It’s interesting to consider what the best mediums are for entertainment and news. Obviously it depends on what type of entertainment or news is being referred to, so here’s a basic rundown.

Local News

1st place: Newspaper

2nd place: Internet

3rd place: TV

Last place: Radio

Your best source of local news is still the tried-and-true newspaper. This is because the paper above all other mediums knows its local market best.

Internet is 2nd place because they don’t have as much of an understanding of the local market. Informative, yes, but not like the paper is.

Television isn’t really that informative for local news because they have to squeeze everything into 44 minutes in a 1-hour broadcast (for every 30 minutes of television there is 8 minutes of commercials), so there’s a lot of skipping around.

People get their radio news usually from AM talk shows. This news there is usually biased beyond belief because of the host(s), and that’s why it places dead last.

World News

1st place: Internet

2nd place: TV

3rd place: Newspaper

Last place: Radio

When it comes to world news, the internet rules supreme in this department because they’ve been doing it for so long. Here’s a good example. While other news mediums stuck to their local markets, the internet capitalized on bringing world news to the forefront. You can’t do any better than internet for that type of right-now information.

Television holds second place because the national broadcasts are by and large a respected source of world news information. This medium previously held the top spot until internet took the center seat.

Newspapers by nature cater to local news more than world. This is why they’re third.

World news on radio is dead last because it’s essentially just a repeat of what’s already on the internet, one day late.

Traffic (Road Conditions)

1st place: Radio

2nd place: Internet

3rd place: TV

Last place: Newspaper

Radio is and always will be the best way to get informed as to what local road conditions are. This is because everybody has a radio in their car. And even if you have a GPS with a traffic reporting feature, it’s still not as good as radio because radio is faster on the draw.

Internet holds second place because it’s not as right-now as radio is, and becomes useless once you get in your car and start driving. The only exception to that are smartphones with traffic reporting features, but they suffer from the same "too little, too late" reporting style GPSes with traffic features do as they both use the same reporting systems.

Television ranks in third because they only concentrate on major areas. It’s local, but not local enough.

Newspaper is last because it was printed before the day started and obviously doesn’t dynamically update, so it’s worthless to get local traffic conditions information from it.


1st place: TV

2nd place: Internet

3rd place: Radio

Last place: Newspaper

As much as people say that internet is more entertaining than TV, it really isn’t. With TV all you have to do is tune in to a station, sit and do absolutely nothing. You "veg" and are happy to do it. This is why it holds the #1 spot.

Internet ranks #2 simply because you actually have to do something to enjoy it, i.e. typing and using your mouse. And you actually have to think to get things done on it as well.

Radio is third because most people would choose TV or internet over radio as the best means of being entertained.

Newspaper is last because people would rather watch, listen or have active participation in something rather than sit and read a paper.

Am I right? Am I wrong?

Do you think my list above is accurate or not? Weigh in your opinion by posting a comment.