In case you hadn’t heard, more than a few YouTube users are stating that “it isn’t like it used to be” (more or less) and that the site is nothing but a big ball of boring. In addition to that, users of that site are abso-frickin’-lutely sick of the negativity that goes thru that place like a never-ending tidal wave; this means video-makers either “play it safe” with video content or just don’t post anymore.

I pondered this and came out with a well-thought-out pie chart showing what the content of YouTube is like.


As you can see, YouTube is overwhelmed with crap.

But maybe it’s the community that makes YouTube great? I don’t think so.

Here’s a screen shot I took of a random video comment section on YouTube. I blurred out the names (because I’m not about to make them “famous”, thank you very much.)

Bear in mind that other than the blur-outs, this is UNEDITED.


Want more proof? Check out Metafilter vs. YouTube and see for yourself.

YouTube is teeming with morons and people are abandoning it left and right (for good reason.)

It’s official: YouTube sucks.

But you probably already knew that.