Four months ago we were given an opportunity to preview the new design of I personally gave it the thumbs up because it was my opinion that the new design was modernized in all the right ways. The old design was very "Web 1.0" and I considered it good that it was ditched for something more streamlined and useful.

The new design has now been deployed, and here are some of the comments from the linked article above (these are all PCMech readers):

This new SUCKS!!!! How do I get the old back? I will never use this.. I will switch and never come back… get me back to the original version….

This new home page was thrust on me without my consent. I am trying to get a new email address so I don’t have to look at this ugly home page

This looks too much like it’s trying to be yahoo. and i have to go to new tabs and pages to see what i could of seen just on one page. i don’t think it’s a matter of people not being able to deal with change. i think it’s a matter of how convenient the old page was, everything i wanted to know was there on one page, most of the time i didn’t even have to scroll down.

With these absolutely horrendous changes I will be going elsewhere. Give me back the blue background where all the important headlines were right there for me to see.

Basically put, everybody hates it.

What are’s two biggest mistakes with the new design?

  1. There is no option to get the site to revert back to how it used to look.
  2. There are no options to move things where you want them to be. for example does have the ability to "go retro". Without any requirement to sign in, on the top right of that site you can click Page Options and then Switch to compact view. In the same menu, you can click Move News on Top.

If the new design had similar user options, I don’t think people would be nearly as vocal in their disapproval.

The only way to get an looking the way you want now is to go to, login with a Hotmail account and then you get the options that matter. Boxes can be moved anywhere you want, content can be customized easily and it works out quite nicely.

I’m still of the opinion the new design of is better than the old.

My question now is this:

Is there anyone out there that thinks the new design of doesn’t suck (or is now really that bad)?