Desktop Themes are a new addition to Windows 10 with this Spring’s Creators Update. These new themes added to the Windows Store allow you to quickly and easily change up your desktop background, sounds and colors. Themes are generally free to download and give you something fresh to look at when you log into your desktop. Follow along below and we’ll show you how to download and install them.

Downloading a Windows 10 theme

Themes are pretty easy to install. Just open up Settings and head into Personalization and navigate to the Themes tab in the left navigation pane. Right under the “Apply a theme” heading, you’ll see the Get more themes in the Store link. Click it, and you’ll be directed to a long list of available free themes in the Windows Store.

Here, you can go through and choose any theme that you take a liking to. Click on your chosen theme, and once you do, you should be taken to the theme’s page. Press the “Get” button and you’ll start downloading your new theme to your PC.

Applying and deleting theme

Once you’ve downloaded your theme, it should show up in your list of downloaded themes. To apply it, it’s as simple as selecting it under the Themes tab we were just in.

And that’s all you have to do! Themes are really nice because they often include a rotation of backgrounds and different colors, so you’re always looking at something new. Generally, you’ll never be looking at the same old static desktop when you log into your computer every day.

Now, if you want to go ahead and remove a theme from your list, you can do so very easily. It’s as simple as right-clicking on the theme you want to get rid of and pressing the “Delete” button that appears.


Themes are pretty simple, but provide a fresh new look to your desktop. If you want, you can take things a step further and customize a theme more to your liking under the “Background,” “Color,” “Sounds” and “Mouse cursor” options within the Themes pane. It’s pretty self-explanatory what you can do here. Under “Background” you can add and remove different backgrounds. Under the “Color” option, you can, well, change colors. Under “Sounds,” you can change the different sounds to that theme and so on.

By following the steps above, you can very quickly and easily freshen up your desktop without spending a dime.