Is The New Really That Bad?

Four months ago we were given an opportunity to preview the new design of I personally gave it the thumbs up because it was my opinion that the new design was modernized in all the right ways. The old design was very "Web 1.0" and I considered it good that it was ditched for something more streamlined and useful.

The new design has now been deployed, and here are some of the comments from the linked article above (these are all PCMech readers):

This new SUCKS!!!! How do I get the old back? I will never use this.. I will switch and never come back… get me back to the original version….

This new home page was thrust on me without my consent. I am trying to get a new email address so I don’t have to look at this ugly home page

This looks too much like it’s trying to be yahoo. and i have to go to new tabs and pages to see what i could of seen just on one page. i don’t think it’s a matter of people not being able to deal with change. i think it’s a matter of how convenient the old page was, everything i wanted to know was there on one page, most of the time i didn’t even have to scroll down.

With these absolutely horrendous changes I will be going elsewhere. Give me back the blue background where all the important headlines were right there for me to see.

Basically put, everybody hates it.

What are’s two biggest mistakes with the new design?

  1. There is no option to get the site to revert back to how it used to look.
  2. There are no options to move things where you want them to be. for example does have the ability to "go retro". Without any requirement to sign in, on the top right of that site you can click Page Options and then Switch to compact view. In the same menu, you can click Move News on Top.

If the new design had similar user options, I don’t think people would be nearly as vocal in their disapproval.

The only way to get an looking the way you want now is to go to, login with a Hotmail account and then you get the options that matter. Boxes can be moved anywhere you want, content can be customized easily and it works out quite nicely.

I’m still of the opinion the new design of is better than the old.

My question now is this:

Is there anyone out there that thinks the new design of doesn’t suck (or is now really that bad)?


  1. Aaron Fournier says:

    My mom has MSN as her homepage and she absolutely hates the new one for all the same reasons the people you quoted above said. I on the other hand, like it better. Honestly, I probably would have streamlined it a bit further. I think some of the sections could have been combined and oriented differently.

    • Wayne Gretzki says:

      evidently you know nothing about sports….. the new MSN sports is difficult to work, try to get
      into the scheduling of NHL or Soccer, if its not BASKETBALL OR BASEBALL, msn thinks its
      not important…

  2. It certainly works better in widescreen proportions than the old site did.

  3. It’s alright but I really couldn’t care when Google still exists..

  4. “This looks too much like it’s trying to be Yahoo……”

    Hah! 🙂

    The mediocre emulating the mediocre.

  5. I’ve never used MSN. com for anything.

  6. joe camenzuli says:

    Msn – never used it.

  7. MMSN apparently thinks they know better than the user. I go to MSN mainly for Bing search, so it is fine with me, but I can see if people use more functions on the site they may be unhappy with it.

  8. I had no idea that there was a new MSN until I happened upon these comments. I did a Google search for “” that led me to my first view of the new look.

    I did not take time to evaluate it, but it did not look too bad at first glance.

    I have MSN Premium through Verizon. I contact the “old” version by way of “”

    You might try that?

  9. is there any way to get the old site back if so let me know thank you

  10. Msn had a too happy interface for itself and I was between that and yahoo until of course gmail kicked in which shifted me to google. I don’t think it’s too bad yet a quick change does make people unhappy I suppose .

  11. What I didn’t like was Microsoft not leaving an option “to try and use if you like, leave it if you don’t”. I would have liked to continue using the old and upgrade to the new UNDER MY conditions WHEN I wanted to. That was not the way to treat good customers.

  12. I just returned from doing some clean-up work on a relative’s computer.

    She complained about a new page coming up when she accessed Internet Explorer.

    As mentioned in my previous comment, I did this:

    Go to Internet Explorer >Tools>Internet Options>in the box “To create page tabs, type each address on thin line”>
    Type “”(Do not type the Quotation Marks (“))>

    The next time Internet Explorer was accessed, the old version of the page appeared.

  13. Reference my previous comment: I have a typing error in
    “in the box “To create page tabs, type each address on thin line”>”

    “on thin line” should read “on its own line.”

    Sorry about that!

  14. what the hell!!! msn is great so just back away aye its not that bad it keeps our kids occupied aye… xx

  15. The new MSN sucks..I don’t like it.

  16. I hate the new MSN page because it is very cluttered and the idiots don’ t show the stock market index, it only shows if it’s up or down. Where’s the common sense……Must have lost it in college!

  17. J. Levesque says:

    After months of being tormented by the new and their occasional article titles that only lead to web-site searches – I’ve finally decided to set a new homepage for my news. I’m sure will change their web-site design soon-enough with more and more people being sick of it and changing their home-page to something else!

  18. PETER SNEDDON says:


  19. For an update from 2014 you can’t leave an honest comment (Unlike Yahoo) that is not positive! I wonder why?! I hate MSN – If any site is totally unhonest this would be at the top of my list! That is why anything they say I really take at arms length! if they can’t be honest like everyone else online – Yahoo is just one of many – what else are they hiding?! Just asking!

  20. The new format sucks! I will not use it. This is even worse than the decision to force long term Hotmail users to move to the very inferior Outlook.
    Whoever makes these decisions must work for the competition!
    Keep up the bad work, pretty soon MSN will be as reviled and obsolete as IE6.

  21. Site sucks. I like to read headline and decide if I want more details not see a picture that shows me 1/3 of detail on screen. Also looks like designed for my phone as it uses 2/3 screen

  22. This new design is horrible….Streamlined? What a bullshit word……..if you mean we cut out lots of content per viewable page so you can no longer peruse multiple news items at once, then “streamlined” is your word. Having to use more scrolling or mouse touches DOES NOT COUNT as being STREAMLINED. What a crock of bs Msn. Fire the admin crew that pushed this project…………greatness in their minds……..what a horrible piece of AMC Pacer.

  23. The new msn site really sucks ! stupid. best advice change get another home page

  24. msn sucks now, time to switch home page

  25. Now I have to listen to adds for every bit of news. Not user friendly and I will change!

  26. bela ghostly says:

    OMG I hate it! I tried to save old screen because I knew this was coming and
    it is gone! and no way to retrieve! this sucks! I will not be using the new home
    page! I loved the original one it was easy to adjust and read. and yes aaron
    is right the screen size sucks! I use 125 on my laptop and it was perfect now
    I’d have to adjust if I used the new page! no way! I hate yahoo and google
    that’s why I never use them but I guess it’s yahoo cause I hate google with
    their stupid tracking and spying and left wing Obama liberal slanted views!

  27. This new MSN site SUCKS!!! Where is the stock market infor. sucks ! sucks! SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

  28. Gary L Gunder says:

    I think the new page sucks Don’t like change What was wrong with old ..Please bring back old one//?????

  29. This really sucks! BK Memphis, TN

  30. I agree.. I actually had to switch my homepage to aol Can you believe it Aol. new msn sucks!!! I spent my day off looking at ighome and aol, If I want to use apps, I will use my tablet. My view is 2/3 picture and 1/3 ad. terrible set up

  31. Yes the new msn is terrible. Will not use it until they change it back to the way it was.To the numb skulls who designed it go back to kindigarden. What a let down! Shame on all of you!!!

    • Felix R Simonet says:

      BINGO the idiot that came up with this new MSN page should be fired.
      I for one am looking at changing away from MSN and find a new ISP

  32. What they had was good, not great but good. What they have now is awful. What were they thinking and how did management sign off on this?

  33. The new MSN is very poorly designed. The stock “Watch List” must have been programmed by a three year old. Last person using MSN turn out the light!

  34. I hate this new MSN, the old MSN had everything, I could want on one page. If they keep this like it is I will look elsewhere.
    Let me be clear I am not against change but this is some techs idea that does not work for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Rich Moore says:

    The new MSM home page SUCKS. I’am done with it . I liked the old home page , sometimes change is not better!!!!

  36. I hate this new MSN homepage. It makes no rhyme or reason. It is way too big to fit on my PC 22 inch screen. I’m 83 years old and have had the old MSN for long as I can remember. Give me a choice!

  37. floridadreams says:


  38. Change isn’t better for all age groups. need options for the old page. we are all not in our “30’s”.

  39. The new home page not only sucks! But now I get too pay for pop-up’s add’s , What a deal how damn much money does Bill Gates have to make to give away to other nations ? I’m never going to renew it again once this months expires I’m done I gave My Xbox away last yr as it was fee fee fee .. and a PITA to keep up with changes and update went PSP4 and my next Laptop is going to be a Mac. I’m so sick or M/S and all it has to offer..

  40. Felix R Simonet says:

    It really sucks, will be canceling my MSN account ( if I can ever find where to do it on the new screwed up site ) and switch to another ISP.

  41. New MSN page sucks. On my IPad 1 everything is running down the center of the page. I have to scroll down the usless page to find what i want to see. If i want the weather i have to go to a different page to see it. Sports highlites on a different page etc. i am looking for a different home page. I will not ust this one.

  42. I could not hate this change more , so congrats to the idiot who came up with this . I am changing my home page. Anything has to be a better choice. This blows

  43. I don’t like the fact that you can’t customize it like you could the old page.
    To see what I used to see at one glance I now have to click a link to see it separately.

    I got here because I’m looking for a new homepage to use.

  44. John Akerberg says:

    it never was that great was too much attention on “celebs” or non news which i never cared about i dont give a *^$% whos wearing what at which stupid event that most of the drones care about. Would like to find a news channel with not fluff news, or i would just watch good morning america. and watch them come out of the closet sooo proud. Americans are fed this stuff till we have to like it cuz there isnothing better to report

  45. It’s horrible!! I have my msn email forwarded now so I don’t have to deal with it.

  46. i have used msn for years, not any more… site is worse than horrible!

  47. How many HATE IT messages do you need before you get the idea that your change was crappy? You do not need to change every few months. When you have something people like, it is OK to stay with it.

  48. Yup new msn site is so terrible I had to google it just so I could leave a comment on how bad it was and how I’m now changing my homepage. Good luck getting me back

  49. New MSN home page is BAD. Why do they have to give so much space for the add at the top and bottom? Outlook, Office, One note etc. can be squeezed close to the Bing bar and the “add bar” at the bottom can be reduced so that there is more room for viewing web pages in the middle. I will stop using MSN from today until they fix this stupid mistake.

  50. Carl LaFong says:

    The ‘new’ MSN home page was bad but not unbearable until the last few weeks. I liked thumbing through the photo/stories. Now, that displays for a few seconds and then the top ad banner drops down so I have to scroll down to see the photo/stories section. Who in the world things this is a good idea? Oh yeah, this is Microsoft, where building crap is job 1.

  51. Yes the new sucks. No longer able to post comments on news stories. When I try to log in to post it just keeps cycling between a blank Facebook popup and the news story site. This has been a recurring problem.

  52. If Steve Jobs were alive, today, I think he would have popped a blood vessel while totally lambasting this new Hotmail format. Microsoft completely went in the wrong direction with their new email layout. The way it’s set up, only users with an engineers education and logic can understand and use it, not the common user. I can only imagine the problems and frustrations that this new format is having among the older generation of users. Microsoft should have taken the classic Steve Jobs approach and simplified the format as much as possible to make it more user friendly, not make it more complicated. They should have streamlined it to the logic and simplicity that the average user can understand and relate to. Instead, it’s now looks like the end result of what some Microsoft engineers, with nothing else better to do, decided to tinker with in order to justify their existence and to show off to their peers.

    This is a classic case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I would have thought Microsoft would have learned from their Windows 8 debacle by now. I guess not.

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