dish A lot of people consider the FCC some type of evil organization (I personally never did), but this is one of those instances where you’ll love them.

Some HOAs, as in Homeowners Associations, list rules that you can’t put any kind of antenna on the roof of your home.

As the FCC states, since October 1996 it has "banned restrictions that impair the the installation, maintenance or use of antennas used to receive video programming."

For you DTV lovers out there that can’t get it because your HOA said you couldn’t install an antenna on your roof, you can politely tell them to shove it and you’re going to do it anyway because the FCC said you could. If they ask where, tell them to look right here to the Over-The-Air Reception Devices Rule.

Also, yes this includes satellite dishes as long as they’re not over 1 meter wide.

Via USA Today

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