Joost – Internet TV For Free

Joost is a free, internet-based television client which is available on both Windows and MacOS. After Rich pointed me toward it, I gave it a try on the computer which has the flat screen LCD television connected to it. All I can say is that Joost and a big monitor make for a killer combination! The Joost application brings in some great video from many different providers. I hope they add more providers, and I’m sure they will as more classic media companies finally clue in on the power of internet distribution. But, the selection is pretty good now, too. And when you consider the price tag, it’s hard not to like it.


  1. Really enjoyed your review of Joost and I would love to watch old episodes of Transformers, however for some reason nothing plays. I’ve looked through the forums and message groups and can’t understand anything that is being written. People are talking about Port Forwarding, UDP, TCP connections etc. Is there a step by step way I can setup everything so I see the video? I’m using Comodo Firewall and Linksys for a router, with Cox being my ISP provider.

  2. Same problem as Joey. I have however set up port forwarding and unblocked the required ports as listed on the Joost website but still no video.

    I am in Canada, would that be an issue?

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