While we’re all waiting for USB 3.0 to become widely availble so we can use something much faster than the 2.0 spec, Intel is developing a technology called Light Peak that they believe will succeed USB altogether.

How fast is Light Peak? Intel says it will transfer an entire full-length Blu-ray movie in 30 seconds. Yep. That’s fast.

For those of you wondering, “Light means optical, right?” Yes, that’s correct, it is an optical technology. Not only is Light Peak supposed to have blisteringly fast speeds, but also overcome distance limitations that electric cables have – a definite advantage.

It should be noted that Light Peak is not another USB. This is something totally new which would require its own proprietary connector.

My only worry about this is that we might be looking at another hardware war here, being that components based on Light Peak technology could ship this year. Yes, this year. What will PC and device manufacturers choose to go with? One or the other? Both? No one knows at this point.

One thing is for sure however, major manufacturers like Sony and Nokia like it – a lot.

Hopefully the industry will decide on a uniform standard and just stick with it. None of us want to put our cash into USB 3.0 if Light Peak is going to succeed it in less than six months – which could happen.

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