Every so often you login to a web site that starts with https:// instead of http://. Modern browsers either show an image of lock and/or change the color of the address bar to inform you of this. The ‘s’ is for ‘secure’. It means that the information transferred is encrypted while on http it is not.

Most major webmail providers do offer some form of secure login. Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail all redirect to an HTTPS login by default. All online banking sites also use HTTPS by default.

EFF has introduced the Firefox extension HTTPS Everywhere that automatically enables HTTPS for sites that otherwise use the non-secure login by default.

Once installed, these are the sites preprogrammed in that will now have secure login:


An example of how this works after installation is to try google.com. When you do, this is what loads:


Anyone using a wireless internet connection should use this. It’s a very simple install, and once finished you simply don’t have to worry about it from that point. The only thing to do from there is to periodically check for newer versions, however the Firefox auto-updater includes extensions in its update checks, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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