It’s Official: YouTube Sucks

In case you hadn’t heard, more than a few YouTube users are stating that “it isn’t like it used to be” (more or less) and that the site is nothing but a big ball of boring. In addition to that, users of that site are abso-frickin’-lutely sick of the negativity that goes thru that place like a never-ending tidal wave; this means video-makers either “play it safe” with video content or just don’t post anymore.

I pondered this and came out with a well-thought-out pie chart showing what the content of YouTube is like.


As you can see, YouTube is overwhelmed with crap.

But maybe it’s the community that makes YouTube great? I don’t think so.

Here’s a screen shot I took of a random video comment section on YouTube. I blurred out the names (because I’m not about to make them “famous”, thank you very much.)

Bear in mind that other than the blur-outs, this is UNEDITED.


Want more proof? Check out Metafilter vs. YouTube and see for yourself.

YouTube is teeming with morons and people are abandoning it left and right (for good reason.)

It’s official: YouTube sucks.

But you probably already knew that.


  1. Actually, you have accurately summed up not just YouTube, but almost EVERY popular social/new media/web 2.0/ site out there. User generated content is all well and good but the sad fact is most people aren’t that interesting and have nothing original to say.

  2. hitchface says:

    Beyond having nothing original, I am almost (ALMOST) surprised at how negative people are. Can’t we all just get along?

  3. YouTube has always been like that, perhaps less so in the early days but now the moron stats and quits are kinda steady. I must give them a lot of credit.. they’ ve managed to run the show this long despite the fact that a vlogger revolt was constantly in the air. The biggest crack in the ceiling so far was probably LiveVideo’s arrival.

    If nothing else, after you get bored of videos, switch to reading comments… their entertainment value can be substantial :>

  4. Why bother looking at the comments?

  5. One fairly negative article relating all the bad aspects of YouTube


    Three (thus far) replies to said article also with marginally negative slants/opinions on how horrid YouTube is becoming or already has become.


    YouTube sans videos??

  6. hitchface says:

    That and we aren’t all yelling at each other and having a massive flame-fest. Except on the DIY Mac article, where I got called stupid, when the comment could have been avoided. By the way, I was wrong in my opinions there. I hope that guy sees this. Consider my outmoded Macology rectified.

    See? You don’t get apologies on Youtube.

  7. One word:

  8. Youtube is bad in every given way. It became so bad that I cancelled my Youtube account despite having about 50 favorites on it. Ratings would not save, comments (even single-word comments) would never post, and comments get deleted for no reason. It took me at least 18 months to get a comment to score a whopping +1, which occurred on a comment to a Super Bowl XLII video. That was a landmark achievement considering that the average score was about -4. (BTW, the current single-score record is +3.) Also, many videos would not stream properly and you would have to download them in order to watch them. I am now using Google Video to watch and upload videos.

    • ….You do know Youtube and Google Video are the same company right? Basically by leaving Youtube and going to google video they pretty much have you by the balls. I hardly think Google cares what one you use because they own both anyway. You are better off using a service run by a completely different company.. And yes, Youtube had turned into a trash site filled with idiots and copyright crybabies.

  9. yah, i also hate the random site maintenence that seems to do nothing at all(except inconvinience me) and the negativity just blows.

  10. I hate how YouTube nowadays censors the content posted by users to the degree that it does. Originally, you could post just about anything on that site but not anymore. On top of all that, their censors are quite often very inconsistent. Case in point, I posted the classic cartoon, Coal Black & the Sebben Dwarfs, and YouTube removed it, saying that it violated its terms of service. But, on the other hand, others have posted the cartoon and YouTube does absolutely nothing about it. It’s like WTF!? I guess their censorship wouldn’t be as bad if they applied their rules to everyone equally.
    Also, as of late, the videos on YouTube quite often won’t load at all. I go to other video sites & their videos load just fine. Therefore, it is nothing wrong with my computer but the way YouTube is rendered.

  11. youtube sucks, I have almost half of my videos taken from them! like this week! and the reason is? using music without permission, come on, just type ‘final fantasy music video’ for example and you get loads of them! why me? still, guess how long i had these videos on youtube? three years. This is bullcrap, my very first video on youtube was taken and i can’t get all of them back now my pc was rebooted liked two years ago. Youtube changed a lot compare to way back then, we used to watch tv episodes in there, now thanks to them, youtube’s full of all these youTubePoops and all loads of craps!.

  12. Yeah, my account was suspended today after almost 3 years :/ All my videos.. gone. Several of them had over 80k views and 5 star ratings. Ah well, guess I shouldn’t have uploaded that small clip of Captain Murphy from Sealab 2021 (god forbid). Cartoon Network got all up in arms over that. Lesson learned I suppose?

    Yeah. Youtube’s quality has definitely diminished. Not much to look at except a bunch of uninteresting people acting like they have something important to say – much like I’m doing right now ;P

    • Agreed: I don’t mind reading your comment as long as I don’t have to look at your ugly face. The YouTube idiots and their video responses to every asinine thing? No such luck.

  13. OH GAWD. SOMEONE PLEASE FIRE THE YOUTUBE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! IT SUCKS SO BAD!!!!!!! everytime i try to find videos, and it goes “internal error” or just plain page load error. what the hell!?!! YOUTUBE SUCKS BIG TIME BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  14. brian taylor says:

    you folks wanna know the worst thing about youtube? that @&%+$ing jumpy video thing. once you could’ve watched ANY video with no problems. now nearly every video i try to watch ends up with the image jumping in the left hand corner and leaving streaks, yet the audio is fine. turns out i’m not the only one who has this problem. at first i thought it was my computer, but when i tried other sites like google video, i had no problems. youtube has fallen off. i’m canceling my account.

  15. i have been suspended numerous time due to the nazi policing youtube. its call censorship or copyright infringement
    these corporate loser are beginning to get on my nerve
    most of us need to come together and put youtube out of business

    it is owned by google inc since november 2006 and it doesn’t care about our fair use rights. the policy suck and the corporate media now police youtube 24hrs a day looking for video, audio to disable. it is no longer a free for all which is what made youtube a great place to share video in the beginning. we the user can put them out of business for good by spreading the truth about their censorship and how they have sold us out to big evil corporate nazi owned by very few elite ppl at very top of the pyramid scheme.

  16. Martin Turow says:

    Videosift isn’t any better than YouTube. And in YouTube’s favor, at least they give people the ability promote themselves and their work.

    There isn’t much difference between the comments in VideoSift or YouTube and what you might hear in a prison—both are profane, deeply disturbing, and aggressive. The fact is Videosift and YouTube are simply reflections of our what our society has become and it’s a shame, but the picture’s not pretty.

  17. Youtube is the Lars Ulrich of video images. This is an issue of greed, and corporate ignorance. Our culture is constantly warped and bastardized, bent over the kitchen table and give what for by men in fancy suits. Youtube is another example of something being popularized by a general public, growing into a beautiful expression of mass culture, and then the men in suits saw we were having fun, and decided to either make a buck or ruin it for everyone. It’s just a perfect example of why this country is going down the tubes and will be a third rate international village in 50 years with about 14 rich white guys runnin the entire show from an Aspen condo. Youtube is trash.

  18. Dont forget AMVs everywhere, god forbid if your trying to watch a show actually seeing it

  19. Yeah, to prove that Youtube is full of idiots, look at what has happened to this video: There has been a severe outbreak of thumbs down, thus blocking all comments from public view. Once a comment is given a -6 score, the block becomes permanent and the negative score cannot be reversed. A bunch of noobs being thumbs-down-happy if you ask me. lol

  20. YouTube blows my dick says:

    I agree with all the above posts. If I may add, youtube has the most horrendous scripting ever. who the hell maintains that website, a bunch of morons?? seriously.. half of the links never work (i.e. to sort comments by the “newest” never works, when you reply to a specific comment it always pops it up on the top of the comment list and not under the comment you’re replying to.. very rarely that happens, the favorites link you have to press about 5 times for it to actually add the video to your favorites). google is worthless and so is youtube. anything google has touched in the past has gone to complete crap. even google search engine is shite. pure garbage. well, it really always was. i still use altavista and find a lot more stuff on it than google. it seems that everything thsese days is done half-assed and nobody gives a shit.

  21. YouTube is a piece of crap says:

    I also agree with all the above posts. Google doesn’t give a shit about anything, not even the users. The most major thing that they care about is… money. They will gladly let an employee die, just to get the insurance money. They will also murder some of their employees also to get insurance. YouTube needs fixing, but I guess it’s impossible. With the mass amount of stupid retards or idiots, espicially on cubing vids, YouTube is unfixable. There is no way that YouTube can be the same unless they shutdown youtube forever. But if they shutdown youtube, there will be another site that will get polluted, so I guess we must make the right decision: Screw YouTube.
    Just “Beat It – Michael Jackson” and get the heck out of there. It is a piece of shit now, and there is no way. I mean why not even have a language filter? And look at all the shit, and useless AMV. Make a YouTube AMV .com and then we sure will be happy, and guess what? copyright crybabies are taking them all down, which is making us more happy, but their not just after AMVs, they are after awesome videos. If you have seen TheRealWorldWeeklyNews, he said that he just got falsely copyright claimed by Viacom. This is why everyone at YouTube is who is sincere and honest is actually hating Viacom. The fair use claim doesn’t do bullshit anymore, so I guess youtube is bye bye. So, Beat it. You cannot be a macho man in this one.

  22. Alexander says:

    My FSXC182RG account got suspended today.

  23. I as of today em not using the site ever again im so sick of it and yeah it did hit me hard becouse youtube was a place to make friends and share ideas and it was all by the people for the people but not enymore. The comments have been getting much worst and there is no respect on the site both from google and eny random wierd person stalking you or abusing you on youtube. Its not what it use to be at all. This sux we need somthing new.

  24. YouTube has gone downhill exponentially since this was posted.

  25. Gabystelistu95 says:

    Youtube suspend my account, but i don’t make any copyright, i hate youtube, it sucks
    Youtube, you suck

  26. mightycowhero says:

    Youtube is garbage. They’re watching the wrong people. they do absolutely nothing about the trolls whose sole purpose is to infuriate users by posting offensive or derogatory comments, or the spammers, but if you put up a certain video, they pull it down because of copyright laws. They even pulled down videos I favored!! Then there’s that stupid rick roll nonsense. Try to watch a video and what happens? You get that singing asshole. And what about the jumpy video glitch? Nearly every video I try to watch on Youtube has that jumping problem, even videos that never did that before.

    Youtube is littered with assholes who open accounts for no reason other that to stalk or infuriate people. Check into their accounts and you will find nothing, no videos, no subscriptions, no favorites, and yet these people are forever popping up on other people’s videos posting stupid or derogatory comments. Youtube is also chocked full of racists: neo nazis, skinheads, grand wizards, card carrying white supremacists, you name it. Youtube knows what’s going on yet they do absolutely nothing about it, because they don’t care, except about money and getting sued by the you-know-who’s over “copyright infringement”. Screw youtube. There is something better. It’s called Dailymotion.

    • When you mention jumpy video glitch, you mean buffering problems, right? About 75% of all videos on YouTube either freeze in the middle of streaming or do not load at all. You have to hit F5 to refresh the browser in order for the videos to fully load. Additionally with some videos, when you try to drag the cursor to view a certain part of a video, the cursor always warps to the beginning of the video. Total garbage! Recently, YouTube has been swapping audio on some videos replacing the videos’ original music with some random crap due to copyright issues.

      About Dailymotion, I tried it and the first video I tried to play, guess what? Same buffering lockup garbage as with YouTube. If you want a video website with the best streaming performance, no garbage spam and pointless thumbs downs, and no 10-minute video length cap, two words for you: Google Video.

  27. Youtube community is now a melted snicker bar. Everyone should know that.

  28. I wouldn’t say metafilter are bad comments(because it’s not a true), but, man, it actually makes me say inside, do they have lives? Or, do they have over 80 wpm? Man, so much stuff.
    Hanging out with youtube comments will drive me crazy because of their stupidity.
    Hanging out with metafilter comments will bore and drive me nut because of how snobbish it looks.

  29. I agree FULLY with everyone here about how much YouTube sucks. YouTube is like some sort of intellectual slum nowadays. EVERY SINGLE video is covered in racist, xenophobic, ignorant, and offensive comments. Just yesterday I watched a history video about China only to find a racist arguement. Once in a (isolated) while would you see normal comments, with proper grammar and spelling, and intelligent conversations, but the rest of the comments consisted mainly of racist idiots pissing people off.

    And this doesn’t just effect the documentaries, oh god no… Music videos, Lets-Plays, Trailers, ect. ALL VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE ARE FULL OF COMMENTS POSTED BY IDIOTS WHO HAVE NO RESPECT FOR OTHERS. I mean seriously, the author isn’t lying. That screenshot with the comments, is not an exaggeration.

    And don’t get me started with the damn glitches. Youtube is horribly laggy at times, sometimes unusable. The video quality on average is utter shit. And once, I tried to change my avatar picture, and it took 2 BLOODY HOURS!

    The only reason I go on it nowadays is to watch music videos, but one day, when a better site appears, I will cease using this sorry excuse for a video-sharing site for good.

  30. Quote: “…but one day, when a better site appears, I will cease using this sorry excuse for a video-sharing site for good.”

    I totally agree with you. It’s a damn shame that so many good videos are on YouTube, but the garbage comments and unacceptably poor buffering quality ruin the experience. I tried to watch an NFL video, but every damn time I tried to play it, it keeps stalling. I even tried to download the video, but the .flv file only contains about 30 seconds of the video and even THAT was unplayable on REAL player. I was so pissed and deleted the video file. What we need is a worldwide petition for Google to shut down YouTube and transfer all videos to Google Video. Google should then moderate all comments and require administration approval before the comments are posted. Then we can wash our hands clean of the stink from YouTube.

  31. It’s also strange How people on YouTube think they’re so tough and get into “intelligent” discussions they know nothing about. Their rebuttles consist mostly of “IDIOT!!!!!!”, “WELL, I HAD SEX WITH UR MOM LAST NIGHT!”, and lets not forget (my personal favorite) “UR GAY”. Honestly half of these people haven’t learned to ‘spel’ or ‘reed’, let alone use proper ‘grammer’.

  32. There’s very little of what can be done. As said above, “Screw YouTube” is the best options. If you want to help, Gather your friends, loved ones, acquaintance, someone-that-could-be-your-friends, or anyone as much as you can and evacuate the horrible city of YouTube immediatly!… Or just ignore it and keep your eyes fixed to the video, and not the comment section. Good luck.

  33. mightycowhero says:

    think google owns youtube? WRONG!! youtube is owned by neo nazis. just read the comments.

  34. Rhedosaurus says:

    I’m glad to not be the only one who realizes this. YouTube just suspended me, because of a copyright claim for a fanart.


    YouTube, go screw yourselves.

  35. I also hate youtube because of the vulgar comments the people used. If you say something to them about in your own opinion they keep on getting your case. Like one time I agreed with someone about a Country Time commercial me and my sister joke about when I was little. All of sudden a dumbass name Kirkrules66 started to insulted me for some joke me and my sister did back in the 70’s. There’s another dumbass on there name Geewhiz76 I just wish I could smash his face in. Sorry I carry on so long but I just these people you say vulgar things about women and racist things and Youtube don’t do nothing to them.

  36. mightycowhero says:

    i say boycott them.

  37. TEMPESTSPARK says:

    I left Youtube after using it for about 4-5 years, I Closed my account for good, when YouTube changed my channel to the new lay out which is so anoying to use and it hides your videos and playlists, YouTube also riggs its Rating system, where before if a video I made could be seen by everyone equaly as the big partners and now they are hidden. the you tube user dosnt feel like he/she is part of the comunity anymore but you now have a guest page on one huge advertising site, where the Iphone and the xfactor gets more trafic than someone with a cool video(or not), at least before the comunity could decide what was good and what wasnt. There are thousands of videos from users threating that they are going to “leave” or “boycot” youtube but I think these youtubers have no balls or theyve put so much work into their channel that they just wont, this is a bad thing because it means youtube can walk all over them, and they’ll take it. If any one would like to Start a projest to build a site with a format similar to what yotube was, I’d be intrested in volunteering my spare time to it.

  38. It amazes me how little in the way of seriousness is raised about some of the things people put as comments on YouTube… I thought things like sexism, rascism, homophobia, and religious intollerance were supposed to be unacceptable (and mostley illegal) in modern society. Yet just pick a random video, and see what sorts of things are being posted in the comments. If you said out loud those same things on a public street, you’d be arrested in seconds and charged with a hate crime. But, oh it seems perfectly acceptable on YouTube apparently! Where are the authorities kicking up a storm? Where’s the equal rights people closing in?, for that matter, wheres anybody!?!?

    I hear all the time how people are posting content on YouTube less and less now, well what do you expect. You post a decent little video that you’ve spent time making, just to get some weirdo saying all manner of offensive things… Who wants that?! If I wanted nothing but childish, ignorant names and accusations flung at me all the time, I wouldn’t have left high school. They seem to have free reign and act with impunity. So much for equality, tollerance and understanding! But, of course if you post a little slideshow with Flo Rider playing in the background, the sound is cut off that same hour. All to quick to get “legal” then aren’t they!

    To me YouTube are not keeping people, simply because they don’t seem to care about how their users are being treated by some of the “trolls” on the site, and let’s be honest some of these cooments are extremely offensive, even to the thick skinned! Add to that all the system malfunctions and BANG, instant decision to upsticks and never return. C’mon YouTube, get a grip will you!!

    • racerxbmw540i says:

      I agree with you 100% about the toxic attitudes displayed.These are stressful times and it is not always easy to keep from projecting our stress onto others. It’s like if there were hidden microphones in cars recording drivers courteous comments about other drivers. I will say that the functionality of the site has diminished terribly since the Google merger. You can’t contact their customer service without sifting through limitless pages of nothingness. I have seen their customer support responding to sites like these all over the net but I haven’t been able to get a response after 90 days of daily attempts to help fix a problem. Maybe the quality of the site drives away the courtesy and fosters the acidity. Maybe Google wants this site to fail on order to promote another venture. Either way, the responsabilty lies within the users to keep searching until an appropriate venue can be found or created. I hope that time is no too far away because my friends and I have some great drag racing videos to share. I look forward to finding a better place and sharing videos and comments with people who are like the ones found on this page. Thank you for typing your opinion and taking the time to read mine. Have a great day!

  39. It is amazing how hateful and obnoxious people display themselves in tasteless comments. However You tube does give people the option of banning whoever they please and they can delete any comment they feel is offensive to them.
    At least this gives people a free choice to pick and choose what they think is offensive rather than having someone else decide for you. Also you can choose to not allow any comments at all. Bad spelling is truly obnoxious because you know they can do better by just using spell check .

    And the morons always typing “u” rather than you or “Dis” for this or “Dat” for that is mostly kids that do it on purpose because they somehow got into their tiny brain that it’s cool to talk like a moron.
    Or it’s done on purpose just to piss people off.

    Rule number one should include auto spell check free for anyone posting. Why they don’t do this seems to show that they don’t really have any goals other than trying to cram in as many intrusive advertisements as possible . When I see these really stupid advertisements , ie: “ Do you know the name of the celebrity who has these lips? “
    The target audience seems to fit the class of slack jaws posting badly on YouTube

  40. mousepotato says:

    I am actually very new to the YouTube community – I opened my account a little over a month ago. I have used YouTube for viewing for quite a while though – just didn’t share anything on there. Already, I am looking for an alternative. I am so glad to see all the well-worded comments from everyone on this post (it is oh-so refreshing after sifting through those dreadful YouTube comments – YIKES!). These people have forgotten, or perhaps never learned, the meaning of a debate. Everything escalates into a pissing contest over there now. It doesn’t matter which community it is, either – it could be blacks vs. whites, theists vs. non-theists, gays vs. straights … the discussion just DOES NOT stay civil. There is no way to contact customer support. The ads are annoying. The DMCA is abused by false claims – or it is used as a tool to threaten people. And it is true – the only thing YouTube responds to is copyright infringment claims. They SAY they review the videos for content, but it is painfully obvious that they just pull at the first provocation. And yeah, sure – so copyright is the law – yes, I understand that. But so is the speed limit – and if every cop started ticketing every driver doing 28 in a 25 – the city officials would get quite an earful. So following the letter of the law to the absolute may not be the best course of action – particularly in this new media-rich, inter-connected world we live in. The old copyright laws need to be amended (which, unfortunately, was not properly addressed within or by the DMCA) because we don’t live in a “printed word” society anymore. Everything is digital. You would think that the music industry would have a good understanding of this by now (ahem – Napster bring back any memories?) but noooo – they are still snoozing away in the past. People don’t want to buy a 10 song album with 2 good songs and 8 pieces of total shit – AND they don’t want it in CD format anymore. People want MP3s and CDs may well be going the way of the cassette, 8-track, record, and reel-to-reel. Hm – now that I think on it, perhaps the record companies are a bit slow, aren’t they? What I find to be the most sad about the whole thing … the internet was so free and unencumbered, an oasis of non-advertising and free-speech. Slowly but surely, it is getting commercialized, regulated, and basically as bastardized as any television network or local newspaper. I would conclude this by saying “Well, that was my two cents worth,” but I think that it was a bit more than that, even adjusting for inflation! Toodles!

  41. YoutubeSucks says:

    Too much webcam/homemade crap made by attention whores, not enough copywright stuff.

    The people in comments are retards, but once in a while there’s funny comments in an insulting manner (usually directed at the retards).

    Did I mention too much webcam crap?

  42. Wow. The comment in that screenshot on the top is just cruel and rude. I don’t understand why most of humanity is giving into being homophobic as if it’s sick or terrible. It’s not their choice and they don’t have a right to follow the bible like that and making a mockery of homosexuals, but back to the point of youtube. What I just said is a good example of what I see too much, people mocking gays and being negative. Nearly everyone uses poor grammar and makes up weird words. Hardly any one bothers to consider the video. On popular videos, the comments form a war of arguments.

    All the crappy, unfunny people are highly subscribed, but that doesn’t include RayWilliamJohnson and Smosh. Fred is so famous all because a large, more than half of the users of youtube are about 8-10. It’s my opinion that Fred sucks, but it’s a fact that he hasn’t come up with anything worthy of all it’s useless views and how many subscribers they earn. I don’t know why Shane Dawson is considered funny, it’s all sexual and street humor. It isn’t even funny. I also hate pretty much everyone part of the Station. Niga Higa is not funny, all the unknown dee-bags that they have star in the videos are even worse.

    Too many useless videos are uploaded which causes the server to make buffering as slow as molasses in Antartica. Youtube is just dumb. It’s annoying how many people think either they’re funny or that the popular channels are.

    Machinima still sucks with all it’s same-old-same-old GTA4, Halo 3, and WOW machinimas. The Garry’s Mod “idiots”(pretty much the synonym for artist) are forced with their much lower amount of views and subscriptions. Take CrimsonCombine, MisterMild, and kitt0706, they all making funny videos that sadly aren’t as viewed.

    To sum things up – Too many idiots, not enough comedy or good videos, the famous people suck, and there are too many negative homophobic kids out there.

  43. I was wondering if people were leaving YouTube because I used to get way more hits on my videos. I started isleyohio a few years back (approx. 3 yrs ago,) and people were commenting and rating more. Some of my subscribers don’t post videos anymore and a couple never have, but at least never posted bad comments when they did. What’s worse than that? It not good to be an independent on YouTube anymore! They’re so much on the dollar bill’s coattail, they make sure the partners get all the hits (while we all know the indies have the quality yet raw videos.) Ain’t no secret that the number system’s rigged like a Bush election, so the best thing to do when we don’t like something? Take a guess and do something about it, LEAVE! Well, until the next big video sharing service, stay blessed.

  44. “If you want a video website with the best streaming performance, no garbage spam and pointless thumbs downs, and no 10-minute video length cap, two words for you: Google Video.If you want a video website with the best streaming performance, no garbage spam and pointless thumbs downs, and no 10-minute video length cap, two words for you: Google Video.

    WRONG, no more Google Video sadly:

  45. YouTube doesn’t suck!!!
    It blows!!!

  46. It’s sad really. I mean seriously, their video site fails and rather than doing what any smaller company would have done, basically opening discussions on why it failed and how to improve, they just go and buy out the highest traffic video viewing site.

    So instead of working on how to correct the problem, they rid themselves of a competing site that was actually working. Anyone with enough sense would have become a partner with such a site, effectively locking you into the ongoing success of such a place AND giving you full rights to notice what you needed work on. Youtube needed resources at that time and would have jumped at the chance.

    Now people have had it with google’s management and are jumping ship. Each year the site suffers more and more, but it’s as if they think they got enough companies involved in youtube in some way that they are safe.

    Well news flash! Didn’t their failed video site have companies too? And wait.. isn’t it the viewers AND the site staff together that make a site what it is? Hard to build a service for people who aren’t around anymore isn’t it?

    If other companies and the bottom line mattered as much as they seem to think, why did they have to buy out the old youtube, who despite not having those companies, (heck they pissed em off sometimes!) was having more success? People used to feel that youtube stood up for them.

    And that’s another news flash! A company isn’t alive. It’s the people in it that are. A company is a group; that’s all. When they go home at night, they become the very users google is pissing off.

    This is bad bisness sense all around. In a down economy where are people turning for relief? Online viewing and communities. And with how big youtube is, google is displaying their failures and lack of caring to the whole world. Morons.

    After seeing how they handled youtube, I actually find myself second guessing many of their other products too. The only reason I still use youtube is the availability of it, and the mass volume of content, but I can not take much more.. they have skipped out on way to many basic features other sites had, and that youtube used to have.

    I am now in the process of removing the content I like from there and leaving YT to rot. What a shame.. it had so much more potential left. I thought it was going to revolutionize online viewing till google came into the picture.

  47. Why does YouTube suck? Let me count the ways;
    1. It’s slow. You have to pause it to let it buffer for a few seconds before you push play.
    2. It freezes refusing to buffer.
    3. Those damn commercials that occlude the screen.
    4. Four letters V-E-V-O. Failing yet again to attain positive cashflow the wonderful idiots at YouTube have sold their souls to the Abu Dahbi Media Company. What! Seriously get a life.
    5.F###ing Viacom!
    6. F###ing Google.
    7. F@(*ing China
    8. F###ing YouTube

  48. it also sucks because there’s so much bollywood crap on it

  49. i can’t believe how something so great as youtube has went to just pure garbage. you can’t even watch a decent video on it anymore. youtube should just fold up. it’s about to happen anyway. the people who changed it should really go take a real hard look at themselves right now. you turned one of the best things ever into one of the worst things ever. congrats you morons.

    *shakes head*

  50. half the crap of YT consists a freaky guy talking in front of his high-quality camera trying to be funny

    thumbs up xd

  51. What other options are there that offer what you tube used to be? I really want to know.

  52. I want to know why Youtube spends all it’s damn time removing copyrighted information, and getting ad deals, when there are blatantly bigoted people on the site, spewing every racial slur imaginable, who never get banned.

  53. It is official, I am leaving youtube

  54. youtube sucks. says:

    Yeah the wierdest thing is that you can’t find ANY porn on youtube “because it might be offensive” but yet you can find videos of execution and stuff like that down with youshi*
    also that graph describes youtube 100%.

  55. Setsunna says:

    That pie chart is DEAD on Correct! I basically paid for an expensive phone to enjoy youtube on the go,but now there is nothing to even watch! I’m pissed! Music videos are slowly being removed along with movies and tv shows, and everything else is garbage! I hate blogs and rants and reviews! Youtube was meant for TUBE! Not homemade trash! Whoever sold youtube, please make a new site, don’t fold and sell, and um,please make it Android friendly! 😉

  56. i just hate the “google/youtube” account
    when i was trying to make a new account (deleted last one due to an ex-bf) it said i had to get a google account!!!
    now whenever i try to sign in, my username AND google e-mail account DONT WORK on BOTH SITES
    its only luck and multiple tries that sign me in finally

  57. Death_trooper30 says:

    Youtube is a great example of why they shouldn't have made video cameras so cheap!

  58. Garrett Heckert says:

    I deleted my posted videos and account on Youtube, because I was sick of putting up with those stupid copyright disclaimers. I have videos that were allowed on Youtube for a long time, but then when I make new ones that have the same audio or visual content of the allowed ones, they block in every country on the planet. Why do they do this? I used to make great videos as a hobby. Now all I have is my original videos to remind me how great I was at a hobby I no longer can do, since Youtube won't let me share my videos.

    • theRiddlebox says:

      dude, find other avenues on the internet other than Youtube.. It is a shame that your art is underappreciated, but you can find a way for people to be able to enjoy it as much as you… just use Google to help you find places to post.. keep on making your art, don't let anything stop you.

  59. I can no longer sign into my YT account which i have had for YEARS. When i try i run into the same dead end ‘help center’ run around that i am sure many are experiencing as well. (ive seen the many online complaints) No technical support is offered or provided. Im reading that it has everything to do with the ‘google merge’

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