With word processing applications there are two types. Those that are too big and full of stuff you’ll never use, and those that are so minimal that most people can’t work with them.

In the “too much” department, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and Lotus Symphony come to mind. These are all full suites.

In the “not enough” department there is Google Docs, Dark Room, WriteRoom, AbiWord and a few others.

Then there’s Jarte. This word processor utilizes the existing WordPad engine in Windows, yet adds a whole bunch of stuff that makes this a truly good program to write things in.


Jarte to most people will look ugly and the interface may throw you off. However once you start actually using it, you’ll find that the way things are laid out are done in a way that makes sense. For example, Jarte has tabs. Tabs? Yes! And they work great. Jarte makes it super-easy to insert special characters like ä or é. Jarte will open both DOC and DOCX (the newer MS Office 2007 format). Jarte will export HTML and/or PDF. This software has it where it counts.

Best of all, Jarte is super-light. The installation file is a tiny 5MB, launches faster than your Word or OpenOffice ever will, and has a feature set which falls into the “just right” department.

Jarte is not a replacement for MS Word or OO Writer. Not by a long shot. But heck, a 5MB feature-rich word processor that will run local or USB stick and uses an existing engine for lightning-fast operation? That’s tough to beat.

Jarte will work on versions of Windows from 95 all the way to 7. How’s that for compatibility?

See video above for details and visit www.jarte.com to download and try it for yourself.