary. It is just one horrible laptop. I dont want another hp anything!!!!!!!!!

    • James Blanchard says:

      Have you tried contacting HP about this, I had a bad battery and they replaced it free of charge, it may have been a recall, I don’t remember. You should check into this if you would like a new battery.

  346. yes hp dv6000 is terrible..!!! i hate hp!! no display on screen ,repaired by HP, then after almost 1 yr I encountered the same problem again.. i hate hp!!!

  347. I own a HP dv6000 and don’t get me wrong I think it is a nice computer just has some issues that HP needs to fix. I did take off the junk programs it didn’t need so I could get it running to the best ability. I had a small problem with the power cord. Internally it wasn’t tight enough to have it “click in” and I sent it into HP. I waited about 2 month until I got it back. It was under warranty and they were still trying to charge me $282.00 for a AC Adapter. I ended up getting it for free proving to them that I had purchased the laptop that year. It is a little sad when they cannot just look it up in the system they have there. But when I got it back they said it would clear the HD and that never happened. I had scratches all over the housing of the laptop and the left mouse click was wore to the bare plastic. So whoever said that you just have to customize it yourself to make it a good computer is wrong. HP should have the laptop set up to its best ability due to very few people knowing how to customiize it. It is HPs job to make us happy. When we aren’t happy they are losing business.

  348. One word: it sucks
    If you want to buy yourself a pack of troubles – take HP Pavilion dv6000!
    I bought it in 2006 and since then it has been one repair after another. It is still in warranty! It has been extended, because it first broke after half a year, and was breaking same way since. But who the hell wants an extended warranty? Just give me something that works and you can stick your warranties u know where.)
    That Nvidia GeForce in this model is deficient. They keep doing stuff to it, and the video card keeps failing. You start up your laptop and hear 3 loud beeps, the screen is black. Thats it.
    I heard HP is suing Nvidia for those stupid chips they provided.
    Anyway, dont buy it!

  349. And the wonderful thing about this computer is that you can accidentally spill your drink on the key board and your whole system is pretty safe, only lost the mouse though.

  350. I recently bought the dv6000 special edition laptop and all i can say is im absoloutly rapt! i have had no problems with it at all, and im glad i can say, money well spent! I definately disagree with the reveiwer, as the touch buttons at the top have not been a problem at all. Everything works just fine and its the fastest working laptop i’ve had in years.
    Well done hp, you’ve made a very good laptop.

    • Mel/Deidre – I strongly advise you to buy an extended warranty for this unit – historically, you’ll be fine for about a year to 14 months – then the fun begins …
      and HP will ask for $400.00 plus maintaining it’s out of warranty to repair the unit … the complaints here are only just a few of 1000,s posted elsewhere …

  351. Aaron Weinberg says:

    What a headache. I’ve had mine for about 2 years now. The internet stopped working after about 12 months. I got an external wireless card to fix that. Then I got that thing where it wouldn’t turn on after 18 months. It would light up, the screen would remain black, and then after about 30 seconds it would attempt to reboot.. it would SOMETIMES turn on if I let it sit continually rebooting itself. Anyway, I took it to my computer guy, who eventually sent it back to HP. After 3-4 weeks I finally got my computer back. Everything was fine at first. It’s been about 3 months since then and just last night it started doing the black screen, continual reboot, thing again. I’m just so frustrated I just want to scream. Sadly, because of the economy, I can’t afford to just buy another model.. I’m stuck with that laptop or nothing and my dislike for HP grows by the day.

  352. I purchased my dv 6000 with Vista preinstalled.
    I was told I could install XP with no problems.
    BS, XP install says there is no hard drive detected.
    HP wants to charge me $166.00 for tech support to help me install a copy of XP which I already own.
    I would have thought with present state of the economy HP would work a little harder to keep customers. My HP is being returned and I will never buy another HP product. Very dissapointing.

  353. Vince W.
    Installing XP over Vista has become something that everyone is doing these days. When i purchased my 6000 at Best buy I asked for a laptop that had XP media center (version 2005)he could not understand why I did not want Vista. I did not explain to him what I knew, I bought my laptop in 2006 and I have not had one problem with it since then.The issue with not having a hard drive could be because you have no partition with space available for another OS. If you can partition your hard drive then you might be able to install,remember this way you wont lose HP BIOS drivers and once your installed you should be able to delete the other partition holding Vista. I have never had to do what your attempting and it just seems logical, i could be wrong. Consult a hp support for advice? Bob

  354. well i have mine now for almost 2 years now. 1st problem was the wireless card was dead cant fix tried calling HP but it wasnt worth the wait 2weeks >.>. so i bought a linksys usb woreless adapter. now my laptop works fine 4 months later the 2nd problem starts. when i was turning it on was working good but then it shuts off and then turns on again, then vice versa. so.. i was being patient works like a charm if u leave it for like 20 minutes or so. it would load normally it did not really frustrate me that much. soo after 7 months of use it would take hours for it to turn on. it would show “OS not found” (damn u vista >:( . now it wont work now. it would just turn on then off, on and , off and so on… i am thinking take it to a local tech repair man. after reading most of the post i am not comfortable anymore to a get warranty extentiontion from them. must be over $400… geez oh well. thinking of getting a macbook, must research!!!

  355. I’ve had my DV6000 for about 2 yrs now and although I have had a few problems it’s been nothing major. It’s my first notebook so I don’t have anything to compare it to but one thing that really freaking irritates me is the start up!!!! It takes about 3 minutes to start up completely – is this normal??? How to I make this faster? I’m only using about 33 GB of my C drive and have run cleanup, defrag etc and still… takes forever! Any advice??

  356. I have the same problem with my battery. It started after having it for a year. Looking to see if there is a better battery out there before purchasing a another one from hp. If you know of any please post.

  357. Oh, I also had to have the board changed out one month BEFORE the factory warranty ran out. Got lucky with that. It does get very hot… I do love my hp though and have recommended it to many.

  358. I bought an HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop, and after 2 years it would not boot at all. When I switch it on, all the lights on the keyboard light up, the fan comes on for a brief second then shuts down. The screen remains black the whole time – no flicker, no cursor, just black. The lights on the keyboard stay on, but the machine is totally dead.

  359. I love everything about this laptop except 1) how hot it gets. 2) the glarey screen. and 3) how touchy the quick buttons are at the top.

    However, just over a year of use, my screen suddenly turned to negative colors; something to do with the LCD backlight. Apparently, this is a common problem among HP’s. Anyone else?

  360. Shuang-Yi Wang says:

    Bought this PC in late 2007 and the graphic card no longer works. The same old one long beep two short beep crap. Of course my 6500 is also not covered under HP’s BS new warrenty possible for god knows why. The computer was able to turn on last night but after I put it into sleep mode and tried to turn it on again, same graphic card problem. I am NOT going to give HP 500 dollars to fix this crap machine.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself.
      Not to mention that you will be ACCUSED by Service that you have had an accident with your computer, dropped it or spilled onto it. Then you will be told that they will not honor the Warranty because even if the hinges broke off when you opened or closed your laptop that hinges are “cosmetic” and not covered by Warranty … the word “accident” and “mis-use” will be said by HP Service and you will be charged up the ying-yang to pay big bucks just to get your POS fixed and … ohh…. did I mention, don’t forget to back up because if you don’t everything you have on your hard drive will be lost when you get your computer back. This may mean that even if your computer can not get any current via battery or A/C that you will have to take it somewhere (to a 3rd party) to have your info backed up so that you don’t lose it. YOU will have to pay for that too !

      NO more HP for me !

      Owner HP – DV 9000
      Paid $1,429.00 one year ago.
      Hinge broke off as I opened the Laptop, Side seam of monitor split above where the hinge broke off, NO power A/C or Battery, surprised this machine does not set fires it gets so hot!

  361. dear anyone

    can you help
    A few days ago my hp pavillion dv6000 just wouldnt turn on but by mistake i ran my hand acrossthe quickplay button and that started up ok.When i closed the quickplay i briefly saw the microsoft windows screen and it said hibernating! and then just shut down .I tried again via quickplay and this time saw the loading windows screen with the message for trouble shooting etc press f8 once again on closing quickplay the laptop shut down.I am sure this has happened to me b4 and my ex partner somehow got it going again.Well needless to say as an ex he is no longer here and as i am most honestly a techno idiot i am not sure if there is anything else i can try or is the on/off button just broken?. Please cen anyone help me.


    • Angela Krycka says:

      It’s your LCD panel. Something’s loose or broken on it. Take it to a repair shop. Though, ours didn’t figure it out until sent to HP and it took a few days to get back.

      My guess it’s your LCD panel. Good luck.

  362. i have had the dv6307ca for about 2 or 3 years it had the wifi issue(about 1 year 6 months into owning it) releated to the faulty nvidia die not so long after i got it back the batteries performance got bad & now the battery was deemed fualty out of warrenty by hp battery check & windows 7 beta

  363. i buy HP DV6000 today 1/2/2009 in afghanistan for the price of 900 $ it is good but it dosent have bluetooth it has alittle big screen and big style.i am happy with this laptop
    just i couldnt find web cam

  364. I have the HP DV6000. I bought it less than a year ago and it has had to go back to HP 3 times since purchasing it. I had it for about 2 months and the hard drive crashed. HP had it for about 2 weeks, it needed a new hard drive. Once I got it back, I immediately had to send it back to HP because half of the keys on my keyboard were no longer working. This took them another 2 weeks to fix. It worked for about 4 months and then would not boot up. I took it in to Circuit city (where I bought it and the extended warranty). They looked at it and thought it needed a system restore. They tried that and when it failed called to let me know that they hard drive was bad and that it would need to go back to HP. Again, 2 weeks to repair. It worked fine for about a week once I got it back and then some of the keys were sticking. It was only off and on, so I just put up with it. Recently the keys were not working on the majority of the keyboard at all. I tried to re-boot my laptop and now all I get is a black screen. Now of course Circuit city is out of business so I can’t just walk in with my laptop. I have been so disappointed with this laptop. I would never recommend an HP. I will be looking into how to dump this laptop for a new one, and intend to let the warranty company know that a replacement laptop will not include anything by HP.

    • Dear Sarah:
      I hate to tell you this but the only way to “repair” your computer is to rebuild it – these computers are defective – some say the MB others the GPU – it really doesn’t matter, you can’t repair shoddy assembly and defective parts on a forum as much as we wish we could. To date HP has shafted 1000’s of users – extorting 300 to 600 $ in repairs – (this is world wide I might add) and even the repairs are starting to show up in the forums as failing … your only real hope is the several CA lawsuits currently being filed in several states against NVidia, Dell and HP – will result in a total recall/recompense decision… unfortunately not a short term solution I know. By some slim chance if you have an AMD based machine you might find your model as part of an extended service program offered by HP (note the repair failures earlier) … scroll up to my previou posts a link should be there … or perhaps and other reader can guide you there … As for the donkey-d****s at HP well … don’t expect much

  365. i also forgot to mention my key board would stick on & off aswell. also the padding under the power key is gone so sometimes it wont turn on @ all allso amd released a patch for dual core AMD computers that fixes video dual core optimizer http://www.amd.com/us-en/assets/content_type/utilities/DCO_1.1.4.zip

  366. I’ve got an HP dv6000 special edition … didn’t know what “special” meant until after I bought it!

    When I try to start the computer, it acts like it is starting up for about 30 seconds, then shuts down and tries again. It will do this endlessly until I just turn it off. Through this process, I never get anything on the screen.

    Anybody know whether this sounds like a motherboard or something else?

    • I think its the cooling ducts make sure that nothing is obstructing the cooling ducts. that includes any dirt. If that doesnot work that its maybe an old motherboard.

    • I am having the EXACT same problem exact! This is the third time it has crashed first time it has crashed like this though. Nothing obstructing the air ducts though perfectly clean take it back, get something else i’ve had mine for 2 years with three crashes never getting hp again. I took care of my computer too so this is not a good computer.

  367. Wayne, try starting your computer in “safe mode” Ptogram-Tools-restore computer to earlier date. You might have a corrupt start up registry. If not, save your document and picture files
    and anything else important. Use your restore disk ( must boot up from CD rom and follow the instructuons fot (R)repair

  368. I’ve had my DV6000 for a little over a year and so far the only error i’ve come across is of my own doing. I loaded it up with too much junk [typical me]. Otherwise everything works fine. I recently factory restored it after saving all my data to an external and reloaded all of it. Worked a charm, runs as beautifully as ever.

    In conclusion, the tech support for HP is bad but the notebooks themselves [if you treat them right] generally don’t have many problems and whatever problems they do have are usually minor and, a lot of the time, caused by us.

    • Akhil – lucky man don’t hold your breath though, I doubt there’s a HP dv6000 that lasts more than 2 years in active service.

  369. This thread is a two year tale of woe – HP never never again – tell everyone you meet. Lurk in your local store and tell prospective buyers – DO NOT BUY HP. I now have a 3kg plastic brick that was once a dv6000 – what a pile of tat.

  370. well i co-oped @ a repair shop & they had to jump through hoops to do warrenty repairs for acer computers not to mention there support site is useless

  371. Angela Krycka says:

    My cursor pad seems to be able to scroll, there is a little section on the mouse pad that is set up for that purpose, but will the whole mouse pad actually to this anyway… or is there something wrong with the touchpad mouse?

  372. I bought the dv6000 in Nov ’06. It crashed July ’07. I sent it in after spending an hour trying to understand some middle east accented man who wanted me to open the bottom of the computer. I didn’t because I didn’t have the tools. I had to tell him that like 3 times before he got it. Anyway I got it back worked until Nov ’07 and crashed again. Right before the year warrenty was up I sent it in again talking to some middle east accented man again and wanted me to open up the computer again lol. Then in Jan ’09 It crashed for the 3rd time and now its going to cost me more than the computer is worth to fix it. Each time it crashed the screen would not turn on at all, it was compltley dead. Anyway I kept up with the maintainance and updates this still happened I don’t think I’ll ever get an HP again. I am looking into a nice dell and putting in the extra money for something nice that will last.

  373. After 1 1/2 years of having this computer, the damn wireless card went…I am supposed from Staples that there is a recall on the dv6000 and the dipshitty people at HP deny it and want to do NOTHING about it because my warranty was over 1 1/2 months ago! I am so sick of HP! I am not paying 400 bucks to fix it when I dont know when this would happen again…screw them!

  374. I would not recommend purchasing this notebook unless you plan on dealing with many malfunctions that come with it. I bought this notebook about a year ago and took great care of it but have had issues with the webcam, wireless internet and my hardrive fried. Because of all this I decided I had no other choice but to buy another notebook. I believe it’s this particular model that is not safe. I know 2 other people with this model of laptop and both had the exact same problems. Mother boards fried and everything. Good luck out there 🙂

    • Do not buy this notebook…
      1st my headphones jack was not working, then HDD crashed, after replacing HDD, my Motherboard crashed and was raplaced two months after my warranty period expired.
      After that, I lost my wireless card in hardware device manager.
      After that…I think I’ll change my notebook.
      HP never again…

  375. Once again I want to point out that HP ia routinely screwing 1000’s of buyers … at the following site
    http://forums.itrc.hp.com/service/forums/bizsupport/questionanswer.do?threadId=1274587 also see HPlies and Hp stole my money ….
    you will find close to 1000 similar or identical stories as posted here … honestly you can’t possibly read them all but I assure you the theme is the same … failure/no support.
    There are classaction lawsuits either active or in the investigative phase against dell, hp and Nvidia and MS collectively and separately. Hopefully justice will prevail. As for mine- HP 9205 – well no HP product will ever cross my threshold again. My office has several HP products which were rendered useless or partially useless with the advent of Vista ..so I will be stretching XP to the last day and beyond W-7 notwithstanding … but when I have to replace printers, scanners and servers … no windows of any color and no HP of anykind ….

  376. about the webcam it was probably win update that missidentified it. during an update

    another thing i found out is hp used gp registry edits on vista home pre. to block manual restore point creation & windows defender to not allow the option to scan after definition update to upsell nav, nis or n360

    also dvd restore was buggy is corrupted my hdd partition 2 times just because i moved the mouse a bit during disc 2

  377. I bought the special edition Hp Pavillion dv6000 over a year a go my first laptop £800 i paid for. it run ok got very hot tho! NOW IT DONT WORK iv bought a new battery that didnt work then a bought a charger and still it will not charge up with the new battery what can i do i dont want to sell it or put it in the bin so any help to sort it out can it be fix ? and how much will it be to fix it iv spent £100 on a new bettery and charger ?

  378. I am planning to buy a D-link wireless router. could someone tell which one fits my HP pavilion dv6000? Wireless G or N router?


  379. I got a Pavilion dv6000 April 1st, 2007. About two months later, it went into the shop. It was supposed to be my back up computer…it wound up being the computer constantly in the shop. Geek Squad replaced the hard drive constantly, thinking it might alleviate the problems and it did…for a month or so.

    They ended up replacing the motherboard three times. The video card went a couple weeks ago and they replaced the screen instead of the motherboard. Surprise surprise, the other problems I had been having with the wireless and the computer freezing/lagging horribly didn’t stop.

    A few days ago, Geek Squad finally threw in the towel. It didn’t even last the length of its extended warranty. They didn’t want to repair it anymore and from what I’ve heard about it, it’s not worth it to fix.

    The design is intrinsically flawed, the same as in the dv9000 models. The AMD chip generates heat and the NVIDIA video card generates *more* heat. The fan and cooling system is insufficient to dispel the excess heat- I had a notebook cooling pad to try and help, and it only delayed the inevitable.

    I bought this computer because I had had another HP, the Pavilion dv1000 which didn’t give me that many problems. After dealing with this hunk of junk, I’m giving up on HP.

  380. i bought this laptop at costco and they gave me free windows vista premium software and tossed in an extra battery and laptop stand….now i know why…lol because it “sucks” haha but i love it so far and am not complaining yet!

  381. Christine says:

    I bought mine about a year and a half ago. It was working well for a few months but then it crashed. I had to take it into Futureshop and pay $100. It crashed the next month and the month after. So far I have had to take it into Futureshop three times and pay 100$ each time since I didnt buy a warranty. Also, after a couple months my screen would flash to black if I tilted the screen a certain way the screen would go black. Also, the “gummy” things on the corners of my screen, one came off. Also, it gets super super hot. Sometimes I can’t even touch the battery its so hot. Also, right now im using my computer in safe mode because when i start it in normal mode it instantly freezes and I can’t do anything. Also, the webcam doesn’t work sometimes and lately the icon to use the webcam hasnt even been showing up in quickplay!!
    Also, sometimes the webcam works and sometimes it doesnt when im on MSN. It’s so annoying, because I have to close the screen, and then i have to log on to MSN again for it to work… ridiculous!!
    ALSO, this laptop is so heavy!!!
    I hate taking it around with my because it weighs more than my textbooks!
    Also, I have used virus protection and I just recently deleted any applications and software that might be harmful to my laptop and I still can’t open it in normal mode.
    So… I’m using Safe mode and…. everything is BIG.
    I hate this laptop and would not recommend it to anyone and would never buy it again.

  382. How do I stop getting updates from this thing…? :/

  383. I purchased a dv6000 about… 2 years ago. (ish) and it has worked perfectly! I have put another 1g of ram in, but thats it and im triple booting Vista, windows 7, and Linux Ubuntu and all work great! (including ubuntu!) I will definately get another HP when this one bites the dust (happens to all computers at some point). This laptop has been great to me, and have had no problems. I use it daily for hours on end (school… and I’m an IT major) with triple booting OS’s. Perfect. I only have two complaints… battery life [if Apple can pull off 8 hours (although thats with basic app’s on OS X)then so can HP], and graphics card. The Nvidia on this laptop… sucks. I really want an HDMI port (i hear they DO have them on new models??) and a graphics card that is faster with more memory.

  384. maxwell says:

    I have had every problem imaginable go wrong with my hp dv6000 since i got it. Within the first 2 months i had to download a new audio driver for it since the audio would randomly turn off and wouldnt work, which i had to reinstall many times before the computer would finally accept it for more than a few hours. The speakers started frying shortly after. A few months after i bought it the thing started overheating so much it would start melting the glue that kept the rubber legs on which all ended up falling off and it would turn itself off because of it. It would freeze all the time. The disk drive wouldnt eject or it would eject randomly when i was using it. There were constant errors when running itwhich caused the infamous blue screen to keep poping up. It crashed once and eraced nearly all my data and now it just crashed again and would flash its blue lights for 5 seconds when i turn it on or it would turn on when i hit the dvd or quick time button on it and sometime it would run for 10 sec but it would never show anything on the screen. It has been a pain since i got it and i know none of it has been caused by anything that i have done to it. And all the people who say dont trash HP wll i love everything they made except laptops, they look amazing but they have so many flaws because they would just keep producing without really testing them out just like microsoft did with vista.

  385. i loved my laptop,smooth keyboard and easy to search files but i was confused about the heat i dont know why it becomes hot and also the battery runs out so fast>> but still iam having fun with it thanx >>

    uae girl

  386. I have had my HPdV6000 now for almost 3 years. Generally I love the way it performs. I run XP professional and MS Office.
    However, compared to other laptops I have owned or had the use of from my company the HP DV6000 has been rather un reliable.
    In a matter of months keyboard buttoms would come loose and cannot be replaced since the delicate plastic mounts that hold them in place crack and break – have to send to HP for repair.
    Wireless card failed in just under a year and had to be repaired by HP. Motherboard failed and had to be replaced twice, first in just about 18 months and again just this last month alomost 18 months since the last failure.
    It gets very hot, hard to see in bright light but when it works it is great. If only it was more reliable as these days a laptop should not fail so quickly and shuld be more reliable in terms of it’s hardware. All this has cost a lot in repairs – almost 300 dollars a pop to send it back to HP.
    HP Service: for me has been excellent, never had a problem and they have always turned it round very quickly so no complaints there other than the fact it is expensive.
    As I say, if only it’s hardware was more reliable it would be a terrific laptop.
    Would I buy another HP – Yes I would but I would also hope and expect they have solved the hardware reliability issue and heat issue.
    See ya and enjoy your HP laptops – many of what I have read in these postings are issues of poeple with viruses and computer iliteracy or however you spell the darned word….

    • Hi, I am having problems with the resolution on my HP DV 6000. Since I started using the S-video cable to play movies on my tv, the resolution seems stuck on the display that makes all of the text seem large and hard to read (blurry even). Usually it looks this way while connected to the tv, but once I unplugged the s-video (function f4) it would revert back to the typical 1024 by 768 looking font. I have checked all of the settings – it reads 1024 by 768 but it just looks off. I reduced the resolution and it looks better but I just wish I could use the 1024 by 768. Not sure if anyone knows any fixes to this. It is almost like 1024 by 768 is no longer working.

      Thank you.


  387. Jim oberschmidt says:

    Good Morning Dave,
    We here, in historic Milan, Indiana, have 2 HP dv6607 for home and gaming use and really appreciate your review. Both were bought in a bundle and we liquidated the odd printer and camera.

    Our experience was very close to yours and my teenage sons have certainly given them a workout. One son now uses Firefox browser and the other is original.

    I would add, learned that while a gloss finish looks great, for on the go and active anywhere use, I would prefer a matte finish.

    Thanks again and looking forward to a fun year with pcmech premium.

    jim oberschmidt

    • i agree i would glady pay more for a matte finish since after awhile it got annoying to clean it

  388. 8675309 says:

    i agree the s-video sucks on these laptops lucky me though i have a tv with vga & mini audio jack

  389. Tech support?? I haven’t needed it. I’ve had my DV6000 for two years and it’s the best laptop I’ve had. Mine came with an Intel dual core processor. It’s my first Vista machine and I really haven’t had any issues with the machine running Vista at all. One small complaint- The Wi-Fi switch is on the front and easy to bump to the off position. Other than that, it’s been dependable and fast, with very good DVD and streaming video operation. I did get a 12-cell “belly tank” battery because it was a little short on duration with the stock battery.

    • i agree the wifi switch on non bluetooth models tends to wear out to the point of it switching on/off by acciednt

  390. ashurbanipal says:

    I have had my DV 6000 for over a year now. It has been working great until about a month ago, now it freezes all the time and has trouble starting. I had to do a system recovery a couple times and it still isn’t working so great…

    • my 6307 has a buggy restore media aswell

    • Bri-Anna says:


      I have had mine for over a year, never once a problem with it! And all of a sudden, it started to freeze!

      I’m in the middle of exams so its terrible to have a mal-functioning computer on my mind during exam time.

      Does anyone know why it would freeze all of the time, but in safe mode it doesn’t freeze at all?

      Strange behavior by an otherwise great system!

      • I hate to tell you this, but I have the exact same laptop and my computer began freezing up about two months ago. Now, my mother board is fried. It sucks because I’m in school and I need it to work correctly. I would have someone check it out. Or if its still under war get it fixed now!

  391. hi i got my loptop last two years ago and i i didnt have any problem but lastnight i went and open it and i used wireless conection but the bottons that you have to push to light blue in order to be connected to internet wont work it remain orage even i push it on left but still no connection whats wrong with it i went control panel and when to wireless assistance and it wont open. are there any other manual way to remain activate my wireless connection in the system everytime i get online. i dont want to buy usb wireless connection.

    • Angela Krycka says:

      Sounds like it’s a LCD panel problem. Or something like that. We had the same problem. Can you swipe this part of the LCD pannel and it turns on. If so, you have some sort of loose conntion.

    • My wileless card sometimes (in thelast week now more than before) does not see the wireless card. When i go to device manager it is ot there. Then if i use an inernet cable and plug into the internet wire port and connet to my router the internet works and then sometimes the wirelss card then mysteriously activates sometmeis. If i leave the wire inand reboot, then almost always the wireless card is active andof cousre seable in device manager.

      I have a suspician that it is because the batery needs (and the battery check indicates so) to be replaced. I am buying a new battery today but wondering if someone has had the same expereince.

      My present suspician is that since the battery is so low, the computer senses this and does not provide power to the wireless card ( hence the reason it is not seeable in device manager),

      Does anyone have any expereince in this situation and did thenew battery solve the problem?

    • d dubois says:

      The HPs have defective motherboards-70% have burned up 9according to the tech at Circuit City)…I believe there was a recall, but not sure. If you still have warranty, get it replaced. Same thing happened to me, nd that was the main symptom-the wireless not connectin, and no blue light. Good Luck

  392. Hi,

    I have a pavilion dv6000 notebook and I had the need to downgrade my PC to a Windows XP os. After much work i got XP running, but I’m missing some drivers. I tried installing the Windows XP drivers from the HP website, and they don’t work. In fact, they gave my computer some blue screen error that made me re-install XP.
    I know that this kind of laptops should work with vista, but I can´t put my life on hold just because vista isn’t working properly. I tried printing some work with vista, and the colors were totally messed up. Later I tried in another computer with XP os and the colors came out right.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against vista… just against computers that won’t let me work properly.

    Please, someone help me with this. I’m missing the sound card drivers and some others. And if not, can someone please tell me the hardware specifications so i can search for the XP drivers on the web?

    I’m really lost, please help!
    Thank you

    • Marta
      Please scroll back up to simimlar downgrade questions I have left a site url which will help you accomplish what you have started also there is a broad discussion on the HP Business forums … many people have successfully re-installed XP you can to
      Good luck

      • personally i was lucky enough to get a key plus the iso’s for win. 7 its been great except i’m having issues tring to get co processor drivers

  393. Ghazala says:

    (1)to combat heat issue I keep it’s one corner raised when I work on a table to keep it aeriated. I mostly work while sitting on my bed then I keep it on small plastic stool ( actually meant to sit in bathroom for bath or hand washing clothes )This stool is smaller than my laptop & is porous & has many large holes on it’s top and this allows air to flow freely underneath.

    (2) To enhance the life of mouse & keyboard I have bought an extra pair of them & when at home I attach them. In fact an external optical mouse is many times easier, faster, and allows me to keep at some distance if I wish to.

  394. Ghazala says:

    (3)In addition running windows vista home premium (with it’s regular updates) puts a lot of load on the RAM (1 GB in my case) & I often encounter slowing down problems; delayed start ups & shut downs & all….

  395. my battery is acting weird & now health check says its in warrenty go figure!

  396. Yousonofagun says:

    In December of 2006 I placed an order on HP.com, for a customized dv6000z laptop computer. The total cost of the order was $1600. I received my notebook in the first week of January 2007. This was the 3rd laptop I purchased… the first one being an 11 year old IBM ~$800 (amazing machine, never ever malfunctioned), the second a 6 year old Toshiba ~$400 (HD failed once). I was very hesitant on dishing out $1600 for a laptop, but decided that HP being such a HUGE corporation would produce an amazing streamlined machine… little did I know, what HP had in store for me.

    After a few months of using the notebook for small applications (typing word documents, watching videos on youtube, checking e-mail, etc.), I began to sense that the laptop was overheating (132*F – 140*F). I went out and bought a cooling pad for the notebook to remain within an acceptable temperature range. A week after purchasing the cooling pad, the broadcom wireless card in the laptop disappeared. I checked to see if I had accidentally turned the wireless switch control to off…. but it was still on. I immediately checked device manager and was baffled that the broadcom wireless card was not listed. I tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling the drivers…. no luck. I opened the panel under the laptop and removed the braodcom wireless card and tried it in a laptop computer at work (I’m an A+ technician at FRY’s electronics)… it was functional. I put the broadcom card back into my notebook and tried HP update to see whether or not some new drivers were released… no luck. The next day I woke up and pushed the power button on the dv6000 notebook and got a blank screen with 3 beeps. I removed the panel and tried reseating the RAM modules, tried removing one module and starting the notebook, tried one module in each slot…. no luck. I ran some diagnostic tests at work and found that the system board had failed. I did’nt want to open my laptop completely and fiddle around with the internal components, because I thought HP would blame me for the system board malfunction. I called HP and told the customer rep. what had happened… I was told a box would arrive and I could return my laptop for a free repair. I sent my laptop in, and got it back in about 2 weeks.

    The notebook had an identical system board put in place for the defective system board… the drivers were the exact same as the previous drivers, and the BIOS was the same version. The notebook was trouble free for a few months, then began exhibiting the same symptoms as before (overheating, wireless card disappeared, screen remained blank, etc.). I had run out of warranty, but discovered the “HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement”…. I immediately phoned HP and upon giving the customer rep. my serial number, was told that my warranty had expired and I would have to pay some ridiculous amount of money to have my laptop repaired. Even after mentioning the “recall”… the customer rep. denied there was such an extended warranty and that I was responsible for the cost of repair. I asked to speak to a supervisor… after a few moments of denying the extended warranty, the supervisor agreed to have me send in my notebook for a free repair. I sent my laptop in for a second time… for another failed system board. I got my laptop back a couple of days later, with a replaced system board.

    Once again, the failed system board was replaced with an identical defective system board. The drivers were the same, the BIOS was the same. Around this time at work, we began receiving high volumes of malfunctioning dv6000 laptops…. all with missing broadcom cards in device manager, overheating problems, failed system boards. Customers all complained that HP would NOT take responsibility for selling them “lemon” notebooks. Strange that the system board failure was frequently seen in the dv6000 models…. not all models, but quite a handful. There were other models as well (dv2000/dv9000 and Compaq Presario v3000/v6000) , by far the dv6000 was brought in for repairs the most.

    My notebook continued to operate for another 10 months… 3 weeks ago my wireless card disappeared, so I substituted this with a usb wireless adapter. I began searching online for a solution to the overheating problem that was going to follow… I discovered that HP had another BIOS version F.3E (mine was F.3D), and that this version was different in the fact that it caused the cpu cooling fan to run all the time to keep the laptop cool… delaying the inevitable as long as possible. I decided not to flash my BIOS with the F.3E version, because it was not “officially” released on the software and driver page for the RD167AV notebook. My laptop began overheating 1 week ago… I used an infrared thermometer to clock the temperature at 137*F. I began to detect a faint burning smell from the cpu fan port, and immediately shut down the laptop. The next morning I went to start the laptop and the power/quickplay lights come on… the screen remains blank and the notebook starts a never-ending cycle of auto-restarting every ~10 seconds. This is the third time the defective system board has failed. Three defective system boards… same make, same model… absolutely ABSURD!

    I called HP with some hope that my problem would be solved. It was HP that sold me a $1600 defective laptop… this was not a case of user-error. I don’t eat or drink around my laptop, I never dropped the laptop. The laptop was connected to a $40 surge protector and I kept it on a $50 cooling pad. The customer rep. that listened to my story assured me that I would either get a replacement (as this was my third incident) or credit towards another online purchase from HP.com… I was told a case manager would call me within 24 hours to further assist me, or I could call a number that was given to me. 24 hr’s later and I was calling HP again… I told the customer rep. that I never received a call from anyone at HP (I have caller id), and was given a disconnected number. The customer rep. was very sorry for what happened and assured me another case manager would contact me within 24 hr’s or I could call a new case manager number.

    I got a call from the case manager this morning (4/2/2009)… he very bluntly stated that I was out of warranty and that I could pay for the repairs. Why would I pay even more $$$ to HP for a repair…. when it was HP that took $1600 from me, and sold me a defective notebook. I sent it in for repairs 2 times and instead of repairing the laptop… HP simply replaced the defective system board with an identical system board. I am just one person….. there are THOUSANDS of customers from all parts of the world, with the same problem as me. HP refuses to take any responsibility for what has taken place…. HP just turns it face and hopes that this will all die down without any complications.

    The first thing a potential customer asks when about to purchase a laptop or desktop at Fry’s is: Excuse me sir, What laptop/desktop would you recommend I buy? I guess from today the reply to this answer will be very simple…. “Just steer clear of anything with HP on it, and you should be just fine.”

    I’ll never buy anything with an H and a P on it…. EVER!

    Even though I can repair my laptop at work…. and a LOT cheaper than HP was asking me….. I wont do it…. because the system board will just fail again. I’ll just ship the notebook to Mark Hurd (HP CEO) so he can use my laptop as an expensive paper weight.

    That’s HP Total Care.

    Call or file a complaint with the BBB….. report safety hazards (overheating, etc.) to the FTC and the CPSC.

    All the customers that unknowingly bought defective notebooks from HP…. deserve a refund or comparable “defect-free” replacement.

    • hp uses quanta for their system boards(used to list it in hp’s system info utility now it doesnt list the manufacture) & none of the ones listed on thier site were made for amd cpu’s or nvidia gpu’s. also i got a new unofficial fw listed in hp health check

    • roc connor says:


      Have the prob with my wireless – sometimes recognized – sometimes not. Purchased in Aug ‘ 07.

      Also got confirmation of power management prob. from customer service.

      They debated with me about the repair even with a three year protection plan -but asked me to fax the receipt for the service contract. Wanted me to buy an external drive to back data up!

      Also getting a boot indication prob. Going to get it fixed – also have a gateway mx 6400 series laptop which has been good at the three yr mark.

      Keep you posted on the repair for HP – thanks for your post!

      • Mike C. says:

        This sounds so similar to the issues I’ve been having, and it has me wondering if it’s a matter of substandard parts, bad customer service or just poor design (form over function).

        I had a very similar customer service experience concerning my hard drive on my DV9000 series (AMD, of course, nothing against AMD, I use them in every desktop I have ever built, but the heat issue is a big one in my laptop), which recently (2 months after warranty, of course) died.

        I’ve called HP tech support three times in the year and two months I have had the system, once for the power issue described above once for a Vista crash and this time for a crash/HD failure. The first time when I suspected the battery as the culprit I was dissuaded from having a battery sent to me, I received a new power cord/transformer instead, the second time I was dissuaded from having the HD replaced although I knew it was part of the problem (I am an IT tech as well) add to that the language barrier and you have a tremendously frustrating experience, this past time I was told by the supervisor that the machine was now out of warranty and that I SHOULD HAVE (taken time out of my busy life and called around THIER customer service hours and waiting sometimes more than an hour for a rep, when I noticed the HD was not hitting as much as it should).

        Now I have owned numerous systems both built by myself and by a manufacturer, and I have NEVER had a hard drive fail within two years of purchase. The HD was obviously defective and should have been replaced despite the lapse in warranty.

        I agree with you roc, as I told the amazingly rude supervisor, I will never buy another HP product as long as I live. I have been a CSR as well as an IT professional and I have bent over backwards to satisfy customers, even when I suspected they were lying to me, nine times out of ten they become repeat customers and the money generated by those subsequent sales more than made up for the money lost by that one gimmie.

        HP tech support is generally poor, the people are nice but except for the tech I spoke to before the supervisor last night, they have very little knowledge of what they sell.

        I am so very angry at the moment I just want to sue, and I am not the litigious type. But now I am without a laptop, am looking at 100 bucks minimum to replace the HD with a better, more reliable one, and have my lifeline cut off until I can.

        Thanks for letting me vent.

        I hope this will serve as a cautionary tale for those considering purchasing an HP laptop.

      • I have had my motherboard replaced mid last year under warranty — did not operate that well after getting it back. Checked awhile ago and it shows that there is 1gig of ram — was sure there was 2 when I purchased it — thinking it was a different motherboard put in than what came with it originally. anyone have any ideas?

        I too am running into the over heating problem and the wifi connect problem — after reading these posts I am not feeling too optimistic — other things are going on with it as well … it is running very slow and will just dump out the connection without notice.

        Your “don’t give a damn” attitude from customer service is echoed here — I was really happy originally but not now —-

  397. lahsiv902 says:

    My HP pavillion dv6000 laptop too has the same story as Yousonofagun. Sent for repair 4 times but no difference. HP has the worst ever customer support and has rude case managers who refuse to help you no matter what.

  398. Hi,

    Does anyone know how to or even if i can tighten the hinges on my laptop?

    Thanks for any help

  399. April Wilson says:

    My daughter bought an HP laptop at the beginning of the school year. She had to send it back for repair last semester and now, 4 weeks until Spring Finals with many papers to write, needs to call again. Just a blue screen with the cursor showing. We are very upset. She got the computer directly from HP and has had nothing but problems with it. She has another year undergrad to go and we were hoping that this computer would last the 2 years. We do not have the money to replace this piece of junk!

  400. Check this site out: hplies . com

    Register your piece of crap and hope that HP breaks.

  401. Patrick Gardner says:

    Motherboard failures very common in this unit, I got lucky and was able to have mine repaired even though it was out of warranty. I am hoping by now that they have identified a defect issue and have put in place corrective action. I actually almost bought a Lenovo but was horrified by the customer service nightmare I experienced. Ended up buying my daughter a newer model of HP and she loves it, at the moment….

  402. Angela Krycka says:

    Has anyone ever had problems with persistant freezing? Every single day I have to control-alt-delete to get it back to working function. It does this too often, haven’t been to the repair shop. (I think it ridiculous that this system has so many problems we actally know our pc tech by first name basis. (Four or five times so far. That wasn’t for the persistant freezing.)

    A little run down for you…
    2 mother board replacements
    LCD panel problems. (The only way to turn on our laptop was to swipe the LCD panel.)
    The current freezing and unfreezing.

    I said that the next time it has to be sent back to the tech guy (wich usually winds up being too difficult for him to figure out, he sends him back to HP and that takes a week or so total because he has to wait for the shipping box to be sent.) I’m going to switch models and go for a different manufacturer altogether. (I will probably get a macbook.)

    Are there any programs that could disrupt the proper function of this laptop. I am begining to wonder.

    Thank you.

  403. I have a HP Pavilion dv6000 that lost the hard drive within a year. It was replaced under warranty. Now that the laptop is over a year old the broadcom wireless card disappeared. I had no wifi, but the blue tooth still worked. I took the laptop to the dealer and the tech examined it and told me to buy a linksys dual-band wireless n express card as it would be less expensive than the repair. I bought the card and now have wifi again. HP has been no help and this is the last HP anything I will ever purchase. I don’t know if the problem is from heat or some other component failure, but the fact remains that this unit failed within a year and as consumers we are being screwed by HP.

  404. ebichuhamster says:

    It’s amazing how consistent the symptoms are… I bought my 256MB Nvidia packed HP pavilion (for almost 2000 bucks no less) in the summer of 2006 (i think)in the hopes that I could catch up to my friends who always seem to get money from somewhere and have really cool setups. I would say 6 months passed before some kind of problem with the screen. I give it to CompUSA for repair and they give me, after a month, a whole new computer, but with only 128MB video card (at least it had double the ram) but still, this is not what I wanted. Since im still a student and still live off my parents, they said that i should not complain because “you dont need a better video card to to your homework”. This one laptop has barely lasted untill today. Barely lasted in the sense that i cannot turn it off because it will not turn on immediately (begins cycle of restarting). The integrated speakers dont work (i think that was sort of my fault, but who knows,. I’m 2 years out of warranty). The power button doesn’t work (thank God /not HP/ for the quickplay buttons being an alternate ON button) . The wireless card seems do show up once a month, it has a mind of it’s own. And that’s basically it. I wish I could tweak around with it more, see if I can replace some parts or something like that but my homework really does depend on this laptop, so i cant do anything. And my parents still hold me to the 2000 bucks I made them spend and for “not being agressive enough and not getting my moneys worth”.
    This forum came a little late, but I thank everyone who posted, letting me know im not the only one who are incredibly pissed of at HP. (At least i know I’m not crazy anymore)

  405. Hi guys, ive got this laptop and i was just wondering, is it a passive USB system, i need to know because im going to purchase an audio interface and it says it will not work on a passive USB if you know can you please reply to this comment, cheers 🙂

  406. Omg this is rediculous same laptop with the same problem as everyone here.HP is a hunk of junk i want a full refund to buy another laptop never ever will i use money to buy an HP they are terrible period

  407. Best notebook ever. I got mine on black friday, 2006 and still have it today. I have no plans of getting a new computer anytime soon. Mine came with a 100 gig hard drive which at the time was the biggest available for a notebook. Last year I put in a 250 gig harddrive and use the old one as backup. They probably come with this today though. I highly recommend this computer to anyone thinking about purchasing a notebook.

  408. nightstlkr says:

    Guess what, Same problem, HP needs to get there crap together. My laptop still had the plastic on it, the motherboard fried, It was due to ” water damage” but they fixed it. Few months later, VG card shot. Guess what??? Water Damage, they wouldnt fix this time. Keep in mind, Never been around food or water and still has plastic on it. So I told them to send it back. Now my hard drive is shot. Amazing what not paying them will do to yuour comp. lol Anyway. Its a pos and I got screwed outta 900 bucks. Life lesson.

  409. Frustration says:

    Sadly I’ve had this computer for going on 3.5 years. I bought it around the holidays and was excited to finally get a laptop :D, then problems ensued. Two months in, I had to send it in because the backlight burned out XD. After I got it back, I started getting random corrupt files and the wireless stopped working – so again I contacted HP (this was another 3-4 months later) sent it in again. This time it came back a month later, and the CD drive was busted, at this point I was livid and needed it for projects so I decided to keep it. Now, I’m getting random freezes and the traditional startup doesn’t function correctly every time. Now instead of hitting the power button once and booting it up I have to 1. wait for it’s random restarts until it can successfully start up; or 2. kill it until I see that forsaken “HP Invent [garbage]” and even then it might not work.

    After these struggles one can safely assume to stay away from this fail computer. I might never buy another HP again if this is what it comes down to.

  410. nerd 300 says:

    my only problem with my notebook is the heat other than that it rocks

  411. nerd 300 says:

    p.s. it is not a problem computer

  412. annonymous says:

    WOW. HP finally admits something.


    I suspected something was going on, but not this. 🙁

  413. On my HP dv6000, I’m just starting to fry my first motherboard, but my symptoms are the same that Yousonofagun described so well.

    I bought the PC September 2007
    It has always run hot with the fan shutting on/off a lot.
    In December 2008 the wireless card started (consistently) not working.
    I started having issues restarting about 2 months ago (recycling loop every 10 seconds through blinking lights when attempting to start up.)
    It will no longer start up now.

    I am trying to decide what to do now. Hardware issues aside, I really like the laptop. I don’t want to pay a lot of money for a new motherboard that is going to burn up within the next year. I wish HP would be responsible about dealing with this OBVIOUS flaw. Reading your posts has been enlightening.

    • Eclipse3ca says:

      Hello rek2009,

      My daughters HP DV6000 wireless screwed up about a week before the year warranty was up so the motherboard was replaced as this is a known problem. I indicated I had another DV6000 the same age and was concerned about its motherboard and the fact that this laptop would be off warranty soon and the tech rep stated because of this known problem that HP had extended the warranty on the motherboard. I can not remember for how long but it would be an avenue to inquire about this extended warranty. Good luck.

      • rek2009 says:

        hi Eclipse3ca,

        I took your advice. I called HP, and even though I am past my warrenty, they volunteered to fix my laptop, because of a known issue with the wireless on this computer. They said they would fix anything that is wrong with it. They were very helpful. I need to mail in my laptop to the repair center, I’ll check back in when I get it back.
        Strangely enough, The laptop actually started up (for the first time in weeks) when I attempted to verify it was still broken. I am going to backup everything I can to an external drive while I have it operational before I mail it in.

        thanks !

        • mbkahix says:

          When did you buy your laptop? I was told the extended warranty for the wireless problem expired in Feb 2009. Mine was bought in Dec. ’06? Who did you talk to? Thanks for the help.

          • I purchased my PC in September 2009

            I called one of the numbers on the customer support web site, then explained the exact sequence in which my PC started failing (first intermittent wireless issues, then wireless dead, then rebooting/overheating issues, etc. I also told them that it has always run hot (fan running a lot), though I didn’t know at the time it was a problem that would kill my PC.)

            They said the (wireless) problem was covered, sent me a box to send in the computer, I got it back after about 10 days (on May 21). They re-imaged my disk (fortunately I was able to backup data files before it died the last time). Seems to work OK now, though I haven’t used it a lot yet..

    • This was my first HP notebook and what a piece of crap. I’m a at home mom so it’s not like a true tech person. Mine is 2 years old and has been sent back 4 times. The mother board has gone out twice. The battery broke within 8 months, the fan stopped working. Now the wireless card is gone and it wont hold a charge again. So I have just ordered myself a new Sony. I just can’t tell you how upsetting this has been to deal with. HP is awlful to work with. They never just come out and say how sorry they are or thanks for hanging in there wiht us. They always act like I did something. Yes, I did. I bought your crappy laptop. I just feel so bad that all thse other people have had to go through this too. On a teachers salary I believed Hp was a great value. Man was I wrong. Thanks for letting me share. Maybe I will use it to hold papers down with.

    • My story is almost exactly the same bro, read this..

      I had the same problem with my Pavilion, I actually had the Special Edition DV6000 that was all White in color instead of black and silver, it’s Pavilion model (DV6448 SE). About a little over a year of use I started to notice problems, the battery icon would say plugged in but not charging and I had to fool around with it just to get it to charge again. Fast forwarding about 2 months It began to act different, and after awhile it would take me about 3-10 tries just to get the thing on and into Vista. I had to start it up that “certain way” just like the methods you described, or it would just shut it’s self off 10 seconds into hitting the power button and just repeat going on and off unless I stopped it. About another 2 months of taking me 10-20 minutes to start it I started to get a bunch of colored lines on the screen as if the motherboard was about done. So some days later I went to try and start it up and went to do the normal routine of trying to get it started for 20 minutes and before I know it I’m in about 3 weeks into trying to boot it into Vista, and it never started again. I spent the rest of the month troubleshooting everything I was reading online but nothing fixed it, the motherboard was done so I kept the hard drive and sold the laptop for $75.00 at laptopsintocash.com. I learned that a lot of DV6000 models were/are being recalled by HP for the same reasons everyone here is having, wireless, motherboards frying, battery etc.. HP will fix it free of charge and all you have to do is ship it to them. So if you still have it just go to the HP website and read the recall info, don’t wait before it’s as bad as it can get. I would of shipped mine in after it was broke but I had spider webbed the screen about a year before and just used the laptop in Desktop mode, with a 22″ LCD and USB externals. Everything that I went through with this laptop really pissed me off and it sucked because it’s a really great model, at the time the Special Edition was really hard to find to. I bought the last one on the floor at Best Buy so I got it at a huge discount, I payed something like $950.00 for it and it was going for over $1,200. I recently found a good DV6000 online for a couple hundred so I’m just gonna buy it and throw my hard drive in. I hope you get the problem resolved fast, hopefully it’s not to late for you and anyone else who reads this, send it in!

      Also, on the bottom of the Pavilion it says you have a 1 year Warranty. So if you didn’t buy a Warranty and the Hardware goes out they will also fix it for free. What they won’t fix is anything broken by accident like a spider webbed screen or anything you broke on your own, unless you bought accidental coverage. If you’re past 1 year you can still send it in for the free recall fix if your DV6000 model is listed, just check the HP website or call.

      • Casey H says:

        your story reads the exact same as mine…new mother board and still slow start up….did yours get unusually hot?

        • Charith says:

          Me too have the same problem with my 2 years old dv6407tx.After the first year I had to replace the keyboard.Then last month I replaced the LCD because there was a problem in it.But the problem was running same so I replaced the motherboard, then the problem was okey, but the web cam in the 2nd LCD isn’t working.So I have to order a new one for the second time.And this laptop thing heats alot,even it makes me frying too.Ohh I’m tired of this Laptop.

    • Andrew Herrick says:

      I have had the same exact issue with the mother board, I am outside the warranty period by 4 months, they will do nothing to help me but charge to fix it.

      I have gone up as far as I can to do anything and they will not help or admit the product is bad. They are very rude and very unhelpful, I also have found a Maine State Law stating that a product should last more than 4 years, or be replaced for free by the manufacturer. This is called: Maine State Impied Warranty, type that in google and look at it. Also, check your state’s warranty laws, they hopefully are the same.

      I am filing a CLASS ACTION SUIT, process will begin tomorrow. HP is going down, and I will not stop until they do.

    • Andrew Herrick says:

      Check your state’s implied warranty laws. Maine says that HP should replace the product if it stops working within 4 years.

      I am filing a class action suit, process will begin tomorrow.

      Also, call this number and argue with them, they are the case managers and the highest form cust. service

      1 877 917 4380 ext 93. Tell them I told you, and say that you heard of a class action suit. The more people that tell them off this the more they will replace for their customers.

  414. I have the same laptop, bought at about the same time and I also need to have my battery replaced. How did you get HP to replace yours? Is there a magic phrase? I love my HP. My only issues are the bloatware and that I have to change the audio hardware option in the control panel when I switch between analog sound and HDMI for my ONKYO multimedia.

  415. Michelle says:

    I had the same problem as rek2009. Turns out that’s how it responds when it overheats. Mine has overheated 3 times already. My battery is also shot. I think it may be time for a new computer.

    • I know this is going to seem pretty stupid, but try the following…

      If your laptop does the reboot thing every 10 seconds and the screen remains blank, remove the battery & power cord. Hold down the power button for 1 minute… now place the battery back into the laptop and try to power up.

      If this does not work, try removing the battery again and hold down the power switch for 1 minute… this time dont put the battery in, just put the cord in and power up.

      If this does not work, try removing the battery and the cord… hold down the power button for 1 minute, now place the battery back in & plug the power cord in… power up.

      I swear it seems useless…. but I got my laptop running again for about 2 weeks doing these various stupid methods. Now once again my laptop is doing the auto reboot every 10 seconds, and these methods no longer work. I’m gonna keep trying though… I’ll keep yall posted.


      • Cheryl says:

        Hi yousonfofagun,

        Thanks for your input. I’m experiencing the exact same problems as you are, got it running for about 2 weeks and now it’s dark again….errr. Please keep the posts coming!

  416. I have this laptop and overall I love it. There are a few things I would change if I could…most definitely the QuickPlay buttons. They are annoying if accidentally pressed (which I do quite often). My power pin had to be replaced recently. The part had to be flown in from Chicago and I was without my laptop for a week. In all fairness, I use my laptop for business & personal use, so it gets a daily work out. However, it’s only 6 months old and I feel that if the power pin was on the back (instead of on the side), that this would be a safer place.

    I would get rid of the wireless on/off switch. Why have it at all? You have a built-on wireless card and they give you a huge button so you can turn it off? I don’t get it. Then they place it on the front edge of the laptop where you can easily move it to the off position, thinking that your network has gone done. Then you finally realize after troubleshooting that you’ve bumped the on/off switch accidentally.

    No problems with it overheating at all, but you do have to make sure that the left rear side of the laptop is not covered. The fan is located on this side and it needs to breathe.

    I’m very happy with it’s speed/performance. The widescreen is really nice and easy to view. Those who purchase this laptop will be happy knowing you’ve bought an HP product – a company you can trust.

    • 8675309 says:

      I agree since quickplay has been striped down to dvd & in vista you cant customize qlb(quick launch buttons).
      They used to put the power brick port @ the back but who knows why they changed it but i think its still there on compaq laptops
      The wireless i found out the hard way that its turnedc off by default & the switch somtimes desynced & now its quite loose
      As for it being good performance id disagree after a year

  417. K Kishore Kumar says:

    dear sir,

    i am buy Hp Pavilion dv6000 laptop. taken laptop configuration is vista, now i want to convert to xp. how can i load xp OS. it is showing error massage is dont have hard drive. plz give me suggestion to how can i load xp in this laptop.


    • 8675309 says:

      well if its a intel it requires special drivers or you have to change an option in the Bios to make xp see it

  418. ok guyz i am quite experienced with this notebook so i will tell u something that u might wanna know about…
    first we start with : Cheryl , Yousonofagun ok for ur problem here is the solution : guyz ur motherboard is done for.. it needs to be replaced .. i had the same problem but my laptop was in warranty so i got my mother board replaced and its now working fine.. first when i purchased the laptop .. i used to have the following problem’s with it :
    1 ) it used to get overheated fast.
    2) when it used to get overheated … it sometimes used to shut down automatically.
    3) it was not able to start … for like 3 times it used to get automatically shutdown again and again at the windows vista booting screen.
    4) when i used to recover it from sleep .. something use to happend with my processor and it use to go wild and runs so fast that u can practically here the sound of fan going wild .. and then ==== SHUTDOWN=====
    5)when it used to get overheated after every 20-40 mins thier used to be a time when it use to get so slow and mouse pointer and everything use to run so slow for like 15-20 secs and then it used to go back to normal speed..

    So these were the problems with mine..

    for that i went to hp service center and in like 20-30 days i got my motherboard replaced … my whole summer vacation was ruined…

    But now it runs so smoothly and it hardly gets overheated at all.. (srry but my laptop uses intel pentium core 2 duo processor)

    Tip : i got a tip from hp guyz and they told me that i should use a usb fan underneath my laptop.. and they forbid me from using it , while it is kept on bed.. we mostly keep it on bed or on lap.. but thing is the laptop’s fan is on the lower side .. so when u keep it on bed , the matrices takes up all the heat and accumalate it under the fan making it tooooooo hot… so keep a thick long book underneath ur laptop and make sure that the fan area is not cover at all… and it will work just fine..

    Flaws in the build of hp laptop’s

    1) major flaw : i dun like where the headphone plug in is situated ..because when u keep it on ur lap .. it pokes inside ur stomach.. that is pretty annoying ..
    2) quickplay ( just remove the **** nobody uses it…) only those volume control is good others … )
    3) the wireless on/off button pretty annoying when it get switch off… during downloads by mistake..
    4) the power plug in button is on sideways… damn i hate it .. my power buttong is on left side so the wire is pretty annoying coming from left side like that…
    5) the screen .. i cat see anything in sunlight except my own face glaring at the screen hoping to look whats happening.. why i cant see…

    K Kishore Kumar :

    Dear sir :

    i guess u wanna go for the option for xp .. but its not possible in ur laptop since hp laptops have nvidia graphic card which does not have a xp drivers .. so ur windows will be colourless.. and that u dont want.. and if still u like to install xp on it.. then u need to go like this..

    find ur hard drives sata drivers … keep it in a cd .. and then when ur loading from xp cd thier it comes a time on the blue screen when it says press f6 to load additional sata drivers.. then u need to press f6 and input ur sata srivers thier following the instructions.. and then u can install xp. but it wont do anygood… since u can only run vista in ur laptop.. and then again many features of laptop wont run beczuse of unavaibility of drivers to run them

    • Bull crap! My DV6000 came with XP loaded on it from the factory. HP sold a couple of series of DV6000s that have XP (Media Center) loaded on them. So, you can load XP on them and the correct video driver is available. I love how people just assume that they know it all. I bet you did not know that some laptops in this series have AMD processors instead of Intel. Don’t proclaim to be an expert with this laptop when it shows that your not. I used to work on these things and the one thing people do is cover up the fan ports and then wonder why their PC over heated and died. When working with a laptop, understand that it is crammed pack with electronics and gets hot very fast, so don’t cover up the vents. I have had my laptop for 2 years and it is working great. As far as the battery goes, as with any device, the battery has to be treated correctly. The batteries will build up a ‘memory’ and that is the nature of rechargable batteries. Plus, add in the heat that is right up next to the battery. I bought the extended life battery and use my other battery when I know I am going to have it plugged up for a long time. Most of the time, the batteries life is completely determined by how you take care of it. Heavy travellers will go through a battery about once a year. Understand the technology.

      • Lonnie. . . it’s great that your laptop is doing fine. I’m sure thousands of these HP DV6000 series are also performing well. The problem is that there are also 1000’s that are not, and thats what this forum is about. Are you insinuating that all users of laptop should know the mechanics of how the laptop battery work? Should all users of laptop’s have to worry about “covering up the vents by accident”? If that is the case, then on the top of the HP laptop delivery box in BIG BOLD LETTERS it should say BEWARE!!! DO NOT ACCIDENTALLY COVER THE VENTS OTHERWISE YOUR LAPTOP WILL CRASH AND BURN!!. A laptop user should not have to worry about that.

        Additionally, a standard laptop user should be able to:
        1. turn on the laptop
        2. work on the laptop
        3. turn off the laptop
        4. turn back on the laptop
        5. work on the laptop
        6. turn off the laptop

        That is all that is required of the user, no user should have to be an IT expert to use his $1000 new machine.

        We do however appreciate your own expertise with these machines, perhaps you would like to visit all of our houses and train us on how to use a laptop?

  419. Guys. . . look! The HP laptops are a complete wonder to look at and behold, beautiful silver, great. As for reliability? S U C K S!!! bigtime. I “was” a support tech for HP and I channeled many people (family and friends included) into buying the HP line (2000, 6000, and 9000 series), a good 30 of my friends/family bought them. Guess what? After 1 year, many of those laptops have been brought back to me with really really sad faces. . . .(not the laptop – the people). Black screens. . . non-booting ,. . . . information lost. . . complete crap. Go IBM and never have another problem again.

  420. Reuben says:

    I called HP support on my Pavillion DV6000 ( it died)
    HP is sending a box and said they would repair without charge

  421. Camille says:

    My hp dv6000, goes blank when I am using it for about 10 seconds whenever I am using it, then when I mouse-over it comes alive. Now my adapter has ‘shorts’ and just won’t charge the PC coz a wire is broken! The thing is I live in Jamaica, and I am not sure if I can get HP to ‘look into’ this matter as I keep seeing a black screen when I am doing stuff on the PC

  422. Alanna Ali says:

    i had the same problem where my computer was turning on but the screen was not showing. the computer technician said the problem is the battery. and i heard these laptops come defective from the company itself.

  423. I brought 2units of HP dv6000 series in mid 2007. In less than a year the mother board burned luckily is just 1 month before warranty. After repaired there is a 3months warranty but in 7-8 months the mother board again burned. Recently, the other unit when turning on a burned smell came from the laptop and again is the mother board burned. The both units are mainly station at home hardly carry around. Whereas, my personal working laptop(not a HP brand) is on the move everyday and 3 years not a problem. Is HP reliable??? I don’t think i will buy a HP brand again.

  424. I brought my the HP dv6000 in september 2007. Since day 1 i have had problems, the first was the cd player it made such a loud noise when loading, so i returned it to the store for a replacement. Then the replacement laptop would switch off automatically, so i returned it. Again for a replacement. My problem now is that the laptop is extremely slow, it takes 5 mins to start up. To load programmes it takes extremely long. I don’t think i’ll be buying another HP in the future.

  425. 8675309 says:

    my power button every so often wont make contact with the circut so i cant turn it on guess they didnt put any padding under it

  426. i am having HPpavillion 6000 series with 2 GB ram .Is it possible to add(upgrade) one more 2GB i.e i want to to upgrade with 4 GB ram.

    please comment on this

    • If you are using a 32bit operating system like XP x86 or Vista x86 then the most RAM you can add will be 3gb. Anything larger then 3gb and your system will not recognize it.

      For taking full advantage of 4gb+ RAM, you need a 64bit operating system x64. You must determine what you have… x86 or x64 and then you can take further steps. 2gb RAM is more then enough for everyday computing and medium usage. If you are a hardcore gamer and edit HUGE movie files on Adobe… I’d say it’s time you found another laptop.

      Remember x86 (32bit OS) can only recognize up to 3gb RAM.
      x64 (64bit OS) can go up to 8gb or even more….

    • 8675309 says:

      it all depends on if the laptop is setup for more than 2gb. but its still a good idea if you dont have a discreate video card(deadacated vram).

      mine is only good for 2gb but my video chip can see 128mb of ram so adding another 2gb stick wont do much except for making a full 2gb to the system

  427. I like many others am having serious issues with my HP laptop. I’m posting here in hopes that others will follow my lead and do the same. Apparently my motherboard has also fried itself. My laptop now just powers on and off repeatedly with only a black screen. The first DV6000 I bought froze up while creating the backup discs so I took it back for an exchange 2 days after purchasing for a replacement. I’ve never dropped my laptop or otherwise subjected it to any abuse. In fact I’ve always treated it like solid gold. If anyone is having similar issues then I highly recommend you visit http://www.HPlies.com and join up as a member. So far HP has flat out lied to consumers and wants to cover up this whole problem. Voice your opinion and speak your mind at http://www.hplies.com as this seems to be the only solution for consumers thus far.

    • You can also file a complaint with the BBB and include your laptop serial number, and the order number, and repair order numbers, etc. I filed a complaint with the FTC and CPSC and finally after 7 weeks… HP has offered me a one time out of warranty repair. You have to stick your fingers into their…. until they look into your problem. Good Luck.

  428. LanesChica says:

    Help! not a techie and yesterday my sound card “disappeared”. it was working fine one moment and then gone the next. it says I don’t have one installed. I thought maybe if downloaded the drivers it would work, but I can’t find what kind of sound card it comes with. I have a HP DV6646us. Am I really this dumb and it’s staring me in the face?

  429. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that we all have the same issues.
    My motherboard was sent out from Best Buy 2 times in 5 weeks to be replaced. After the first time it was replaced I only had it 2 days and the wireless card went out after I put the computer to sleep. I have the HP Pavilion6000 Special Edition, white and silver. I had bought an extended warranty, good thing because it all started acting wacky after the first year and a half. The first time it would have cost $655.00 and the the second repair would have been $725.00.

  430. 8675309 says:

    bought a haugepauge expresscard tv tuner(hp ver.) they said it fit my requirements it didnt according to haugpauges site. also another thing alot of people have said they recived a component vid. input cable with it well i ordered it & only got the s vid, coax, antenna with it so if someone out there did get a component cable can you list the spare part num.

  431. Courtney says:

    I recived the notebook as an x-mas present about 2 years ago. I had trouble with holding a charge, but we got a new battery and it was fixed. But how the H key has broken off and wont go back on and the power chord, where it plugs into the CPU as busted and the wire snapped. So now I ave to use my parents power chords to charge it. It has ben a good CPU but I am now rather annoyed.

  432. mbkahix says:

    My wireless has fritzed again. My dv6000 had to be shipped back twice in the first year, once for the wireless/motherboard problem, once for the hard drive. The extended warranty doesn’t apply to my series computer, at least from the website I found on this and other forums. I’ve called HP case manager directly to see if there’s anything else to be done. Online chat support last night basically said I was out of luck and that a repair would be $400, a non-consideration given that bigger, better, badder machines are available now for not much more than that. My next one won’t be HP.

    • mbkahix says:

      I called the escalation number helpfully supplied by Mr. Herrick. HP service told me the extended warranty ended in February, 2009. It does (or did) apply to my laptop. Some of you seem to have gotten your repair done as late as May this year. Who did you talk to? When did you buy your laptop? They did offer me a two year extended warranty if I were to buy another HP. Not bloody likely. bit better than nothing, I suppose.

  433. My problem with this notebook is that the light in the caps lock button as well as wireless window was blown so quickly after I bought it. My notebook was not unique to this problem since a freind of mind shared the same problem

  434. I got my HP about 2 yrs ago what a piece of sh-t..the wireless doesnt work, it refuses to come on and when it does it shuts off out of no where, the monitors flickers off i gotta hit the monitor for it to come on, i cant put it on sleep because it wont wake up and i have to restart and God forbid that happens because im lucky if it does restart, it keeps trying to restart once that happens..im sick of this im just gonna get a mac in a few weeks 🙁

  435. My HP is a little over 2 years old and the systemboard on it has been changed twice. So far HP hasn’t charged me anything, since its been under warranty everytime I brought it in at the service center, but still, the sheer inconvenience of it all. I practically rely on the laptop in almost everything I do, and its absolutely debilitating to have it gone for days on end. Plus, everyone at the service center also seem to have the same problems my laptop did. I wish HP can fix this problem for good and sell us quality machines that don’t need to be fixed every few months.

  436. Waqas Atiq says:

    Is it used or new ? What is your asking price now ?

  437. somenewb says:

    i got my HP about 3 years ago… still runs fine. ive only formatted it once due to it lagging when watching movies on windows media player. after i formatted it, it still lagged when watching movies, so after searching thru forums. turns out that for some reason my video card driver wasnt working properly. so i just updated my driver thru control panals… now it runs smooth watching movies.

    has ne1 had this problem?

  438. Andrew Herrick says:

    I will not being issuing a class action suit, mostly becasue I just graduated college and have much more to worry about.

    The DV 6000 is a p.o.s product.

    I think everyone should get together a file the Class Action Suit. Lawyers love to take on class action suits, especially for an issue such as the HP DV. They will do it for free, mostly because they have the opportunity to get a big cut out of it.

    Also, CALL 1 877 917 4380 ext 93 (the highest you can go for HP Customer Service). Call them and yell about this horrible product and mention a class action suit.

  439. The Dv6000 series has had some proiblems since its introduction. Most computer products are made up of different components, software and hardware in particular. The power to run it and then a fan to keep it cool while your using it. A keyboard and a mouse pad to give it commands, a processor,RAM,Cache,and a hard drive that stores your “OS” and finally a screen to see what your doing. Some come equipt with wireless cards and built in cameras. On the motherboard you have intergrated systems placed in ,such as video,sound,modem,ethernet and DVD player. A number of USB receptacles and a serial plug and or S video. the mobile battery should conclude the inventory. So what goes wrong with the laptop that makes everyone so unhappy? The 13,000 dollar car you own has software and hardware also; Alternator $365.00 waterpump $165.00 tires that last maybe 2 years $100.00+ Starter $186.00 the car will also over heat one day and not function as it should. The car wont start one day (battery), and during all of this you will be making a payment.

    • Bob –
      Should a pattern develop in your “car” which is repeated in 1000’s of similar models which suggests manufacturing defects the auto maker will recall the “vehicle” and repair it – by law – there is no such legislation in the computer industry … and in this case Hp has demonstrated attitude so far from the founders ideals as to be unrecognizable to him I sure … no HP product will ever pass my threshold again of any kind and should I encounter an HP rep up close and personal … I will snap a few phone photos of the encounter and post them here –

  440. This is not a apples and oranges situation, the comparison was merely a financial one. We tend to spend on material things for reasons of pleasure or business and with computers I would assume in most cases for both. A computer should last you more than one year with out any trouble. Most electronic equiptment only carry a 90 day warranty or some kind limited warranty for one year. How the manufacture handles the warranty is what is trouble some. Customer service should be a 5 star experience to say the least. The vehicle as I was comparing also carries a linited warranty and just recently we are finding more and more competetive warranties and this is due to the current situation with the economy. My Hp dv 6000 is 3 yrs old and has not yet required that I call anyone for problems. I have been forunate ,i hope that I will have at least one more year with out any problems, thats about how long I keep a car. For those who have indured frustration with the use of not only the HP but all makes, I can only say that keep trying til you land the computer that best satisfies you.

  441. hi all

    I bought this laptop in 2007. and had nothing but problems since I bought it.
    I am not sure whether this is the case with all laptops!

    1.the cd drive pops out every 5 to 15 mins and you have to push it in ever time–this is my daily routine now.
    it pops out sometimes when I write a CD/dvd and I have lost hell lots of time and money by trying to write
    something on a CD/DVD
    2.the construction of big laptops are generally flimsy. My camera stopped working. It somehow has a cable
    running through the lid and into the motherboard.
    3. The blue tooth works at its own will so it is up to you luck and god’s will weather that will work.Never figured
    out why it just does not work.
    4.Most of all the display!! It has grains in it white dots or de-colourised dots all over the screen. though I can
    read what appears on screen. It just is not clear. Oh ya I tried recovering the laptop to see if it was a driver
    issue. Nay it was not.

    THE worst part of all this is that any hp laptop service you go to in INDIA the only answer is that its a motherboard issue and it will take 1/5th the cost of the laptop to repair it using which I can easily buy a netbook here. And ther is no physical damage in the mother board –I wonder what the problem is!

    In essence I have have made a huge mistake in buying an HP

    I also found an interesting trend!! in the 3-4 hours I spent in the service centres I found 10 to 12 people bringing in large laptops of more than 14″ for display and similar problems

    Guess HP has made products to milk money through service.

  442. Bob please don’t mistake my frustration with HP as frustration with your post – I understand what you were saying and personally I have had good “amortization” on most of my equipment as one would expect especially given the rapid advance of technologies – until the DV 9205 … the point that I was making that this industry is replete with horror stories of poor customer service on all fronts and incredibly expensive pricing especially at the software level … another rub being the “whoring” by most sites such as PC mech and notably others for not stepping upto the plate in support of consumers not able to build their own … and even those that do.
    As to the HP 6000 & 9000’s there are at least 3 Class Action lawsuits active that I am aware of and hopefully they will bring some relief … and on the Hp support site there is one thread with over a 1000 frustrated buyers from all over the world … it’s so damn huge it’s impossible to read … not to mention those here and elsewhere … as for JITHIN it is most probably the mother board … but your chances of relief from HP is nil – whatever they were in the past – the world leader in quality and service – they most certainly are no longer …

  443. I am also sick and tired of HP and its horrible support. I bought an HP Pavilion dv6200 laptop in Feb 2007 for a premium price from HP web site. I bought the laptop primarily for my PhD homeworks and research.

    The laptop worked fine for few weeks, but as soon as my usage increased I started seeing random crashes with random messages like “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL”, of “BAD_SYS_CONFIG”, etc . Once the crashes start the laptop goes into cycles of reboots and starts doing launch-up repair for like forever. The laptop also had a heating issue. After dealing with the HP support in India and doing inane things like re-installing drivers and doing numerous recoveries, I finally managed to send my laptop for factory repair after a month or so of hassle.

    Anyway, they replaced the motherboard, speakers, heat sink fan and keyboard and sent the computer back. After that, I didn’t install any extra software and kept the laptop for observation by only engaging in surfing and watching youtube videos. The computer worked ok for a while and the problems re-occured in couple of weeks. All this time I had to work on my university computer as this laptop was barely of any utility and didn’t have the luxury of having time to watch when and how the laptop crashes. I also tried installing Windows XP on the laptop but the crashes persisted.

    The crashes are so random in nature that they are hard to reproduce whenever the laptop is sent to HP. They come after 2-4 hours of use and then appear in streaks. Eventually the laptop was sent again after doing 2-3 recoveries. The laptop was returned back from HP saying that the computer boots fine and they couldn’t replicate the problem. I was like I complained about crashes and not about no being able to boot it.

    Meanwhile, I was advised to buy another year of service plan to be able to get my problems fixed (worth $100). Now after 10 months of playing this hide and seek game with HP, I was referred to the Quality case manager in North America. He plainly refused to do a replacement and asked me to send this computer again for repairs. He refused to commit on what would HP do if the problems persist after a third repair attempt. I sent the laptop for the third time and they plainly sent it back after doing a recovery along with a sticky note on how to create recovery disks. After a week or so the rebooting (BSOD) problems returned and I gave upon the computer and bought a Dell which has been working perfectly. This is after spending $1200 on a HP pavilion laptop and sending it to factory thrice for repairs.

    Its been over a year since the last time I sent it to HP repairs and the laptop has been totally unusable for any serious work. I can only surf web on an ever slow Vista and wait till the computer crashes next time. I am never ever going to buy any HP product again, and would be glad if there are recalls on HP dv 6000 laptops so that my hard investment as a student doesn’t go down the drain.

  444. Im using the HP pavilion dv6000 after my first system recovery from the DVDs it says number of system recovery remain =0. now im trying the do the system recovery from the DVDs again and it says this computer is not support by system recovery and you will not be able to do system recovery from this disc. im just curius doesn’t anyone else have this problem????

    • Christophe says:

      Don’t you have a seperate partition on your hard drive for your hp recovery to run it from your computer? I had created the hp recovery disks but never used them yet, done reinstall to factory values several times already; you can only create one set of recovery disks maybe you sit doing something wrong and want to do a recovery but try create recovery disks again without noticing it?

    • Christophe says:

      Jame, you sure you not trying to create a new set of recovery disks again? Those you can only make once and gives that remaining ‘0’. You not have seperate partition on your HD for HP Recovery to run it from your laptop? Normally you only need those recovery disks if your system ran complete stuck.

  445. hey, my charger just broke, and i was wondering if anyone here knows whether i should buy a new hp one, or just buy a mueller universal charger instead? and if so, what voltage and stuff should i define in the mueller charger?

  446. I highly agree that HP has for some reason fallen in respect to customer service and has not been able to support its ill and badly produced laptop. In my experience with laptops or PC’s I find that the soft ware tends to become corrupt easily and its direction can not execute correctly. Rebooting sometimes solves the problem by resetting the registry, but not all the time. Restoring to a different past sometimes works all the time and with that said, I believe the problem could be a magnetic problem internally ( ac buffering) heat is another factor with motherboards. The sensitivity of the lap top is determine by the quality that was placed into the manufacturing of the laptop. They say, “you get what you pay for” with computers this should not be the case. A computer is designed for use by professional business and its failure could be detrimental financially. (.exe ) (sys.config)(Kernel) etc. software (digital) binary system, (icons) shortcuts, heat situations,very complicated system for some people/hardware failure/bios failure/wifi failure/ is there a computer out there that does better and why?

  447. Take your charger to a local computer repair shop and have them check it. If they say it is no good then take it back and ask if they have a generic one for a reduced price compared to a OEM, make sure you dont leave yours with them. The specs are labeled on the charger unit ( esp. 90 watts ) the generic might come with plug in adaptors at one end to fit various other laptop mfg’s. Good luck.

  448. I have bought a hp dv 6000 series with amd 64 tl-50 processor. Unfortunately it didnt come with original vista installed i had to install the vista myself but the remote is not working infact the laptop does not respond to any button of remote. I have also installed quickplay and all the quick play buttons are working ok but still now the remote is not working could anyone please tell me how to solve this problem.

  449. Hello,

    I won’t begin to list the number of things wrong with my DV6000 model. I was purchased in March of 2007 and was repaired twice in the first year. Motherboard and screen…………they should have just sent me a new one at that point… now the motherboard is gone again and it wont even turn on. BC it is just a month out of warranty they want me to shell out 400 dollars to fix it. They didnt fix it write the first time obviously so im not going to waste the money. I will be buyin a MAC soon…..no more HP for me. HOWEVER I am considering finding or trying to organize a class action lawsuit if possible. I do not think its fair they are aware of the problems, the LIST of problems.
    webcams not workign, screens breaking, wirless going out, batteries not charging, all sypmptoms my computer has now… and they hide behind corportate doors with there minimal warranties etc.
    if anyone is interested please email me at [email protected]

    I am serious in regards to this and hope to get some other intersted dv6000 owners and possibly set up a website for people to sign up and get enough customers to go after HP
    lets use this countries lawywers for some good use 🙂

    [email protected]


    • Alex there are 2/3 suits already in process … you can try HP LIES as a starting point – or you can google class action lawsuits HP

  450. 8675309 says:

    in the last week i have had to do a hard reset evryday. the last fw hasnt fixed much either

    • BrandonZ says:

      First of all! The majority of the complaints are about a product not made by HP such as the CD-ROM that keeps popping open. Try contacting the cd-rom manufacturer about the problem. Second, I’ve owned my DV-6000 for about a year. I’m a field tech and I leave it turned on and open in my truck not running with the windows up in south Texas, in the dead of summer. I’ve had no problems at all. It runs just as fast and works just as great as the day I bought it. So the next time you want to get mad at HP because your computer for some reason or another (maybee you droped it…) isn’t working the way you want it. HP didn’t actually make any of the parts you are having trouble with. Either way, I’ve abused my laptop in every way you can imagine. I’ve spilt water on it, punched the screen and keyboard, dropped it, thrown it, and don’t forget leaving it in the 150 degree inside of my truck running for hours, and it works perfect in every way still.

      Someone stated above: and on the Hp support site there is one thread with over a 1000 frustrated buyers from all over the world … it’s so damn huge it’s impossible to read …

      Thats pretty damn good numbers if you think about the fact that HP has billions of computers world-wide!

      As for the person with the remote problem for quickplay. I’m sure there is a driver or 2 that needs to be installed for the remote, and possibly some way to sync it to your particular laptop.

      Kinda sounds to me like most of you just need to learn to properly maintan a computer! (not directed towards the remote guy)

      But don’t get me wrong there are lemons (meaning continuously has problems) out there however if you get HP to replace your CD-ROM or motherboard or whatever 3 times and it breaks again. Well lets just say for example you send it in for a new CD-ROM 3 times in 6 months and your original was made by lets say Lite-On as well as the replacements that broke. I’d clearly ask them for a different brand when I sent it back for the fourth time, and I would call Lite-On too. Afterall they made the CD-ROm not HP!

      • BZ – you have bracketed the problem perfectly !! Your post is exactly what we should all be posting … in fact it probably represents what we expected when we purchased HP 6000/9000 laptops. Not true unfortunately for way to many of us.
        Included but not mentioned in those posts was the fact that Nvidia GPUs were known to be defective and had re-imbursed some OEMs – HP included(big class action suit there). Further, the MBs in these units were also defective and many were replaced not once but 2/3 times and still remain precarious; excessive heat continues to plague many of these models causing premature failure.
        The rub is and continues to be that though HP did in fact have a program to “repair” these defective units – the repairs failed – frequently with the same problem. I agree “there are lemons” so the replacement costs to HP – probably minimal if you calculate 1000’s against millions.
        Which pretty much says it all – What the **** HP. I want one like Brandon’s !!

      • Brandon, congratulations on your 1 year (or so) anniversary on your good working HP laptop. If I were you, I probably wouldn’t brag too quickly on how well its operating. I’m just sayin’….. Alot of the users that are posting on these boards have laptops that are 2 and 3 years old and past warranty. I’m assuming that at least 75% of the people having problems with their HP laptops DO in fact know how to take care of their laptop. I worked with HP for 4 years (2005-2009) and during those years, I helped about 30 people buy the DV series laptops. When I say I helped them, basically what I mean is that they all bought their laptops using MY HP discount! Well out of the 30+/- people about 12 of them have come back with serious problems that I cannot resolve and/or am not qualified to solve. I always suggest they call HP and they do, and they get the big run-around. These are not only co-workers, but FAMILY members too!! Do you know how embarrassing that is?

        So in conclusion. . . good luck to you and your laptop – try to stay out of the heat and make sure you keep good backups.

        BTW – my coworkers were not HP employees, As an HP IT support tech, I was installed at an investment bank in NYC.

  451. Christophe says:

    I’ve bought my dv6550eb oct.2007. So long I not really have to complain about it. Only my battery goes flat in 5 mins but I guess my own fault by wrong usage. Only other thing is burning of cd-roms not seem to work anymore since 2 months or so. Light scribe and DVD still does it. I mailed customer service about it and they replied by mail explaining good what I could all try to see get it back to work, I only got DVD burning to work again, light scribe always kept working.
    For the rest it can turn games I like, can make music on it with musicprogs… never really noticed a heating problem or so and I think in the passed months it been turned off less then 48 hours all together (lazy to unplug the netpower it’s behind the sofa, even I let play movies all night while I sleep in the sofa yes also lazy to go to bed but more because it’s where my cat sleep he not like me there. lol) Even it dropped halfly to the floor once when cable stuck unnoticed behind my foot and I pulled the whole thing with me, I can tell you you feel quite sick if you see that happening but I was lucky to have alot cable and so connected so it kept hanging more and didn’t drop fully trough on the ground; only thing I had reinstall driver for sound.

    It’s actually my first notebook I bougt and before that I used something that still was from before PentiumI time, I could only turn Win98 on that and it toke between 30sec-2mins before something finally opened after you clicked. Really I am happy with this HP 😉 I hope I get some spared from the problems I read here. So I cannot really compare the HP notebook to anything neither do I have any idea how long a laptop goes along.

  452. Christophe says:

    @ Jame are you sure you not just trying to create new HP Recovery disks because those you can only make once! You don’t have a seperate partition on you HD with HP Recovery to run it from your laptop? The disks you only need if your system ran completely stuck.

    Btw I also got a few times the message there were problems when starting up and closing down the laptop, that it toke to long time. But via the health check and problem solver and so it usually got a solution, it was something I also just stumbled upon… maybe not everyone knows that but try with Windows help to solve a problem, it might take some time, I ‘m not a computer genius either but eventually I usually get problems solved, sometimes with the together coming stress ofcourse :p

  453. Hi,I’m having a problem with my new hp pavilion tx1000 PC,the problem is that whenever I switch on my laptop the light for the switch on button and some others shows but the monitor does not display(i.e remain blank) and after switching it off and on it gives me the same blank monitor so I had to remove the CD/DVD ROM but sometimes when I leave it on I still that problem can someone please tell me what is happening because I really like it since it’s portable and easy to carry.

  454. Had my HP Pavilion DV6000 since Apr/07 and the only equipment related issue that I have encountered is a dead battery and this is because I left it attached to the laptop all the time even in plugged in mode which causes the battery to discharge (retain battery memory). The 1G RAM Memory (which is small by today’s standards) on the AMD 64 chipset is sufficient to do all of my day to day work related functions. Blips have occurred with the Vista O.S. but most of this is related to the poorly implemented system when it was packaged in late 2006. The new service packs have corrected many of these errors, in fact I have managed to get most of the “old” Windows XP programs running using this platform.

    Note: I only came to this website looking for a new battery but decided to give my two bits because I saw many of you complaining about the technical aspects of this laptop as being ‘low budget garbage’ but my feeling is this laptop computer is an AWESOME product and is a bargain for MOST people if you know how use a computer properly. As a technogeek, I can empathize with those that have programming problems but I have not encountered problems with the physical components other than the battery and that is caused by 2+ years of hard work related use.

  455. The HP Pavilion dv6000 laptop is rather a good laptop. i have bought this laptop for 3 months. But the capacity of battery is absolutely not large enough for me both in the work and life. and right now i am looking for a HP Pavilion dv6000 battery replacement since the original HP Pavilion dv6000 battery is too dear for me. BTW i have seached from the google and found the following websites: 8 cells HP Pavilion dv6000 battery http://www.hunt360.net/hp-pavilion-dv6000-battery.htm
    It seems to be attractive both at the quality and the price.
    Anyone gives me some suggestion?
    Thanks sincerely

  456. Christophe says:

    I thought about getting a new battery from Yanec Power Products. Compatible met: HP Pavilion dv6500 series.
    YANEC Laptop Accu (12-Cell Li-ion, 10,8V 9600mAh) It cost 127€ here. Sorry but I don’t find an english link to Yanec.

    • 127€ ?
      It is much dearer!
      12 cells HP Pavilion dv6000 battery http://www.hunt360.net/hp-pavilion-dv6000-battery.htm
      It is compatible with HP Pavilion dv6500 series.
      US$ 83.68 12-Cell Li-ion, 10,8V 8800mAh
      is it more decent?
      It is said to be One year warranty and 30 days money back! Shipping all over the world.
      CE, UL, Rohs and other approval
      Any comment?

      • Christophe says:

        The same shop I found that Yanec, the HP 12-Cell Li-ion, 10,8V 8800mAh comes even more expencive here with 139€, it sais 12 months warranty but yesterday in the computerstore (I got that xb3000 dock) I asked for battery the guy said HP only gives 6 months warranty, maybe here it’s different arrangements, can that? Haven’t actually been searching more online shops for compare prices. Actually that shop is what HP works here with if you need spare parts, you can order via there.

    • If you say a 12 cell battery for dv6000, it is a replacement battery for the original battery have no this high capacity type, like this one http://8eshop.com/laptop-battery/hp-pavilion-dv6000-battery.htm, for now 8800mAh dv6000 battery sold normally in $85, 127€ equals 177$, I think a replacement battery could not reach this price.

  457. 8675309 says:

    my hp has been having permissions errors left & right guess its time to do another recovery

  458. I got this dv6000 two years ago. It worked fine. Perfectly. Now I keep getting blue screens of death from time to time. Seems to happen when I am on youtube or listening to music. I don’t know what it could be. Maybe it’s the new vista SP 3 because I never had a blue screen of death for the first year of this laptop’s life. I am going to try to restore it using the restore disc. Maybe things will work out. I have enjoyed our two years together and I will miss it when it’s gone. (I’m getting rid of the dv6000 since I got an upgrade) I want to sell this HP but I don’t want to sell a lemon.

  459. The things i hate is that this notebook does not come with a slot to insert a memory stick for cameras, handheld systems like PSP, and another thing is that it uses Vista. I’m a gamer and it’s not that bad but sometimes it gets annoying that you always have to click stuff just to get into a game.

  460. Yvette Solis says:

    I WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY A HP COMPUTER!!!! I have had a problem connecting to the internet with my HP Pavillion 6000 so I contacted my cable company, they came out to try & figure out why I was having this problem. They come out install a new modem & still that did not fix the problem. So I was informed that I needed to contact HP regarding the wireless card because for some reason there were no drivers for the wireless on my computer. So I did & when I called I was told that my computer had a recall on it which expired on 6/30/09. I was 15 days late from having my computer repaired for free. I asked why I was not informed of the recall & I was told that I probably was not informed because I had not had any previous problems with my computer. If I wanted them to assist me with the problem then I would need to pay $100 for there assistance with my problem. So, I paid it hoping that it would it my problem & guess what it DIDN’T!!! So now I have a computer that I will need to pay more money on to have it fix, which I really don’t want to waste my time or money on because they are not worth it!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

    • 8675309 says:

      the reason why you werent notified is because you pobably never used the registration app. that was preloaded during setup so they didnt know anyway of contacting you

      • Yvette Solis says:

        NO, I did. The reason they gave me why I was not notified is because I had never had a problem with the laptop before until now!!!

  461. This complaint is echo-ed among 1000’s of dv series computers- and the almost unbelievable development is HP was awarded a badge of excellence for customer service … but for me, as you say, there will never be in my office an HP product of any kind and I will continue to relate my experience to anyone I meet who may be considering an HP product where ever I meet them … and I really believe that a consumers union dealing specifically with computer issues should be assembled at the minimum at the state level and better at the federal level … comsumers are at the mercy of the “sellers” … and for what its worth I have developed a grain of salt attitude for “reviewers” – clearly there needs to be a court of last resort !!

  462. Well… I got my dv6000 in april 2007 and around the 8th month I had it the wireless stopped working. So I contacted HP and they were very nice and all, so I sent in my equipment and got it fixed in like a week. It all went well, but little by little the battery just pff, now it last like 20 min… but that’s not my main preocupation. The thing is that it gets freaking hot, which I actually started noticing about a year after I bought it but it wasn’t like particularly bad, now it’s just simply too much.Now the computer has no warranty and I’m not living in the same country where I bought it so I don’t really know what I could do about it but it really really gets hot, sometimes it even shuts down. Recently it also got very slow so I decided to go to XP instead of vista but it just wouldn’t work, it just doesn’t take it… so I instead tried Ubuntu. It’s been much faster but I still have the heating issue, it’s specially bad if I’m watching online videos… so bad.
    The computer was perfect at first, I really really loved it and this remote thing was just excellent to have… but it all started after about the 8th month.

    • Suggest you buy a backup DV6000 battery for 8800mAh. I have also got that, the battery is being used so far so good. http://www.hunt360.net/hp-pavilion-dv6000-battery.htm
      This website support 6 currencies payment. Seems to be great. Wish this information could help

    • 8675309 says:

      my battery was dieing right after it came back from hp via retailer (mostly because they sucked it dry then sent it back a month or 2 later)

      if your hp has intel chip you need special sata drivers plus usb floppy disk drive to load xp

    • Christophe says:

      Have you checked the HP recall actions, though that was in may, maybe your battery number is in the list. I saw it months after but my battery number wasn’t in the list anyway.

      • 8675309 says:

        same thing not listed for recall checked months ago. the health check finaly said a few months back when i updated it said the battery failled warrenty before that it said not covered & i really dont want to contact them for nothing

        • 8675309 says:

          its been more than a year since i owned my dv6307ca so i was lucky to get the wifi fixed on it. so i really doubt that they will do anything

    • Christophe says:
  463. My HP Pavillion dv6000’s Battery doesn’t charge, I’m planning to send it back into the store where I got it from, they will replace the battery, ‘Hope it works!’ overall thats the only major problem that I’ve had so far with it, although for some reason, I turned the laptop on one day and it just said there was “No Audio Output Device Installed” I just sent it in and they reinstalled something in the main program lists, they said that sometimes you can download stuff and it will just knock some of your programs out of the way. Causing it to not work correctly and make you really annoyed. I also had a problem that I got, “This was my own fault.” I didn’t have any Virus Protection program so I got a virus and the laptop kept turning off by itself, I sent it in twice, it took them about 6 months until I got it back. I bought a Norton Security Scan / Virus Scan Program and now I seem to be ok. I’m still going to have to get that battery fixed up though and I hope this will be the last of my trouble’s with this darned laptop. I would NOT recommend a HP Pavillion 6000/9000 to anyone, although it’s cheap and it seems to work well, after a while it may stop working correctly.

    Thanks, – Joseph

    • 8675309 says:

      well i really doubt the store will replace it unless the battery is within the 1st year

    • 8675309 says:

      well i really doubt the store will replace it unless the battery is within the 1st year & norton is bad for these pcs


  465. i dont recomend this laptop there was a fault in the imbiult fan and all dv2000 and dv6000 tend to break down unfixibly within a year some will get replaced but most not

  466. I had something Minor go wrong with my DV6000, I sent it in to HP with no problems and while it was there they changed out the charger for free. I never had the problem with it not charging but they fixed it before I did! I never had a problem with their customer service. They were also very fast about getting my computer in, fixed and back to me. It was back home in about 2 weeks. I would use them again. I am very happy with the computer and the company.

  467. Caroline says:

    I bought my DV6000 two years ago and it has always worked fine until about now. Before I would just complain about it being slow but thats probably a Vista issue, and that the battery woudl not last to long when on the road (agree with the problem of not being able to see the screen in sunlight, at all!!)…. Anyhow, March came and my wireless stoped working, just like that. I ignored it slightly. Then my battery stoped working, a big X on top of the battery icon and saying not charging tho was plugged in. Then my sound went, I thought it was my fault when installing iTunes as had probs with that, and not being a computer wiz did whatever it took to get my music going… I handed it to a colleague at work who fixed the music bit, but the wireless still woudl not work, nor the battery charge. I got home, wento onto HP website to search for some drivers as recomended by friend, downloaded some, tried to restart, but he has never turned on again… Well it is kind of like “the lights are on but nobody is home…” Seems like he wants to turn on, the screen is black, and he turns off, then back on and continues, btu nothing never happens. Not sure what to do, have a feeling he is dead and I have to buy a new one. My dad has HP too and is not impressed. At least mine only died after 2 years, but surely a laptop shoudl last for longer than that??

    • Caroline,

      I also bought my DV6000 two years ago and have experianced all the same thinngs you have. Recently my screen went black but the computer was still running – I took it in to see if it could be fixed and I was told that it was probably something with my motherboard and that I should consider buying a new laptop. So I had them backup my data from my HP and started to search for a new laptop – I pick out and paid for a new laptop and pickup my backup data only to return home for my HP to suddently start working again – now I am left with the dilemma of returning my new laptop or keeping it – I’m not sure if my HP is going to go out on me again.. .

      • Caroline says:

        Umm that’s the thing, never know how long that will last for. Maybe he has recovered tho which would be great news!

    • Mine did the same thing. I had to have the MOTHERBOARD REPLACED!!! It was somewhere around $500 and took about 3 weeks to get the part in, fixed, & returned to me! UGHHHHH!

    • I had mine for a little over a year and under my NVIDIA(i think thats the name in device manager) there are suppose to be three files but one dissapeared and never came back and it must of been something with my wireless because i haven’t been able to connect until four days ago. I took it to a computer fix guy and they tried everything but it wouldn’t work so i had to get a USB connector and its slow and it really made me mad. Then my friends laptop the same age as mine one day just stopped turning on. I hate this laptop but i just don’t have enough money to get a complete fix if there is one or to go buy a new one.

  468. I had a HP Pavilion dv6000, after about 6 MONTHS the screen broke, it will cost $700 to fix the screen, in other words, almost the laptop itself. THE LAPTOP SUCKS.

  469. 8675309 says:

    it seems their promo rss feed is sending old info

  470. mitchell says:

    i have had the dv6000 limited edition laptop for over 2 years and have had no problems with it and i use it a lot. i agree about the screen in sunlight though.

    • 8675309 says:

      i know theres no coating so you can use it outside in the sun. it reminds me of the gba

  471. Christophe says:

    People that get the blue screen, try to check if there is an update for Intel Storage Manager. Normally that solution should appear in the problem solving, or might HP health check gives that message. I usually get those blue screen after I done a clean reinstall to factory values and during updating everything again then it gives me 2 or 3 blue screens during.

  472. Jeanne-Michelle says:

    im thinking of buying an dv 6000 from one of my friends but from what i just read im not so sure anymore.what should i do?buy it or not.my friend says there’s nothing wrong with it and she’s had it for 2 years,so should i buy it?

    • DO NOT DO IT!!

    • Christophe says:

      Well, there are clearly some HP Pavilion DV’s with known issues, but they are not all bad. Wich dv6000 is it excacly?
      What price does your friend ask? As for myself, I ussually tend to stick with something I not complaine about, and untill now I not really have to complain about my dv6000 and it stand more on then off. Your friends dv6000 works for 2 years without problems and most get their problems already before they have it 2 years. But to say if you should buy it, depends on alot maybe check in the store compare the price for the old one with a new one that has waranty on it. And probably every brand have their problems or known issues, not?

    • JM/Chr
      The DV-6/9 were rushed to market w/ Vista Home Premium as standard – aside from video cards and mother boards problems – it soon became apprent that you would need at least 2 Mgs of memory and at least a 2+ processor to reach even minimal performance for Vista and upgrading was just out of the question … the system could not do it …
      if the unit does not have at least 2 megs of ram and a 2+ processor do not buy the damn thing – (all subsequent DV’s had 2-3 megs of ram and a minimum 2+ processor) Do not spend money on maybe – you stand a good chance of getting a headache laptop which HP will not support and losing a good freind …

      • 8675309 says:

        i agree the one i have has a NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150/nForce Go 430 chip thats not even supported for vista anymore. but it was part of nvidia’s die manufacturing error. not to mention it never came with the stuff that this chip supported guess they retooled it because of the crappy 6 cell battery

    • Caroline says:

      I got mine from a friend and it worked perfectly for 2 years then died just like that, no warning really. He had only had it a short time and sold it cos he needed cash. From the stuff I have read and my own experience I would not buy this laptop again even though it may not be all bad.

      I would not buy a used laptop unless it was very cheap or I didnt mind losing the money. There is no warranty after 2 years I guess either, so money lost if it goes tits up.

  473. I’ve had my Dv6 since about last december, and ive had nothing but problems. Me and my 3 friends have the same laptop, and all of our charges had to be replaced more than once because the tips broke. Also, they all have something wrong with the computer themselves, mine being the worst. My wireless went awhile ago, i returned it to get that fixed, and then it wouldn’t turn on. About every other day, i have to wait about 3 hours just for my computer to turn on, and in the meantime it just restarts itself over and over again. and lastly, the battery is shot. I didn’t leave it plugged in alot at all, so i didn’t fry it, but i have to leave the battery out of the computer and leave my charger in 24/7 or else it will shut off. I would not recommend this computer to anyone, I know for sure that i will never get another one.

  474. I would not advise purchasing this laptop. I purchased this unit about 1.5 years ago and so far, I have had the motherboard replaced twice and now it’s headed to the shop again to the fine folks at Geek Squad due to a short in the switch in front of the machine allowing to turn the wireless on and off. I was also informed That the motherboard might have to be replaced AGAIN during this service. So, 3 motherboard replacements total. All of these problems just started about 2 months ago and my computer has been in and out of the shop ever since. I’m grateful for two things 1) I can borrow a computer from work, which has kept me sane these past couple of months and 2) I got that BestBuy service plan when I purchased that computer. One more hardware strike, and the folks at BestBuy have to give me a new machine. Lemon!!

    • HI THERE
      my dv 6000 is also super @#$%$# and will not switch on.
      iv taken it in and have been told that the motherboard is screwed and will cost me more than a new laptop
      is that true or is a motherboard actually cheap
      this is actually ridiculous on hp side.ive contacted them several times only to find out theres nothing they can do.
      i can’t believe this

  475. From my experience, it is not a good product. I bought one DV6225us in Feb 2007. right after one year, battery died. At about the same time, DVD combo could no longer burn DVD, only read DVD and write/read CD-ROM still worked. Last month, it showed the problem that keep rebooting at every 30 seconds with nothing on display. It is interesting to see in previous post others saw same issues and it recovered after sometime. When it first occurred on mine, it did come back to work after a day. But latest break down seems won’t recover. When I opened the display module, i saw a manufacture failure that LCD ground was not screwed to case so it could short with backlight drive board wires. Don’t know if that is the cause for all these troubles. But motherboard on mine probably has gone bad.

  476. most of the DV seris have faulty nvidia chipsets and are now under a recall, so check out the HP site before getting it repaired there even paying the postage .

  477. I’ve had my HP dv6000 for about two and a half years. Battery would barely hold a charge and that was about a year after so HP wouldn’t send me a replacement. Charger also would stop working, though that could be me being a little hard on them, but my current charger (Non-HP) I’ve had for about a year with no problems. Have had the wireless card replaced twice, both times free from HP and one of the mouse buttons has fallen off. As a college student, I can’t really afford to be nickeled and dimed for things unless they’re vital to the laptop still working. And now my memory suddenly went from 50% to 6% and I’ve yet to figure out where all of this stuff is so I can delete it.

    My Mom also has one from the dv6000 series and has it randomly shutting off on her (it’s about two months older than mine), usually when she tries to run Norton which I see is apparently a problem in these.

    Still not a computer I would highly recommend however, but it has gotten me by.

  478. The thing about HP is its motherboard, harddrive, and graphics card happen to be placed next to each other. This causes the laptop to burn up WAY faster.

    I have experienced several issues with my current HP DV6000. Several months ago my laptop wouldnt even turn on unless it felt like it. I would press the power button and would pray to the laptop gods that the HP logo would appear on the screen. When it would not I would have to do a hard shut down (pressing the power button AGAIN) then turn it on again in hopes it would turn on. This process would be repeated until the laptop turned on. That was my only issue. I called the HP customer service number so many times I had it on speed dial on my cellphone. I spoke to a various amount of people who all said the same thing to me “We can do a fully diagnostic on your laptop for only $100 -$300” (i forgot the actual amount they stated) and I continued to say “Listen I am a college student. I cant afford to fix your product. Your products reminds me of school actually. first year everything is fine and dandy and then after that year all these bills come and all these fees and suddenly nothing seems to work. I want to speak to your manager because honestly I dont think you know what your doing AT ALL!” the person would continue to try to speak to me until one night FINALLY the agent said “Ma’am my manager would like to speak with you” FINALLY! i realized i must have gained my mothers “fix it or im complaining” skills because the manager must have heard me yelling. He took the phone and actually calmed me down telling me that my motherboard was probably failing and would need to be replaced. They had this “one time service” option where I would send my laptop in, they would fix/replace my motherboard and then ship it back. I was actually like surprised and went along to do so. It took about a week for them to fix my baby and when I got it back it worked well. But now I am experiencing another issue. MY HARD DRIVE IS FAILING NOW!..every now and then ym laptop will randomly freeze and ill need to restart it. it gets annoying at times but it doesnt happen too often. just every now and again. Im hoping to find the nearest computer store that will help me with my issue because god knows I will not contact the HP representatives again

  479. HP notebook has a reputation of over heating. What about this one? And what is the price now?

  480. I contact them for the free fix. (I post the link but cannot post so search “HP Limited Warranty Service Enhancement” on google you will find it)

    But it only covers laptop bought within two years, so for my 2.5 years one, they charge $398 for a repair, although said might be cheaper if only video card needs replacement.

    I strongly recommend owners of newer laptop contact them for free repair, even if it shows minor random symptoms. After two years, it is your own cost. I was laughing at that price because with $400-500 you can find a brand new one.

    I really wonder if HP thinks and is satisfied that their laptop’s should only last two years.

  481. I got my DV6000 about six months ago from ebay, its worked perfectly aside from a slight screen problem. When I move it from house to house (I go round my mates alot) I turn it on and the screen comes out in a grey mist like thing, I put pressure on the sides of the screen or the top of the screen and it comes back on, sometimes it take longer than other but it always goes on, does any one have any ideas why this might be.

  482. I am facing lots of heating problem with my PC, which I bought a year ago. I used to power off suddenly. Now its getting powered off within an hour. I can not do anything that takes more time, like uploading and downloading. Its really really annoying. I will never suggest this laptop. I dont know what to do now?

  483. don’t buy any pavilion with the shiny lid. I sold mine for it’s parts. ive had problems with it from the beginning, and im not the only one. the repair shop gets dozens for repair. generally mainboard and video card problems

  484. stargazer says:

    DON’T BUY THIS LAPTOP! I REPEAT DON’T MAKE THE MISTAKE TO BUY THIS LAPTOP. Sure the exterior is handsome and all but the interior is not so good. I had to send it back to Canada just to replace the motherboard because that’s where i bought it, and another problem is that i live in the other side of the world! Same thing happened again 2 weeks ago and according to the technician the motherboard got burned due to overheat. If they replace, it would be much better if i buy another laptop due to the cost of replacing the motherboard alone. I cannot send it back abroad bec. the warranty plan expired already. :'(

  485. mona puglia says:

    I purchased HP PAVILON DV6000 almost 3 years ago from Costco.2 repairs (motherboard and harddrive replaced). Now 5 months after major repair ,computer won’t turn on. Costco and HP don’t want to know me bec the repair is good only for 90 days. Obviously I have a lemon on hand. Any one out there have any helpful thoughts? Thanks, Mona

  486. adam says: