imageAbout a month ago I did something only the few and brave do; I stopped using Gmail.

Number of times I’ve been tempted to switch back since then: 0.

Honestly speaking I thought I was going to go into GWS (Gmail Withdrawal Syndrome). I thought that going back to using e-mail with a client (Mozilla Thunderbird in my case) was going to be a difficult agonizing why-did-I-do-this type of situation.

No such feelings surfaced whatsoever.

In fact it was rather painless.

So I had to really think about this. Okay, why did I start using Gmail in the first place..?

imageHere’s what I came up with.

I first acquired a Gmail account in 2004. This is back when Gmail had “only” 1GB of space and the only way you could get an account was by invitation only (i.e. another Gmail user had to invite you and I was fortunate enough to know someone).

It was the space thing that sold me on it. “1GB? How could anyone keep more than 1GB of e-mail!? Cool!”

Or at least cool back then.

As a comparison from then to now, I believe the space provided to you in Gmail is currently 6GB. Maybe 7? I don’t know. It’s frickin’ big and we’ll leave it at that.

Does anyone really need this much e-mail space? If your answer to that is yes, you really should stop sending porn videos to your friends. Seriously. Watch how you’ll magically get back space by cleaning out your Sent folder.

Even when I first started using Gmail the one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb is “WHERE’Z MY FRICKIN’ FOLDERS?!” And of course in Gmail there are none to be found. You’ve got labels. Yeah, you could consider “All Mail” a folder I suppose.. but we all know it’s not. Regardless, I was never hot on the idea of using labels; I used them only because I was forced to doing mail the “Gmail way”.

There was also a host of other stuff I was missing out on using Gmail.

Sort by size? Nope.

View size AT ALL? Nope.

View importance level? Nope.

Apply colors? Nope.

And don’t give me that “Just use Greasemonkey!” crap. Please. E-Mail should do all it needs to do without the need for memory-sucking Firefox add-ons.

IMAP sucks in Gmail because the server time-outs are a constant annoyance.

POP in Gmail sucks because.. well.. POP sucks. Reliable, yes, but what’s the point of Gmail if you’re using POP?

image In the end I don’t have any GWS whatsoever. I thought I would, but I don’t.

Most people use Gmail by using the standard web interface. This interface sucks of biblical proportions, because when compared to a true e-mail client it fails miserably.

I don’t miss you, Gmail.