The March release of AMD’s Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 have led to an even bigger increase in competition between AMD and Intel.

These two juggernauts have waged war for years, and a recent leak from a German presentations makes it appear like Intel is preparing a new lineup of i7s and i9. Of course, nothing is confirmed yet – but the ever-changing nature of PC chipsets means that there is likely smoke to this fire. It looks Intel’s new Skylake-X platforms will be the main beneficiaries of the chipsets, with some impressive specs thrown around.

The Core i9 7920X is set to feature 12 cores and 24 threads with 16.5MB of L3 cache while the i9 7900X will feature 10 cores with 20 threads. Going down the line, the i9 7820X will feature 8 cores across 16 threads, while the last i9 in the lineup, the 7800X, features six cores with 12 threads and rounds out the Skylake-X lineup. Two i7 chips are going to feature four cores each, with the 7740K featuring eight threads and the 7640K using four. For most workloads, the 7800X chip looks fantastic, but the 7820X is solid too. They each avoid the cache bottleneck that frequently hurts Intel, and it’s good to see something address these issues.

The i7 chips seem like a very minor upgrade, but do keep the i7 moniker around and making it feel newer than it is with the i9 easily being trumpeted as the latest and greatest technology on a base level. It looks like Intel isn’t setting out to reinvent the wheel here which is good. All they need to do is deliver solid chips that are reliable and offer up a high-end experience for the chips that demand it and a reasonable experience for the lower-end ones.

AMD raised their game with the Ryzen family, and Intel knows that they need to keep pumping out new chips to compete and run the rusk of feeling obsolete in the eyes of consumers.

Source: Anandtech