It starts right after Halloween

It’s called Christmas season. Right after Halloween, we start to see all of the toy commercials on TV, and get bombarded with Christmas decorations, and even Christmas shows. People outside of the U.S. are glad they don’t live in the US during this season. It’s one of the worst in the US for sanity, as it has driven me insane for the past five years. Now, it has moved up the ladder in mental problems. I’m not officially a grinch because of this horrible season, except when I hear the good news. This is the year that people by computers, and lots of them. To help this process along, AMD and Intel lower their prices, which saves me money, and makes me very happy. AMD especially has been dropping their prices, and in effect, killing their stock prices, over the past half of a year. Of course, this helps in competition with Intel, making them cut their prices and ultimately lower their profits. The main problem is found when seeing that AMD is also loosing profits…which most certainly isn’t good. I hate to say it, but the race isn’t as much as a race as I’d like it to be. Unless AMD can pump out their Claw and Sledge Hammer CPUs before IA-64 from Intel can take off, Intel can finally cringe for a reason.

Tech Deals for College Students
At least in the state of Wisconsin, college students can find deals that no other group of people can. As a student in the University of LaCrosse school system I can buy Windows 2000 for $25, Office 2000 for $30, and Windows ME for $25. It’s all-legal, as long as I use the software for myself. Also, many local ISPs give a 25% discount to College students for dial up services. College students are known to be strapped for money, and companies still want to sell their products. Paired with the “minimal profit is better than no profit” theory, companies frequently offer major discounts to students just because they are students. In the case of purchasing software, especially that $800 version of Microsoft Office, it makes their lives much easier than using a Typewriter for those 10 page Thesis papers that must be done. If you’re a student of ANY sort, I suggest looking into deals from the local companies you can find in the area. You’ll probably be surprised.

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