Installing The Telnet Client Into Windows 7

Linux people in particular like the Telnet protocol because it allows easy command line interface access to PCs on a home network or small-biz setup. However if you have a Win 7 PC on your network, go to a prompt and type "telnet", the infamous "telnet is not recognized as an internal or external command.." shows up.

Is the telnet.exe program gone from Windows 7? No. You can easily put it back. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1. Go to Control Panel, then Programs (big green link)


Step 2. Click Turn Windows Features on or off (blue link)


Step 3. Check the box for Telnet Client


…and that’s it.

You will have the telnet.exe program available from the command prompt again.


  1. Telnet is not used as much now, because any passwords are transmitted as clear (unencrypted) text.
    Where possible, it’s much better to use another protocol such as SSH.

    However, the telnet client can be useful as a quick and dirty way for checking servers, e.g.

    telnet 80
    GET /

    [Do not enable Telnet Server unless you really know what you are doing]

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  3. Thanks, it will take some time to get a full fledged Oracle apps work on Win 7. everyday i find something which doesnt work only in Win 7.

    Thanks again

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